By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

Men of "letters" take literal meanings of this Saying but they cannot imagine a plant that our heavenly Father, the Creator, Yahweh or Brahma did not plant. This is not so. The Saying applies to people and as the plants are given names for identification, so are we have given people tribal names and surnames for "IDENTIFICATION".

Identity plays an important role in our daily life and without the identity or knowing you; nobody wants to deal with you. Our tribal identities establish our covenants with our elders and thus with Adam. Those, who establish such a covenant, are called "sons of Man" or "INSAAN DAE PUTTAR". And those who conceal their tribal identity are like thieves, the "sons of Satan" or "SHAITAAN DAE PUTTAR".

Tribal shame or conscience makes a person religious, "wheat plant" and a person without shame is a son of Satan or the "tare" - Matt. 13. 24 - 30. Hajj rites are there to make boys of 12 to 16 the "sons of Adam" or of their tribal "ilah". There were many tribal "ilahs" at Kabah that Hazrat Mohammad destroyed to set in the era of shameless atrocities. Tribal shame or "HEEYA" makes a person religious and it is the threshold of Islam - say Islama, EEMAAN hath not entered your heart yet. No wonder Hazrat Mohammad, Popes and their accomplishes in the names of Mullahs/Maulvis, Bishops, etc. imposed their own wills to commit atrocities and the public did not enjoy the "free will" expected under Islam, the submission to the Will of Allah, INSHALLAH in which every person has to give his own account to Allah. As Mullahs, Bishops, etc. cannot give your account to Allah, so they have no right to enforce their wills, INSHMULLAH or INSHPOPE, upon you through FATWAS or edicts.

Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, the Second anointed Christ of God came in 1469 to rectify the situation and stressed that everyone should go by His Will - RAZA and no one should impose his own will on others. In the same manner, Jesus did not impose His own will upon the people of Samaritan village who refused to honour Him.

Tribal identity is the base of religion and all our Bhagats in India and the Saints or Apostles of Jesus are also identified through their tribes. Tribal instincts impart unity between the tribes, races and ultimately in humanity that all of us are originated from Adam and Eve. But the sons of Satan want to create divisions and sectarian riots between the tribal people as you can see those in Russia, India, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.

Wars that are created by the religious fanatics as it was during the partition of India lead to horrific killing and disgrace of people, which could be avoided if they were sons of Man as the sons of Satan have no shame or HEEYA.

About the "sons of Man", Christ Jesus said, "Every plant (person), which my heavenly Father (creator) did not plant (have lost his tribal identity or seed) shall be up rooted (killed)".

And Satguru Nanak Dev Ji said, "BEEO BEEJ (the people who do not forget their "seed" or tribal identity) PATT (family honour) LAE GAYAE (saved); ABB KEUN UGHWAE DAAL (without the tribal identity, you cannot be a religious person and, therefore, you cannot produce fruit)".

Let me present you a true practical example. During the 1947 Partition of India, our family were in a village Dhannuana, near Shah Kot, Pakistan and our village NAMAK HARAAMI Maraasi went to the neighbouring Nakodar village to incite them against us that we have gathered people in the village ready to attack them. So, the Zaildaar of Dhahrang surrounded our village to attack us but fortunately he asked the Maraassi to go into the village and bring the headman out to explain the situation. My father also accompanied his elder brother, who was the headman, NUMBERDAAR.

Zaildaar was sitting on the CHARPAI majestically as if they are the rulers and we are at his mercy. My father also sat on his CHARPAI and told him that we are Jatt born and Jatt will die and you are Arian born and Arian will die. But when my father explained to him in detail the mischief of Lala Gandhi, a Bania, Lala Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia and Lala Tara Singh, a Malhotra Khatri and told him that we are returning to our home villages, then the ZailDaar also realised his home villages in Hoshiarpur district. On understanding the situation, he requested my father to accompany him to Lahore to stop this partition but my father told him it is too late to stop. So, this Zaildaar told all his 1200 or so men that no one should harm us in any way but rather render us service and help. He came as a FOE but returned as our best FRIEND and our family returned to India with honour. My father did explain the Lala mischief to fanatic heads of other villages and they became friends too and rendered help during migration. Remember that Arian is not the real tribe of these agriculturist's tribe but they are in reality "SAINI", who became Mohammadans and changed their tribal name copying the Khatris of town. Now, if the people of this Arian tribe who are well-known fanatics could become so friendly, imagine our own people of Jatt tribe how friendly they would be. They did prove to be so and helped our relatives to migrate.

Such was rare in the rest of the Punjab and most people being fanatics suffered heavily. Even today, we Jatts who form the majority of forces in India and Pakistan are made to fight under the religious banners and there is far greater destruction ahead to fulfil the above sayings of Christ Jesus and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji.

In the Punjab, most of them have forgotten their tribal roots and they proudly call themselves Sikhs and Muslims. In fact, they are neither Sikhs nor Mussallmaans but the religious fanatics or the sons of Satan. The people of Kashmir are the worst fanatics who conceal their tribal identity greatly. The people of Jammu especially of the Gujjar tribe do not conceal their tribal identity so much and they will not suffer too much either.

In the South of India, people have strong tribal identity and they will live in relative peace.

Keeping in mind the above criteria, we can say that Kashmir, the Punjab, etc. will suffer the greatest of all from the sons of Satan.

So, if you want peace and unity boost up your tribal ties so that the sons of Satan, the fanatics, cannot harm you as the people of Russia are doing presently. Sons of Satan always say the opposite i.e. forget about your tribal identity for the sake of religious union.

The most practical example of this covenant with elders or Adam is presented by the Jews of flesh or outwardly. A Jew is one who is inwardly of spirit or heart and not outwardly of the flesh. When these blind guides, the Rabbis, made people Jews of form and not of the heart, then their covenant with Abraham was severed and they themselves became "Anti-Semitic". But they blame others to be "Anti-Semitic" to them, just the opposite. How they suffered in England and Germany is known to everyone? Who are to be blamed for these holocausts? They themselves are to be blamed for becoming unfaithful to their elders.

Now, there is a general popular saying among the Punjabis:-


As you know most of the Mohammadans conceal their tribal identity and so do the so-called Christians. What do you expect of them? They will fight and kill each other in the ensuing months of JUDGEMENT.

That is:-


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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