Here are some points I have raised to rectify Jatt Samaj U.K.:-


Thanks, I will be there. Here are some points to be considered:-

1. Name - Jatt Sabhah kehna theek hae aur Samaj Kahna ghltt hae. Into the Samajh, anybody of any caste could join like Hindu Samajh, Sikh Panth, Khalsa Panth, Muslim Millat, etc. but into the Jatt Sabah or Munch said in Haryana, only the people born of the Jatt father can join. Same way Arya is a race, Nassaall and not a Samajh. Such things reflect the wisdom of Jatts.

2. Main speakers:- Shri Dushyant Chautala; Shri has no feminine gender like Mr. to Mrs. or Shriman to Shrimatti. Our Jatt courtesy title is "Chaudhry" as of the Khatri, Bania is Lala; Lala Nanak Dev Ji, a Khatri, Lala Tara Singh Malhotra Khatri, Lala Mohd. Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia. The last name is to be Gotra like Nijjhar, Sidhu, Randhawa, Dhaliwal, etc. Is Chautala his Gotra or the name of his villages like that used by the Badal and Kairon of Dhillon Gotra families? Also, Barnala is not the Gotra but Dhaliwal. I hear Dhanna Bhagat was also a Dhaliwal Jatt. The village is a social mother and castes are social/tribal fathers. Nobody else can use the village name except a boy is born of a prostitute that had served the whole village and then his mother will give him the name of the social mother village. Most politicians try to use their village name for popularity or to boost their ego, Haumae and Satguru = Christ Nanak said, "Haumae vich Jaati Jinsi khoee" and they become Super Bastard Shankar Varniyae Pakkae Haraami as the Badal family has accumulated wealth through ill means such as bribery. They have acted worse than the Khatris who are supposed to be the greediest of all the people in the world. That is why Nanak, a Spiritual Doctor was born among the greedy Khatris, the bloodsuckers as Milk oozed out of the dry bread of Bhai Lalo Ji Bhagat and blood out of the rich Diwan who used to extract money from the poor especially the Jatt farmers. Kalyug belongs to Khatris as Traeta Yug belonged to them in the past Age when they were Devtas and that is why less than 1% Khatris adopted Sikhism whilst the Jatts topped by 65%. Sikh is the second spiritual class for spirituality whilst the base morality is from Hinduism. A Hindu is one who knows his Hond, Jaati aur Baasi as the boys of South India do display in their names; the name of the boy, name of his father, village and finally the surname. Such a Hindu has Sharm aur Dharm and no Bhagat was born in South India. Saint Thomas was enough and the local Brahmins killed him that they are not inefficient yet; why he is causing confusion among the people in that if someone hits you on one cheek, then present the other cheek? I will make a Youtube Video on this topic.

3. Mr. Gajender Phogat:- Is he a Jatt of Phogat Gotra

4. Mr. Sangram Singh:- He doesn't seem to have a tribal father or Gotra. How come he is one of the chief speakers to Jatt Sabhah?


All the above is written in good faith to Unite our Jatts through their Gotras. There is a Pakistani Bajwa Jatt 

Muddassir Bajwa on Facebook who is organising Jatt Unity. Invite him too. I will send invitations to other Jatts as well. Let us have such meeting quite often to make our Jatts aware. I enclose an article on Jatt Unity for display at borders.

Check my email and let me know my mistakes. Then, I will make a Youtube Video.


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