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Most people do not care to differentiate between "Belief" and "Faith" and, therefore, such messages as "Have Faith in God" when people do not act according to Gospel make no sense.

Belief called "DIN" in Urdu is the forerunner of Faith called "EEMAN". Thus, you act according to your beliefs and your deeds generate faith in what you believe in. And if you happened to follow others without having your own beliefs, then you are a blind believer and have a blind faith as well. On the other hands those who act in accordance with the Gospel are said to be the enlightened believers and their faith is not blind. In short, the people who understand the Gospel and put It into practice believe in God and they have a "Faith in God". Thus, those people who have a deep faith in God are given a greater ability to understand Gospel.

The significance of "Belief and Faith" is well stressed by the Christ Jesus in the Parable of Sower in which Jesus or His Apostles are the Sowers of "His Word", the "Seed", whilst the capability of understanding "His Word" and transforming It into Faith is depicted by the various types or depths of soil. This Parable also outlines the characteristics of the three members of trinity or the three types of people known as "hylic", the people of flesh, "psychic", the clever people of "spirit" with doubting minds and "pneumatic", the people of "Holy spirit" who have firm Faith in God. In Matt.13.33, these three types of people also form the three layers of flour into which the Woman, our Mother "Holy Spirit", hid the Leaven of "His Word" to form a huge single Loaf of Bread, the Body of Jesus, the Church Body.

Thus, we have in St.Luke 8.5: "A Sower(Jesus and His Apostles) went out to Sow(Preach) His Seed: and as He sowed(into the hearts of people), some fell by the wayside or footpath(This type of soil represents the "once-born" hylic people of the "flesh", who are incapable of understanding or grasping "His Word" because they are normally led by the natural animal "instincts". Such people normally respond to child psychology and they will go by the "Tit-for-Tat" principle. Because they lack "spirit" to understand the Gospel, their deeds are governed by "blind faith" e.g. the widow's mite and the cheating of the simpletons by the American televangelists.); It was trodden down(Gospel being for the sensible people of spirit, the hylic people would interpret it by the very "letters" of Gospel which leads to misinterpretation. For example, the most pious and celibate Samaritan woman of John 4 is proclaimed by the theologians of the "letters" as a prostitute and Matt.19, the Parable of so-called marriage and divorce is also very much misinterpreted. This is called the treading over the "Precious Pearls" of Gospel.); and the fowls of air(sensible people of spirit) devoured It(picked sense out of the utterances made by the hylics and they took the Gospel to their hearts to generate "faith").

And Some fell down upon rocky soil(these are the twice-born people of "spirit" who have the ability to understand the Gospel but they lack confidence or faith in God and half-heartedly they put "His Word" into practice i.e. their faith in God is not firm or deep and it is rather as shallow as the rocky soil. Such persons cannot stand the testing times and, therefore, as soon as the plant of faith sprung up and faced the Prince of Darkness, it withered away(left the Way of God) because the person lacked guts, the moisture).

And Some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked It(these are also the twice-born persons of "Holy spirit", who understand, believe in and put into practice "His Word" i.e. they have full faith in God but being involved in the secular world of Mammon, the worldly temptations, the "thorns", do not let them make a "headway". Thus, these are the "pneumatics", who go by the "logic" and they do not exploit the once-born simpletons but their faith in God is choked by the worldly temptations).

And Other fell on good ground(these are the "pneumatics", who have set themselves free of the Mammon, and thus the "worldly temptations", by selling their personal possessions and renouncing the ways of secular world in order to become the "Apostles or Roving Preachers" in the name of Christ Jesus. Such people have pledged their lives to serve God only - Matt.4.10: Then saith Jesus unto him. Get thee hence, Satan; for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve. Also, the rich young man who wanted to be "Perfect", Jesus advised him to give his property to the poor. Thus, they receive "His Word" Free and in abundance and un-like the present clerics, who are the "hirelings" of Mammon, they "Preach", and not "teach", the Gospel FREE), and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundred fold(100% is the best one can attain meaning that such devoted "pneumatics" enter the "Bridal Chamber" and attain the Perfection through the gifts of "Holy Spirit").

In brief, the "hylics" being the men of flesh, they could easily be misled by the Satan and turned into "fanatics". Thus, the "hylics" bear no fruit. The "psychics" understand "His Word" but their lack of faith in God and their "selfish" nature and temptations of Mammon, could easily lure them into the kingdom of Satan e.g. Judas Iscariot. For their doubts, the psychics bear 30% fruit. Whilst the "pneumatics", who are still involved in the secular world bear 60% fruit.

Typical examples of the blind faith are the existence of churches devoted to the countries rather than the universal Churches of God in honour of Jesus. Thus, there are Churches of England, Scotland, Ireland, etc. and the church of England in particular is headed by Queen, who is also the head of Mammon in Great Britain. Now, how could Jesus be the co-head of such a Church where the soldiers of Mammon, who died in the process of expanding the empire are proclaimed by their bishops as to have glorified God whereas our Father God stands for Love and Service?

In fact, poor archbishop Dr. Robert Runcie happened to be impartial like a little child during a Church service of Mammon that was held after the Falkland war in which Dr. Runcie wanted to bless the dead soldiers of Argentine along with those of Britain but the representative of Mammon, the Prime Minister Mrs. M. Thatcher objected to such a devotion of the poor archbishop and ordered him to bless the soldiers of Mammon who employs and pays him his salary i.e. you are a "hireling" of Queen, the Head of Mammon in Great Britain and the "Defender of faith" in the Church of England!!!

Even so much so is the devotion to Mammon in their Christianity that their crosses at cenotaph have an embedded sword in the middle of the cross symbolising the Christianity of wolves in the sheep's clothing. No wonder in the expansion of their empires, the white colonists had the Holy Bible in the left hand and a sword in the right. Same way in their Lord's prayer they say that we forgive those who trespassed against us but the very next moment the soldiers are on their mission of killing the people that is nothing else but the Christianity of Mammon or Beast.

In fact, there are many other countless examples of faithlessness of the so-called religious people all over the world. For example, a Sikh like the disciples of Jesus is supposed to be humble, loving and serving but instead he is a killer in the manners of the soldiers of Mammon. In fact, in India the Sikhism has become so corrupt that their priests, never mind the followers, even do not know either the difference between a Sikh and a Khalsa or why the Sikh Temple, HARMANDIR SAHIB, is built right in the middle of the water tank. So, please do not be worried so far as you love God and His Son Jesus with your heart and seek the praises of God and not those of the people, you can make a headway.

Remembering that Jesus came among us because the manly priests of Moses had become corrupt and erring. It was to supersede the manly priests that Jesus gave us Gospel as the Light of God so that by understanding and acting upon the Gospel we can guide our own lives into the Kingdom of God independently.

Thus, when you are capable of preaching Gospel, then you are a Royal Priest and when you are contented with your lot, then you are a Royal King. But most of the present clerics are the "hirelings" of Mammon who are neither the hereditary priests of Moses nor the Roving Preacher or the Royal Priests of Jesus. In fact, they are the "hired" psychics of Mammon, who brain wash the people by making them to sing the songs of Jesus but indirectly help the monarch to expand the kingdom of Beast.

Further, the pneumatics re-new their inner "man", and not the inner "woman", every day. The inner self of a person, whether in flesh the person be a male or a female, is a "man" when the person is led by his own logical Reasoning capabilities(intuition) and a clear conscience. And it is a "woman" when the person lets his own conscience to be over ruled by the others such as the Pope, clerics of Mammon, etc. who impose their views upon their blind followers. This is also called the "prostitution of soul" and it is against the very FREE spirit of Gospel in which every one of us gives his own account to God.

Thus, gnostically speaking "Belief" is the Road to Salvation which Jesus paved with the stepping stones of Gospel and "Faith" in God is our journey, which is measured by the depth of soil into which the Seed of Gospel takes its roots; "Hope" in Holy Spirit, our Wage, is the "moisture" that nourishes our religious plant; "Love" of our Royal Father, Agape, is the cool and refreshing air that tenderly blows through our hearts and the "Knowledge" of Gospel is the Light of the Kingdom of God that enables us to perceive the narrow Road and to bring forth the "Fruit" of our labour, the Preaching, that pleases our Father Who puts in His Sickle to harvest the ripe Crop.

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