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Why my bill is so high?


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 Response Via Email (Valerie Clelland)

08/08/2018 11:11 AM

Here's the transcript of our conversation for your records   

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 Chat Transcript

08/08/2018 11:11 AM

[09:52:56 AM]Hi, my name is Valerie Clelland. I am reviewing  your question.
[09:53:17 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Hi
[09:53:24 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Good morning
[09:54:00 AM]Valerie Clelland: Hi  Rajinder , I can help with checking your bill,    firstly:
Can you please confirm the business address including post code and also your mobile contact number ?      
(You may receive a text tomorrow with a short customer service survey about me and how you feel I have dealt with your chat today)
[09:54:43 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Bargain Travel, RG1 5RE 144, 07404069919
[09:55:03 AM]Valerie Clelland: Thanks, just loading your details,  it takes a minute or so please  bear with me, I will then help with your enquiry
[09:55:29 AM]Valerie Clelland: you have online billing, have you had a look at the charges online?
[09:55:45 AM]Valerie Clelland: your recent bill is lower than previous bills
[09:56:59 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: There was a credit. Has it been paid?
[09:57:07 AM]Valerie Clelland: this account bills line / broadband /microsoft office / online and protect / web hosting
[09:57:12 AM]Valerie Clelland: I will check the credit
[09:58:49 AM]Valerie Clelland: yes, you had a credit 195.84, part of this has been used to clear your august bill of 90.55 and balance is 105.29 credit
[09:59:20 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: But BT. is asking me to pay
[10:00:58 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: They have forwarded the September Bill
[10:01:47 AM]Valerie Clelland: we havent issued a September bill, the bill is dated 4 Aug,  as noted earlier on chat, we have cleared this august bill with part of the credit,  we sent the bill for info only
[10:02:10 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: O.K.
[10:03:13 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Now, BT told me that they will issue a Final Letter for me to take the complaint to Ombudsman. Can you check what is happening and give me ref. Nos.?
[10:07:10 AM]Valerie Clelland: do you have the original complaint reference number ?
[10:07:33 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Can't remember
[10:08:15 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Can you please check emails sent to me to resolve the issue.
[10:09:08 AM]Valerie Clelland: I will check through your notes etc
[10:09:23 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: O.K. Many thanks
[10:09:38 AM]Valerie Clelland: no problem Rajinder
[10:10:01 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: You are very helpful
[10:13:42 AM]Valerie Clelland: glad to hear it, your reference is IMP-103449039
-   is it Claire Johnson who was dealing?
[10:14:25 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Could you send me her emails again please?
[10:15:05 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Then, there was another gentleman who replied too.
[10:16:17 AM]Valerie Clelland: OK,  It was Claire's manager Steve, I am going to email him now, please hold a bit longer for me
[10:16:36 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: O.K.
[10:20:39 AM]Valerie Clelland: won't be much longer
[10:20:48 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: o.k.
[10:22:54 AM]Valerie Clelland: I have issued the email and requested this deadlock letter and also to contact you to update you
[10:23:12 AM]Valerie Clelland: sorry that you have not received this but I have urged this for you now
[10:24:03 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Can you forward that email to me please? My email is
[10:25:09 AM]Valerie Clelland: sorry I cannot send you a copy Rajinder, I will email you a copy of this chat though so you have it for your records and the reference number of your complaint
[10:25:18 AM]Valerie Clelland: Can I do anything else for you just now?
Just to let you know, when we close the chat, I will e-mail you this transcript for your records.
[10:25:41 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Wait
[10:25:50 AM]Valerie Clelland: ok
[10:26:48 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: I am joining SSE Telephone services and after, I leave Bt. can I still send the complaint to Ombudsman please?
[10:27:34 AM]Valerie Clelland: yes of course you can do that Rajinder
[10:27:41 AM]Valerie Clelland: there wont be a problem
[10:27:56 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: What is the contact for Ombudsman please?
[10:28:57 AM]Valerie Clelland: you are still in contract though to 8/9/18 for the line and broadband so if you cancel you will be billed to that date plus there is a 30 day notice period,  you cannot contact the ombudsman until you have received this letter, the details will be on the letter
[10:30:34 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: My contract started in August 19 and not this reconstructed package after the mis-sale.
[10:33:38 AM]Valerie Clelland: reading the notes on this
[10:33:53 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: thanks
[10:38:38 AM]Valerie Clelland: still checking
[10:38:51 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: fine
[10:39:04 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: God bless you.
[10:39:27 AM]Valerie Clelland: thanks and you too, you have noted that your package started aug 19 -  did you mean 2016?
[10:40:13 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Yes. On 05/08/16, I had the chat with Claire Ruscoe.
[10:41:00 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Then mess up started.
[10:41:37 AM]Valerie Clelland: it was a 2 year contract but it did not start until  8/9/16 - if you look back on bills, this was when you started being billed from 8/9/16
[10:42:44 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: But my lines were transferred on 19/08/16. How come, the bill started from 08/09/16?
[10:43:44 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: So, it was a mis-sale on 05/08/16 by Claire Ruscoe.
[10:47:31 AM]Valerie Clelland: they were not transferred until 8/9/16 - there must have been a delay, we did not start billing you until 8/9/16 so you would be billed to 8/9/18 which is per your 2 year contract
[10:49:47 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: But I was using BT lines from 19/08/16. Why my bills didn't start from that date but after you re-set my account in September, 16. It wasn't a free service from 19/08/16?
[10:51:59 AM]Valerie Clelland: if you transfer your service to another company and receive your final bill, it will have charges to 8/9/18 - I cannot stop that happening but if you quote this reference - ENQ5-0012792961 - we will credit the account with rental from 19/8/18-8/9/18
[10:53:06 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: How much is the credit?
[10:55:41 AM]Valerie Clelland: it will be calculated at the time when you contact us with the reference quoted,  you are billed 44 for broadband per month 21.20 for the line and  25.99 per month for microsoft office so you will be credited a portion of this
[10:56:31 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Can I have that credit?
[10:57:42 AM]Valerie Clelland: sorry I cant give you it in advance of being billed this
[10:57:57 AM]Valerie Clelland: you will have to wait your final bill and contact us at that stage
[10:58:32 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: So, you cxan adjust this credit in my final bill.
[11:01:54 AM]Valerie Clelland: you have not had a final bill Rajinder,  you need to contact your provider to transfer BT service to them, you will then be issued with a final bill
[11:02:11 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Thanks for your time Valerie
[11:02:39 AM]Valerie Clelland: once you have it, you can contact us and we will credit the rental from 19/8/18- 8/9/18
[11:03:13 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: I did contact my SSE provider and BT was notified on 27/07/18.
[11:04:15 AM]Valerie Clelland: ok, as soon as the orders have been closed to transfer your service, a final bill will be issued shortly after. You can then contact us regarding the rental charges
[11:05:00 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: O.K. Valerie you have been very helpful person. Many thanks.
[11:05:25 AM]Rajinder Nijjhar: Please send the chat to my email
[11:09:56 AM]Valerie Clelland: glad to hear it, yes I will do that
[11:10:00 AM]Valerie Clelland: I appreciate you have experienced problems , however, I hope that I have been able to resolve matters for you.  You may receive a short survey tomorrow via text,  if you wouldn't mind filling in the short chat survey about ME and how I dealt with your chat.   If I don't score a 10, I would appreciate your feedback for my own development.  There will also be a part about BT on the survey and you  can leave your comments.  Have a lovely day, bye.
[11:10:40 AM]'Rajinder Nijjhar' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent').


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