Written to VM on 07/06/20 and no reply.



I used to have account with you ref. 721293605001 and I had too many troubles. The person who came to connect the services sabotaged my Fibre Connection by disconnecting it altogether and leaving the connector on the floor. He broke my connecting piece that connected me to my landline telephone and a portable handset. Both when connected were not working and only one was left working either the main Landline or the portable handset. People were complaining that the line was either noisy or used to cut off. Broadband speed wasn't 360 MB but just 36 MB and the engineer blamed my computer.

On complaining, an Engineer was sent and he connected the disconnected fibre band connection that was sabotaged back and he too couldn't make my two telephones, Landline and portable working. He tested the speed and blamed my old computer but one time my computer gave 380 MB, which was expected to be. I complained to the customer services and they agreed to refund the connection charges of Super Bastard Engineer who had sabotaged the connection but no refund for the bad services.

I am 88 years old and am going to write Trust Pilot review to highlight the shamble services. I used to have Virginmedia service before but the same slow broadband speed was experienced. I had another talktalk line that gave me very good service. So, I had to cancel my Virginmedia for terribly bad services and moved to Talktalk services that are much better and much cheaper service 24.95 against Virginmedia shamble service of 62.80. Also, after moving to Talktalk, this Virginmedia was taking money out of my account which I recently stopped. The total amount taken from my account is 393.02. These charges are on 02/12/2019 = 108.00 + 02/01/2020 = 33.82 with engineer charges reduced and I stopped VM and went to Talktalk on 17/01/2020 but VM still kept on charging for nothing + 03/02/2020 62.80 + 02/03/2020 + 02/04/2020 62.80 + 04/05/2020 62.80 = 393.02.- AN OLD MAN OF 88 FLEECED HEAVILY.

Could I have the full refund plus terribly BAD SERVICE compensation?


14/11/19 08.45

14/11/19 09.17

05/12/19 AT 00.25


10.20 after reset by pressing for 30 secs.

10.33 on 14/11/19

20/11/19 AT 14.10

AT 14.14

05/12/19 AT 0025

05/12/19 AT 00.33

05/12/19 AT 0036