Heaven and hell are of this earth experienced by people in general. When there is a good law and order, people live in harmony devoting their energies to productive works that enhances the culture of their country but when there is no law and order and people do what they like and believe in "Might is right", then people fight with each other and create hell.

Rabbis or Brahmins used to play a key role in promoting law and order by bringing the culprits to justice and they acted like the rulers. Peace in a village, town or country spoke of the qualities of such Rabbis/Brahmins but when they became corrupt, law and order started to shatter and so people were left in a chaos. This Jesus stressed that the key to heaven was given to the Rabbis, they themselves won't enter and would not allow others to enter as well.

At present, there is hardly any country which is experiencing the qualities of heaven and if there is any, it is remote from the world of materialistic people. Mammon is the cause of all troubles/strives.

In the past, Lanka was a show piece of heaven for King Ravan was a great learned Pandit, a Devta(Angel). But in this Dark Age, the opposite happens and to-day the country is no more called a Lanka, a secular country, but Sri Lanka, a spiritual country, and there is no law and order leading people to hell. Similarly, the valley of Kashmir used to be full of "guru Brahmins" but to-day, it is full of "guru satans" creating a hell.

So, in this Dark Age, Satguru called Christ in Europe appears to preach Gospel that opens the Door to the Royal Kingdom of God to general public, which was forbidden under the Rabbis/Brahmins for people leading a household life.

The first anointed Christ was Jesus and when His Light was smothered by the anti-christs like the Popes, who started to kill people for not agreeing with their views. Mohammedans did the same and all that led to utter Darkness that needed dazzling Light to dispel the Darkness. Then, the promised Second anointed Christ called a Satguru appeared in India in the name of Nanak Dev Ji. He too preached Gospel in that go by the Will of God and do not impose your own wills on people as in Fatwas or edicts but to-day the same edicts are issued from the Akaal Takht, the Seat of Apostles where stupid people called Jathedars, chiefs, with swords are sitting to see that their edicts are carried to the "letters" by their fanatic followers.

Gospel is received by those who are "sensible" people through the grace of God, BAL RAAM JEO, so that they can lead their own lives through this Dark Age that becomes Golden for them as it enables them to preach to others so that they too may follow the same without enforcement but through "request", BAENTI. This gives Gospel the name of "Double-edged" sword and Sachae Paatshah(Royal King) Har Gobind Ji, the founder of Khalsas Panth, was put on a Khanda, the double-edged sword, in the name of "HAR" and a sword in the name of "GOBIND" during His initiation ceremony. The Akaal Takht was built by Sachae Paatshah Har Gobind Ji for the Apostles to give the exposition of BAANI and to resolve the religious issues. This Holiest of holy Complex was meant for Sikhs, the Bhagats like Bhai Ghaniaya Ji and the Apostles like Bhai Buddah Ji but to-day it is in the grips of Mammon worshippers, whose tables Jesus turned down in His Father's House meant for spiritual devotion.

Gospel leads an individual to "Peace of mind" called "ANAND" in Panjabi and as it is that after having learnt about Akaal Purakh, God, you want to serve Him and Him alone, the name of Town where Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji crowned the Khalsas to become independent needing no more guidance from any is called "ANAND PUR SAHIB", that is the town lived by those who have the knowledge of Akaal Purakh. Royal King Gobind Singh Ji used to hold court in which songs in the praise of Akaal Purakh and the warriors who fought against the sons of Satan to uphold His Will were sung.

Now, the Word of God is SATT and not SACH. SATT is absolute truth which is non-retractable whilst SACH is. This will need some explanation.

People say Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, etc. are born and they also died. Such statements are SACH for the once-born people but they are not SATT for the twice-born people as religious selves being of the heart, NAADI ROOPS, and not of the flesh, BINDI ROOPS, were never born and they never die. Such statements are false, KUFIR or KOORR and they are subject to correction in the Light of Gospel i.e. retractable. SATT is that the tribal people are born and the tribal people die.

So, in the Court of Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji nobody spoke falsehoods, Kufars or Koorrs and people enjoyed the bliss of speaking SATT that created Agape, the divine Love among the people of different tribes.

In a nutshell, this Dark Age is not of heaven and hell but of the Peace of Mind in Gospel called "ANAND" enjoyed by an individual.

This Dark Age is of the SATT and not of the SACH is further emphasised in the puzzle:-


Do you know the Third Vasto?

The opposite of SATT being KOORR, KUFAR or falsehoods, those who indulge in such talks speak non-sense or JHHAKH. The opposite of SACH is JHHOTHH. A Sikh is supposed to speak SATT and not JHHAKH.


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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