Satanic people especially of the Khatri tribe who were well versed in Vedas addressing themselves as “BediKhatris were spreading their own Bani among the simple minded people especially of the Jatt, LooharTarkhaanChoohrre, Chamiar, tribal people who were staunch followers of Satgurus and they were trying to confuse them.  It was the earnest request of Gurmukhs that a True Version of Baani should be put in writing.  How satanic these Khatris are, please read my article.  The past satanic activities of the Kashmiri Khatris and Sarsuts has started bearing fruit in Kashmir now but their satanic Mullahs have gone towards West creating problems such as in Iran and Russia.  


Now, an individual receives DHUR KI BAANI through revelations and it cannot be put into writing.  This has been also stressed by St.Paul of the New Testament that the Word of God cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the tablets of “heart” and the monks of the monasteries used to discuss Gospel by writing over sand and then rubbing it off.


That is why there were two tents pitched whilst the Ad-Granth was prepared.  In one Tent the Scribe Bhai Gurdass Ji sat whilst in the other Satguru Arjan Dev Ji sat.  Bhai Gurdass Ji heard the voices of more than one person in the Tent of Satguru Arjan Dev Ji and upon enquiring Bhai Gurdass Ji was told that Every Satguru and Bhagat dictates His own Bani to you so that the Bani is Truly Dhur ki Bani and not just dictated by me.  That is why the copied Beerr of Bhai Banno Ji, a Mangat Jatt, was declared a Khari Beerr but not the Sweet Dhur ki Bani.


Anything that is written could be altered, a fact that is known to all people of spirit or SURTI.  But the One that you receive through revelations cannot be altered, as it is the True version that settles in the clean heart of a Gurmukh.  Munnmukhs alter the Bani for misguiding the Baemukh Sangat so that they could fleece the simpletons as the 22 Sodhi Khatris were doing at Baba Bakalae whilst a Gurmukh Makhan Shah of Lubana tribe was not satisfied and found the True One.  Remember that Sachae Paatshah Har Krishan Ji purposely did not disclose the name of Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji to put to test the Sikhs in Sikhi for finding the True One through their own knowledge of Sikhi.


So, the present Beerr is highly corrupted.  The word Satguru has been deliberately replaced by the word "Guru" at many places.  There is a hell of difference between the two words.  Gurus are concerned with physical body or ASTHOOL ROOP related education such as the schoolteachers, Brahmin moral teachers, etc whilst Satgurus are directing their Preaching to MUNN or SOOKHSHUM ROOP of the person.  Thus, the Bani of Satguru, which is SOOKHSHUM, is understood by those who are of “SURTI” and go by their own satguru - ANTTAR SATGURU ARADHHIYAE JEEVA JAPPAE NAAM.......".   This is the correct Bani and not Anttar Guru ARADHIYAE.....  Further alteration that you could imagine to be much clearer is the Baani of Bhagat Kabir Ji, which is:-




Which are MUNN related SOOKHSHUM in nature have been changed to:-




Which are TANN related ASTHOOL objects.


These are just a couple of examples.  So, the Best Beerr that exists today is of Bhai Banno Ji’s, a Mangat Jatt who copied the Original.  Many pages of the Original at Kartarpur have been altered or wiped away clear.  For full details, please read the Book by Principal Jodh Singh, Kartar Puri Beerr dae Darshan.


Thus, the spiritually blind people that are many read the present Beerrs.  Spiritually alive people are very few, one in thousand, and they normally do not attend Gurdwaras where the KOHRRI TURKOO GRANTHIS read the bani whilst MUNN DAE ANNAHAE so called Sangat listen to him.  RABB RELAIEE JORRI EK ANNAH TAE EK KOHRRI.  How much blind they are is reflected in having swords in Gurdwaras when to a Sikh, there is no enemy or stranger. 


As stressed by Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji, only one in KOTON would understand or know the Baani of Maha Purakh.  Christ Jesus, the First anointed Satguru, said one in thousand and the next one in ten thousands because many would shout that the person is a heretic and do not listen to him.  I am experiencing this type of treatment as well.


So, it is the blind in spirit who shout abuses at me with their heart's content.


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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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