Why a bishop can teach, baptise men in water, conduct birth, marriage and death rites, etc. but he cannot preach the Gospel? The people of Levy Tribe were mostly doing the profession of Cohen became greedy, immoral and corrupt that God sent Prophet Elijah in the name of John, the Baptist of Levy tribe. His Birth was not a natural one but by the Grace of God similar to that of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah so that He could pave the way for Christ Jesus. John being a Prophet took to wilderness, as the local Rabbis would not be happy with His Teaching of the moral laws, the Ten Commandments.


So, He went out of the bounds of Parishes that the present Bishops call seas. As already explained John for not loving Mammon had the Light of God to perceive Christ Jesus. Whilst the lavish living Mammon worshipping psychic Temple Priests being of evil spirit knew that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God who has come to ask for Fruit of the Winepress, the Jerusalem Temple, Matt.21 but they would not tell the public in case they lose control over their income bearing disciples around which they were putting Millstones of rituals in Mammon making them Jews of the physical bodies and not the spiritual of the hearts.


John being an ideal Rabbi told the people to be honest and of good character worthy of Yahweh, the demiurge mythological god in Adam. No truth and contentment; no justice and peace but hell. The hypocrite clever Rabbis, Pharisees and Sadducees produced disciples of the same type fleecing the strangers as in India the Brahmins of Banares, the Jerusalem of India, did to the strangers. Village Rabbis were not that clever or psychics and so in the villages’ people fleeced the strangers very little and they rather honoured Christ Jesus. That is why John, the Baptist and Christ Jesus were much loved and honoured in the villages than in Jerusalem, the epicentre of the sons of Satan of the type of Sodom and Gomorrah that John called them a brood of vipers.


So, John died fighting the sinners such as Harrods marrying the wife of Philip whilst Christ Jesus died exposing the hypocrisy of the Temple Priests. Sins being the transgression against the moral laws, John imposed moral laws as expected of an honest Rabbi whilst hypocrisy or blasphemy is the transgression against the Holy Spirit or what is in your heart that leads to hypocrisy such as the Temple Priests and their stooges shouted that Christ Jesus is worse than the clever Robber that He is worthy of being crucified.


Sins are forgivable but not the blasphemy that those who blasphemed against the Holy Spirit cost them their lives, robbers robbed them of their food during the Siege and the Temple was destroyed forever.


After the deaths of both John and Jesus, the New Era started with the formation of Churches of God in which the local people managed the Churches in the name of John, the Baptist preparing the people morally sound whilst the Roving Royal Priests, the Apostles in the name of Christ Jesus visited the Churches to Sow the Seed of His Word among the hearts of the congregations.


Keeping in mind the seven candles of Menorah, the Congregations elected seven wise men of holy ghost in the name of John, the Baptist to manage the Church affairs. Not a single woman was elected as already explained. Bishop among the seven became the administrator and welcoming receptionist whilst the deacons and the members of congregations went out to work and woe the public through their deeds into the Church community. All the earned money was either distributed by the people themselves to the needy or given to the Bishop to run the place.


Honest to God Bishops like the St.Stephen and St.James the Just never kept any extra money with them but distributed among the needy. Soon the hostile Jewish pressure was building up and the next Bishops being not sealed to serve God gave in to the demands of the local Jews. Then Bishops became greedy and immoral like the Judas Iscariot and the Apostles started to rebuke them.


Fed up with the rebukes, the psychic corrupt Bishops especially of Jerusalem threw the Apostles out of their Churches altogether and instead they appointed Presbyters to read the corrupted Torah, the Old Testament, old cloth that they patched with the New Testament, the Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands, by the letters. Bishops set up a parallel corrupt system passing the Bishop pry from father to son and what not. No more merits but influence and favouritism.


That created Darkness worse than that from which Christ Jesus had salvaged us and the grandeur of the Palace and estate of the present Pope speaks of the corruptions. Apostles opened Monasteries and used to nickname the Bishops as waterless canals or immoral people of no salt.


John used to baptise men in the name of Abraham whilst these corrupt Bishops started to baptise not only men but also women and children in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That practise pampered the people more than what the Temple Priests were doing in putting the Millstones of rituals around the necks of people. These Bishops could be of any tribe but the people of Judah tribe dominated. They were highly psychic than the people of Levy tribe as in India, the people of Khatri tribe are much more clever than the people of those tribes such as Sarsut, Gaur, Mohiyal, etc doing the profession of Brahmin.


As the Bishops were moral teachers preparing the congregation morally sound as we prepare land free of weeds before sowing the crop, so the Bishops like the Rabbis have to be responsible to their Congregations and thus, they are residents but not hereditary in the manners of Rabbis of Levy tribe doing the profession of Cohen – Matt.13.52. Ideal Bishops were teaching the moral laws of Moses, baptising men in water in the name of Abraham, performing marriages, birth, death, and etc moral rites as they were performed by the Rabbis in the past. This is called paving the way for Apostles in the name of Christ Jesus who would visit their Churches to Sow the Seeds of His Word and harvest them through the ceremony of Eucharist of Sacrifice in which you enter the Bridal Chamber as outlined by Christ Jesus in the Parable of Ten Virgins that I have already explained elsewhere.


After Eucharist, the person is married or sealed to serve God only in the manners of Apostles. That is, after Eucharist the people of both sexes would leave their family or tribal homes to serve God as a roving Preacher or Apostle.


Thus, the Bishops and the deacons were residential leading their family lives whilst the Apostles were Roving Preachers with no family ties as Peter told Christ Jesus in Matt.19 that we have left our families for your sake. This is normal as what applies to flesh, the opposite to spirit. Moral teachers are residents whilst the spiritual Preachers are Roving moving from one place to other sowing the Seeds of His Word and putting the Churches on Firm footings.


Thus, the resident Bishops and deacons prepared the grounds whilst the Roving Apostles or Preacher sowed and harvested the crops. That is, a Bishop cannot either preach the Gospel or serve the Last Supper or Eucharist of sacrifice.


But when the Bishops corrupted the Churches, then every thing went wrong to the drains. Bishops with the political arms started to silence their critics, the Monks, by burning them to stake, putting them before the animals to be eaten alive, etc, the cruelties that surpassed those of the Temple Priests.


Around 350 A.D., the Darkness they created could be judged from this Nicene Creed in which they declared Christ died and rose on third day. Now, Christ stands for the Word of God that became flesh in the name of Jesus then how could Christ die when He was in the beginning and He is forever as stressed by John in His Gospel? It was Jesus, the physical body who was born and He died on the Cross-and not the Christ, the spiritual self that is never born and never dies. Not a single Jew, Hindu, Sikh, etc is born or died during the holocausts.


Such high handedness and cruelties of Bishops and Popes created Hazrat Mohammed Sahib and his Islam of Mullahs. Remember that Hazrat Mohammed Sahib was a Gentile and he learnt the basics from a Monk called Bahira who used to serve food to travellers and at the same time he preached Gospel.


Thus, the Christianity of the Jews and the Islam of Gentile created havoc in the world through Jihads and Crusades killing many as expected from the brood of vipers worse than those of the Temple Rabbis, Sadducees, Pharisees, etc of whom John, the Baptist warned His disciples, the sons of Abraham, of.


Today, as stated by Christ Jesus in Matt.13.24-30, the Tares, He bundles up the unfaithful sons of Abraham in Israel for Final Burning as prophesised that at the End of the Age or world, I will bundle them up and burn them. Both the Jews and the Palestinians are unfaithful to Abraham as Abraham belonged to a Semite Race and he was neither a Jew nor a Hamas or Fatah. That is, a Jew is one who is inwardly of heart or a spiritual self and not outwardly of physical or tribal self.


Every thing that happens is according to the Will of our Father and as the Rabbis, the moral teachers could read the physical signs such as what the clouds and winds would bring or what weather we are expecting in future, so the people who understand the Word of God can also read the signs of the Age or can tell in which direction the people are heading.


Remember that the Chosen People are the demonstration people of the world and for this reason; the Chosen People are called the nation of priests. Atomic War is not far away and the Mayan Calendar applies to this spiritual Age of Christs. God is the dominating Power that uses us like a puppet to make the world a living circus. We do what He ordains for us to do.


Atomic Bombs could have been prepared earlier but not until they are needed. So, today the spiritual signs indicate their need and let us work hard to preach Gospel before we meet the end of the world as Christ Jesus has prophesised that Gospel would be preached before the End of the World.


God bless you with holy spirit, common sense so that you may exercise your intuitive abilities to understand Gospel delivered by Christs for the living christs and not for the dead Christians of the Books, or the Bible.


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy

Remember that the "Chosen People" are the demonstration Nation of the world.

For teaching us the moral laws, they are called a Nation of Priests.

We should appreciate their sacrifices but their blind guides led them into the Pits of Holocausts.

Christ Jesus came among them but their Rabbis loved Mammon than God.

John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah lived in Jungle eating honey and locusts with no love of Mammon.

Messianic Jews who display Menorah with the Middle Candle of God at par with others

are hypocrites worse than the blind guides?

Twice-born people of "spirit", common sense, psychic, generally go for the following of the blind.

Twice-born who are predestined to serve God, pneumatic, become solitary through the taste of Gospel Truth.


More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.


SACH (truth) is bitter but it leads you to heaven whilst SATT (Gospel Truth) is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND/Salvation.


Falsehoods or KOORRS are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, sweeter than honey, but they lead you to Hell.


Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel

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More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel
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