Most educated people who are followers of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji do not allow beards to be free flowing but they would rather tuck them up with some glue called "Fixo" for the sake of fashion. Such should not be the case as beard is the art of Brahma that should be displayed without feeling any inferiority complex. What dress nature has given to us is far superior to the artificial dresses we put on and this Jesus stressed in His Saying, "Lilly of the field is better dressed than king Solomon was in his best attire!!!" But the clerics in churches shave it altogether to follow the fashion of the world.

Gurmukhs do not follow the fashions of the world but what pleases Brahma, the creator demi-god. So, those people who either interfere with his art by cutting the beards short or are keeping beards to please the others in society would not be feeling at home in their hearts. Those who dye their beards as well are either foolish(MOORAKH) or hypocrites(MAKAAR).

Then some of them who are educated write books and articles on religious issues but put copyright mark on their works. Word of God is received FREE and the people who propagate it should have some sense, SURTI, that what is received FREE cannot be SOLD under copyright. You can put copyrights on your inventions to reap the reward of your research or hard work but not on GURBAANI and/or its expositions that are received through "grace", NADAR, of God and not by paying fees at the universities or colleges.

Thus, the so-called Christians sometimes send copies of the Bible free to the poor third world countries but those countries are not allowed to print it themselves for they have copyright. Same is true with their hymns and songs of praises. Does it make sense to you please? Not to me as my own Book and articles have no copyrights.

There are some educated people who even have copyrights on their web pages are most stupid people you can ever come across and I am not surprised that they get upset when they are told of their folly. Some of these foolish people have earned awards of best religious web sites from people who are super foolish. That is, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours is the policy that works among the FOOLS; whilst a GURMUKH is a solitary person who seeks not the praises of men but of God Who entrusted him with His Treasures.

I am not one of them either but an outspoken solitary person who will annoy such "fools".

Remember that only the solitary are capable of taking AMRIT of Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji in order to become a Khalsa of the Third Panth.

Further, you will notice that a village illiterate labourer, who is sincere follower of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji will not either dye his hair or tuck-up his beard. He is a greater Giani than the educated university professors of theology are because he has the ability to ponder over the Shabd than the educated one who seek expositions in Books. According to the Saying:-


An illiterate person is a better GIANI than the university professors.


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
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