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The academic theologians of the letters have painted a very dark picture of the gnostics so much so that they have branded them as "heretics".  That is the correct picture that these men of letters are capable of painting as gnosticism is for the people of "spirit" and not for those of the "letters". Without spirit, one cannot put on the living christ in the name of Jesus and this Jesus manifested in John 9 by opening the eyes of a born-blind man with his spittle.  This passage of John 9 is quite interesting in that it presents a confrontation between the men of letters, the old skins full of the old wine of Moses' letters and a predestined born-blind man of spirit, an illiterate brand new skin very suitable for the New Wine of Jesus.


Now, many of us are doing things that are wrong even to such an extent as the terrible Saul did before Jesus opened his spiritual Fourth Eye.  So, this born-blind man was a predestined "sensible" person capable of handling and looking after the Precious Treasures of God, the Gospel, through whom Jesus could proclaim His mission, i.e. Jesus came to open the spiritual third eye of the sensible people only and it was for this reason that He told His disciples not to proclaim Him to the masses as the Christ of God. But to this sensible man He was too pleased to proclaim His Christship as He did to the highly spiritual Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. 


This blind man was neither a stupid person nor a stooge of the Moses' Priests but a very outspoken and "solitary" sensible person who gave very sensible and assuring answers to his neighbours and the Priests who put up silly questions to him.  In fact, the answers to the Priests were interesting in that the Priests, who were totally blinded with the old wine of letters(written Torah) totally rejected even the blind man's physical claims and they did not accept that Jesus was from God; whereas the less drunk Pharisees did confess that unless Jesus was of God, He could not perform such miracles.  This mixture of men caused a great confusion in their own camp and the blind man tactfully mocked them by such remarks as in John 9.27: "Look!" the man exclaimed, "I told you once; didn't you listen? Why do you want to hear it again?  Do you want to become His disciples too?" Finally, Jesus summarises His purpose of coming into the world in John 9.39: Then Jesus told him, "I have come into the world to give sight to those who are spiritually alive and to show those who think they see(in the "letters") that they are blind".


Thus, in the above passage the sensible person of spirit called Jesus a "Prophet" whereas His opponents of the letters, the Priests, called Jesus a Satan and heretic.


The same is extremely true to-day.  The academic theologians of letters call the gnostics of spirit heretics.  Thus, firstly the gnostics of spirit have to be sensible and outspoken solitary persons in the manner of the blind man.  Such a gift of God cannot be acquired by all except those who have been predestined of Father and as you will realise such persons are rare(remnant) especially in a country of shopkeepers.  Secondly, such sensible and outspoken persons normally need a "Spark" to light up their inner spiritual candle as Jesus provided to the blind man.  Just to mention, I received this spark of Light from my late father and have understood the Gospel through intuition.  No body being capable of receiving 'His Word' without the "Will of God", the gnostics, present and past, are the living persons of spirit and not the dead persons of the letters as those who are studying the gnostic Gospels recently found in Egypt by the letters.


Such men of letters are the dead gnostics who cannot even understand a simple Passage as Logo 114 in the Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit(Royal Priest or Apostle) resembling you males.  For every woman who will make herself male i.e. "son of God" will enter the Kingdom of God".  That is, in Jesus we are all the heirs of the Kingdom of God and, therefore, we are the living Brethren in spirit whether in flesh we may be male, female, black, white or brown.


I tried to help the book-gnostics explain such basic passages but they being of the type worse than the Moses' Priests of letters that Jesus encountered mock me more than the blind man experienced in his ordeal.  You know it well that a person without spirit is dead and the people who are full of the old wine of the letters, as the present university theologians are, may be best described as the donkeys(most stupid animal) carrying Holy Books and one example of such donkeys was the Moses' Priests of letters who called Jesus a Satan.  Now, the things of spirit being opposite in nature to those of the flesh, the Spiritual Principles, i.e 'His Word' are, therefore, opposite in narration to the moral laws of Moses; a fact that Jesus exploited to mock the arrogant Pharisees and Sadducees who challenged Him e.g. Matt. 19, the Parable of Marriage and Divorce. 


In this context, think of the university theologians of to-day who teach the New Testament by the letters as well. For the Gospel making no sense in letters as against the moral laws of Moses which make sense in letters, the present academic theologians of the letters are a breed of "super donkeys" and their stable keepers, the vice chancellors being also the men of letters won't let a man of spirit enter into their compound lest their "super donkey" breeding process is stifled. The obvious effects of this academic christianity are:-


1. People call Jesus to be their Lord but they take pride in the export of weapons to the poor third world countries, who being stupid feel obliged in receiving those deadly weapons when the rich countries blatantly refuse to import their less dangerous narcotic drugs.  In America, the Presidents are toppled if their ammunition factories cannot run.


2. Now, in God we love and serve people whilst in Mammon, we kill and rule over them.  The churches of these Mammon worshipping countries honour the war-dead of their countries as to have glorified God and their main cathedrals are full of the statues of those who helped establish the empires of Mammon e.g. St. Paul's cathedral in London is full of the statues of those who killed people in the third world and there is not a single statue of a person who served the poor in the name of Jesus even in the manners of Salvation Army.


3. Their countries have the highest number of Abortions which is infanticide.


Compare the countries of academic christianity with the bush lands of Africa.  Over there, the people love each other and the strangers alike and abortions are very rare.  In fact, Mammon being the enemy of civilisation, the poor bush people, whose moral laws are written over their living hearts, are more civilised than the people of rich materialistic countries, whose moral laws are written in the dead books and, therefore, their society is rifled with the crooks and crimes.


Now, God being Spirit blesses people according to their spirit or conscience(NEEYAT); holy spirit bearing good fruit and vice versa.  No wonder the Mammon worshippers of the West and America have been blessed with the Atomic Arsenals for their own destruction and a wholesome destruction of these countries is expected to take place in 2000, whereas 1995 is going to be a crucial year for Israel as was 70 in which the Holiest of Holy Temple of God that belonged to Jesus, the Royal High Priest of God, was destroyed for ever.  In fact, in 1995 Israel shall observe a destruction similar to that of the Soddom and Gomrah in which only the godly people like "Lot" were saved.


Thus, the gnostics ponder over 'His Word' in spirit and they try to understand the Holy Books that foretell the events in the Light of Gospel. For example, the Bible clearly forecast the establishment of Israel in 1948 but the blind theologians of the letters could not perceive it.  In fact, the Bible has all the answers to the present world problems but the people simply make no effort to understand 'His Word', which could be learnt by grasping the very first principles and that is what I preach and stress in my lectures on Christianity.  When I have explained 'His Word' to my best ability, then there is no need for me to thump Bible in order to impose my views upon others.  This is the beauty of preaching 'His Word', the Gospel. In fact, Jesus came to give us Gospel so that we may not depend upon the manly or in-person priests anymore.  In Jesus, we are the living(in spirit) Royal Priests(christs) of our living Royal Father(God).  The era of "letters" and "works" has gone with the Moses' Priests of letters and Jesus has ushered us into the new era of "spirit". 


So, in Jesus everyone of us enjoys freedom but with the price of giving one's own account to God and, therefore, please do not be led astray by the blind men of letters, especially the dog-collared brightly robed priests, who are worse off than the Priests of Moses, not only in knowledge but also in responsibility as well.  Always use your own common sense to renew your inner man in the name of Jesus.  'His Word' being received on individual basis, everyone should make efforts to understand It.  Thus, my views may create in you a desire to criticise that is welcome as it will help me in increasing my knowledge.


Lastly,  every thing that happens in the world happens in accordance with the "Will of God".   For example, the people could have produced Atomic Bombs say 200 years ago but why now!   The answers to such questions are clearly stated in the New Testament but you have to be a man of spirit in the manner of the blind man before receiving 'His Word', the Pearls that cannot be thrown before the swines of the letters.














Normally not people of all ages are capable of understanding the Gospel. Although God can over rule this generalisation yet by nature there is a certain stage in one's life when one is more capable of receiving the Gospel than at the other stages.  This is well demonstrated by Jesus in the process of creating the Footsteps for us to tread upon even though He possessed the very Spirit of God right from His Virgin conception.  Thus, when Jesus was a child, He concentrated His efforts in explaining to the Rabbis the basis of their moral laws and the significance of the "letters" in which the very moral laws had been written.  It was only when He was of the age of 30 that He offered Himself to the ideal Priest of Moses in the name of John, the Baptist for the baptism of water that stood for and still stands for the washing off of the "sins" committed under the ignorance or knowledge of the moral laws.  Although Jesus Himself was "sinless" yet this formality was just to create the Footstep for others to follow.  This fact was known to John but Jesus asked Him to go ahead for the sake of preparing the Way to Salvation for His disciples.  Significance of age in which Nature plays its role has been demonstrated by Jesus through Nicodemus and Saul, who later on became St.Paul in His honour.


Thus, Nicodemus was a very old Pharisee, an experienced teacher of the moral laws, who was a clean-hearted pious person but like most of his colleagues, he too was a man of "letters".  Most of them would apply the laws strict to the letters without tempering them with the "spirit" e.g the curing of crooked hand of a person on Sabbath, a holy day best celebrated by performing holy works, was highly criticised by the men of the letters.


In order to appreciate the significance of "spirit", let us distinguish between the "letters" and the "spirit" by giving an example.  Now, it is written in the moral laws that if a person steals, then he should be handed over to the law keepers.  But in some parts of the world, the people would let a hungry man go if he takes enough food from a farm just to fill his hungry stomach.  This custom of generosity represents the "Holy spirit" of God but it cannot be written down into the law books in black and white for the clever men of letters will exploit such acts of generosity.  So, in accordance with the man-made laws that are mostly obeyed and quoted by the letters, it is unlawful to steal but exceptions to these moral laws are made by tempering them with the Holy spirit.  Thus, Holy spirit is nothing else but "common sense" that only the sensible people who can handle the Treasures of God, do exercise in their daily life e.g. the Samaritan man who looked after the wounded person that had been overlooked by the other two men of "letters".


Now, both Nicodemus and the young enthusiast in the name of Saul were clean-hearted pious persons who were obeying the moral laws by the letters. Yet they were both blind to "spirit" but fortunately Saul being still young was capable of receiving "His Word" without taking a physical re-birth.


The reason why Saul and not Nicodemus was capable of receiving "His Word" without taking a re-birth will become clear through an analogy that we are like plants planted by God Who in the manners of a Farmer expects us to bear fruit.  Thus says Jesus in Mark 4.26-29: "This is what the Kingdom of God is like.  A man scatters seed on the ground.  Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.  All by itself the soil(faith in God) produces corn - first the stalk, then the ear, then the full kernel in the ear.  As soon as the grain is ripe, He puts the sickle to it because the harvest has come."


Thus, we are plants planted by God and our natural growth is compared with that of a "corn" plant.  So, when a person is a child, he is like a plant having only the "blades".  That is, the children being led by "ego" have no "spiritual ears" to hear "His Word" and that was the reason why the disciple s of Jesus rebuked those who brought the little children to Him for blessing.  However, as the person becomes adult or better comes of age as stressed by Jesus in John 9.21:"But how he can see now, or who opened his eyes, we don't know.  Ask him.  He is of age; he will speak for himself", then the person develops "ears" to hear "His Word" and it is like a corn plant that brought forth "ears" with protruding tender and sticky "silk" threads that are capable of receiving pollen grains shed by the long and feathery "tassels" that also appear at the right time on top of the stalk.


Now, a corn plant can have a varied number of ears but only a few receive pollen grains to produce fruit.  Thus, those ears on which the pollen grains fall but they do not receive them are like the "sensible" people who understand "His Word" but they do not care to put It into practice.  In fact, they are like the satanic people of Jerusalem to whom Christ Jesus preached "His Word" in a plain language and afterwards cautioned them that if after understanding Gospel you still go against "His Will", then you commit sins or rather blasphemy.  Thus, the Saying goes, "For many are called but few are chosen".  That is, out of the sensible people who have ears to hear Gospel, only a few will put It into practice to receive It and to produce fruit(oil for lamps) for Salvation.  This Jesus summarised in Thomas Logo 23:"I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a single one".


Hearing of "His Word" by the sensible adults with receptive ears and producing of fruit through receiving the pollen grains of "His Word", the New Treasures, from the God-fearing Pharisees used to be the normal practice when the Pharisees were ideal as defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52: "Therefore, every teacher of the (moral)law who has been instructed about the Kingdom of God is like the (hereditary)owner(priest) of a house(temple), who brings out of his storeroom(of knowledge) New Treasures(His Word passed on in the form of Oral Torah) as well as old(the written moral laws of Moses and Abraham)".


Now, keeping in view Matt.6.24:"No one can serve two masters.  Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and Mammon", the Pharisees had become greedy and materialistic and, therefore, they corrupted the moral laws of Moses in order to satisfy their material lusts.  This was like making holes in the old cloth(written moral laws) that had been passed through many hands.  As the Pharisees started to love Money and to hate God, God took "His Word" away from such swines; they were left only with the dead "letters" of Moses and Abraham.


Therefore, such corrupt Pharisees were unable to pollinate the "ears" of the people with the grains of "His Word".  In other words, the Pharisees themselves were not producing any fruit, how could they encourage the others to do so?  Thus, the Pharisees through the application of moral laws by the "letters" could produce only the healthy people, the stalks, like Saul, Peter, Nicodemus, etc. but not any fruit.


Now, a healthy plant being essential for producing fruit in abundance that Jesus recommended to His disciples in Matt.23.2-3:"The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat.  So, you must obey them and do everything they tell you.  But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they teach".  Saul did what his teacher told him to do.


An example of ideal Levi Priest was John, the Baptist.  He loved God and not the Money.  Therefore, he lived a simple celibate life in wilderness preparing people morally strong and suitable enough for Jesus to pollinate their ears with the grains of "His Word".


Thus, Saul and Nicodemus were both healthy plants(stalks) but Saul being still young, the "silk" threads of his "ears" were still tender and sticky enough to receive the pollen grains of "His Word" and, therefore, he was capable of receiving "His Word" without a physical re-birth; whereas the "silk" threads of the "ears" of the old Nicodemus had not only gone dry but they had also fallen off the "ears" with the result that even if a shower of the pollen grains of "His Word" had fallen on his "ears", he would not have been able to understand and receive "His Word" to produce the fruit.


Therefore, the only way that was left for Nicodemus to understand and receive "His Word" was to take a physical re-birth in order to re-produce tender and sticky receptive "silk" threads in his "ears".  The degree of spiritual blindness that the letters had produced in Saul towards "His Word" was signified by the thickness of scales that came off his eyes when Jesus opened his Fourth Eye to "Holy Spirit" through Grace.


Therefore, everybody is not capable of understanding "His Word" and It cannot be learnt by the letters in the colleges and universities in the manners of other subjects but It is preached in spirit to the sensible people and It is understood through logical "Reasoning".  Out of the sensible people, one who understand and multiply It through preaching are called the "wise men" and they produce fruit whilst the others who try to misuse "His Word", God not only takes away "His Word" from them but also leaves them in a state of great confusion.


Remembering that Jesus started His ministry at the age of 30, we can say that the ideal age for receiving Gospel is between 30 and 50.  That is, a person below the age of 20 normally has not developed his ears to hear "His Word" whereas a person over the age of 50 is normally too old to understand "His Word" with an open mind.  In fact, the children up to the age of 20 should be taught the moral laws of Moses in order to make them physically and mentally hale and hearty and morally suitable(salt of the earth) for receiving the spiritual education from the roving Royal Preachers of Jesus who, unlike the present clerics, are not the "hirelings" of Mammon.  In a nutshell, obeying of the moral laws by the letters produces a healthy "stalk" but it is only the "spirit" that enables a person to understand and put into practice "His Word" for bearing fruit.


The importance of the fruit has been stressed by both John, the Baptist and Jesus.  John warned the people in Matt.3.10:"The axe is already at the roots of trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire(of hell)", whereas Jesus by making the fig tree wither fulfilled the warning of John.  That is, meagre obeyance of the moral laws by the letters is not enough but rather temper your works with the Holy spirit.  Here, it is worth mentioning that the present horrific crimes that the children commit in U.K., America, etc., the so-called rich and advanced countries, are the consequences of applying the moral laws by the very letters and not tempering them with the "spirit" on which the moral laws were originally based upon.















Most people do not care to differentiate between "Belief" and "Faith" and, therefore, such messages as "Have Faith in God" when people do not act according to Gospel make no sense.


Belief called "DIN" in Urdu is the forerunner of Faith called "EEMAN". Thus, you act according to your beliefs and your deeds generate faith in what you believe in.  And if you happened to follow others without having your own beliefs, then you are a blind believer and have a blind faith as well.  On the other hands those who act in accordance with the Gospel are said to be the  enlightened believers and their faith is not blind.  In short, the people who understand the Gospel and put It into practice believe in God and they have a "Faith in God".  Thus, those people who have a deep faith in God are given a greater ability to understand Gospel.


The significance of "Belief and Faith" is well stressed by the Christ Jesus in the Parable of Sower in which Jesus or His Apostles are the Sowers of "His Word", the "Seed", whilst the capability of understanding "His Word" and transforming It into Faith is depicted by the various types or depths of soil.  This Parable also outlines the characteristics of the three members of trinity or the three types of people known as "hylic", the people of flesh, "psychic", the clever people of "spirit" with doubting minds and "pneumatic", the people of "Holy spirit" who have firm Faith in God.  In Matt.13.33, these three types of people also form the three layers of flour into which the Woman, our Mother "Holy Spirit", hid the Leaven of "His Word" to form a huge single Loaf of Bread, the Body of Jesus, the Church Body.


Thus, we have in St.Luke 8.5: "A Sower(Jesus and His Apostles) went out to Sow(Preach) His Seed: and as He sowed(into the hearts of people), some fell by the wayside or footpath(This type of soil represents the "once-born" hylic people of the "flesh", who are incapable of understanding or grasping "His Word" because they are normally led by the natural animal "instincts". Such people normally respond to child psychology and they will go by the "Tit-for-Tat" principle.  Because they lack "spirit" to understand the Gospel, their deeds are governed by "blind faith" e.g. the widow's mite and the cheating of the simpletons by the American televangelists.); It was trodden down(Gospel being for the sensible people of spirit, the hylic people would interpret it by the very "letters" of Gospel which leads to misinterpretation.  For example, the most pious and celibate Samaritan woman of John 4 is proclaimed by the theologians of the "letters" as a prostitute and Matt.19, the Parable of so-called marriage and divorce is also very much misinterpreted.  This is called the treading over the "Precious Pearls" of Gospel.); and the fowls of air(sensible people of spirit) devoured It(picked sense out of the utterances made by the hylics and they took the Gospel to their hearts to generate "faith").


And Some fell down upon rocky soil(these are the twice-born people of "spirit" who have the ability to understand the Gospel but they lack confidence or faith in God and half-heartedly they put "His Word" into practice i.e. their faith in God is not firm or deep and it is rather as shallow as the rocky soil.  Such persons cannot stand the testing times and, therefore, as soon as the plant of faith sprung up and faced the Prince of Darkness, it withered away(left the Way of God) because the person lacked guts, the moisture).


And Some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked It(these are also the twice-born persons of "Holy spirit", who understand, believe in and put into practice "His Word" i.e. they have full faith in God but being involved in the secular world of Mammon, the worldly temptations, the "thorns", do not let them make a "headway".  Thus, these are the "pneumatics", who go by the "logic" and they do not exploit the once-born simpletons but their faith in God is choked by the worldly temptations).


And Other fell on good ground(these are the "pneumatics", who have set themselves free of the Mammon, and thus the "worldly temptations", by selling their personal possessions and renouncing the ways of secular world in order to become the "Apostles or Roving Preachers" in the name of Christ Jesus.  Such people have pledged their lives to serve God only -Matt.4.10: Then saith Jesus unto him. Get thee hence, Satan; for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.  Also, the rich young man who wanted to be "Perfect", Jesus advised him to give his property to the poor.  Thus, they receive "His Word" Free and in abundance and un-like the present clerics, who are the "hirelings" of Mammon, they "Preach", and not "teach", the Gospel FREE), and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundred fold(100% is the best one can attain meaning that such devoted "pneumatics" enter the "Bridal Chamber" and attain the Perfection through the gifts of "Holy Spirit").


In brief, the "hylics" being the men of flesh, they could easily be misled by the Satan and turned into "fanatics".  Thus, the "hylics" bear no fruit. The "psychics" understand "His Word" but their lack of faith in God and their "selfish" nature and temptations of Mammon, could easily lure them into the kingdom of Satan e.g. Judas Iscariot.  For their doubts, the psychics bear 30% fruit.  Whilst the "pneumatics", who are still involved in the secular world bear 60% fruit.


Typical examples of the blind faith are the existence of churches devoted to the countries rather than the universal Churches of God in honour of Jesus. Thus, there are Churches of England, Scotland, Ireland, etc. and the church of England in particular is headed by Queen, who is also the head of Mammon in Great Britain.  Now, how could Jesus be the co-head of such a Church where the soldiers of Mammon, who died in the process of expanding the empire are proclaimed by their bishops as to have glorified God whereas our Father God stands for Love and Service?


In fact, poor archbishop Dr. Robert Runcie happened to be impartial like a little child during a Church service of Mammon that was held after the Falkland war in which Dr. Runcie wanted to bless the dead soldiers of Argentine along with those of Britain but the representative of Mammon, the Prime Minister Mrs. M. Thatcher objected to such a devotion of the poor archbishop and ordered him to bless the soldiers of Mammon who employs and pays him his salary i.e. you are a "hireling" of Queen, the Head of Mammon in Great Britain and the "Defender of faith" in the Church of England!!!


Even so much so is the devotion to Mammon in their Christianity that their crosses at cenotaph have an embedded sword in the middle of the cross symbolising the Christianity of wolves in the sheep's clothing.  No wonder in the expansion of their empires, the white colonists had the Holy Bible in the left hand and a sword in the right.  Same way in their Lord's prayer they say that we forgive those who trespassed against us but the very next moment the soldiers are on their mission of killing the people that is nothing else but the Christianity of Mammon or Beast.


In fact, there are many other countless examples of faithlessness of the so-called religious people all over the world.  For example, a Sikh like the disciples of Jesus is supposed to be humble, loving and serving but instead he is a killer in the manners of the soldiers of Mammon.  In fact, in India the Sikhism has become so corrupt that their priests, never mind the followers, even do not know either the difference between a Sikh and a Khalsa or why the Sikh Temple, HARMANDIR SAHIB, is built right in the middle of the water tank.  So, please do not be worried so far as you love God and His Son Jesus with your heart and seek the praises of God and not those of the people, you can make a headway.


Remembering that Jesus came among us because the manly priests of Moses had become corrupt and erring.  It was to supersede the manly priests that Jesus gave us Gospel as the Light of God so that by understanding and acting upon the Gospel we can guide our own lives into the Kingdom of God independently.


Thus, when you are capable of preaching Gospel, then you are a Royal Priest and when you are contented with your lot, then you are a Royal King. But most of the present clerics are the "hirelings" of Mammon who are neither the hereditary priests of Moses nor the Roving Preacher or the Royal Priests of Jesus.  In fact, they are the "hired" psychics of Mammon, who brain wash the people by making them to sing the songs of Jesus but indirectly help the monarch to expand the kingdom of Beast.


Further, the pneumatics re-new their inner "man", and not the inner "woman", every day.  The inner self of a person, whether in flesh the person be a male or a female, is a "man" when the person is led by his own logical Reasoning capabilities(intuition) and a clear conscience.  And it is a "woman" when the person lets his own conscience to be over ruled by the others such as the Pope, clerics of Mammon, etc. who impose their views upon their blind followers.  This is also called the "prostitution of soul" and it is against the very FREE spirit of Gospel in which every one of us gives his own account to God.


Thus, gnostically speaking "Belief" is the Road to Salvation which Jesus paved with the stepping stones of Gospel and "Faith" in God is our journey, which is measured by the depth of soil into which the Seed of Gospel takes its roots; "Hope" in Holy Spirit, our Wage, is the "moisture" that nourishes our religious plant; "Love" of our Royal Father, Agape, is the cool and refreshing air that tenderly blows through our hearts and the "Knowledge" of Gospel is the Light of the Kingdom of God that enables us to perceive the narrow Road and to bring forth the "Fruit" of our labour, the Preaching, that pleases our Father Who puts in His Sickle to harvest the ripe Crop.









Covenants, which are our bonds to, are only two; one is to our father in "flesh" Adam and the other is to our Father in "spirit" God.  We are to keep both of these covenants.


COVENANT OF FLESH IN ADAM:  The importance of this covenant for bearing "fruit" has been stressed by Jesus in Matt.13.24-30.  Thus, Adam was created by God in His own image and, therefore, those who stay in covenant with Adam are termed the "wheat" plants and they bear "fruit" through "works" whilst those who break their covenant with Adam are termed the "tares" and they are the trouble makers who have no "conscience" or "salt" and no faith, EEMAN or DHARM.  Thus, when a religious person is not religious of his heart but is of the body or flesh i.e. a Jew is one which is inwardly and not outwardly, then he becomes a "fanatic" or tare.


The work of these tares is well manifested in N.Ireland, the Panjab, Israel, Lebanon, etc.  This work of maltreating the innocent people will carry on till 1995 when a lesson learnt from Israel will stun the whole world.


In the covenant of flesh, people may not be of "spirit" but their "works" in good faith are counted e.g. the widow's mite or the collection of money from the poor to the lavish living of the Pope.


"Sin" plays major role in this covenant and as the men are head of the families, it is only the men who are the "sinners" and not the women or the members of his family if they obey his instructions.  Further, as the men obey the Rabbi, so the Rabbi carry the sins of his people and gives an annual blood sacrifice for the remission of the sins.  Thus, John, the Baptist baptised only the "men" of conscience in water for the remission of their sins and did not baptise a single woman.  The Hajj rites, which are to establish our "covenant with Adam", are also for the men only to make them the "sons of Man".


COVENANT OF THE GRACE OF GOD:  This covenant is for the pre-destined sensible people and unless God be willing, nobody can understand Gospel which is learnt through logical Reasoning.  Such people of spirit display "common sense" and they are "rare" to come by but there are many hypocrites who make fool of the people of "flesh" in the name of Jesus.  American Televangelists are typical examples of such hypocrites best termed the "psychics".  So, be careful of the men of "letters", the wolves in sheep's clothing, who are nothing else but the "super donkeys" carrying the "Holy Books".  Remember that Jesus faced many learned donkeys who wanted to challenge Him by the "letters" of the books or law.


In Jesus, what comes out of your mouth that matters and not what you have put on, colour of your skin, cultural dress, etc., because "heart" is the seat of "spirit"; evil spirit bringing out evil deceptions of the Beast and holy spirit the good tidings of our Father.  Thus, in Jesus both the sexes in flesh are the same in spirit but as in Adam, the males represent Adam's seed, or are the "heirs", so in God, the people of both sexes are "male heirs of the Kingdom of God" in spirit.  In general, understanding of the New Testament is beyond the capabilities of the "robes" mostly acquired through academic qualifications in the "letters" whilst the people of spirit do not long for any such robe but rather seek "His Treasures" through logical Reasoning.  Remember that the bishops can only teach the "moral Laws" of Moses but cannot preach the Gospel of God; whilst the women cannot teach the moral laws but can "preach" Gospel by becoming the roving preachers.  Thus, in Moses we have Priests that need the ordination by men whilst in Jesus we have Pre-destined and Pre-ordained Royal Priests.


"Blasphemy", KUFIR in Urdu or KOORR in Panjabi, which is going against the "Holy Spirit" or heart, is a very very serious transgression as compared against the "sins" because it is normally propagated on a large communal scale against the sin which is committed on an individual basis.  In blasphemy, people in thousands suffer as the Jews of "flesh" who blasphemed against Jesus at His trial suffered during and after the destruction of Holiest of Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  Further, blasphemy being of the field of "spirit" and not of the "letters", the blasphemers are not normally punishable by the law of the country but they are rather punished by God. The destruction of Jerusalem Temple, death of the blasphemers and their sufferings wherever they went, sectarian riots in N.Ireland, Panjab, Lebanon, etc. are typical examples in which the blasphemers suffer at communal levels.


Blasphemy cannot be exposed without the knowledge of the New Testament. For example, God stands for Love and Service whilst Mammon for Kill and Rule over others as the British and other European nations did overseas in the past but proclaimed their soldiers who died fighting for Mammon or survived as to have glorified God.  Such fallacies cannot be understood unless you are a sensible person of integrity, as the born-blind person in John 9 was, who could not be persuaded by the others.  Such a solitary person is said to be following the narrow road whilst the broad road is treaded collectively under the cover of blasphemy.  Typical example of the cover of blasphemy is afforded by the Church of England, which is headed by Queen, the head of Mammon in Britain and the members of this establishment are told that Jesus is also the Head of their Church when He clearly said that you cannot serve God and Mammon.  No wonder such a church is protected under the umbrella of the baseless law of blasphemy which the people of spirit can easily shatter.


Peace in N.Ireland, a colony of mainland Mammon worshippers, whose faith in Mammon is defended by Queen cannot be achieved unless the blasphemy that it belongs to Catholics and Protestants is shattered by exposing that Catholic and Protestant are of the "hearts" and not of the "flesh", which are English, Scot, Irish, etc., the selves which were born and do die in the communal riots i.e "A Jew is one which is inwardly and not outwardly". Blasphemy being spoken at communal level, many blasphemers will die as they did during the partition of India.  Roving Apostles, the Royal Priests of Jesus and not the "hirelings" of Mammon that are the robed priests have the answer that can create PEACE and LOVE.







F L E S H  

V E R S U S  




The "GOLDEN RULE" that what applies to "flesh", the opposite applies to the matters of "spirit" is illustrated further to give the reader a thorough grasp of the principles.  Thus:-


 1. The creator demi-god of male and female called "Yahweh", BRAHMA, etc. has one name and is well-known for being "jealous and revengeful"; whilst the Emanator of souls called God, PAARBRAHM, Allah, RAM, etc. has many names according to the Personality and Beneficiary qualities that He displays and He is "Loving and Merciful".


 2. Holy books such as written "Torahs", VEDAS, etc. are learnt from a "GURU" by the "letters" of the holy books and exceptions to the laws are made by the GURU, Rabbi or PANDIT, in the Light of Oral Torah or Holy Spirit; whilst Gospel is ushered in by an "anointed Christ, called a "SATGURU" in "Panjabi" and the people understand It only by the grace of God(BAL RAM JEO).  Gospel, unlike the "letters" that could be taught in the universities, is "preached", like a Sower, by the Roving Preachers called the Royal Priests, through heart-to-heart discussions in Holy Spirit and Its "Spiritual Principles, The Word" has no exceptions but the Christs being the Omnipotent Ambassadors of God can exercise their Will in Mercy, the Chief Quality of God.  Thus, as a Rabbi or PANDIT can make exceptions in the moral laws similarly a Christ can make an exception in the "Will of God".  In learning the Secrets of Gospel one has to be impartial and unbiased like a little child.


 3. VEDAS of BRAHMA are taught by the incarnation of demi-god "VISHNU"; Shri Ram Chanderji, the moon(CHAND) of the Sun(RAM or God) and Moses also based his moral laws on the "Word of God" i.e. Moses put on Christ and wrote the Torah or Moses Himself saw the Face of God but showed the back to the people.  Rabbis and PANDITS, just the priests or GURUS, being the "teachers" of the moral laws are also called the witness to the "Light", but not the "Light" e.g. John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses.  Whilst God being "Eternal" and the very Source of all, He Himself sends His Own anointed Royal Priest or Christ to spread "His Word", the very Light of the light of moon, when the priests of Moses had become corrupt, inefficient and lightless i.e. the old cloth, the written Torah, had developed holes(corruptions).  Thus, God has no incarnation but His Omnipotent Ambassador Jesus came to fulfil the law i.e. to darn the holes as the first bishop St.Stephen was doing in the name of Jesus that annoyed the corrupt Temple priests.  Thus, Jesus did not come to either replace or destroy the moral laws but to rectify them.  Gospel is also the "Oral Torah", New Cloth, New Wine or the New Treasures - Matt.13.52.


 4. Moral laws being for the once-born natural children of flesh that they are based upon animal instincts such as an "eye for an eye" and people seek the praises of men for their "extrinsic status or values".  It is for the sake of moral dignity that men fight with each other and get killed. Whilst the "Spiritual Principles or His Word" are based upon "common sense or spirit", in which the enemy is subdued by appealing to his "conscience". A person without "conscience" is a "saltless" person and such a person cannot be a religious person.  Such persons should be avoided as Jesus stressed this by instructing His disciples to shake the very dust of the village that does not honour you in My name.


 5. Moral laws being the "letters" make the men of letters arrogant or swollen headed as the Pharisee Simon who invited Jesus into his house was; whilst the matters of spirit being common sense make appeal to ones heart e.g. the Parable of the wounded person and the Samaritan who looked after him.  Recently in May, 92, I read on Teletext the news that a Jewish house in Jerusalem caught fire on Sabbath and the Jew did nothing but went to consult the Rabbi.  By the time Rabbi gave him the permission to call the fire brigade, three houses got burnt down i.e. "Letter killeth, spirit giveth life".  Thus, the Jews were and they are still the men of "letters" whilst the Samaritans who were not allowed to the inner circle of the Temple had the moral laws written over their hearts in spirit.


 6. People are "bound" under the moral laws of Moses and going against the moral law is a "sin" punishable by the law makers of the country. Injustices were normally outcried by the Rabbis as John, the Baptist, outcried the illegal marriage of Herod with the wife of Philip; whilst in "spirit", the person has the "free will" e.g. the Parable of the prodigal son who left his Father(God), and going against the "Holy Spirit" is a blasphemy punishable, not by man, but by God e.g. the people who uttered blasphemy at the trial of Jesus were punished by God in which their Holiest of Holy Temple was destroyed and the blasphemers were expelled from their "Promised Land" till May, 1948 so that the Parable Matt.13.24-30 could be fulfilled.  It is hoped that in 1995, Israel will face great Tribulations; this is the Will of God grasped through the apprehension of Gospel.


 7. Elijah or John, the Baptist, who sat in his chair enforced the moral laws of Moses and gave his life in the course of his duty i.e. fighting the sinners.  Thus, in Elijah, the priest keeps behind the "flock" and the "flock" has no option or "free will".  Whilst in Jesus emphasis is not so much on "sin" as on "blasphemy".  Thus, the woman who was caught red-handed in the act of adultery was just cautioned by Jesus and He rather asked the accusers in Moses to search their own "hearts" for "sins" before accusing the others emphasising that in God we treat others as we wished to be treated.  In fact, we are all sinners whilst Jesus took the "sinful" human form in order to create for us the perfect "Footsteps" to Salvation. Thus, in Jesus the Apostles walk ahead of the flock and the people have the "free will" to go astray e.g. Judas Iscariot.  God being Spirit, only the living persons in spirit, which are very few in number, can understand the Gospel. This fact is emphasised by Jesus when He told a living person, who wanted to go home to bury his dead father, that "Let the (spiritually)dead bury their dead" as at present the so-called Christians, Sikhs, etc. follow their clerics blindly and thus kill and bury their very own "Reasoning Power" capable of "intuition".  Thus, in Jesus the Living shall never die(Resurrection of Jesus to prove it) and the dead shall never rise from their graves as propagated by the anti-christs, who even used to take bribes for a ticket to non-existent heaven after death!  Remember that in Moses the priest was responsible for the sins of the people whilst in Jesus everyone of us has to give his own account to God and not the dog-collared blind clerics.


 8. Priests establish the covenant of Adam, who was a mortal whilst the Royal Priests introduce the people to the covenant of grace of God, Who is eternal.


 9. "Sons of Adam" are termed the "wheat plants" - Matt.13.24-30.  We, who are born of the physical fathers, are just "sons of Man"; whilst Jesus being born of a Virgin was the second Adam, the anointed "Son of Man".  As in Adam, the boys carry the "seed" and are the "heirs", so in God, the people of spirit, both male and female in flesh, being the "heirs of God" are the "sons of God".  And Jesus being the anointed "Son of God" had the very Spirit of God right from His Virgin conception.  Royal Priests of God are called the "Christs"; those with the "erring spirit of man" are called the "christs" and they are the younger Brethren of Jesus whilst those with the non-erring "Spirit of God" like the Apostles were are  called the "Christs" and they are the Twin Brethren of Jesus, the anointed Christ.  It is only for the people of flesh that Jesus is Lord and God incarnate and they call themselves "Christians".


10. In Elijah, the moral teachers - Matt.13.52 - are authoritarian and super-rulers i.e. they used to sit in the secular courts and had the power to over rule the judgement of the kings; whilst in Jesus the Apostles, with the exception of St.Peter, Who was given the Key to the kingdom of heaven, are humble super-servants; Jesus came to serve and not to be served. For being contented with our lot and being merciful, we are loving "Royal Kings" of God.


11. Secular kings are called "BAADSHAH" i.e. the head(SHAH) of an area(ABAADI) and they are generally materialistic as the Queen is in U.K.; whilst the Royal Kings are called "PAATSHAH" i.e. the Head who looks after the honour(PATT) of the people and They being "spiritualistic", Their Kingdom is within the hearts of people and It has no physical boundaries.


12. Secular kings put on an expensive and comfortable crown made up of the artificial and dead materials such as the precious metals and stones; whilst our Royal King Jesus had a much coveted un-comfortable and cheap Crown made up of the living Natural material from a thorny bush.  None of the Apostles had a similar honour of a Royal Kingship as Jesus.


13. Moral teachers being the hereditary owners of a temple(Matt.13.52), the bishop of an autonomous Church of God would be a "man" in the name of John, the Baptist.  He would teach the moral laws of Moses and keep the congregation morally sound especially on the principles of treating others as one wished to be treated.  Thus, the corrupt government officials and businessmen will have no place in the Church of God.  The bishop being one of the seven male deacons who were democratically elected by the male Church members, his praises lie with the men who elected and ordained him. Whilst the Royal Priests of God are Pre-ordained of God and they are the roving Preachers of Gospel.  They expose the prevalent "blasphemies" in the Light of Gospel e.g. in the Light of "A Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly", it is a blasphemy to say that Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, etc. were killed and are being killed.  Apostles being ordained of God, they are outspoken and seek the praises and Protection of God and not those of the people.


14. The bishops being the representatives of John, the Baptist make men the "sons of Man".  The first ideal bishop St.Stephen was trying to make the Temple priests the sons of Abraham that they got mad at him and ordered their "saltless", the people without conscience, "sons of Satan", the fanatics, to stone him to death.  John, the Baptist, called those Rabbis, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc., the "satanic fathers", a brood of vipers and refused to baptise them in the name of Adam.  Further, the woman being a "daughter of Eve" and being not a "sinner" if she obeys her husband, need not be baptised in water.  Whilst in Jesus, it is the heart that matters most and it needs the Baptism of Holy Spirit.  Thus, the Apostles urged the clean-hearted people to seek the "Kingdom of God" in order to be the "heirs of God" and be "eternal" like their "Eternal Father".  Thus, the Last Footstep in the Ministry of Jesus was the "Last Supper" in which the Loaf of Bread, the Body of Jesus, the congregation, was dispersed in order to preach the Gospel.  Thus, the Last Supper is the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit and it is most likely that Judas Iscariot was not allowed to take part in it.


15. Thus, the bishops can baptise men in water but they cannot administer the "Eucharist of Sacrifice"; whilst in Jesus, even women can become the Roving  Preachers to spread Gospel and administer the "Eucharist" but the women cannot teach the moral laws of Moses.


16. Keys to the kingdom of heaven, which is for the comforts of "flesh" and is "seen" through the law and order, used to be with the Rabbi, who after becoming corrupt would neither themselves enter nor let anybody else enter; whilst Jesus introduced to us the much superior "Kingdom of God" for the "peace of our minds", which is established within our hearts and is "perceived" through the qualities of God such as "mercy" and service.


17. High priest in Moses used to give a sin-sacrifice of a lamb for his people once a year and some devoted priests used to give their very own sacrifice for the sins of their people; whilst Jesus, our Royal High Priest gave his own sacrifice once only for all the people of world.  Such a sacrifice is expected of all the disciples of Jesus to win over the blasphemers.  Also, remember that John, the Baptist gave his life fighting against the "sinners" whereas the martyrdom of Jesus rested upon the shoulders of "blasphemers" who were punished by God in 70 A.D.


18. Secular relations observe fleshly love called "eros" ; whilst the spiritual true love is called "Agape".  Thus, the fleshly relations can wither away but not the spiritual Brethren.


19. Physically sick people thank the doctor for the cure; whilst the spiritually sick people not only hate the Doctor but even kill Him.


20. Rabbis fight against the "sins" whilst the Apostles expose "blasphemies".


Many more things could be written but they are best thrashed over in a heart-to-heart discussion.













The first step on the ladder of "faith" is to establish ones covenant with Adam by becoming a "son of Man" and the Hajj rites are there to do so and they stress its importance.


Thus, KAABA in Mecca is the temple of Adam and the pilgrimage of Hajj is for the boys, and not for the girls, of age 12 to 16 years, who are capable of expressing their tribal identity explicitly.  Thus, the essence of Hajj rests upon the repulsion of Satan who takes on different forms to lure the simpletons into his own kingdom, where there is a chaos and hell prevails as you presently see in most of the countries.  After the successful Hajj rituals, the boy becomes a "son of Man" referred to in the Bible Matt.13.24-30 as a "wheat plant" that God planted through "Adam"; whilst the "tares" are the "sons of Satan", who have broken their covenant of flesh with Adam and they are called "bastards" after their bastardly satanic deeds.  The Satan is represented in Mina by three idols or pillars. Thus, the representation and significance of the three types of satan is as follows:-


1. The pillar(AL-DJMAAR) of the first type of satan is sited facing East, the direction of sunrise representing the religious Light, and it represents the bastards born of the prostitutes.  Prostitution being mainly as the result of "lust for sex", which is inherent in the people of all Ages, therefore, this idol is sited not only in the East but is also called AL-DJMAAR AL-DUNIYA i.e. the satan of the secular world or of the flesh.


The secular world being for the "sons of Man" with identifiable "seed" or surname, the bastards born of the prostitutes are morally prohibited to marry and reproduce children with no family identity.  Jesus termed them moral eunuchs in Matt.19.12: "For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb."  Jesus also called these bastards "mustard seeds" and they for not involving in the family life but leading a life of celibacy, can concentrate more upon their spiritual uplift that can make them great wise men - a mustard seed growing into a big plant where the birds of air(sensible people) can roost(gather for spiritual knowledge) -than the married people who first get themselves involved in the material world before embarking upon the spiritual life of full devotion.  Such a bastard is known by the proper name of his mother only.  But Jesus known as the Son of Mary was an exception in that His birth was a "Virgin Birth" through "Holy Spirit" implying that he had no earthly or physical father. For this reason, Jesus was the anointed "Son of Man", the second Adam; unlike us born of fathers, we are just "sons of Adam".  For being Born of a Virgin, Jesus, unlike the second Christ Nanak Devji, did not marry or had a permanent home to rest his head.


2. The second pillar of satan AL-WUSTA(middle) is sited in the middle of East and West and it represents those opportunists who change their surname or tribe to gain economical favours from the rulers.  Thus, the satan of this type was born of a father in a father's house and had a surname and tribe to identify his "seed" but he changed it, knowingly, for the sake of the treasures of Mammon.  That is, he became a "bastard" of his own free-will for the sake of the kingdom of Mammon.  Such clever people normally possess "evil spirit".


East, especially India, Pakistan, etc. has the majority of such people who became the so-called Muslims during the Mughal reign and adopted surnames with the Arabic touch.  Most of these satans are keeping their real tribal identity through secret family trees that are not only consulted but checked and counter-checked during such important social affairs as marriages.


In fact, these satans are a stepping stone to the most powerful satans AL-AKSA and AL-KUBRA, both of which are "psychics" i.e. hypocrites, who exploit the simpletons through human psychology.


3. The pillar of this most powerful satan, who dominates this Dark Age, is sited in the West, the direction of sun set, that represents the total religious Darkness as the East represents total religious Light and it is shown leaning behind a mountain.  The mountain is of the simpletons who follow the orders of satan to do his will and not that of the God.  For example, Islam stands for one's submission to the Will of God and not to the will of a person.  Unlike the satan No.2, this satan does not seek economic gains but political power.  When this satan takes on a religious cover, he is called "AL-AKSA(spiritual)" and when the non-religious cover, he is called "AL-KUBRA(great)".  The nature of these satans will be appreciated on grasping the basic principle that the countries being the homes of tribes, politics is for the tribal people of the country only and not for either the spiritual selves Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, etc. i.e a Jew is one who is inwardly(spiritual) and not outwardly(of the flesh) and so on, or the non-tribal selves Congress. Conservative, Labour, Communist, SDP, Liberal, etc. that have no country to represent.


Thus, Pope and his accomplices, archbishops, clerics, etc. who are seeking political power in one way or the other are all the establishments of AL-AKSA in the name of Mammon - Matt.4.8-10, the third temptation of Satan to Jesus, because after the advent of Gospel, we have roving Preachers of God, the Royal Priests, who preach 'His Word' to honour Jesus and serve people in His name.  Sectarian riots in India, Lebanon, N.Ireland, etc. are all the works of the satan AL-AKSA, who is more powerful and destructive in the East than in the West.  For example, the satans of America, the televangelists, are rather more concerned with Mammon i.e. lavish living, immorality, etc. than with the political exploitations.  Whereas the heads of non-tribal political parties, who represent the satan AL-KUBRA are more powerful in the West than in the East.  Thus, Bush, Gorbachev, Thatcher, etc., who talk of peace but produce sophisticated weapons against humanity, will produce great havoc in 2000 when the Third Judgement Atomic War is expected to take place.  For hypocritical behaviours, such satans, AL-AKSA and AL-KUBRA, are said to have "marks over their foreheads" and the fanatics, which are represented by the mountain, who obey the orders of their satanic masters are said to have "marks over their hands".


As the mountain of supporters(fanatics) denounce their tribal identity, they become bastards in ignorance i.e. the eunuchs that were made by men -Matt.19.12:".....:and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men:".  Whereas people like John, the Baptist, who was the son of Zakariah but dropped the surname, became eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven -Matt.19.12"...:and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake.  He that is able to receive it, let him receive it."


It is worth mentioning here that the politicians in India, especially of the Panjab, generally drop their surnames in favour of the name of their village or town from which they hail for gaining extra public support.  Now, the village or the town stands for social mother and the person who adopts or is given this surname becomes a bastard who was born of a prostitute that had served the whole village or town.  Such a bastard born of a well-known prostitute will be, no doubt, a famous boy.


Now, the above AL-DJMAARS or pillars representing the various types of satans are stoned with seven stones each as a ritual of repulsion.  Thus, on the first day of stoning only the satan AL-AKSA, and not AL-KUBRA although both of them are represented by the same pillar, is stoned with seven stones whilst on the remaining three days of stoning all the three are stoned with seven stones each; the total number of stones thus thrown being seventy.


After understanding that by becoming a religious person of "flesh" rather than of the "spirit", one becomes a "son of Satan" with whom God has nothing to do, at the time of arrival of Jesus most of the Jews, especially of the Judah tribe, were Jews outwardly of the flesh and not inwardly of the heart or spirit that Jesus was left with no other alternative of appearing among the spiritually sick people than to take on a "Virgin Birth" among the highly sick people of Judah tribe.  I have the feeling that the traitor Judas Iscariot belonged to the tribe of Judah.  Thus, the birth of Jesus was in Bethelhem, the birth place of angelic king David of the Judah tribe and in the manger of an inn that stands for the humblest place(manger) in the Church of God(inn).


Further, the lesson of Hajj is emphasised in a rumour by the people that Ishmael was a "foundling" and not the real son of Abraham.  To stress the purpose of Hajj and to discredit the rumour, it is said that God made Ishmael and Abraham to look alike, i.e. the ritual of Hajj is to make the boys sons of their tribal fathers implying in that to be the "sons of Man", our forefather in flesh.  After becoming a "son of Man", the person is at the threshold of Islam i.e."Say ISLAMA, EEMAN hath not entered your heart yet".  Thus, for establishing the Hajj rites, Abraham earned the title:"father of the faithful" to God as a birth in a family is not taken of one's own will or choice but by the Will(RAZAA) of God.


Now, a Mussallman is one whose EEMAN(faith in God) is firm(MUSSALLUM) i.e. he is shameful(HEEYA, the base or threshold of Islam), truthful, contented and merciful(the three qualities of Islam that are the measures of EEMAN) but the looters like the British, Mughals, Pathans, Afghans, etc., who ruled over India and elsewhere were nowhere near a true Christian or a Muslim. In fact, a true Muslim is one who is merciful and all the merciful people being submitting themselves to the Will of God and not their own have one religion and that is Islam.  Thus, a MULLAH asked Saint Kabir, "You are also a Muslim; let us go to Hajj".  Saint Kabir replied that I had a word with my Master and He rebuked me saying, "Foolish Kabir you possess all the maximum four qualities of Islam(truth, contentment, mercy and 'His Word'); what for you want to go for Hajj that imparts not a single quality of Islam".  So, to be a true Mussallman is not a joke and further, as a Mussallman reflects the inwardly religious qualities through works or deeds; he is never born and, therefore, he never dies.  Further, Mosques being for the Muslims and not for the boys who are still at the threshold of Islam, for this reason the holy Mosque situated in the holy complex in Mecca is highly forbidden(AL-HARAAM) to the young boys who go for Hajj.


Further, the people who remain "faithful to Adam", i.e. remain the "wheat plants", God provides them with enough food to eat and this is implied in the provision of a ram for sacrifice instead of Ishmael having been sacrificed to satan.  This is also emphasised in the Parable of Luke 15.11-32 in which Abraham, the father had two sons Ishmael and Isaac. When the chosen people of Isaac became arrogant, God made the promised Land barren and they had to go out into Egypt where they were highly maltreated. Moses brought them back through repentance and on their return into the Promised Land the same barren land was again lush green i.e. God welcomed his son with a fattened calf.  So, in the Abraham - Isaac story as there were no acts of repulsion of the satan, God did not provide a ram for them to enjoy and, therefore, it is one of the falsifications of the Old Testament.


Further, at the times of Jesus most of the chosen people had become the Jews of flesh under the directions of their Temple's high priests who were satans AL-AKSA and had altered the Holy Books i.e. had produced holes in the old cloth, the written Torah.  Thus, when St.Stephen pointed out the missing part of repulsing the satan before ram appeared for sacrifice in the Isaac -Abraham story, the satan AL-AKSA was not happy and told his mountain of the blind fanatics to stone Stephen to death.  This is further pointed out by St.Thomas in Logo 13:"Jesus took Thomas aside and spoke to him three words. Now when Thomas came to his companions, they asked him: What did Jesus say to thee?  Thomas said to them: If I tell you one of the words which He said to me, you will take up stones and throw at me; and fire will come from the stones and burn you up".  Now, the first Word is to be a "son of Man", which St.Stephen expressed to the Temple priests and was stoned to death.  That is no "son of Man", no "son of God" or the Islam of Allah.


Finally, this Dark Age is a Golden Age for the people of "spirit" and whosoever shall welcome the "Holy spirit" and will establish his covenant with Jesus in "spirit" shall not only enjoy the fruits of the Tree of Life(Gospel) that Jesus has planted for our Liberation and Enjoyment but he shall never face death as our Father in Jesus is Eternal.  Thomas Logo 11: Jesus said: This heaven shall pass away and the one above it shall pass away and the dead are not alive and the living shall not die.


That the Hajj is for the children to become "sons of Adam" is further emphasised by Jesus in Luke 2.40-50: ".....And when He was "twelve" years old, they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast.  And when they had fulfilled the days, as they returned, the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem; and Joseph and his mother knew not of it.  .........And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the Temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.........And He said unto them, How is it that ye sought me?  wist ye not that I must be about my "Father's" business?  And they understand not the saying which He spake unto them."






Truly truly religion is a opium for the masses, who sing the songs of Jesus but follow the fashions of the world.  God stands for love and service, the inherent qualities of Jesus but they kill and rule over people saying that they are glorifying their so-called God(Mammon).











Trinity is the backbone of religious Knowledge, the Gnosis, and it is best learnt through "spirit" or the "common sense".  Trinity has been much confused with the Family of God, in which God is the Father, Holy Spirit is the Mother and heirs to the Kingdom of God are the "sons of God"; Jesus being the anointed "Son of God" whilst the Apostles with Holy Spirit, the "Sons of God".  Holy spirit is a rare gift of God, therefore, the understanding of the Principles of Trinity is not within the scope of all but at the same time those who grasp the concept know the value of this Knowledge.


Now, the religious books contain "letters" and, therefore, unless God gives you the "spirit" to understand the spirit underneath them, you will be reading them just in the manners of the Ethiopian eunuch.


To give you an idea of the rarity of spirit, some clergy dabbed the Whitehall in London with charcoal that was blessed by the bishop of Kingston.  Now, such clerics worship in the Temples of Mammon such as the St.Paul's Cathedral in London where statues of those Whitehall's heroes, the killers of men in  wars, are displayed that helped in establishing the British Empire for the sake of Mammon and there is not a single statue of a person who served the poor in the name of Jesus even in the manners of Salvation Army.  Further, most of their churches also have plaques dedicated to soldiers that were killed during the wars as to have glorified "God" and the annual remembrance of dead soldiers of Mammon in their Churches amply reflect that their God is in reality "Mammon".  This is clearly reflected in the headship of the church of England that is headed by Queen, the head of Mammon in Great Britain.  No wonder she is also the "Defender of Faith" of such Churches of Mammon.  So, what sense did it make to worship in the Temples of Mammon and then go about dabbing the very institutions of Mammon such as the Whitehall?


Further, God being love and service, we receive humane treatment from Brethr en in Jesus whereas Mammon being kill and rule, we should expect inhumane treatment as the prisoners of war do receive.  God being reliable and Mammon unreliable, the loyal soldiers of kings are mostly deceived.


Do not be disheartened by the above facts of life that are apparent to the naked eyes as this worship of Mammon is rampant all over the world.  But still it is among the people of West that the "Light of God" is said to shine.  So, please pluck courage to take on the "Cross of Jesus" to honour His Blood, the Gospel and to fight the Evil spirited people by exposing their blasphemies.


Although the Principle of Gnostic Trinity is reasonably well documented in the chart, yet a few additional lines may help you to overcome a few hurdles.


ONCE-BORN:  They are termed "hylics" and they are the people who are only conscious of their tribal fathers of flesh.  They are generally led by the animal "instincts" and hate others that are not of their own tribe or colour.  By nature, they are "simpletons" who could easily be misled by others especially the clever "psychics".  Thus, the people who obey the moral laws strictly by the letters finish-up as "Angels in heaven", whereas those who fall into the alluring traps of Satan become fanatics and end-up in the "kingdom of hell".  Thus, both heaven and hell exist on this earth and more light on this topic will be thrown in the chapter 13 devoted to it.


Further, they would feel satisfied by the "rituals of worship" and stick to the "letters" of the "Holy Books".  Because they cannot understand the Holy Books by "spirit", they try to impress upon others by such techniques as thumping of the Bible in the manners of American televangelists.  These blind guides of the blind will use "sin" as the major weapon to kill their innocent victims and trap them into their nets; whereas the sensible people of "Holy spirit" know that "sin" being the transgression of law is much less serious than "blasphemy", which is the transgression of "Holy spirit" i.e. going against the will of your heart, in which we have our covenant with Jesus.


Further, as they are capable of seeing the things of "flesh" only, Jesus performed miracles among them to convince them of the Powers of God.


TWICE-BORN:  They are those people who have managed to overcome the egos(HAUMAE) of their fleshly fathers or "seeds" in order to perceive and witness the presence of God in Nature.  In order to love God, they exercise "Agape", the Divine Love that is the very first fruit of spirit.  So, the surest test of a twice-born person is that he loves people without any barriers of colour, creed or race.  For being sensible people, they have the "Free-will" of either cheating the simpletons for the sake of Mammon as it is being done in the American scandals or seek and preach 'His Word' in the honour of Jesus to open the third eye of the spiritually alive people to perceive God, which Jesus called "Fishing of men".  Thus, in preaching 'His Word', a following of blind people is never sought.  In fact, according to Rom.14.12: "Every one of us shall have to give his own account to God". Therefore, if a blind guide leads the blind, then they both fall into the pit.  Thus, the people of holy spirit enjoy full "Freedom" in God through Gospel.


Further, the sensible Pharisees of Jerusalem who were loving Mammon and hating God went to the kingdom of Satan of their own "Free-wills" in order to enslave the simpletons for satanic works, and, therefore, John, the Baptist, not only refused to "baptise" them but also called them a "Brood of Vipers".  In fact, those who love Mammon, e.g. Judas Iscariot, cannot love God at the same time and the present "hired clerics" of Mammon are typical in that they commit an act of "High Treason" if they happen to preach the Gospel of Love and Service.


Thus, the twice-born people, who love God are the "sons of God" and they like their Eternal Father are also "eternal".  Therefore, they are not subject to re-birth in the manners of Angels.  Or in Jesus, one becomes "eternal" and that is called "salvation".


Further, John, the Baptist, baptised the grown-up men of "age" in water in the name of Adam, our Father in flesh, for the repentance of our fleshly sins but Jesus, the anointed Christ of God, baptised them, through the ceremony of "Eucharist of Sacrifice", in "Holy Spirit" in the name of God not for the remittance of sins but for Eternal life in God that involves the "Hiring of Labourers in the Field of God, the world".  Such spiritually alive people are said to be Pre-ordained of God for His Royal Priesthood and they do not need any ordination by men as the present "hirelings" get for the sake of Mammon.


Further, none of the four types of people of the Kingdom of God stand in need of any special uniforms or garbs and it is only the hypocrites of the kingdom of Satan that need colourful uniforms in order to impress upon and enslave the simpletons.  Thus, the present uniformed clerics are the legacy of the bishops who formulated strait-jackets like the senseless Nicene Creed to feed the sugar coated "pills" of falsehoods to the simpletons.  It is in this Nicene Creed that they have killed Christ against John12.34 that states Christ liveth for ever, and further, they made Icons of dead Jesus and His Apostles.  Thus, the Pectoral Cross that depicts the Icon of Jesus on Cross is the insignia of anti-Christ, the Prince of Darkness.


Now, it is the living Christ that Moses put on(Heb.11.26) and wrote the "Holy Books" of Jews and it is the same living Christ which our living anointed Christ Jesus is urging us to put on in order to preach 'His Word' with confidence to "Fish the people" in His name.


Finally, the story of "Saul" is interesting in that he worked as a "fanatic" for the satanic fathers but as he was persecuting the disciples of Jesus in complete "ignorance", the living Christ Jesus, who is the only Head of Church of God, took pity over Saul and pulled him out of the slavery of satanic fathers into the "Freedom" of His disciples.  It was in honour of this New Life in Christ Jesus that "Saul" changed His name to "Paul" and worked hard enough to earn his forgiveness.

Gnostic Trinities

Roman 14 12













Trinity makes the understanding of Gospel rational.  Some examples shall be presented to introduce this concept and as you are aware, India has deep rooted standing in the field of religious knowledge.  Therefore, some Panjabi and/or Urdu words shall be used to make the subject universal.


TYPES OF PEOPLE:-  As you have noticed from the two kingdoms, there are seven types of people that we come across; four of the Kingdom of God and three of the kingdom of Satan.  They shall be best studied under the two kingdoms.  Thus, under the Kingdom of God come:-


1. Once-born hylics or the people of flesh:-  They are termed the "natural people" in the New Testament and in Panjabi, the once-born are called "IKEEJA".  They are dominated by the "ego" called HAUMAE in Panjabi and KHUDDI in Urdu.  Once the "ego" dominates, then "spirit" called SURTI in Panjabi has no place i.e. flesh is the enemy of spirit.  Under "ego", they behave like the animals in which they shall love their own and hate the others but when a natural man is in the Kingdom of God, then he does not hate others so much.  These people give "alms" to the poor in the name of God and the widow's "mite" was the typical "alms" given to the Temple in the name of God not understanding that such contributions could be misused by the High Priest through lavish living.  Pope and his accomplices live on such widow's or the poor people's mites.  The hylics being simpletons are generally led by and are under the command of their religious heads such as the Rabbis, PANDITS or Mullahs.  Like children, they cannot understand the things of spirit.


Typical example of such persons was Simon nicknamed by Jesus as "Peter", a stone.  He was a man of flesh dominated by the child-like habits and clean heart but he was not able to understand the matters of spirit or Gospel. For not grasping the Gospel by spirit, they are called "BAEMUKH" in Panjabi. Peter was much impressed by the miracles of Jesus and, therefore, he used to take Jesus for his Master and Lord.  In the present concept of Christianity, they are called "Christians".  They fear corporal punishment and it was under this fear that Peter denounced Jesus at the Trial.


So far they have conscience and work for the benefits of humanity, they are "holy".  In brief, their religion or duty towards God is to speak the truth and abide by the moral laws of Moses.  They concentrate upon and believe in prayers.


2. Twice-born doubting people of spirit:-  They are the twice-born people of "spirit" and as God is "Spirit", they have the capacity of "perceiving" God as their Spiritual Father.  Thus, to them Jesus is an anointed Elder Brother and not the Lord or Master but sometimes in appreciation of His Knowledge, they call Him a Master, a Great Spiritual Preacher.  They do not display "ego" of flesh but exercise "Agape" among themselves, the community. For their belief that God is Omniscient, they do not believe in prayers but in doing "His Will" and leaving it to God.  In Panjabi, the twice-born are called "DAWEEJA" and for their habit of listening to but doubting, they are called "SANMUKH".  So far they do not exploit the once-born simpletons, they are of the Kingdom of God.


3. Twice-born firm believers:-  They are the people of Holy spirit who build up their faith in God by putting "His Word" into practice.  In Panjabi, they are called "DAWEEJA" and they do not follow the fashion of world but what pleases God.  They are capable of preaching the Gospel with confidence and for doing so with the erring spirit of man, they are the Royal priests or "christs".  In Panjabi such "christs" are known as "GURMUKH" and they are led by "Holy ghost".


4. Saints:-  They are the people who have renounced the secular world of flesh for the Celestial world of Holy Spirit.  If God be gracious, they could be blessed with the very Spirit of God.  This Holy Spirit was also the Wage that the twelve disciples of Jesus were awarded by their Foreman, Jesus at the Pentecost and after possessing this Award, they possessed Extra-ordinary Senses and, unlike the spirit of man, It was non-erring.


At the Pentecost, Peter was happiest of all the twelve because his spiritual jump was great; from a man of flesh to a man of Holy Spirit.  Similarly, when "Saul" had the Lightening, his jump to Holy Spirit was also great but remorse subdued his happiness.  Because the Holy Spirit is of God, so Their preachings are not of the men but of God as were of the Jesus.  So, the Apostles with Holy Spirit are the "Christs" and in spirit They became the Twin-Brethren of Jesus, Who is the anointed Christ.  The significance of this state of soul, the seventh husband, has been summarised by Jesus in the Parable of Resurrection Matt.22.23-33:".......For in the Resurrection, they neither marry, not are given in marriage, ........".  That is when a person becomes One with God, there is a Parity i.e. what God can do man can also do the same.  In His ministry, Jesus need not say a prayer but He did so for the sake of "hylics".  In fact, whatever Jesus Willeth, that was done. This fact was known to the sensible centurion of Capernaum whose servant was on the death-bed and he requested Jesus just to say that his servant be healed - Matt.8.5-13.  In Panjabi, They are called "BRAHM ROOP" and in Urdu as "AARAF".


The people of the kingdom of Satan are the remaining three, which are:-


1. The once-born hylics:-  These are the simpletons, who sold their conscious to please their Rabbis and did wrong things against the wishes of their hearts.  They are called fanatics or terrorists.  They are the "dead" which bury their "dead".  In Panjabi, they are called "ATTWAADI" or terrorists.


2. Twice-born of evil spirit:-  They are the clever people, who exploit the simpletons for material gains.  They themselves would love Mammon but will tell the once-born simpletons to get themselves rid of it as it is the root of all evils.  They being "psychics" would exploit the simpletons for their selfish ends.  They are best analogised to "vipers" and in Panjabi, they are called "MUNNMUKH".


3. Twice-born Beast:-  They are the super-hypocrites who themselves would lead a simple life but in their hearts have the desire to dominate the world.  They would impose their own views and have an army of fanatics. They are not rational in their views and, therefore, they would say something different and do the opposite.  For example, Islam stands for one's submission to the "Will of God" or the Righteousness of God but the Beast called in Arabic AL-DJMAAR AL-AKSA would impose his own righteousness upon others i.e. in Islam one has the "Free will" but not under the Beast. In fact, Islam is the universal religion of all the merciful people. Thus, the people who are irrational and formulate their own conceptions are called "KOORRIAYAR" in Panjabi.  Pope is a typical example of such a Beast and their followers are religious people of the "flesh" rather than that of the "spirit".  At present, the Beast dominates almost all the religious communities.


THE FOUR SPIRITUAL STATES:-  Based upon the spiritual advancements, there are the four spiritual states.  They are 1. "id", "HAUMAE" or "KHUDDI"; 2. "mind", "MUNN" or "NAFS"; 3. "wisdom", "BUDHI" or "AKAL"; 4. "Will", "CHITT" or "KHAEYAAL".  "Id" alongwith the physical self becomes "ego".  Upon these states of soul are also based the four communities of Religion, which will be presented in a separate chapter 18.


ST.LUKE 12.52: "For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three".  This Parable is easily explained in terms of the spiritual states of soul and it reflects the conflict between the people dominated by "ego" against those by "mind" whilst the people, who are led by "wisdom" or Holy ghost are at peace because they are the "Royal Kings" i.e. contented with their lot, in Jesus. The three dominated by "ego" are 1. family or tribal "seed" e.g. a white person may feel superiority over the black person, 2. physical strength and/or prowess, and 3. pride of the "Letters" e.g. a person who has read many books by the "letters", say on the subject of religion, may feel an air of arrogance as the Pharisees and Sadducees felt and the present theologians of "letters" still display more.  Whilst the two dominated by the "mind" are 1. greed that the clever people like Judas Iscariot exercise over the simpletons and 2. worldly temptations, the third temptation of Satan to Jesus and the typical example is the Papal empire.  So, there is always a conflict between the clever "cheats" led by "mind" and the "cheated", the simpletons; whilst the people led by "wisdom" or Holy ghost always live by their "lot", exercise "mercy" in their deeds and do not impose their own views upon the others i.e. they live by the ideals of Islam of God i.e. INSH ALLAH.


Similarly, the Samaritan woman near the well of John 4 had overpowered the temptations or limitations of "id" and "mind" and it will be a great pleasure to give the exposition of her five husbands in the next chapter 9.

















This exposition may look extremely odd to the blind theologians of "letters" in that all the five husbands of the Samaritan woman, not stated anywhere else in the Bible by name, have been identified both by names and in nature. These five spiritual husbands are well-known to the disciples of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, the second anointed "Christ" but the narrow mindedness of the people of "letters" hinders them from perceiving in this liberal field of spirit.


Thus, the popular interpretation of John 4 by the men of "letters" leads the people to the inference that the Samaritan woman was indeed leading a very immoral, sinful and disgraceful life, an interpretation by the "letters" which is just the opposite of that by the "spirit".  In fact, by the letters, "His Treasures" always hang upside down and, therefore, such interpretations of the Parables by the "letters" are not rare.  In general, the theologians know that the Gospel of John is highly spiritual and, therefore, it is not so easy to understand.  In fact, John 4 and Matt.19 are the most difficult to understand Parables of all.


The five husbands of the Samaritan woman mentioned by John were not the physical ones with which the natural people of flesh, the hylics, are quite familiar with but they were rather the spiritual or the abstract ones that the people of both sexes are liable to be dominated by.  Thus, in order to appreciate the beauty of "His Treasures" buried in this Parable of John's, let us first study the nature of these spiritual husbands whose number is limited to "five" only:-


Briefly, a religious person of high standing should have both body and heart circumcised.  The body is circumcised of "sins" by obeying the moral laws of Moses and to this effect the "forerunner" John, the baptist of the priestly Levi stock came in the name of "Elijah".  This involves mostly rituals, which are related to the seven types of "works".  These are putting into practice the social, economical and political moral laws in the secular world and learning the social, economical and political moral laws by the "letters" from a moral teacher called a Rabbi or PANDIT, in the ecclesiastical world of temples.  It is worth stating here the criteria of an ideal moral teacher, which is stressed by Jesus in Matt.13.52: He said to him, "Therefore every teacher of the (moral) law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the (hereditary) owner of a house(temple), who brings out of his storeroom (of religious knowledge or gnosis) New Treasures('His Word', that is branded as the New Unshrunk Cloth untouched by human hands) as well as old(the written moral laws of Moses, Abraham, etc. that were passed from father to son in a hereditary manner and they were interpreted by the "letters")."  Whilst the circumcision of heart involves the purification of the heart of the five specific spiritual temptations or diseases by worshipping God in Holy spirit.  The five specific spiritual temptations of the heart are:-


1. LUST FOR SEX called KAAM in Panjabi that can tempt you to commit such immoral acts as fornication is the temptation in which the lust of "flesh" dominates.  "Shame" or conscience being the foundation of religion is acquired by overpowering one's lust for sex through the determination of one's heart.


2. ANGER called KARODH in Panjabi hinders and impairs one's logical Reasoning capabilities and, therefore, it is not beneficial or helpful in the understanding of the Spiritual Principles of life i.e. "His Word" that a wise man led by "Holy ghost" may try to impart to you through logical Reasoning.


This is the dominating weakness of the "hylics", who are led by "ego" and, therefore, they are incapable of understanding the matters of "spirit". The simpletons being incapable of understanding the logic of Spiritual Principles, they normally become angry in order to cover up their ignorance when a sensible person may dare to preach them the abstract "Word of God" through heart-to-heart discussions.  Such anger due to spiritual ignorance was displayed by the arrogant Peter in Matt.16.22 and 23: Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him.  "Perish the thought, Lord", he said, "This shall never happen to You".  Jesus(knowing that as the result of Peter becoming "arrogant", anger has entered the otherwise pure of heart Peter) turned and said to Peter, "Out of My sight, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; you do not have in mind the (abstract) things of God(His Will), but the (concrete) things of men."


3. GREED called LOBH in Panjabi that can tempt you to usurp the rights of others is the dominating weakness of the clever people of "mind", the "psychics" or the men of evil spirit.  Judas Iscariot in whom the material desires dominated was a typical disciple of Jesus who fell victim to this temptation of the heart.


4. WORLDLY ATTACHMENT, called MOH in Panjabi that can deter the holy wise pneumatics from serving God by becoming an Apostle or a Roving Preacher in the name of Jesus.  This was also the third temptation of Satan to Jesus. In reply to this temptation, Christ Jesus advises His wise disciples: "You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve".  This point has been also stressed by Jesus in the Parable of young rich man Matt.19.21: Jesus answered, "If you want to be Perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have Treasure in Heaven.  Then come, follow me."  The need for the renunciation of secular world in order to serve Him without any distraction is also stressed in Matt.6.24: "No one can serve two masters.  Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and Mammon".


5. HAUGHTINESS, called HANKAAR in Panjabi that results from over confidence in ones own knowledge is the dominating weakness of the men of "letters" in whom their own wisdom is "he" rather than "she" to the Wisdom of God. This temptation of the heart is purely "abstract" in nature against the very first one, the lust for sex, which was purely "concrete or physical" in nature.


Here, it is worth making a distinction between "Saul", a man of "letters" and this highly knowledgeable Samaritan woman of "spirit".  Saul was drunk with the old wine of the "letters" and did not desire the "New Wine" of Jesus whilst this woman being a person of "spirit" engaged Jesus into deep spiritual conversation.


The above mentioned five temptations of heart are overcome by giving oneself up to the 'Will of God' or gnostically speaking by entering the "Bridal Chamber".  When His Will, the Foundation of Which is "treat others as you wished to be treated", dominates in a person's heart then these five temptations of heart are under the full control of the person and this could be analogised to a person, male or female, having all the five husbands also termed the "spiritual robbers", which are living with him but not dominating or husbanding him anymore.


Further, St. Luke has stressed the significance of the "FIVE" in Luke 12.52: "For from henceforth(i.e. in this Dark Age of "spirit" and not of the "works" anymore), there shall be five in one house(physical body) divided, three(of "id", called HAUMAE in Panjabi, which are 1.lust for sex, 2. anger and 3. haughtiness of the letters as the university professors display) against two(of the "mind", called MUNN in Panjabi, which are 1. greed and 2. worldly temptations) and two(clever "psychics" of evil spirit) against three(simple "hylics" of flesh)".  And Luke 14.18-20: "And they all with one consent began to make excuses. The first(man of flesh or hylic) said unto him, I have bought a piece of ground, and I must needs go and see it: I pray thee have me excused.  And another(man of evil spirit or psychic) said, I have bought "five" yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them i.e. the psychics are always the victims of the five spiritual robbers and they are too busy enjoying the evil fruits of evil spirit to pay heed to the service of God): I pray thee have me excused.  Another(wise pneumatic person too busy in his family love, "MOH", to serve God as a roving preacher) said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come."


Finally, it is worth stating here that the twelve close-circle disciples of Jesus that were His YEAST signify that His ideal disciples would be perfect in the seven moral rituals embodied in the seven-candled Menorah and they would also have their heart pure of the "FIVE" spiritual temptations. That is, the true disciples of Jesus would have both body of "sins" and heart of "blasphemies" circumcised.


Now, let us interpret the relevant section of the Parable John 4:-


He told her, "Go, call your husband and come back."  "I have no husband," she replied.  That is, the woman like Saul was so religious a person that she was leading a life of "celibacy" as to be not tempted by the weakness of flesh at all.  Jesus said to her, "You are right when you say you have no husband."  In this statement, Jesus clearly confirms the answer given by the woman to the effect that she has no physical husband.


"For you have had five husbands(these were 1. lust for sex, which she had subdued by choosing a life of celibacy devoted to the worship of God; 2. anger, which dominates the men of flesh or the hylics, she had overpowered it through holy spirit and she was not a fool but sensible enough to engage Jesus, a Person of Holy Spirit, into a deep religious discussion that even the disciples of Jesus were spell-bound not to interrupt; 3. greed she overpowered by leading a simple life; 4. worldly attachment she overpowered by leading a life of spinster; and 5. haughtiness of her religious knowledge was subdued by holy spirit through which she was understanding Gospel), and the man(pride of religious knowledge) you are now living with is not your husband(is not dominating you either).  What you have just said is quite true."  That is she had no moral or physical husband of flesh.


"Sir," the woman said, "I can see(perceive) that you are a Prophet." That is, the woman was so spiritually advanced as to tell Jesus that He seems to be a Prophet.  "Our fathers(in flesh) worshipped(their tribal gods called 'ILLAH') on this mountain(by spirit), but you Jews(of letters) claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem(where no tribal gods were worshipped)."  This reference is to the worship of the statues of dead gods and goddesses, which were used by the moral teachers as the visual aids in teaching the moral laws to the youngsters.  This type of worship served its purpose when the moral teachers were men of spirit and their praises were with God and not with the men.


Jesus declared, "Believe me, woman a time(Dark Age of spirit) is coming when you will worship the Father(God) neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You Samaritans worship what you do not know(speaking in terms of the letters and not spirit): we worship what we do know(by the letters), for salvation is from the Jews(Seems to have been added on by the satanic people).  Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the (Living)Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the (Living)Father seeks.  God is Spirit(abstract), and His worshippers must worship in (Holy)spirit and in truth."  The woman said, "I know that Messiah is coming(this declaration of the Samaritan woman reflects her deep understanding of the religious knowledge by Holy spirit that she and her people possessed).  When He comes, He will explain everything to us." What a beautiful statement the woman made that reflected her deep religious knowledge and indirectly we can say that she was a highly religious person who was gifted with Holy spirit.  She knew what Christ stands for. Then, Jesus declared, "I Who speak to you am He."  That is, Jesus was so pleased with her deep religious knowledge in spirit as to give out His identity with pleasure, which He hid from the hylics and the psychics.


Just then His disciples returned and were surprised to find Him talking with a woman.  But no one asked, "what do you want?" or "Why are You talking with her?"  That is, Jesus and the Samaritan woman were locked in such a serious philosophical discussion that even His disciples dare not interrupt it. Then, leaving her water jar(for Jesus and His disciples to enjoy), the woman went back to the town and said to her people, "Come, see a Man Who told me everything I ever did(that is, all her religious achievements).  Could this be the Christ?"  The pneumatics do not impose their own findings upon the others but let them find it out by themselves through spirit.


They came out of the town and made their way towards Him.  This gesture of welcoming Jesus amply reflects that the people of this town were very sensible people and did not wait for Jesus, the Fountain of Living Water, to go to them but rather they went out towards Him to greet and to welcome Him into their humble village.  In other towns, people did not come out to greet Jesus and if they did so, it was mostly to get their sick people healed. Whilst the people of Sychar did not come out to greet Jesus for the sick but to honour a highly knowledgeable Person(the anointed High Priest of God), a Prophet of this Dark Age in the name of "Jesus".


Meanwhile, His disciples urged Him, "Rabbi, eat something."  But He said to them, "I have (spiritual)food to eat that you know nothing about."  Then His disciples said to each other, "Could someone have brought Him food ?" "My food," said Jesus, "is to do the Will of Him Who sent Me and to finish His work.  Do you not say, "Four months more and the harvest?"  I tell you, open your (spiritual third)eyes and look at the fields(hearts of the people); for they are "white" already to harvest."  The last words, "for they are "white" already to harvest" beautifully reflect the character and religious achievements of the people of Sychar.  Now, the physical crops when they are ready for harvesting take on a golden yellow colour. Therefore, the crop Jesus is talking about here is not the physical one but the spiritual human crop of hearts and the "white" colour signifies that the people of Sychar were religiously pure and clean at heart and not the dirty-hearted sinners. To my best knowledge of the N.T., Jesus never spoke so well of people as that of these in the whole of His missionary work.


"Even now the Reaper(Jesus, the Master Fisherman) draws His Wages(of salvaging the people), even now He harvests the crop for eternal Life, so that the Sower(God) and the Reaper may be glad together.  Thus, the saying 'one sows and another reaps' is true."  This crop is the spiritual one of the people, in which the people prepare themselves to be harvested by the roving preachers, the Fishers of men; whilst in the normal physical crop, the sower and the reaper is the same person.  Also, Jesus, the Reaper cannot enter into your heart of His own Will but you have to let Him in.  "I sent you to reap what you have not worked for.  Others(the moral teachers) have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labour." Thus said St.Thomas in Logo 22.16: "Let there be among you a man of understanding(a pneumatic) when the fruit ripened(people become white-hearted), he came quickly with His Sickle(of Gospel, the double-edged sword) in his hand, he reaped it."


This and the next Parable Matt.19. are the most difficult Parables to understand and they are best learnt through a lively heart-to-heart discussion.











M A T T : 1 9




Jesus was a Preacher(the Sower) of "His Word", the 'Spiritual Principles of God' and He was the first anointed Christ(Royal High Priest) of God, called a SATGURU in Panjabi, to appear in the present Dark Age.  Jesus was not a teacher of the "moral laws of Moses" that are formulated by men inspired by 'His Word'.  Thus, Moses put on Christ, rejected the riches of Pharaohs and wrote "Torah" for the chosen people and the Gentile.  Moral teacher is called a Rabbi in M.East and a PANDIT or GURU in the East.  For the roots of sound moral laws being in 'His Word', the Rabbi or PANDITS are also said to be the witnesses(moon) to the Light(of the Sun) but not the Lights.  An ideal moral teacher has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52: "Therefore every moral teacher which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man(and not a woman) that is an householder(hereditary priest of a temple as the people of Levi tribe are in the M.East), which bringeth forth out of his treasure(of gnosis) things New('His Word' that was preached from the Oral Torah but was received only through the Grace of God and the knowledge of which also enabled the moral teachers to over rule the written Torah.  Thus, the seat of 'His Word' could also be called 'Mercy') and old(the "letters" of the written Torah that were passed from generation to generation through "teaching" of the "letters").


Thus, John, the Baptist of Levi tribe and in the line of Aaron was an ideal moral teacher, a super ruler, who feared not the secular rulers in proclaiming his moral judgements over such moral issues as to the king Herod marrying the wife of Philip.  Whereas Jesus being not a moral teacher, He neither gave His judgements over moral issues, even on the woman caught red-handed in adultery, nor baptised anyone in water.


Now, whatever applies to the "flesh", the opposite applies to "soul" e.g. the moral teachers are the super rulers, the spiritual Preachers, the Apostles, are the super Servants; the moral teachers impose their views, the spiritual Preachers do not do so but make a request; moral laws are learnt by the "letters" whereas the "Spiritual Principles" are understood by spirit through the Grace of God; moral laws are based upon the 'tit-for-tat' animal instincts whereas the "Spiritual Principles" are based upon the "spirit" of humble presentation of the other cheek; etc.  Thus, the Parable of Marriage and Divorce is a sound example of the application of above "Spiritual Principle" and it cannot be understood unless a person has the "ears to hear 'His Word'" through the Grace of God.


Thus, some Pharisees(teachers of the moral laws, who were well drunk with the "old wine of the letters") came to test Jesus.  Those arrogant Pharisees were jealous of Jesus because Jesus was the Senior Preacher of the "Spiritual Principles" that the junior teachers of the moral laws were not familiar with.  Therefore, the arrogant and orthodox Pharisees of "letters" could not help but argue with Jesus over matters that were even not clear to themselves.  The Pharisees asked(on the basis of the moral laws), "Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?"  Here, the Pharisees have asked Jesus a question on the moral code of marriage and divorce in which the two persons, male and female, are involved. But as Jesus was not a "moral teacher", He answered this question, through an analogy, by dictating the "Spiritual marriage and divorce", in which the abstract self 'soul' is the 'male' that marries the concrete self 'flesh', the 'female'.  And this is how Jesus dictated this very important and instructive concept of the "Spiritual marriage and divorce" between the "soul" and the "flesh" that baffled not only the arrogant Pharisees but also some of His own disciples as well.


'Haven't you read(from the scriptures)", He replied, "that at the beginning the Creator(demi-god Yahweh) 'made them male and female'".  Now, the important genetic difference between a male and a female is that the 'male' has X-Y sex chromosome pair whilst the 'female' has X-X.  So, the element 'Y' of the sex chromosome pair is called the "seed" and it is used to identify the men of different races, tribes, surnames, etc.  Thus, the deeds of wife and children are accounted by the surname of the man only and not by that of the woman's family.  So, for the sake of order in and unity and prosperity of the family, the wife and the children should always obey the man who is the head of individual family as Jesus is the Head of collective families in the Church of God.  Similarly, God has made 'soul', the symbolic 'man', to dominate over 'flesh', the symbolic 'woman'.  Using this symbolic language, Jesus said, "For this cause shall a man(soul) leave Father and Mother(God is the Father of all souls, Who protects us and 'Holy Spirit' is our Mother that enables us to perceive our Father through feeding to us "His Word"), and shall cleave(inseparable union) to his wife(flesh); and they twain(soul and flesh) shall be one flesh(person)?"  This Spiritual Principle of marriage is just the opposite of the moral code of marriage in which it is the wife that leaves her mother and father(bride is given away in the marriage by her father) to join her husband.  Further, this spiritual marriage between the 'soul' and the 'flesh' dictated by Jesus takes place in the very womb of the woman on her conception of the baby whereas the moral marriage between a boy and a girl takes place outside in the physical world. Also, the moral codes of marriage have exceptions in that if the father of the girl is dead, then her uncle can give her away in the marriage whereas the Spiritual Principles of marriage have no exceptions.  That is, "His Word" is absolute Truth, called "SATT" in Panjabi, and, therefore, whatever Jesus did say is an absolute Truth and whosoever shall disobey 'His Word' will definitely suffer.  It is worth mentioning here that the ladies for providing the flesh are complementary to God in the procreation of mankind. For this cause, the women love and worship God more than the men who provide the "seeds" for the identification of flesh.


So, after this Spiritual marriage they are no longer two but one. Again, this is just the opposite of the moral marriage in which after the marriage the two persons are still two.  "Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh.  What therefore God hath cleaved together, let not man put asunder". That is, the people should not kill either an unborn child as in the case of an abortion or a person without justification.  In such cases, the 'soul' leaves(divorces) his wife, the 'flesh' and returns to his Parents(God), the very Source of emanation.


Now, most of the present clergy of "letters" do not understand the symbolic language of Jesus and blindly apply the above stated Parable to the physical marriage between a man and a woman.  Thus, after performing the social marriage ceremony in the name of Moses, they would blindly proclaim that the two physical selves are no more two but have become one flesh in Jesus -an obvious lie told to the members of congregation who still see them as two persons.  But they believe the clergy blindly.  The consequences of such blind following have been well stressed by Jesus in Matt.15.14: "Leave them alone; they are blind guides.  If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit".  This is very true of the sectarian riots in Ulster, India, Lebanon, etc. whereas the USSR was free of such riots when the blind guides were barred from their satanic activities that the psychics call the freedom of expression.


The Pharisees being the 'blind guides', they could not follow Jesus and said; "Why then", they asked, "Moses(one of the Prophets of moral laws) commanded that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?"  Here, the arrogant Pharisees quoted the 'moral code of marriage and divorce' as laid down by Prophet Moses.  Jesus replied, "Moses permitted you to divorce your wives(acquired by them under the moral codes of marriage) because your hearts were hard(because you had become cruel to your wives for the lack of "Holy spirit").  But it was not this way from the beginning. That is, in the times or Age when Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden and enjoying the company of God, the people used to be shameful, truthful, contented and merciful.  I tell you(now Jesus outlines the 'Spiritual Principle of divorce' between the 'soul' and the 'flesh') that anyone who divorces his wife except for marital unfaithfulness(now 'soul', the 'man', is married to 'flesh', the 'wife' and it is the duty of both to be faithful to each other.  That is, the 'soul' after learning the moral laws from the moral teacher and seeking the Spiritual Principles of life through Grace of God should guide the 'flesh' wisely otherwise the 'flesh' may get itself killed pre-maturely as in the cases of sectarian riots and in such a case it is the 'soul' that is to be blamed for being unfaithful to the 'flesh'.  In the same way, the 'flesh' must keep itself in a hale and hearty condition by obeying the moral laws of life taught by a moral teacher(Pharisee) so that the 'soul' could enjoy his stay in the 'flesh', i.e. the spiritual marriage, and also can serve God to his best ability for earning the Wage of Salvation or Eternal Life.  On the other hand if the 'flesh' does not obey the moral codes of life learnt by the soul such as the washing of hands before eating, clipping of nails, circumcision, etc. and as the result of it, the flesh gets sick and dies, then the soul will reject(divorce) such an unfaithful and lazy body and will return to his Parents) and marries another woman(the person adopts another surname, tribe, etc. for the sake of economic or political reasons that leads to the change of "seed" or the identification of flesh from the original God-given identity) commits adultery(then such a person becomes a bastard, in a sense worse than those produced in moral adultery, of his own free-will) and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery".


The disciples said to Him, "If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry".  This remark by the disciples signifies that this Parable, which is difficult even for them to understand how could the blind Pharisees have understood it?  But Jesus replied, "All men cannot receive this Saying, save they to whom It is given".


Finally, the three types of "eunuchs" have already been explained in chapter 6 on "The Hajj".











The concept of four Ages, called YUGS in Panjabi, is not so well-known in the West than it is in the East.  Ages are based upon the religious qualities of most of the people and their understanding forms a good basis for religious studies.


Based upon the three religious qualities - truth, contentment and mercy that are acquired through "works" and which are also the measures of "DHARM", faith or EEMAN - and the foundation of religion that is shame, SHARM or HEEYA displayed in "conscience", there are four religious Ages in a Cycle of Ages.  The eastern symbol of "SWASTIKA" represents this Cycle of Four Ages. The significance of these four Ages is as follows:-


1. GOLDEN AGE OR SATT YUG:  This is the Age of bliss and happiness in which the child-like innocent and unbiased people live in harmony with Nature and they enjoy the blessings of God.  In the Bible, this Age has been summarised as Adam and Eve living in the company of God(KHUDA, BRAHMA or Yahweh) and enjoying the fruits of the Garden of Eden.  Most of the people possess all the three qualities of religion and for the quality of "mercy", which is the very "Seat" of God, the people are called "VAAS DEV" i.e. angelic people. Such people are still found deep in the jungles away from the civilisation of Mammon.


As "sin" is doing something wrong knowingly, the child-like innocent people do not commit sin and, therefore, there are neither moral laws to obey nor the "super rulers", Rabbi/PANDITS, to enforce them.  They neither know Mammon nor hate, cheat and kill each other in the name of Mammon. Rather they live like one people and for them the whole world is a single nation. This is termed locking the Beast in the Bottomless Pit and Jesus referred to this Age as the "beginning" - Matt.19.8: "He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness(cruelty) of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so".  The present Dark Age or KAL YUG is expected to end in 2050 and the SATT YUG will be ushered in.


With the passage of time, when most of the people become biased and merciless, then the second Silver Age or TRETA(three) YUG starts.


2. SILVER AGE OR TRETA YUG:  Most of the people of this Age were merciless and the most easy targets of their temperaments were their own wives. As "mercy" is the essence or seat of God, the people are said to have been thrown out of the Garden of Eden for being the sinners.  For this reason, Prophet SHRI RAM CHANDERJI, an incarnation of demi-god VISHNU, in India and Moses in the Middle East appeared to guide and up-lift the people and they dictated the moral laws which were then enforced by the Rabbi/PANDITS. In this Age, most of the people follow the moral laws to the "letters" and exceptions to the moral laws were exercised by the Rabbi/PANDITS; ideal Rabbi/PANDIT has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52.  John, the Baptist, a Levi by tribe was an ideal moral teacher of this Dark Age.


For following the moral laws to the "letters", the people were termed "angelic".  In Mammon, empires are established and so the buying and selling of goods.


3. BRASS AGE OR DOAAPAR YUG:  In this Age, most people became devoid of "mercy" and "contentment".  Thus, they became selfish and fought with each other over the greed of land.  Atrocities made them to shed blood for their rights and there was much worship of gods and goddesses.  SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI, an incarnation of demi-god SHIV and king David were the prophets of this Brass Age.


By the end of this Age, most of the Rabbi/PANDITS had become corrupt but the sensible ones left this top most profession for the second best farming profession.


4. IRON AGE OR KAL YUG:  This is the Age in which most of the people are devoid of all the three religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy that are also the measures of faith through "works".  Without these three religious qualities, there is a religious Darkness and the corrupt priests had become useless in society.  In fact, the arrogance of "letters" of the Holy Books, Torah/VEDAS, made them "blind guides" of the blind that "Christ", the anointed High Priest of God, in the name of Jesus appeared among the most spiritually sick people of Judah tribe to deliver Gospel in order to cure them and to free the Pre-destined people off the yokes of the blind guides.


Gospel is a beautiful and invaluable "Pearl" that enlightens the hearts of people so that they become the "children of Light" i.e. the "sons of God" and thereby walk in Light through this jungle of utter Darkness.  Gospel stands for "GOOD NEWS" and It is received not by the "works" but through the Grace of God and no individual can pass it on to others except through the Powers of God.  Those who receive Gospel become "solitary" in that they do not follow the fashions of the world anymore.


Therefore, in Jesus we are to seek Gospel through the "tool" of logical Reasoning.  Further, Gospel being received through "Holy Spirit", our Mother, and not learnt by the "letters" in the universities, It is rather for the Pre-destined living people of "spirit" who by nature are unbiased and they are capable of logical Reasoning.  Gospel is not for the biased and dead people of the "flesh".


Also, in Jesus what comes out of your mouth that matters and, therefore, the present dog-collared or frocked priests of "letters" have no place in the ministry of Jesus.  Rather they are nothing else but the anti-christs of Mammon who even glorify God by killing and looting the poor people.  A person who receives Gospel becomes a Royal priest, i.e. a living christ of God, of his own standing and it is only the blind who seek the help of their blind guides.  Thus, Gospel stands for freedom from the deceitful manly priests.


In fact, for the Pre-destined people of "spirit" this Dark Age is a Golden Age for earning their own Salvation and at the same time fishing the Pre-destined people in the name of Jesus and Nanak, the two anointed Christs of the Dark Age.  This is termed plying the Double-edged SwordKHANDDA) of "His Word", called NAAM in Panjabi.


In the next chapter 12, the Prophets of the Dark Age would be introduced.



















Prophets are the "sinless" people who are blessed with the "Holy Spirit" of God right from Their conception and They are sent by God for specific purpose.  Thus, the Prophets come to announce the "Will of God" as appropriate.


Religion stands for man's duty towards God and according to the nature or more precisely the spiritual state of people, religion could be classified into four communities.  The FOUR communities of religion and their relevant Prophets are as follows:-


FIRST COMMUNITY FOR CHILDREN:  This is the universal community for children, who are normally dominated by "ego", to learn the moral laws from a moral teacher called a PANDIT in India and a Rabbi in M.East.  Ideal moral teacher has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52.


The children being led by "instincts", the moral laws are based upon the "Tit-for-tat" principle.  Tit-for-tat principle works if the moral teachers are capable of dispensing justice tempered with the "Spirit of God" i.e. "mercy".  But as the moral teachers became greedy, God took "His Spirit" away from them and they were left with the dead "letters" to ply for their living.


The presence of the "Spirit of God", the Light, in a person is noted by his "solitary" nature in that he is no more under the sway of secular authorities of Mammon but the spiritual authority of God.  For example, Prophet Moses put on Christ of God, became "solitary" by rejecting the sway of Pharaoh, led the "chosen people of God" out from Egypt and into the "Promised Land", gave them Torah for guidance and appointed the people of the Levi tribe of Aaron to act as priests to teach the moral laws.


The significance of the chosen people of Isaac against the non-chosen people of Ishmael must be understood in order to appreciate the "Will of God". The chosen people have been allocated "Promised Land" that is all Holy. Thus, whenever the chosen people are "faithful" to God, they not only become the "salt of the earth", the "sons of Man" but also their Promised Mother Land produces enough food to feed them well.  But what makes a man faithful to God?


This planet earth belongs to God and it is for the habitation of the "sons of Man or Adam".  A man is said to be a "son of Man" if he represents Adam by "seed" i.e. through race and tribe.  Thus, the patrilineal people are the sons of Man whilst the matrilineal people are not because a woman has no "seed".  Further, one does not become a patrilineal by mere proclamation but through "deeds" and this was well stressed by John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of the "kingdom of heaven" and a Prophet of this Dark Age, in Matt.3.9: "And think not to say within yourselves, we have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones(simpletons or the Gentile, which the arrogant Jews were taking them for) to raise up children unto Abraham".  Thus, John, the Baptist also refused to baptise them for they were not the "sons of Man".


For the same reason, Jesus was born of a Virgin among the spiritually sick people of Judah tribe at Bethelham, the birth place of Angelic king David, gave them seventy years to repent before taking the Holiest of Holy Temple in the world away from them for ever - Matt.21.33.  In short, the chosen people behave like a spoilt child as mentioned by Jesus in Luk.15.11 and suffer.


It is worth stating here that for the woman having no "seed", they cannot either be a moral teacher(Rabbi) or baptise people in the name of John, the Baptist.  Thus, John, the Baptist was the first Prophet of Dark Age who made the people "sons of Man" so that Jesus could preach them into becoming the "sons of God".


SECOND COMMUNITY FOR ADULTS:  Normally adults around 30 become sensible enough to perceive their True Father God in their lives and this perception of God in them is known through the first fruit of "Holy spirit", the "Agape".  For only the "sons of Man" being capable of becoming the "sons of God", thus John, the Baptist paved the way for Jesus, the Anointed Christ of God.  Jesus preached Gospel of Liberation, "His Word", which is the very Root of the moral laws, in the manner of a Sower.  Through Gospel, Jesus replaced the hereditary manly priests of Moses by the abstract Priest "His Word".  Thus, preaching of Gospel is open to all, men and women alike -Matt.21.41:"....will let out His vineyard unto other husbandmen(Royal preachers of Royal Father God), which shall render Him the fruits(fishing of men) in their seasons(the Dark Age)".  Thus, the old covenant of Moses in "letters or moral laws", which are the embodiments of "works and rituals" was superseded by the New Covenant of "spirit", which is received only through the "Grace" of God and those who live by "spirit" live eternally in the "Kingdom of God".  Thus, the present dog-collared priests, who are neatly dressed like a cup shining from outside, have no place in the ministry of Jesus.


Further, Jesus promised His second coming in Matt.24.27 and appeared in India in 1469 in the name of Nanak, the second Anointed Christ of God called a "SATGURU".  Thus, the Prophets of the second community for spiritual knowledge that enables a person to overcome the wishes of "mind" were Christ Jesus and Christ or SATGURU Nanak Devji.  Temple of God called the HAR-MANDIR Sahib in Amritsar, Panjab, is the same Holiest of Holy Temple of God that used to be in Jerusalem and was destroyed in 70 CE for ever. Those who develop faith in God after practising "His Will" are called "puritans" or "KHALSAS".


THIRD COMMUNITY OF PHILANTHROPISTS OR PURITANS:  Generally the "word of mouth" was enough for the people of Middle East e.g. Judas Iscariot, but it was not enough for the satanic people of the East.  So, in the East(India), Royal King(SACHAE PAATSHAH) Gobind Singhji initiated the third community of Khalsas, the puritans.  This community was enjoined by the "enlightened and contented" people through the "Baptism of Renunciation" and they fought the "oppressors", without expecting any political or material gains, from their three Royal Thrones(SACHAE TAKHTS).  Thus, the True King Gobind Singhji was the Fourth Prophet of the Dark Age.


FOURTH COMMUNITY OF APOSTLES:  Some Puritans who did not like to take onto the sword became the roving Preachers of God, the Apostles, in the names of Jesus and Nanak.  In India, the AKAAL TAKHT in Amritsar is the Seat of NIRMALLAE(White-hearted) SANTS or Apostles.  Thus, the HAR-MANDIR SAHIB, well-known as the Golden Temple, in Amritsar is the sacred most God's Temple for the second community of Sikhs and the AKAAL TAKHT for the fourth community of Apostles or the Royal Preachers of God.


For there being nothing related to the third community of KHALSAS, the Philanthropic warriors of God, the Royal King Gobind Singhji never visited this Holy Complex in His life time.  Therefore, carrying of weapons into this world's most Holiest of Holy Complex in Amritsar is to defile the sanctity of the Holy Complex and the results are quite obvious.  In fact, Sikhs being the learners or students of Spiritual Knowledge, the gnosis, have no external enemies to fight against but the five internal spiritual robbers and the NIRMALLAE SANTS, like the Sikhs, ply the "Double-edged Sword(KHANDDA)" of "His Word" and exercise humility and word-of-mouth in fighting the satan.


But to-day, the NIRMALLAE SANTS or Apostles are camping outside the Holy Complex whilst the married householder BANDEI MALAISH(imposter) KHALSAS hungry of political power are occupying the AKAAL TAKHT, the Eternal Throne for the Eternal sons/Sons of God.  The people of the FOURTH community being Perfect, they do not stand in the need of a Prophet.


Finally, this Dark Age being the "Age of spirit", and not of the "letters", it is a "GOLDEN AGE" for the predestined people to amass His Treasures either by "fishing the people" through preaching 'His Word' or by fighting the stubborn satans with sword, the KIRPAAN.













Many people believe that heaven and hell are not of this world but something special that is beyond this world where we end-up after our death.  That is not so.  Heaven and hell being related to our "works" and not to the "grace" of God, they are of this world.  Thus, when the people go by the ten commandments, then there is a perfect law and order, which is nothing else but living in heaven; the reverse not obeying the ten commandments brings in "hell" in the society.  At present, Sri Lanka is a living example of "hell" as in the times of king Ravan i.e. in TRETA YUG, Lanka, and not then Sri Lanka, was a "heaven" to live in.


The honest Rabbis or PANDITS, who enforced the ten commandments like a super ruler possessed the "keys" to the kingdom of heaven but not the corrupt that dominated the society at the times of Jesus; Matt.23.13:"But woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in".  To set an example of an honest and devoted Rabbi, God sent John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses, to "teach" the men moral laws of Moses for bearing good "works", so that Jesus, the anointed "Christ of God" could "preach" 'His Word' to the conscientious "sons of Man", called "salt of the earth", into the eternal Kingdom of God for the gracious "sonship of God", the saints.


KINGDOM OF HEAVEN:  Kingdom of heaven is for the "sons of Man", who are referred to as the "wheat plants" in the Parable of "Wheat and Tares" -Matt.13.24-30.  Thus, Adam was created by the demi-god of flesh "YAHWEH", the "creator" who made male and female, and he is well-known for "jealousy and revenge" and those who establish their covenant with Adam are called the "sons of Man".  Mere proclamations that we are all from Adam do not necessarily make a person "son of Man" but you have to actually represent Adam by "seed" in the appropriate secular affairs.  "Seed" of Adam is represented through races, tribes and surnames.


Now, we perform three types of secular affairs and they are:


1. Social that are between mother, father, brothers, sisters and other relations and friends,


2. Economical that are associated with your profession and involve employers and trade unions, etc. and


3. Political that are related to the politics of country in which the "seeds of Adam", mainly the tribes, play the major role.


Thus, the countries being the homes of tribes, the political affairs are of the people of the dominant tribe/tribes.  If a single tribe dominates the country, then the country is called a "fatherland"; otherwise it is a "motherland".  For example, England being the tribal home of the people of English tribe, it is a "fatherland" and so are the countries Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Afghanistan, etc.; whereas Great Britain, India, Pakistan, U.S.A., etc. are the "motherlands".


Therefore, when the countries are politically ruled by the god-given tribes, then the people are said to be the responsible "sons of Man", the wheat plants but when they are ruled by the irresponsible and non-tribal man-made political parties such as Labour, Conservative, SDP, Congress, Communist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc. then they are said to be the irresponsible "sons of Satan", the "tares".


The breaking of covenant with Adam in flesh becomes clear in political parties that are based upon the religious communities on understanding: "A Jew is one who is inwardly i.e. of the heart or spirit, and not outwardly i.e. of the flesh"; whereas the non-tribal political parties such as Labour, Conservative, etc. have no country of their own to defend or represent.


The darkness or ignorance of people in Adam, our father in "flesh", is further reflected by people having compound surnames that represent the "seeds" of two men.  How could a person be conceived of the two physical fathers?  If this is the knowledge of Adam exercised even by some prominent bishops, then you can well imagine the knowledge that they will have of our Father in Spirit; they are the blind guides of the blind.


Such things would not have happened if ideal Rabbis like John, the Baptist, were present to guide the people into the "sonship of Man".  Acts like the injustice, racism, discrimination, etc. are expected from the irresponsible "tares" and not from the responsible "sons of Man".  Good works and charity count towards the rebirth in Adam, in whom we are born and die.


Typical example of the kingdom of heaven was the return of Jews of spirit into the lush green Promised Land after the exodus from Egypt that was led by Moses.


KINGDOM OF GOD:  The people of "flesh" who had and do perform good deeds that are pleasing to God are blessed by Him with "spirit" to perceive Him. Such sensible people of spirit are said to be twice-born and this is known through the basic qualities of "Love and Service".  Their Royal High Priest is Jesus, the anointed Christ of God and they have covenant with God in spirit.  They preach 'His Word' in honour of their anointed Elder Brother Jesus.  Such a covenant entitles them to become the "sons of God" called saints and they become "eternal" like their Eternal Father God.  This is the "salvation".


Now, stories like "Saul" turned "Paul" may give rise to some questions. The answers to such questions are with the people who are blessed with "Holy Spirit", the very Spirit of God but as we are being blessed with the "spirit of Man", we can only know and tell the things of men.


Finally, the kingdom of heaven being related to "flesh", it is capable of being "seen" by people in law and order whilst the "Kingdom of God" being of the "spirit", it is always "perceived" in the hearts of people through the qualities of God i.e. the kingdom of heaven is outside in the world whilst the Kingdom of God is within us.  Further, our Father in Spirit is "Loving and Merciful" unlike the demi-god of flesh, "YAHWEH", who is "jealous and revengeful".


KINGDOM OF HELL:  This is the kingdom where the "tares", 'sons of Satan', dominate.  This Dark Age is ideal for the flourishing of such kingdoms and they flourish more openly in the East than in the West.  In such kingdoms, there is no justice and the people formulate their own "moral laws" ignoring the basic "Spiritual Principles", Gospel or 'His Word'.  That creates "chaos" in their kingdoms and the people suffer.


Typical scenes of hell were the suffering of people at the fall of Jerusalem Temple in 70 A.D., which was well described by Eusebius and, presently, they are the sectarian riots in India, Lebanon, N.Ireland, etc. and the wars for Mammon and for the Antichrists e.g. the Popes.  But according to the Gospel, by the year 2050 all the "tares" will be burnt away to fulfil the Saying of Jesus in Matt.15.13:"Every plant(person) which my heavenly father(creator) hath not planted(who has lost his tribal identity in Adam), shall be rooted up(shall be killed alongwith his supporters)".  In this uprooting process, Israel is expected to lead the way in 1995 around the same time of the year as the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D.


Finally, God does not want to know the "tares" and for this reason Jesus was born of a Virgin because the Jews had become the Jews of flesh, the tares, rather than the Jews of spirit or of the circumcision of heart.


Anointed Christ(SATGURU) Nanak Devji said,"KARMI AAWAE KAPRRA, NADRI MOKH DAWAAR" i.e. through "works" one gets a human or non-human rebirth and it is only through "grace" that you get "salvation".  Therefore, do not waste your precious gift of human birth but rather use it diligently in the service of God by putting into practice the various gifts of "Holy Spirit".

Messianic Menorah

Kingdoms of Heaven Hell and God











If Jesus were to return to-day, He would be very much surprised and upset to find so many of the denominations.  In fact, these denominations are like the blind men describing an elephant.  For example, John, the Baptist was not a light but a witness to the Light, i.e. an Angel but not a Saint, so in the Baptist Churches that belong to John, the Baptist, an ideal priest of Moses, what sense does it make to sing the songs of Jesus?  Therefore, let us first appreciate the reasons for the coming of Jesus before we can speak about the Church that He came to establish.


Jesus is known to everybody as the Light of this Dark Age but what created the Darkness so that this Light, the Christ of God, had to appear!!!


Before Jesus, we used to have Rabbi who were the priests of Moses and the synagogues where the "written Torah" of Moses was read could also be called the temples of Moses.  An ideal priest of Moses has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52.  The "written Torah" being passed from generation to generation is also called the "old cloth" and the corruptions in it are the "holes". These corruptions could be rectified or darned by the spirit of "His Word" only i.e. Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to demolish it -Matt.5.17. At the same time, you cannot patch the old cloth with the New Cloth of Jesus i.e. you cannot mix the "written Torah", the "letters" of Moses with the New Testament of "Spirit".


On the priests of Moses becoming materialistic and corrupt, God took the spirit to understand 'His Word' or the 'Oral Torah' away from them and they were left with the "letters" of the written Torah to ply with for their living.  The "letters", old wine, created so much Darkness that they even hated Jesus when He was healing the sick people on Sabbath, a holy day to be best celebrated through performing holy works or deeds!  So, without "spirit" or common sense, the people were led by their blind guides of the letters and Jesus, the anointed High Priest(Christ) of God appeared to introduce to us the living God of Spirit through the Living Gospel, which is received only by those who are predestined by God e.g. the born-blind man of John 9, whose eyes Jesus opened with spittal.  Jesus preached Gospel like a Sower and only those who were twice-born and, therefore, had ears to hear 'His Word', understood and followed Him of their own accords.


Now, Jesus hired twelve labourers called the twelve close-circle disciples. They were twelve because they had to teach the rectified moral laws of Moses in honour of John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses.  Moses' moral laws are concerned with seven types of works that are represented by the seven candles of Menorah.  The remaining five are related to the five temptations of heart that are lust for sex, anger, greed, worldly temptations and haughtiness, which were also the five husbands of the Samaritan woman at the well(John 4) that she had overpowered i.e. they were living with her but dominating or husbanding her no more.


The character or nature of these five is also stated in Luk.12.52: "For from henceforth there shall be five in one house(body) divided, three against two, and two against three".  The first "three" are related to the once-born simpletons of "flesh", which are (1). "ego" of 'seed', of 'physical skill or prowess' such as wrestling, football, etc., which makes a person big-headed, (2). "anger", through which the simpletons resent when they cannot understand the matters of spirit and (3). of the 'letters' as the Pharisees had of the written Torah and the university theologians of to-day have of the New Testament letters as well.  The second "two" are related to the twice-born clever people, who are dominated by "mind" or "evil spirit" such as of the type of Judas Iscariot and they are (4). 'greed' and (5). 'worldly temptations' - Matt.4.8-10.  In the house(body), which is dominated by the "wisdom" of Jesus, the Gospel, all the above five are not only under control but they are also at "Peace" making the person a "Royal King".


Thus, the close-circle disciples of Jesus were to "teach" the rectified moral laws of Moses in honour of John, the Baptist and to "Preach" the Gospel in honour of Jesus.  Further, the twelve had nothing to do with the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve secular thrones - Matt.19.28.  As the Moses' priests could not be women but men only, so the twelve were all men and it were the disciples who were baptising people in water on behalf of John but not of Jesus as He was not a "teacher" but a "Preacher".


The twelve labourers hired by Jesus were paid their wages, the "Holy Spirit", on Pentecost - Matt.20.8: "So when even was come, the Lord(God) of the vineyard(world) saith unto His Steward(Jesus), call the labourers and give them their "Hire", beginning from the last unto the first".  The labourers of Jesus had forsaken worldly treasures for the sake of their Wage, the "Holy Spirit" - Matt.19.27:"Then answered Peter and said unto Him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed Thee; what shall we have therefore".


Thus, the disciples of Jesus who first founded the Church of God headed by Jesus sold all their belongings to share a perfect communal life but the limitations of human "flesh" led them to some grumbling over such matters as to the distribution of food.  This problem was resolved by the Apostles in Acts 6.1-4:".....Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men(and not a single "woman" because these seven were in the name of John, the Baptist) of honest report, full of the Holy ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.  But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word".  So, among themselves the seven deacons elected a Bishop or a supervisor and the deacons were encouraged to teach the moral laws of Moses to people but they were not permitted to preach 'His Word' as the Preachers could not be the resident members of the congregation but the roving Saints who went from Church to Church ironing out the spiritual problems of the congregations and Their praises rested not with people but with God Who Ordained Them into His Service.


The other reason, that is based upon the general principle; what applies to "flesh", the opposite applies to "spirit", is that the moral teachers(Matt.13.52) are hereditary and resident of male sex only, the Preachers of Gospel are to be non-hereditary and non-resident persons of either sex i.e. a woman cannot teach the moral laws but she can Preach 'His Word'.  Further, the teachers of moral laws have to be authoritarian in the manner of John, the Baptist, who publicly denounced the marriage of Philip's wife with Herod - Matt.14.3; whereas the Preachers of Jesus or the Saints of God have to be humble and loving servants - the two qualities are not easy to mix and the exception was Peter, who possessed the Keys to the kingdom of heaven as well.


Above all, if a preacher of Gospel becomes a resident member of the congregation, he may seek the praises of people rather than those of God as it is prevalent to-day in the churches, where the hired dog-collared clerics of Mammon happily bless the soldiers of Mammon who died fighting for their kings and countries and further pronounced as to have glorified God, our merciful and loving Father.  Thus, what will Jesus think of St.Paul's cathedral in London that is full of the heroes of Mammon? - Matt.7.21.


So, the corruptions and malpractices of bishops in the early churches were the main reasons for banning the Preachers from such churches and the Preachers resorted to the opening of monasteries in order to carry on with their work of Preaching the Gospel to the seekers of 'His Word'. Without the Preachers or the Spirit of God, the bishops started to concentrate upon the studies of the "letters" of the New Testament and their presbyteries produced "men of letters", who were worse off than those of the Moses. And the present universities are the legacy of those presbyteries and their theologians are "super donkeys".


The Preachers of Jesus called the bishops "waterless canals" for immorality and it were their dreams of secular kingdom of Jesus that those blind bishops led their congregations into pit i.e. persecution.  Further, the corrupt bishops formulated 'creeds' to put their blind members of congregation into the straitjackets of slavery that was worse than that of the corrupt priests of Moses from which Jesus liberated us.  The present churches are the legacy of the old corrupt churches and the recent example of enforcing rules and regulations formulated by the Free Presbyterian Church on Lord Mackay was an act of enslaving in which the word "Free" carried no "Freedom" with it.  How would such a church react if Jesus happened to attend a synagogue!!!


Now, the letters of Moses caused little Darkness, but the letters of the New Testament have caused a much greater Darkness.  Thus, God stands for love and service whereas the bishops of Mammon not only blessed the war ships but they also encouraged the soldiers of Mammon to kill and rule over others. The booties of wars, and not the hard-earned wealth, helped the corrupt bishops to build their beautiful churches that attracted full houses of their blind christians.  The same booties also helped the people to build up their industries and the resultant fruit of Mammon, the armaments, are being exported to the poor of the world who kill each other i.e. arms are sold by the right hand and alms are given by the left.  But in Jesus, those who take to the sword will die of the sword.  Thus, the sophisticated weapons that the West, America and Russia are producing they are doing so for their own destruction on Third Judgement Day expected in the year 2000.


Therefore, establish universal Churches of God in honour of Saints and let the outspoken Preachers of God help you to wash the filth of sins and blasphemies.  The Preachers of God being predestined, they do not stand in the need of any ordination by men and it is only the deacons who require the ordination of men to whom they are to serve and to be responsible for their performances.


The present Dark Age is a Golden Age for the people of "spirit" and those who establish their covenant with Jesus in "spirit" shall not be born again i.e. in Adam(once-born) we die but in Jesus(twice-born) we are made alive. Also, after the advent of Gospel, you cannot blame anyone for misleading you as you yourself shall have to give your own account to God - Rom.14.12.


For the sake of your gnosis, Christ Nanak has also defined this Dark Age as a time of "Holy Spirit" in which you walk on the footsteps of anointed Christ by making Gospel as your Teacher and common sense as the student.









Ordination of women is a great issue facing the blind guides of the blind. So, let us ponder over the origin of the two types of ordinations; one by men and the other by God.


Now, the Churches of God being different in nature from the temples of Moses, the Synagogues, a different approach is essential to understand the system of the Churches.  In the original Church that was founded by the disciples of Jesus by selling their surplus material belongings and entering into communal sharing of the facilities, called communism upon which basis people can expect "PEACE",  there were two types of ministries; one of the feeding of bread and butter or best termed the serving of tables that was headed by bishop and the other was of the "Sowing" of the Seeds or the Preaching of 'His Word' that the roving Apostles undertook.  These ministries were:-


1. MINISTRY OF THE BREAD AND BUTTER OR OF THE "BODY OF JESUS":-  This ministry arose as the result of murmuring of Grecian against the Hebrews -Acts 6.1-4:"Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the Word of God, and serve the tables.  Wherefore, Brethren, look ye out among you "seven" men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.  But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word".


Now, those seven deacons who were democratically "elected" by men were all men and all the male disciples agreed to their election by the laying of their hands upon them i.e putting their trust in them.  As the seven men were elected by men so they were responsible to the men for their conduct and their praises rested with the men who elected them.


Their number seven was related to the seven-candled Menorah and if you understand why Jesus sent seventy(7 times 10) of His outer circle disciples in pairs to cure the people of their physical diseases or the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed for ever in 70 A.D., then those seven deacons were concerned with the "ministry of flesh" that involved feeding the Brethren in Jesus with bread and butter and keeping them morally sound as morality is the base for spirituality i.e. John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses, came to pave the way for Jesus, the anointed Christ of God.  The bishop and deacons also performed the ministry of healing in the same fashion as the priests of Moses did i.e. paved the moral way for the Apostles and each Church used to be autonomous with its own independent bishop and administration.


Thus, the bishops and deacons could "teach" the moral laws of Moses and conduct all the rites related to "flesh", i.e. they could baptise men(John never baptised a woman) in water in honour of John, the Baptist but in the name of "Adam", conduct the birth, marriage and death rites, etc. but they were not allowed to either "preach" 'His Word' as that spiritual ministry was to be conducted by the Mammon free "roving" spiritual Apostles or Saints or administer the "Last Supper", the Baptism of Jesus in "Holy Spirit" in the name of God.  In brief, the bishop was to make the people "sons of Man" and it was the fearless approach of the First Bishop Stephen to make the High Priest and his colleagues "sons of Abraham" that he met his death as they wanted to remain the Jews of flesh, the "tares".  No "son of Man", no "son of God".


The Brethren of Churches that also formed the "Body of Jesus" were kept together through "Holy Spirit" - Matt.13.33:"The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto Leaven(of the Love of God, Agape), which a Woman(our Mother "Holy Spirit") took, and hid in three measures(the three types of people, holy sons, holy fathers and holy ghosts that form the Body of Jesus) of meal, till the whole was leavened(into one single loaf i.e. a united Body of Jesus that was broken at the "Last Supper", the Baptism of Jesus in 'Holy spirit' for preaching Gospel)".


The nature of these three types of people has been further emphasized by Jesus in the Parable of Sower Matt.13.4-8:"Some Seeds(His Word) fell on the footpath(the men of flesh), and the fowls of air(sensible people of spirit) came(listened to the men of flesh repeating the Parables like a parrot) and devoured them up(understood the Parables).


Some fell upon stony places(people of spirit who have doubts in their minds like the "doubting Thomas"), where they had not much earth(faith in God developed by putting 'His Word' into practice); and forthwith they sprung up(understood His Word with great joy), because they had no deepness of earth: And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root(Faith in God), they withered away(left the ways of God in preference to the ways of the world).


And some fell among thorns(Mammon dominated affairs); and the thorns sprung up, and choked them:  But other fell into good ground(a person who has no attachment or dealing with Mammon as the Apostles were), and brought forth fruit, some an hundred fold, some sixty fold, some thirty fold".


Thus, as the bishops were handling Mammon, so they were liable to temptation and of becoming soils with thorns.  Typical example being the Popes and their accomplices in Mammon and the scandals are the fruits of the men of Mammon and not those of the God.


2. MINISTRY OF 'HIS WORD' OR OF THE "BLOOD OF CHRIST":-  This is the ministry of preaching Gospel or 'His Word' that nobody can undertake unless God gives him the understanding of 'His Word' through "Grace" or best termed the Pre-Ordination of God.  As 'His Word' are the Treasures of God, so to receive Them one must not long for or love the treasures of Mammon. That is, one should be single mindedly devoted to One and not to the two -Matt.10.9-15:"Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat.......".


Thus, the Apostles were the Servants of God through "Selection" and, therefore, their praises rested with God and not with the people.  That is, their Ordination was of God and not of the people as in the case of the first type of ministry.


Unfortunately, the Church became corrupt by the end of first century. Thus, the bishops became so greedy, immoral and authoritarian that they even started to repulse the outspoken preachers, who used to criticize and rebuke them, off their Churches.


In turn, the preachers opened their own monasteries and those who wanted to learn used to attend to their outspoken sermons.  Whilst the bishops started their own schools of religious studies called Presbyteries and even started to "teach" the New Testament by the "letters" for which they earned such titles as the "waterless canals" for immorality and the "blind guides" or the "donkeys carrying the Holy Books" against the Saying, "Letter killeth, spirit giveth life" as the Life of the New Testament rested with the Apostles.


People like Origen could not even understand the simplest of all the Sayings that a Jew is one which is inwardly and not outwardly.  In fact, the misunderstanding of this Saying is the root cause of all the sectarian riots in the world.  The present universities have sprung up from those presbyteries of Mammon and produce nothing else but the spiritless men of "letters", the blind guides, best termed the super donkeys carrying the Holy Books, who proclaim that they believe in nothing else that is not written in the Bible but when they are asked where it is written that the men who died in the two world wars expanding the British empire glorified our Loving Father God then they are muted.


Thus, the blind bishops soon started to dream of the secular kingdoms and led their blind followers into the pits of persecution.  Sugar coated sermons became popular and the number of blind followers swelled.


The present bishops and clergy are the legacy of those blind guides who formulated the "spiritless" strait-jacket creeds like the Nicene which carries no sense.  In short, they killed and enslaved the people greater in number than the Pharisees from whom Christ Jesus freed us through His Precious Blood, the Gospel.


In Christ, our covenant is of the "Holy Spirit" with God and it is to God that we shall give our own account.  So, between God and man there is to be no one else but Jesus, the anointed Christ or the Royal High Priest of God and, therefore, the present dog-collared paid clergy, the "hirelings" of Mammon,  have no place in His ministry of Blood or Gospel.  No wonder the Queen who is the head of Mammon in G.Britain is the Defender of their Faith in Mammon!!!


Also, in spirit what comes out of your mouth that matters and not what you put on or the colour of your skin; the men and women are also alike.  So, in the ministry of 'His Word', women can serve as vigorously as the men and, therefore, they can preach Gospel and administer the "Last Supper", the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit, to men and women alike but they cannot either "teach" the moral laws of Moses, baptise men in water(women cannot be baptised in water) or conduct any other rite related to "flesh".


Finally, the above talk may look odd and hard to understand to the common people as the "Blood of Christ", the Gospel, is not for them who believe in such falsehoods as the soldiers of Mammon who died in the two world wars glorified our Loving Father God.  It is their bishops who blessed the war ships of Mammon.  So, the sensible people, both men and women, should wake-up and start preaching the "Gospel of Liberation" without bothering an "ordination" from the blind bishops, who are the employees of Mammon and, therefore, they worship in the cathedrals of Mammon but hypocritically sing the songs of Jesus and of our Loving Father God.  Do you know that the dead bishop of Chester dressed in mufti wanted to cast his vote in the House of Lords but he was refused to do so because without his robes he was proclaimed not a "Lord Spiritual"?  The Pharisees longed for such robes but in Jesus our covenant being in "spirit" that which comes out of the mouth matters not the cloaks of hypocrisy.  So, let the dead bury their dead.

















The blind guides of the "letters" make most people to believe that Christ Jesus shall appear again but very unfortunately the qualities of "Christ" are not perceived by many of them.   Christ cannot be perceived unless God blesses the person with "Holy spirit" to do so.  You will be unbelievably surprised to know that the second anointed Christ came in India in the name of "NANAK" in 1469 and has gone!!!


"Christ" stands for the "Royal Priest of our Royal Father God" and in Panjabi, He is called a "SATGURU", the "Spiritual Preacher".  So, we call SATGURU NANAK DEVJI as the "Christ Nanak" and His coming was predicted by Christ Jesus in Matt.24.27: For as the lightning cometh out of the East and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.


But why the anointed "Christ" first came in the Middle East and then in the East?  This is because in the Dark Age opposite happens to the past enlightened Ages.  For example, in the enlightened Age(YUG) TRETA, king Ravan of Sri Lanka, then known as "Lanka", was a renowned PANDIT(Rabbi) -Matt.13.52 - and he had made Lanka a heaven by establishing an excellent law and order but to-day, the same Lanka(secular) is called Sri(Celestial) Lanka, i.e. highly spiritual, but instead of heaven, it is a living example of "Hell".


In the same way, in the Middle East king David and his people of "Judah" tribe were very religious people but to-day they are the most spiritually sick people of all who needed the Spiritual Doctor Christ Jesus the most. But they rather betrayed and killed Him.


In India, the people of Khatri tribe are the most spiritually sick people of all and Christ Nanak took birth among them but again they hated, tortured and killed those Who carried on His Mantel.  In fact, the Khatris especially of the Kashmir valley who became Muslims were the worst of all most powerful AL-DJMAAR AL-AKSAS.


Thus, in the past enlightened Ages the Prophets used to appear first in the "East", India and then in the Middle East but in this Dark Age, the opposite was to be expected i.e. first the Christ came in the M.East and then in the East.


So, the Gospels preached by Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak are the same but meant for the people of differing intellect and the "Jerusalem Temple" that was destroyed for ever in 70 A.D. has been replaced by the "Golden Temple" of Amritsar, which is, at present, highly infested by the Mammon worshippers.  But why the people are in the "Dark" about these simple facts?


Most people have the notion that the universities harbour highly intelligent theologians and, therefore, they just take their views as final.  But this is not so as the university theologians are the most stupid and arrogant people that an ordinary working sensible person can come across. Universities can only teach "letters" whereas the New Testament or "His Word" is to be studied in "Holy spirit", which is received in measures by the individual through the "grace" of God.


God being "Spirit", only the "men" of spirit, and not the people of flesh, can perceive Him through Gospel - Thomas Logo 114: Simon Peter(the only disciple of flesh) said to them: Let Mary go out from among us, because women are not worthy of the Life.  Jesus said: See, I shall lead her, so that I will make her male, that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males.  For every woman who makes herself male will enter the Kingdom of God.  This Parable is not an easy one to grasp as it is beyond the capabilities of the theologians of letters.  Yet the ordinary sensible people can grasp it after its exposition but that too depends upon the grace of God.


In fact, "spirit" is nothing else but the "common sense", which the persons of "letters" highly lack as they always wrestle with letters - the Parable of wounded person and the Samaritan - St. Luke 10.30-37: And Jesus answering said, "A certain man went down from Jerusalem(after performing the pilgrimage at the Temple full of the psychic "cheats") to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.


And by chance there came down a certain priest(well versed in the "letters" of the law but lacking the "spirit", as those who objected Jesus healing people on Sabbath) that way; and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side(he was not interested in the welfare of the people other than those that were in his parish or of his own kind and also he had to go by the letters of the "book" and not the spirit of "heart", the Seat of God or of Holy Spirit).  And likewise a Levite(who had become Mammon worshippers rather than God and, therefore, had lost track of their duties), when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side(because in Mammon worshipping, there is no place for "mercy", the inherent quality of the men of God).


But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was; and when he saw him, he had compassion on him.  And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him.  And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee.


Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?  And he said, He that showed mercy on him.  Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise".


Thus, the Samaritan who was not learned in the "letters" had the spiritual laws of humanity written over his heart rather than in the books and that was the main reason why Jesus chose the ordinary working people as His close-circle disciples and none of the "donkeys" carrying the holy books could be a suitable disciple - Luke 7.36-50, the invitation of arrogant Pharisee Simon.


So, the present "super donkeys" have no place in the ministry of Jesus but rather they play a very important role in the ministry of Mammon to misguide the spiritually dead people through their university degrees in the letters.


Further, as regards the men of letters are concerned, the Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. especially at the times of Jesus were well advanced in the letters than the present university professors in theology and you are well aware how foolishly they used to react to Gospel which Jesus was preaching -Thomas Logo 28: Jesus said:"I took my stand in the midst of the world i.e. Middle East, and in flesh I appeared to them; I found them all drunk(with the old wine of the letters), I found none among them athirst.  And my soul was afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts(spiritually) and do not see that empty they have come into the world and that empty they seek to go out of the world again.  But now they are drunk.  When they have shaken off their wine(left dependence on the letters of holy books), then will they repent".


For example, Bro. David Jenkins, the bishop of Durham tries to shake off the old wine of the letters but the other drunkards make an up-roar against him. In fact, the "letters" being the old wine, only the old skins(people grown old drinking it i.e. the orthodox or the conservative) can contain whilst the New Wine of Jesus that is to be brewed afresh every day through "Holy spirit" needs new skins(people with liberal views and capable of "Reasoning") to contain.


Thus, for Jesus and His disciples, the learned Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. were just "donkeys" carrying the Holy Books but the present university theologians, who specialise in the letters of both the old and the New Testaments, are nothing else but the "Super Donkeys" carrying the "Most Holy Book", the New Testament.  These super donkeys are so drunk with the old wine of the letters that if an ordinary person of spirit tells them the spiritual exposition of Gospel, they not only hate him but also brand him a "Super Heretic".


For example, the Samaritan woman at well, John 4, was a highly moral and religious spinster, who had overpowered the five spiritual husbands called the evil temptations of heart, which were: 1. Lust for sex(KAAM), 2. Anger(KARODH), 3. Greed(LOBH), 4. Worldly temptations(MOH) and the fifth and the last one Pride of her religious knowledge(HANKAAR).  The above names of these five spiritual husbands are well known to the Indian professors of theology but they too being well blinded by the old wine of the letters cannot perceive things beyond their own fields of study.  These five are further stressed by Jesus in Thomas Logo 16: ....For there shall be five in a house(physical body): three(lust for sex, anger and pride of the religious knowledge by the "letters") shall be against two(greed and worldly temptations) and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitary.  It is only in the house dominated by Jesus or the "Holy ghost" that all the five are under control and the house is at "Peace" and the person is "solitary".


Finally, the present Dark Age is not of the "works" but of the "spirit" in which God Who is a "Spirit" is to be worshipped in Truth(SATT) and "Holy spirit" or "contentment", the chief Aim of Gospel.  Spirit being common sense, only a few living people can understand Gospel in "spirit" whilst the "dead" in spirit take to the letters of the New Testament.  All that is happening in the world is taking place according to the "Will of God", which only the "men" of Holy spirit can understand.  So, please wake up and ponder over the message of love that Jesus has proclaimed.


















In the whole world, there is nothing more instructive in the "Will of God" than the history of the "chosen people".  So, a detailed study of the Jews will sum up the whole concept of Religion.


Thus, we have all heard about the claims made by the Jews as to be the "chosen people" of God but unfortunately very few try to understand the lessons that God is continuously imparting to us through favours and disfavours to these chosen people.  Therefore, it is very important for us to understand the origin and history of these chosen people.  Anyone of you who will comprehend the God's Temperament towards these people, will also be able to foresee the future events in the world.


Thomas Logo 5: Jesus said, "Recognise what is in your sight, and that which is hidden(of God) from you will become plain to you.  For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest".  Also, Thomas Logo 103: Jesus said, "Fortunate is the man who knows where the brigands will enter, so that he may get up, muster his domain, and arm himself before they invade".


The story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac is well-known to most of us but still it will be worthwhile to recapture the highlights. Abraham was an upright person who loved God through loving and serving the people. His hospitality to the strangers was exemplary and he always gave an honest and earnest opinion to others.  He always upheld righteous people.  It is for this spirit of hospitality that Abraham is still living and respected in our memories as Christ Jesus is living and honoured by us for the spirit of Gospel.


Abraham had Sarah as his lawful wife but they were getting advanced in age without having a son to carry on the "seed" of Abraham.  Sarah was troubled at heart and presented the young slave girl called Hagar to Abraham to have a son from her.  Abraham being still capable of producing children and Hagar being a young slave girl, there was no biological problem in giving birth to a son named Ishmael.  Even after the birth of Ishmael, Sarah kept on loving and serving Abraham undauntedly even though Hagar had become a bit "arrogant".


One day, Abraham and Sarah served the devotees of God so well that pleased with their hospitality they announced that Abraham and Sarah will have a "son".  Both Abraham and Sarah being well advanced in age started to "laugh" that how could an old couple have a "son"!  But the "Boon" of the holy men was not in vain and they did produce a "son" called "Isaac".


Now, Isaac being born because of the blessing of the Saints, he was called a "Promised Child" in order to differentiate him from Ishmael born of the natural young age of Hagar.  Further, as Sarah was the lawful wedded wife of Abraham, Isaac was taken to be superior in the eyes of Sarah but to Abraham both the sons were equal in all respects.


The descendants of "natural" Ishmael are known as "Arabs" whilst those of the "spiritual" Isaac as the "Chosen people" of God.  Further, Isaac being the "Promised Child" of God also received the Holy "Promised Land" of honey and milk to live in.  But the chosen people soon became proud of the abundance of fruits produced by the Promised Land and started to display "pride" in the favours of God towards them.


These favours of God made the descendants of Isaac "arrogant" as one could see in the treatment that the Jews gave to the Gentile whilst the descendants of Ishmael remained humble in "spirit" but remained proud in the moral qualities especially the righteousness and hospitality of Abraham.


So, the Arabs, mostly nomads, earned their world-wide reputation for hospitality to the strangers in the spirit of Abraham whilst the chosen people in the knowledge of Holy Scriptures by the "letters".  This arrogance or stiff-neckedness in "letters" among the Jews of flesh is still observed in their Synagogues.  Thus, Jacob, the son of Isaac was so well-versed in the Scriptures that he became "arrogant" to God.


Arrogance means ones challenge to the Wisdom of God that leads one to works that are against the "Will of God"; remember the "arrogance" of Peter when he rebuked Jesus.  This arrogance of Jacob caused strife among his sons and Joseph was the only son who remained humble and submissive to the "Will of God".  Therefore, Joseph remained honest in his dealings with his brothers and under the gracious "Hand of God", he did good deeds to his brothers in return for the bad ones they had done to him.


Thus, God gave Joseph wisdom which his other dishonest and selfish brothers and arrogant father were denied and at the same time the Promised Land of honey and milk turned barren as the sons of Jacob had become disloyal to God.  Further, the story of starving brethren of Joseph going to Egypt, the land of Arabs loyal to God, to buy/beg for food and the generosity of Joseph that reflected the hospitality and wisdom of Abraham in Ishmael is well-known to us.  On the other hand, the Arabs continued to love people through hospitality and kept on enjoying the blessings of God in terms of the abundance of food.


The above facts Jesus summarised in the Parable of Prodigal son - Luke 15.11-32.  In this Parable, Father is God, the elder son are the descendants of Ishmael, the Arabs whilst the younger prodigal son are the descendants of Isaac, called Jews.  The suffering of Jews in Egypt is compared to the son eating food that is given to pigs, i.e. a food of the lowest quality that they never had to eat in Israel when they were loyal to God.


Their repentance is the forty years stay in the wilderness when Moses looked after them and their return to the lush green Promised Land is compared to the killing of the fattened calf.  This Parable also gives us a lesson that in God, unlike in Moses, a person has a "free will" either to leave Him and suffer at the hands of Satan or stay with Him humble and enjoy His blessings.  So, also the people have a "free will" in Jesus.


This faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God by the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael is further reflected in the stories relating to the sacrifices of Abraham-Ishmael and Abraham-Isaac.  In the Abraham-Ishmael story, there is a mention of the repulsion of Satan by Ishmael before God presented to them a ram for sacrifice and rejoicing whereas in the Abraham-Isaac story, there is no mention of the repulsion of Satan, because, unlike Ishmael, the people of Isaac being the Jews of flesh were already of the Satan and not of God. Therefore, no ram could be presented to Abraham - Isaac and this is depicted in the Promised Land becoming barren.


And this is a typical example of the "corruption" of the Holy Books analogised by Jesus to the "old cloth", the written Holy Books, developing holes, which cannot be patched with the Brand New Cloth but they are repairable through the knowledge of Gospel i.e. Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to destroy it.


The key to understand the criterion of faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God lies in the Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly(of the spirit) and not outwardly(of the flesh)".  Thus, the descendants of Isaac when they become the Jews of flesh through the circumcision of flesh and the birth of a Jewish woman, who has no "seed", then they are un-faithful to God whilst when they become Jews of spirit through the circumcision of their heart, then they become faithful to God.  Thomas Logo 53: His disciples said to Him, "Is circumcision beneficial or not?"  He said to them, "If it were beneficial, their Father would beget them already circumcised from their mother.  Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become completely profitable".


Thus, most of the present Jews of flesh who claim Israel to be the country of Jews and they normally talk in such terms as the Jewish race, the Jewish settlements, etc. are the people who are un-faithful to God, whereas the faithful to God Jews of spirit always talk in terms of the tribal identity of the flesh.  Thus, in the Revelation the people who will be saved are clearly mentioned in terms of the tribes, the sons of Adam, and not as the Jews.  It is also worth stressing that the Hajj rites are in honour of Abraham who earned the title of "Father of the faithful" but at present these rites have COMPLETELY lost their significance.  In short, the Hajj is for entry into the realm of "Islam" but not for the so-called Muslims.


In Egypt, the Jews of flesh suffered and it was the Prophet Moses who appeared among them to save the descendants of the prodigal son.  He took the Jews of flesh out of Egypt and kept them for forty years in the wilderness to transform them from the Jews of flesh loyal to Satan to the Jews of spirit loyal to God through repentance.  And after this transformation, Moses told them that from now on the mighty "Hand of God" being over their heads, they can enter the "Promised Land" of their own. So, Moses stayed behind in the wilderness to stress the supremacy of the Powers and Blessings of God over those of the man.  If Moses had gone into the Promised Land alongwith the transformed Jews, then the powers and blessings of God would not have been appreciated by the people.  As the "chosen people" of God entered their Promised Land that had become barren at them becoming arrogant and un-faithful to God, they started to re-enjoy the fruits of the same barren land in abundance.  This is a typical example of the proof that there is a God Who cannot be seen but He is to be perceived through His miracles.


But with the passage of time the chosen people again became arrogant and un-faithful to God.  Thus, their freedom was short-lived and they became slaves in their own country.  So, at the times of the arrival of Christ Jesus, they were slaves to Romans and were leading a highly immoral way of life in which the women could be divorced at will.  The reason for the high immorality among the Jews of flesh against very little among the Gentiles(Arabs or Samaritans) or the Jews of spirit is that the Jews of flesh are very proud of their mighty king David.  Now, among the other good deeds that king David did, he committed an act of "adultery" with the wife of an army officer.  So, the Jews of flesh who take king David as their hero and model also commit adultery with pride.


Thus, in the times of Christ Jesus, those immoral Jews of flesh brought to Christ Jesus a woman, that they had caught red-handed in the act of adultery, for justice.  Christ Jesus knowing the immoral nature of those Jews of the flesh, stayed cool-headed whiling away the time by writing over sand their sinful deeds so as to make them aware of their nature and also to let them steam off their anger at the immoral woman by quoting the various moral laws of Moses and the subsequent punishments.


Jesus also allowed them to make the taunting remarks at Him such as that He considers Himself to be superior to our Rabbis, let us see what type of justice He can do?  Christ Jesus knowing their nature and the matters of their hearts told them, "Let the one among you who has not committed adultery or such a sin throw the first stone at the woman."  All of them, the adulterers and sinners, dispersed one by one and not a single stone was thrown at the woman.


But the woman was humble and repentant of her acts.  Christ Jesus cautioned her to behave in future.  This incident clearly leads one to the conclusion that the Jews of flesh were highly immoral and sinful people.  In fact, they were doing deeds against the moral laws of Moses.  Now, morality being the base for spirituality, it was to establish this moral order that John, the Baptist, an ideal moral teacher(Matt. 13.52) of Levi stock came to pave the way for the anointed Spiritual Preacher, the Christ of God, in the name of Jesus.


Not all the Jews were immoral.  The Jews who were leading an honest and hard working life, with the fear of God in their hearts, were the people which the Christ Jesus chose as His close-circle twelve disciples.  Whereas, the arrogant Jews of flesh were too proud of the "letters" of the moral laws of Moses to absorb the "spirit" of God that the Christ Jesus came to pour out in abundance.


In the New Testament, "letters" are analogised to "old wine" and "spirit" to the "New Wine".  So, those who were drunk with the old wine of the "letters" could not take the New Wine of "spirit" on top of it and it was for this reason that the Christ Jesus did not choose any Pharisee or Sadducee as His close-circle disciple but the ordinary working class men with the inclination towards God.  The fruit that Judas Iscariot, a man of "letters" well-versed in many languages and disciplines, bore is well-known to us.


The Christ Jesus summarised the situation in Thomas Logo 28: Jesus said, "I took My place in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. I found all of them intoxicated; I found none of them thirsty.  And My soul became afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts and do not have sight; for empty they came into the world, and empty too they seek to leave the world.  But for the moment they are intoxicated. When they shake off their wine, then they will repent".


Typical example of a person who was drunk with the old wine of "letters" was "Saul" who later on became Apostle "Paul".  Saul was an ardent student of Rabbi Gamaliel, an old scholar of the Scriptures.  He obeyed the moral laws of Moses by the "letters" and un-like the other Jews of flesh, he did perform acts in accordance with the moral laws of Moses.  For devotion to God, he, like the Samaritan woman, was leading a celibate life and, therefore, there was no question of immorality with him.


Thus, Saul was morally good and had great inclination towards God but he was drunk blind with the old wine of "letters".  Because of his clean heart and devotion towards God that the Christ Jesus came into his life and shook off his old wine of the "letters" through the Damascus miracle of Lightening. The degree of blindness that the "letters" had caused in him towards "spirit" is best sensed through the thickness of scales that came off his eyes.  For Saul, it was a new birth in "spirit" and, therefore, in honour of the Christ Jesus he changed his name from "Saul" to "Paul".


Taking into consideration the above, the present theologians of "letters" in the universities and colleges are doing a great deal of harm to the Christianity of Jesus by producing the blind "Sauls" drunk with the old wine of "letters" of both the old and the New Testaments and thus creating a far greater spiritual blindness than that which St.Paul had experienced.


And if you can realise that the Christ Jesus came into the world because the manly priests or the moral teachers in the name of Moses had become corrupt - Thomas Logo 102: Jesus said, "Woe to the Pharisees, for they are like a (greedy) dog sleeping in the manger of oxen(hard working people), for neither does he eat(cannot understand Gospel) nor does he let the oxen eat(ordinary people who can understand Gospel)".


The Christ Jesus being the living Mediator between God and us, we do not stand in the need of any manly interposer such as the present Pope, false fathers, bishops, The reverend, etc., the super hypocrites.


We being the children of Light are Royal Priests and Royal Kings of living God of the living present.  Then by comparing the present dead clerics with the corrupt and blind Pharisees and Sadducees in the name of Moses, you will come to the conclusion that the present clerics are far worse off than those blind guides of the blind.


Thus, the present clerics are the people, who are worst of all drunk with the old wine of "letters", and therefore, they are very incapable of taking the New Wine of Spirit.  Thus, the best disciples of Christ Jesus are the ordinary working class people with inclination towards God.  Remembering that you cannot sell something that you have received "free", "His Word" is received "free" and, therefore, It is to be preached "free".  The act of receiving free and giving free is called a "Royal" act.  Therefore, the present clerics are neither the Royal Priests called the "Christs" because they are paid for their services i.e. they are the "hirelings" of Mammon. Nor they are the "Royal Kings" in that they are mostly the greedy parasites(dogs) of churches which are nothing else but the social clubs of Mammon which are nowhere near the serving and sharing communities of the Christ Jesus that set the first Churches of God headed by the Christ Jesus up.


In fact, a hireling of Mammon commits an act of "treason" if he preaches the Gospel of God instead of the atrocities of Mammon.  Thus, none of the Apostles of Jesus was a "hireling" and St.Paul, Who had to stay longer than usual earned His living by making tents.  However, let us return to our main theme, the "chosen people".


Thus, the Christ Jesus came among His own chosen people but they maltreated Him in the manner outlined by Him in the Parable of the "wicked husbandmen" Matt.21.33-46.  Whilst in Matt. 23.34-39, Jesus counts some of the favours that God had rendered to the chosen people and describes how arrogantly they reacted to such favours of God.  As the Jews of flesh drunk with the old wine of the letters rejected the Christ Jesus, the very Son of God, God displayed His anger against such arrogant and un-faithful to God people by destroying their Holiest of Holy Temple in the world in 70 A.D.  Thomas Logo 71: Jesus said, "I shall destroy (this) House (Jerusalem Temple), and no one will be able to re-build it".  Re-building of the Temple was attempted around 425 A.D. but it was destroyed by a mysterious fire.


Why the destruction of Temple in 70 A.D.?  This is based upon the significance of Menorah that is the focal point of the moral teachers of Moses.  Menorah has seven candles, the middle one corresponding to God which is kept at level with the other six as long as the Priests of Moses remain efficient but after they had become corrupt that is represented by the "old cloth(of letters) developing holes(corruptions)", and the Christ Jesus, the anointed Royal High Priest(Christ) of God appears to create the Royal Priests and Royal Kings, then the middle candle of God, the Lord of Sabbath, is raised above the other six in honour of the Christ Jesus, also called the Lord of Sabbath or the King of the Jews.


Further, a religious person longs for ten religious qualities based upon 3+3+3+1=10 i.e. the 9 religious qualities are acquirable by people through "works" whilst the tenth quality is received through the Grace of God only. The "Tenth Quality" is also represented by the "Tenth Golden Gate"(DASAM DAWAAR) situate eastwards of Jerusalem that is sealed because It is only opened by the Grace of God.  Thus, we have 7 times 10 = 70 and this is also the number of Sanhedrin members forming the quorum.


Also, Jesus had 70 outer circle disciples who were sent in pairs to cure the physically sick people, the part of normal duties performed by the Priests of Moses.  They were sent in "pairs" because this physical or secular world of flesh is of the pairs whereas the spiritual or Celestial world of spirit is for the "solitary" - refer to the Parable of narrow and wide gates.


Here, it is also worth mentioning that the reason for Jesus choosing the twelve close-circle disciples was that they will be perfect in the "works" represented by the seven candles of Menorah i.e. in the name of John, the Baptist, an ideal Priest of Moses, and their hearts shall be pure of the five specific spiritual limitations - refer to John 4.  Thus, we have 7+5=12, the perfect number that signifies that the disciples of Jesus shall be capable of teaching the moral laws of Moses in order to induce morality in the name of John, the Baptist and be capable of preaching the Gospel in honour of Jesus to pour out the spirituality.  Thus, the twelve tribes of the Jews of flesh have nothing to do with the twelve disciples of Jesus. This is another example of the corruption of the New Testament.


After the destruction of Temple, the un-faithful to God Jews of flesh had no right to live in the "Promised Land" of God as it had happened on the previous occasions.  So, they were kicked out of their "Promised Land" mercilessly.  The nature of the final treatment that God shall render to such arrogant and un-faithful to God people is described by Jesus in Matt.13.24-30.  In this Parable, the people who are faithful to Adam, the "sons of Man", are described as "wheat plants" whereas those who are un-faithful to Adam,  and thus to God, but faithful to Satan or Mammon, are described as "tares", the trouble-makers.  Thus, Jesus generates True Love(Agape) among the "sons of Man" whilst Mammon creates hatred and killing.


Now, our 1000 years are equal to one Day of Lord and, therefore, 2000 years will make two Days of Lord.  Also, the Christ Jesus sowed the Seed of "His Word" among the hearts of people almost 2000 years ago and, therefore, on the Third Day, Jesus should send His Angels to reap the "Crop" that is outlined in Matt.13.24-30: "That at the end of Age(KAL YUG), I will ask my Angels to bundle-up the "tares" and burn them".


The present collection of the Jews of flesh in Israel is this very process of bundling-up of the "tares" and God has protected them for 40 years to May, 1988.  Now, they are having the grace period of seven years to 1995 when they shall be burnt.  But anyone who will take to Jesus in spirit shall be saved as Lot was saved from the hell of Sodom and Gomrah.  Thus, the blind Rabbis that led the blind out of the Jerusalem in 70 A.D. have brought them back to face the final Judgement of God.


How could the Jews of flesh, the "tares", be gathered among the mighty Arabs, the "wheat plants", who hated them?  God had His own plans.  A person becomes weak when the Hand of God is removed from his head.  Thus, in order to make the Arabs weak, God let Mammon loose among them in the form of oil wells.  These oil wells brought in riches to them and alongwith it the curses of Mammon, the strife and killing, which the Europeans and the N.Americans are facing to-day.


Mammon also attracted first rated sons of Satan especially from India and Pakistan, who turned the Muslims of spirit into the Muslims of flesh, the "tares".  The present sectarian riots in Beirut are the reflections of this consequence.


Thus, when the Arabs were poor  --  the poor shall inherit the earth --, they were hospitable and displayed the natural qualities of Abraham but as they became rich, their hospitality dwindled and they turned from merciful Muslims of spirit to the fanatic Muslims of flesh.


The above is best summarised in that the time of Gentiles ended in May, 1948 and that of the Jews of flesh started.  St.Luke 21.24: "And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captives into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled".  The defeat of mighty Egyptian and other Arab armies in the six day June, 1967 war is a sound testimony that the times of Gentiles are over.  Compare this event with the six day siege of Jericho!


Further, the times of Gentiles are not just over in the Arabian countries but they are also over in the Western countries as well, where in the past, they were tortured.  Thus, in the countries where the people had tribal integrity i.e. they were sons of Man, the Jews of flesh were tortured. For example, in England when the English were English and not Conservative, Labour, etc., the "tares", many Jews of flesh were murdered around 1200 A.D. but with the passage of time, as Mammon turned the British into "tares", the persecution of the Jews of flesh decreased.  In Britain, the present Conservative, Labour, SDP, etc. political parties amply reflect the divisions of English, Scots, Irish and Welsh on the basis of Mammon rather than the tribes.


The last tribal integrity and awareness in the West was displayed by the Germans and the resultant persecution of the Jews of flesh are still fresh in our memories.  But they also have become "tares" to some degree and the domination of the Jews of flesh in these countries is well demonstrated by the court actions against such persons as Barbie and Dr.Kurt Waldheim. These people have no defence against these Jews of flesh unless they become sons of Man again through their tribal awareness as it was under Hitler, the natural man.


In fact, the situation in the United Germany is ripe for serious disturbances to occur from 1992 to 1994.  Thus, the countries without any tribal domination or awareness such as the U.S.A. proved haven for the Jews of flesh.  So, to-day the Jews of flesh are dominating the Western world in the manners of a "JEWISH EMPIRE".  Therefore, such countries will burn in the Third World War expected to take place in 2000 after their rulers in Israel have had the worst in 1995 --  Matt.13.30.


Remember that man cannot produce weapons or act without the "Will of God" and, therefore, the present technological developments are taking place according to the "Will of God", which Jesus has outlined crystal-clear in the New Testament and those who shall take to sword shall be killed by that very sword.


Finally, it is very difficult indeed to do justice to such an interesting and instructive subject in such a short space.  I cannot write everything in detail as the things of spirit are for the sensible people only; the main reason for Jesus not proclaiming His Christship to the general public.


I also must stress that some of the Jews of spirit, like the "centurion" of spirit, whose servant was sick, are nice and very frank in admitting that they were turned out of their Promised Land because they had become un-faithful to God in that a Jew is one who is born of a Jewish woman i.e. a "seedless" person.


But in the Kingdom of God, it is never too late to repent and be saved in the manner of Lot.  So, please take off your veils of arrogance in "letters" from your faces and be humble in spirit to perceive the caressing favours that God has already bestowed upon you for being His most favoured Chosen People.  Remember that to whom more is given, more is expected from him too!!!


In Jesus, Love(Agape) and not hatred is our base in preaching the Gospel. Therefore, the people of world should show a great sympathy towards the "Chosen People" for the sacrifices and sufferings they underwent in order to demonstrate to us the "WILL OF GOD" that is not easy to grasp.

Messianic Menorah













I N D I A.




No religious work would be complete without an insight into the religious communities of India but at the same time there is no other place in the world where it is greatly misrepresented.


India has produced some excellent Saints but at the same time, it has produced the greatest number of top "psychics" who have greatly misled the people not so much in the East as in the West.  In fact, The HARMANDIR SAHIB in Amritsar is the Only Holiest of Holy Temple of God in the world that replaced the Original Holiest of Holy in Jerusalem but to-day it is highly infested with the Mammon worshipping priests best called the "Robbers". No wonder Jesus was furious at the money changers at the Temple and turned their tables!!!


Most of the priests in Sikh Temples over here in U.K. are there to earn money for their families back home and sometimes they would go to such extremes of meanness as to be having no shame or conscience.  And sometimes I would tell them that you sing the songs of God but your motive is "money"; therefore if you yourselves are "MUNNMUKH", Mammon worshippers, how could you make the members of congregation "GURMUKH", God worshippers!!!


The sensible "GURMUKH" Sikhs, if there be some, should know that these "MUNNMUKH" Mammon worshipping Sikhs posed for almost 20 years as imposter "SATGURUS" in the village of BAKAALA, where the Eighth Mantel Royal King(SACHAE PAATSHAH) HAR KRISHANJI had predicted His Successor, the Ninth Mantel SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI.  Even after the Sikhs had outdoored the True SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI in the village BAKAALA, the imposters made an attempt to kill Him but failed to do so.  SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI forgave them their attempt on His life but the imposters showed no sign of remorse.


However, when SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI went to HARMANDIR SAHIB to pay Homage to SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, the Mammon worshipping Sikhs locked themselves in the HARMANDIR SAHIB and won't let Him in.  So, just think of these shameless and hardened Mammon worshippers who started to plunder the most honoured House of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI whilst His Mantel was still alive.  To-day, it is no wonder that in the Amritsar complex the page to page reading of the Holy Book called AKHAND PAATH is sold to the devotees in a business-like manner and the priests(GRANTHIS) are making a good business out of this sincere devotion of SIKHS i.e. the greedy people have turned the Holiest of Holy complex of the world into a den of robbers.


The result is quite apparent.  The Mammon worshippers by nature being "selfish" did, instead of unity between the religious communities, rather ignite the "fire" of hatred and the sectarian riots from time to time. So, these Mammon worshippers have written many books that have created a really great misconception of Religion.  For example, Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI was not a "GURU" but they have proclaimed Him so and there is hardly anyone who objects to it.


In fact, we are passing through the last decade of KAL YUG, the Dark Age and you will see many tribulations, basically deep-rooted in the sectarian differences, all over the world and on a scale that you had never seen or heard of before.


This fact will become clear on grasping the basics of the four communities of Religion in India.  Further, the beauty in the study of these communities lies in the fact that the very meanings of the names of them give you a good clue to their nature and functions.  However, let us ponder over the four communities, which are:-


1. FIRST HINDU COMMUNITY:-  Most people identify the people of different communities by their garbs and/or the physical appearances.  For example, the common man takes a person to be a Hindu if he is clean-shaven with shorn hair, has a frontal mark, puts on the holy thread(JAENEOU) over his shoulder, worships the statues of demi gods and goddesses, etc.  This is not so as religion is a matter of one's heart and not that of the physical body.


The word "HINDU" has originated from the word "HOOND", called "HASTI" in Urdu, meaning fleshly(bodily) "identity", which is known by asking the stranger a simple question, "Who are you?" - "AAP HUNDAE KAUN HO?"  A person who gives out his fleshly identity by naming his tribe(JAATI) and the place of birth or whereabout(BAASI) is a Hindu and the one who cannot or does not know his tribe could be no one else than a "bastard" born of a prostitute. So, the antonym of a Hindu is a bastard and later on you will see how the people who are not Hindus do perform bastardly deeds such as the killing of the innocent people.


In the South India, some people have the names of their fathers and that of their villages incorporated into their names.  This reflects the wisdom of great Pandit Ravan of Lanka, the country which was a heaven in the past but to-day, it is in great turmoil.  Similarly, the African people have the tribal marks over their faces for identification.  Thieves or the satanic people conceal their tribal identity but not the "sons of Adam".


By disclosing his tribal identity, the person establishes a covenant with his forefathers in flesh or "Adam" known as "MAHESH" or "MAHADEV" in Hindi; because the tribes originate from "MAHESH" through races and the surnames or subcastes that follow the tribes.  Demi-god SHIV being the chief learned representative of Adam, he is also synonym with "MAHESH" and the worship of phallus(LING) and vagina(YUNI) in SHIV stresses upon the significance of the "seed" and "egg" in the identification and the procreation of mankind.


Further, as politics is for the tribes, SHIV also personifies the "Head of State".  The snake around his neck highlights the closeness of political enemies and the flow of Ganges, the waters of which help produce food, from his head signifies the care the head of state takes in feeding his subject, whilst the duty to protect the subject from enemies, or the respect of his destructive army(SHIV SENA), goes chiefly to the people of JAT tribe. This is further highlighted in the visit of MAATA GANGAJI wife of SATGURU ARJUN DEVJI to BHAI BUDHAJI, a Randhawa Jat, for the "Boon" of a son(HARGOBINDJI), who was to initiate the work of SHIV SHAKTI with the main support of the people of JAT tribe.


In context of the above tribal concepts, the countries being the homes of tribes were named after the dominant tribe and they were called "fatherlands" such as Afghanistan, the home of the people of Afghan tribe, England of the English, Scotland of the Scotts, Ireland of the Irish, Germany of the Germans, etc.


Now, the parental "identity" makes a religious person conscientious of his family and he takes care of "shame" in his deeds and won't indulge in "shameless" affairs.  Thus, it is a well-known fact that the people born of the prostitutes are, in general, the least shameful of all.


Shame, "SHARM" or "HEEYA" being the foundation of religion, DHARM or EEMAN, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI said, "SHARM DHARM SHHAPP KHARROTAE, KOORR PHIRRAE PARDHAAN WAE LALO" i.e. both the shame and the faith have gone into hiding, and the result, falsehoods or blasphemies have become dominant in the world. This will become clear on understanding the fact that religion instead of teaching/preaching "peace" among the people is at present leading them into the "shameless" sectarian riots implying that the present so-called religion is not of truth and God but that of the falsehoods and Satan.


Now, the duty of Satan is to fleece the poor people, to create chaos and disorder in the society, and to spread a wave of hatred and killing among the ignorant once-born people through the misrepresentation of basic concepts of religion.


Thus, the satanic people are doing everything possible in their powers to make the people forget their tribal identity so that the people could be made devoid of their very basic religious foundation, the quantity "shame", without which they may not be able to acquire the religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy, the measures of Faith, EEMAN or DHARM.  The religious quantity "shame" and the three religious qualities of religion are represented by the "four legs" of the white religious Bull NANDI of Lord SHIV or the four arms of the SWASTIKA, the symbol that represents the Four Ages of the Cycle.


Some of the main tactics that the satanic people in India have used to make the people forget their tribal identity are:-


1. They have proclaimed the four basic professions(VARNS) SHOODAR(menial servants), VAISH(businessmen), KHASHATRI(warriors) and BRAHMAN(religious teachers) as tribes(JAATIS).  Thus, a BRAHMAN who hangs the symbolic phallus(LINGAM) of SHIV around his neck but proclaims his tribe as a BRAHMAN, the VARN, has lost his tribal identity as BHAGAT KABIRJI said, "BAHMAN KEH KEH JANAM(JAATI) MATT KHOAE" i.e. by proclaiming yourself a Brahman by tribe, do not lose your real tribal identity(JANAM), which could be a GAUR, SARSUT, MOHIYAL, etc., the tribes that were assigned the responsibility of teaching the moral laws to the children as in the Israel were the people of Levi tribe.  Such blind Pandits are the blind guides of the blind.


2. The satanic people would make or the people themselves, out of their foolishness, would adopt the name of their village, town or city from which they hail as to be their surnames in preference to their real tribal surnames.  Now, the village, town or city being our social mother, whilst the surnames our social fathers, we do not get ourselves married within the same surname or the village, town and even city.


Thus, a person who takes on the name of the village, town or city as his surname reflects that he does not want to be known by his tribal father but rather prefers to be a "bastard" born of a famous prostitute, who went around serving the whole village, town or city.  Therefore, she could not name a single person to be the father of his son; greater the population of the village, town or city, the more popular and famous that prostitute must be.  Thus, people especially the politicians were born of their legitimate parents but for the sake of cheap popularity they would rather prefer to be known as the illegitimate children of the famous prostitutes of the whole town or city.


Such type of people were sometimes the head of the AKAAL TAKHT(the Eternal True Throne for Saints) in Amritsar that was dedicated by The Royal King HARGOBINDJI to the NIRMALLAE SANTS(BRAHM GYANIS) or the Apostles of the fourth community, who  preach "His Word".  Such people who could not even be of their own physical fathers in flesh, just imagine how much they would be knowing about our abstract Father in Spirit?  This would also reflect upon the depth of religious knowledge that is being radiated from this Highest of High Spiritual Seat of the world.  Consideration of the activities of the members of the third community, the Khalsas, will throw further light on this topic.


Now, the Pandits teach moral laws pertaining to "KARAM MARAG" i.e. works, from SIMRITIS to children by the "letters" using the statues of demi gods and goddesses as the "concrete" visual aids whilst they used to preach the "abstract" SURTI(spiritual) UPANASID in "spirit", i.e. without the visual aids of statues, through lectures/discussions to the sensible adults. Teaching being the "letters" and preaching being "His Word", no one can preach Gospel without the Grace(NADIR or BAL) of God(RAM).


Further, a person who loves money i.e. worships Mammon cannot love God simultaneously and the loving or worship of the two is called twice-bound(DUBDA).  Therefore, only the devotees of God alone are capable of receiving "His Word".


Thus, when the Pandits became greedy, God took away from them the sense to perceive Him through "His Word" i.e. the greedy Pandits became spiritually incapable of understanding the SURTI UPANASID.  So, in the past good times the Pandits who wanted to take on to the Brahman profession(VARN) used to be the one who had renounced the secular world of flesh for the Celestial world of Holy Spirit in order to be "Perfect" and, therefore, they were generally old and highly devoted persons and not the young and greedy married ones as you mostly see to-day.  The Pandits being unbiased and impartial child-like people, they used to dispense justice that not only kept the law and order(heaven) in the villages but also kept the courts and kings free of the petty cases which dominate the present courts.


Finally, in order to appreciate the functions of the second SIKH and the third KHALSA communities of religion it is essential to know some basic Hindu mythology and the prophets that appeared in the different past Ages. This need was also felt by Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI in that He sent forth some of His Khalsas to Banares(Jerusalem of India) to study the Hindu mythology and the learned Khalsas were called NIRMALLAE(Pure) SANTS(Saints) or the Apostles.


The concepts of BRAHMA, the Creator demi god, VISHNU, the Preserver demi god and SHIV, the Destroyer demi god are the fundamental basis of Hindu mythology.  Thus, the demi god BRAHMA created the Nature including the mankind and the demi god VISHNU preserves the mankind through teaching the peaceful and righteous ways of living together in harmony with Nature whilst the demi god SHIV destroys those who go against the righteous teachings of VISHNU.


Further, the four Ages outline the eras of dominant religious qualities. Thus, in SATT YUG or the Golden Age most of the people were shameful, truthful, contented and merciful and the people being full-fledged religious, they were called the VASS DEV(good angelic people).  Also, they did not stand in the need of a prophet as they lacked no religious quality. In the Bible this was called Adam and Eve living in the company of God(KHUDA).


Degeneration of the religious qualities especially "mercy" led people into the TRETA YUG or the Silver Age and, therefore, the people of this Age occasionally aired out their cruelty over their own women folk.  Cutting the nose of Saroop Nakha, the sister of king Ravan of Lanka, by Lachhman, the younger brother of Prophet Ram Chanderji was a typical example of cruelty that led Pandit Ravan to avenge it by abducting Sita, the wife of Shri Ram Chanderji under the tit-for-tat principle of LOK LAJJ(shame of the people). The dominant KHATRI people of the TRETA YUG were "men of letters" and, therefore, they would observe the religious rites and perform the various rituals very carefully to the last minute details.


But in order to remind the people of the chief quality of God "mercy", Prophet Ram Chanderji appeared among the most haughty people of the Khatri tribe, who were well versed in the "letters" of the VEDAS so that they could temper their deeds with "mercy" for the sake of preserving humanity. "Letter killeth and spirit giveth life" is a well-known proverb of the Bible.


In short, Prophet Ram Chanderji played the part of demi god VISHNU and, therefore, He was well-known as the "MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAAR" or the Great man who set the moral laws on a sound basis almost on the same principles as Moses did for the Jews.  Also, the name "Ram Chander" represented the fact that He was the "moon"(CHAND) of RAM(God or Sun, the Primary source of Light) i.e. He reflected "His Word" in setting out the moral laws.  Of Moses it was said that He himself saw the Face of God but only showed the back of God, the reflections and not the real self, to the people i.e. the moral laws are the reflections of "His Word" or NAAM(VAEDON MAE NAAM UTTAM.....i.e. the VEDAS contain "His Word" implicitly and not explicitly as in the AD-GRANTH).  Thus, Prophet SHRI RAM CHANDERJI was the incarnation of demi god VISHNU and the dominant spiritually sick people, i.e. people haughty of the "letters" of the VEDAS, were of the KHATRI tribe.


Further degeneration of the religious quality "contentment" led people into the DOAAPAR AGE or the Bronze Age in which the KAIROS displayed ungratefulness towards their real cousins PANDOS by maltreating them to the extent of not giving them even five villages to settle down; a thorough display of cruelty and discontentment by the KAIROS towards PANDOS whose father looked after them when they were young.  The dominant tribe of this Age was YADAV and, therefore, the Prophet of this Age SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI took his birth among the people of dominant YADAV tribe as Prophet Shri Ram Chanderji had taken His birth among the dominant people of learned Khatri tribe.


The people of Yadav tribe were simpletons in nature and they had among them a political problem i.e. the question of land for their living.  Now, the simpletons could not understand the religious principles as the intelligent and clever Khatris did from Shri Ram Chanderji but needed a "Guide" to lead them out of this political dilemma where policy(NEETI) plays an important role.  So, here Prophet Shri Krishan Baldevji guided the righteous PANDOS in the political war against the cruel and unjust KAIROS by explaining to them the fundamentals of political policies.


Therefore, SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI was known as the "NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAAR", the Great Politician, Who fought for the righteousness in the fashion of demi god Shiv, the personified head of state.  Thus, Prophet Shri Krishan Baldevji was the incarnation of demi god SHIV and His very name supports this view; KRISHAN stands for the "Rays" of religious Knowledge and "BALDEV" for "SHAKTI" or the Powerful Angelic Person, the Lord of Universe.


Further, Shri Krishan Baldevji, unlike Shri Ram Chanderji, had many names and the most popular name among them was of "Gobind", "Son of God", meaning all Knowledgeable or the Light and Omnipotent, a name that has been repeated in KAL YUG among the Royal Kings HAR GOBINDJI and GOBIND SINGHJI.  This derivation will become clear later on.


Last Age of the Cycle of Ages is KAL YUG or the Iron Age known as the Dark Age for its lack of all the three religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy remaining only the basic quantity "shame".  Thus, most of the people in the Dark Age have conscious but quite a good number of them, mostly in the Mammon rich countries especially in the East, are liars, greedy and cruel.  That is why there had been so many unjust wars to plunder the weaker nations and the courts, especially in India, are full of the petty baseless cases in which the righteous people suffer at the hands of merciless cheats or "MUNNMUKH" persons, who are mostly "shameless" people with no "conscience" at all.


In the Dark Age, the greedy Pandits dominate.  They become inefficient in preserving the law and order for they themselves become ignorant of the Spirit of God.  So, without the sensible(SURTIVAAN) Pandits, the visual aids i.e., the statues of demi gods and goddesses, could not play their usual roles effectively.  Therefore, we can say that where into the hell the blind guides went, there also went their dead statues of gods and goddesses i.e. the dead stones cannot speak of their own unless their living in spirit worshippers make them to do so e.g. BHAGAT RAVI DASSJI, BHAGAT MIRAN BAI, BHAGAT DHANNA, etc.


Under such circumstances of utter Darkness, then appears among the people the most high SATGURU or the "CHRIST" to preach, and not to teach, the Living Gospel of the most high Living God(RAM), the very source of BRAHMA and, therefore, also called "PAAR-BRAHM"(higher than BRAHMA) - "SABH TAE WADDA SATGURU NANAK JIN KAL RAKHI MAERI" i.e. of all the GURUS(mother, father and Pandit) SATGURU NANAK is the most High whose preaching preserved my honour(PATT) in this Dark Age.  Lastly, as BRAHMA uttered VEDAS through RISHIS and MUNIS, the sages, so PAAR-BRAHM uttered The Gospel, AD-GRANTH SAHIB through SATGURU NANAK DEVJI and His Five Mantels.  Therefore, AD-GRANTH and NEW TESTAMENT are The Holy Books of this Dark Age as VEDAS and Torah used to be of the past TRETA and DOAAPAR Ages when the Pandits/Rabbis preserved the Light of VISHNU.


Now, The AD-GRANTH is for the sensible people of "spirit"(SURTI). Therefore, it is essential for the people to first subdue their ego(HAUMAE) of flesh before they would become sensible enough to understand the Gospel i.e. the people should be twice-born(DAWEEJA) and not carry on boasting of their parental or tribal "seed" or JAATI in the manners of once-born(IKEEJA) people.  The people should be capable of putting their "seed" under the soil i.e. become humble, to become a living plant capable of receiving the living Pollen of Gospel for the sake of bearing "fruit".  Thus, the identity of "seed" in the plant does not vanish but changes from "explicit" to "implicit".  This is termed "living in the spirit of God" but dead in the ego of "flesh in Adam" or simply the "living dead".


About the twice-born people, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI said, "DHANN SAE KAHIYAE NANAKA JO JIWAT MIRTAK HOAE" i.e. fortunate are those people who are living in "spirit" but dead in the "ego" of flesh.  And BHAGAT KABIRJI said, "KABIR JIS MARNAE TAE JAGG DARE MERAE MUNN ANAND; MARNAE HI TAE PAEAE POORAN PARMANAND", i.e. St.Kabir says, "The people are frightened of their death in "ego" but I have found in it a Perfect bliss in spirit".  Thus, the Saints kept their tribal identity "implicit" and used it for their tribal identification only.


In a nutshell, one is born into a family not out of one's own free-will or accord but that of the Will of God and if that very first Will of God(RAZZA) is not acceptable to a person, then God does not want to know such persons. The rites of HAJJ are for establishing this very First Will of God.


2. SECOND SIKH COMMUNITY:-  This community is for the twice-born people of "spirit", who have managed to subdue their "ego"(HAUMAE) of fleshly seed or JAATI.  They enjoy the "Nectar" of second community that is headed by the supreme SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, Who outlined the Spiritual(ROOHANI) Principles("His Word") of RAM or God.  As God is Spirit, so only the sensible people of "spirit"(SURTI) are capable of enjoying fully the preaching of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI.


The "spirit" or common sense to understand "His Word" is bestowed by God upon the person through "grace"(NADIR) and the past deeds of the person in the previous lives play an important role.  Thus, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI played a similar part as SHRI RAM CHANDERJI did, in the capacity of "moon", in the TRETA YUG but as the "Sun", the primary source of Light in this Dark Age.


Therefore, for preaching to us the Spiritual Principles pertaining to soul SATGURU NANAK DEVJI(ROOHANI MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAAR) could also be designated the incarnation of PAAR VISHNU as SHRI RAM CHANDERJI(DUNIAVI MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAAR) was the incarnation of VISHNU for imparting to us the secular moral laws of life.  Thus, whereas the VEDAS contained the words of BRAHMA, The AD-GRANTH SAHIB contains the Words or Gospel of PAAR BRAHM. The absolute superiority of PAAR VISHNU SATGURU NANAK DEVJI over VISHNU is further emphasized in the stories that the consort goddess DURGA of demi god VISHNU used to do all the menial works for SATGURU NANAK DEVJI.


For God being "Love" and "Service", the Sikhs(disciples or students) of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI are to be cool-headed and loving servants of people. The cool-headed nature of the Sikhs is further vividly emphasized in building The HARMANDIR SAHIB right in the middle of the Tank; remember that our physical self is the Temple of God or HARMANDIR.


This is further emphasized in the Saying of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, "NA KO BERI, NAHAEN BAEGANA; SAGAL SANG HUM KO BANN AI" i.e. a Sikh has no enemy or there is none stranger to him but he is to fight and overpower the five spiritual robbers/enemies that are with him since his birth.


A Sikh named Ghaniya set an example by serving water to and nursing the wounds of everyone alike in a battle between the KHALSAS of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI and the spiritually blind soldiers of Turkus, the Mammon worshippers or MUNNMUKH infidel kings.  The cruel nature of Turkus is depicted by SATGURU NANAK DEVJI in the Saying, "TURK(MUNN MUKH) PATHANI AMAL KIYA ......" i.e. not all the people of Pathan tribe were infidels but the greedy ones who performed the shameless and cruel deeds during the process of plundering.


Sikhs lead the life of householders and by the time they have looked after their family affairs, they also had acquired sufficient knowledge of AKAAL PURAKH(Eternal One) to serve Him diligently by joining either the Third Community of Khalsas or the Fourth Community of Apostles called NIRMALLAE SANTS, both of them require the members to renounce the family homes i.e. one is to be no more twice-bound(DUBDA) but devoted to One.


Further, a Sikh is known by his qualities that are best known by his deeds and what comes out of his mouth which will tell us the purity of his heart and how much spiritual knowledge he has acquired.  But if a person speaks out sweet falsehoods(KOORR), then he is either a hypocrite KOORRIAYAR or a Mammon worshipper MUNNMUKH.  For the quality of a Sikh being known by his "speech", Sikh is also called a "NAADI(voice) ROOP(self)" i.e. inward or spiritual(SOOKHSHAM ROOP) self; in the same way as in the Bible it is stressed that a Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly(of the flesh). And, therefore, those who proclaim the Sikh to be a "BINDI(seed) ROOP(self)" i.e. outwardly of the flesh(ASTHOOL ROOP) and identify him with Sikh tribe or KAUM, they are nothing else but the propagators of falsehoods known as KOORRIAYAR in Panjabi or the anti-christs.  Thus, to be a good learned Sikh is not a joke and such a person is "solitary" in nature as per the Saying of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, "GUR GIYAN ANJAN SATGUR PAYA, AGIYAN ANDHER BINASAE" i.e. after receiving the Light of Knowledge from a SATGURU, the Darkness of misconceptions vanishes away.


3. THIRD KHALSA COMMUNITY:-  The learned and the pure(KHALAS) of heart Sikhs have two options in serving God for the benefit of humanity.  One is to join the third Khalsa community after baptism and the other is to concentrate upon preaching the Gospel.  The Sikhs who are physically fit(JATTI) generally prefer to join the Khalsa Community(PAAR SHIV SENA) whilst the disabled or the people with great inclination towards preaching and service become the Apostles of the fourth community.


The transition from Sikh to Khalsa was not abrupt but slow and steady. This transition started from the Royal King HARGOBINDJI, who first started the work of SHAKTI MARAG alongwith expounding the AD-GRANTH SAHIB to the Sikhs.


The change over from the BHAGTI or BHAKHTI MARAG of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI to the SHAKTI MARAG of "GOBIND" was marked by the initiation rites conducted by SATGURU ARJUN DEVJI in which the head of HARGOBINDJI was shaved as part of the ritual(Ref.: "The Evolution of the Sikh Community" by W.H.McLeod, OUP. 1976 Pp.77).  This was done in accordance with the Hindu custom of shaving the head of the male person when he made progression from one ASHRAM(stage of life) to the next; so in the case of Royal King HARGOBINDJI, it was the progression from BHAGTI to SHAKTI MARAG that was marked by this shaving of head.


Further, as demi god SHIV had three consorts(PAARVATTI, DURGA AND KALI), so the Royal King HARGOBINDJI had three wives(DAMODRI, NANKEE AND MAHAN DEVI). The compound name "HAR GOBIND" reflects that He was the expositor of the Gospel(HAR) and exercised the Power(SHAKTI) of GOBIND(PAAR SHIV). Thus, in the name of "HAR"(PIRI), He established The AKAAL TAKHT(of BRAHMAN VARN) for the Apostles or NIRMALLAE SANTS of the fourth community and He retreated into the motherly care of the SHIVALIK HILLS for performing the work of "SHAKTI MARAG" in the name of "GOBIND".


Further, as the Royal King(SACHAE PAATSHAH) is superior to the king(BAADSHAH), and, therefore, He should look after the righteous kings that at His release from the Gwaliar Fort, Royal King HARGOBINDJI insisted upon and secured the release of innocent and oppressed kings.  That is, whereas the kings look after the property of people, the Royal Kings look after the "honour"(PATT) of the people.


Similarly, the names of Royal Kings HAR RAIJI and HAR KRISHANJI also speak for themselves the progression in transition.


Thus, SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI gave the finishing touch to The AD-GRANTH SAHIB and thus, to the BHAGTI MARAG by giving His own sacrifice to the most satanic Khatris of Kashmir Valley who had become the first rated Mullahs in the royal court of king Aurangzeb, a most hypocrite king of India whilst The Royal King GOBIND RAIJI gave the finishing touch to SHAKTI MARAG by establishing the independent Army of Philanthropic(PAR UPKAARI) KHALSA Soldiers.  As the name "GOBIND" also signifies SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI, so the Royal King GOBIND RAIJI was the incarnation of PAAR SHIV(ROOHANI, spiritual, NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAAR) as SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI was the incarnation of SHIV(DUNIAVI, secular, NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAAR).  Further, as SHIV is higher in status than VISHNU, so the Royal King GOBIND RAIJI, PAAR SHIV, was higher than SATGURU(PIR) NANAK DEVJI, PAAR VISHNU and, therefore, Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI called Himself "UCH DA PIR" i.e. Supreme PIR.


Thus, the Sikhs who want to be initiated into the third community of Khalsas do so through the "Baptism of Sacrifice"(similar to the "Eucharist of Sacrifice") at The True Throne, KES GARH SAHIB, situated at Anand Pur Sahib, Punjab after which they become the SARDAR Royal Soldiers of God(AKAAL PURAKH) and take up their permanent residence at one of the three True Thrones(SACHAE KHALISTANS) dedicated to the remaining three VARNS(professions); KES GARH SAHIB at Anand Pur Sahib for KHASHTRI VARN, PATNA SAHIB at Patna, Bihar for VAISH VARN and finally HAZOOR SAHIB at Nanded, Maharashtra for the SHOODAR VARN.


So, the three True Thrones are the Spiritual Seats of SHAKTI MARAG, where the oppressed persons go to demand justice which the secular courts had denied.  Further, as the BHAGTI and SHAKTI MARAGS are not compatible, so the senior Khalsas should not interfere into the business of the junior Sikhs unless there is a specific need to clean up such places off the Mammon worshippers as it is at present. Now, the Khalsas are of three types; the once-born simpletons of the flesh(BAE MUKH), the twice-born clever and dishonest of evil spirit(MUNN MUKH) and the wise of Holy ghost(GUR MUKH).


Men of flesh(MOORAKH) cannot understand the Gospel and, therefore, the Mammon-free nature of God.  Typical example of such Khalsas was the forty martyrs who had become Khalsas for the sake of material rewards of plunder but left the company of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI when He was under a siege and they had to go hungry.  But they earned their forgiveness and "Salvation" by fighting the soldiers of Turkus to their death after a twice-born devote lady in the name of MAI BHAGO had rebuked them for their foolishness which they realised.  Further, Ranjit Singh, a Sandhu Jat, had the rule of the Panjab for 40 years to fulfil the wishes of those forty martyrs and did a lot of foolish things to please the greedy priests.


The second type of Khalsas are the MUNN MUKH psychics of evil spirit, the vipers, who are too stubborn to give up their inherent nature.  It was in the search of such a person that Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI went to Nanded and got hold of a person called Madho Das who originally hailed from Kashmir Valley but had formed his following among the once-born simpletons of this far away land.  Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI occupied his camp and the psychic Madho Das tried all his cult powers against Him before submitting himself. Madho Das hypocritically surrendered to Him and acknowledged Him the Master in order to improve upon his powers.  Then, Madho Das got himself baptised in the name of Banda(servant) Singh alongwith his disciples and the Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI knowing very well the inherent nature of a MUNN MUKH person stressed home to him the three most basic tenets of Khalsa community, which are:-


1. You are not to get married and become a householder,


2. You are not to seek a secular kingdom and become a secular king and lastly


3. You are not to proclaim yourself a "GURU".


So long as Banda Singh stuck to the above mentioned three tenets of Khalsas, he had one victory after the other through the blessings of God and even earned the title of "Bahadur"(brave) for his bravery.  But soon after the death of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI, Banda Singh Bahadur became arrogant and proud of his prowess and transgressed all the three most basic tenets of Khalsas.


On observing this, the learned GURMUKH KHALSAS dissociated themselves from the company of Banda Singh Bahadur whilst the simpleton BAE MUKH Khalsas of flesh remained in the psychic grip of this MUNN MUKH(Mammon worshipper) Banda Singh Bahadur.  Finally, Banda Singh Bahadur and his blind Khalsas were besieged, captured and brutally murdered by the soldiers of shameless and cruel Turkus against whom the Royal Soldiers(Khalsas) of the Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI used to fight.  Banda Singh Bahadur made desperate pleas to TATT(True) Khalsas for help but they turned his pleas down flatly for they knew that he went astray of the tenets fully understanding them in spirit i.e. he reverted back to his old nature, a quality which is inherent in the MUNN MUKHS, knowingly and of his own free-will.  This fact was reflected in his sensible answers to his captors.


The above three tenets were further stressed by Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI in that after His own Baptism by His own Khalsas i.e. the Khalsas do not stand in the need of a "GURU" anymore and, therefore, those who call Him a "GURU" are not the learned Sikhs, His third marriage with SAHIB KAUR was never consummated.  The other two wives were JEETO JI and SUNDRI JI, who had children.  And also the marriage rites of Bhai Joga Singh were not allowed to go through to completion.


Thus, a TATT or True Khalsa of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI dedicates his life(symbolised in KARRA, the iron Bangle) to God for good and works as a dedicated Soldier(PAAR SHIV SENA) of PAAR SHIV Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI(DAE SHIVA MUJHAE VAR.... i.e. PAAR SHIV(God) give me strength and blessings to fight the cruel oppressors for the sake of righteousness).


So, the learned Sikhs go to one of the three True Thrones of SHAKTI MARAG for the "Baptism of Sacrifice" and this Baptism cannot be conducted in the Gurudwaras of BHAGTI MARAG as it is being done to-day.  The result of such a malpractice is that the psychics(MUNN MUKHS) have created their own army of imposter Bandaei Khalsas and sing the praises of their master psychic Banda Singh Bahadur.


Thus, the present demand for a secular state of Khalistan is also in the name of Banda Singh Bahadur and not in the name of the Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI.  This will become clear later on.


4. FOURTH NIRMALLAE SANT COMMUNITY:-  The learned Khalsas who want to further their knowledge for preaching Gospel, then leave the third community of Khalsas and go to places of learning such as Banares before returning to The AKAAL TAKHT of the fourth community of Apostles.  Thus, AKAAL TAKHT dedicated to the BRAHMAN VARN is the Seat of NIRMALLAE SANTS or (PAAR)BRAHM GYANIS who are well-versed in the knowledge of VEDAS as well.


In fact, the knowledge of VEDAS lies on the finger-tips of those who are well-versed in the knowledge of The AD-GRANTH(BRAHM GYANI KO KHOJAE MAHESHWAR; NANAK BRAHM GYANI AAP PARMESHWAR i.e. MAHESH seeks the BRAHM GYANIS to know about the Gospel of PAAR BRAHM and a BRAHM GYANI himself depicts the Nature of God).  Jesus, Who was the first anointed Christ(SATGURU) of God, said, "The least of my disciples is greater than John, the Baptist, a Levi Rabbi or Pandit".  Thus, the Rabbis or Pandits are like the moon who are witness to the Light(Sun) but not the Light, which are SATGURUS, the Christs.


The NIRMALLAE SANTS, like the Apostles of Jesus, do not handle money and this is well stressed by Jesus in Matt.10.9-15: "Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat(food).....".


Thus, the service of both the HARMANDIR SAHIB and AKAAL TAKHT is the duty of the Sikhs.


Further, the NIRMALLAE SANTS go around the country preaching the Gospel of Love and Service and no one among them could be a leader or JATHEDAAR at AKAAL TAKHT, who could either impose his views upon or issue edicts(FATWAS) or the orders to the others as the learned Sikhs of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI are the liberated persons who are sensible enough to perform their own duties diligently.  The Apostles being of the Family of Holy Spirit are all the Twin Brethren of Jesus and Nanak.


Thus, the Apostles could best be analogised to school teachers whose pride lies in their producing good students.  So, if the Apostles preach the Gospel effectively, then we can expect TATT Khalsas at the True Thrones to protect the righteous persons from the tyrants but if the Apostles at the AKAAL TAKHT are missing and instead you have the blind or the psychic leaders(JATHEDAARS), who even cannot be of their own secular tribal father, then the possibility of having TATT Khalsa is very very remote.


Further, the Apostles do not carry any sword as the Khalsas do because they have to be the loving servants of people and not to frighten them with sword.  In fact, they ply the double-edged Sword(KHANDA) of Gospel(NAAM) and their earning of the Godly Treasures(NAAM RATTAN) is through DHIYAN MARAG. Also, the NIRMALLAE SANTS being the Roving Preachers of RAM, they cannot establish permanent schools or residences as at present they are doing and calling their shops "true thrones".


COMPATIBILITY OF THE FOUR COMMUNITIES:-  Now, none of the four communities of religion is compatible with its neighbouring communities.  Thus, the Hindus learn the secular moral laws pertaining to "flesh" that are based upon the animal instincts of "Tit-for-Tat" e.g. the story of Shri Ram Chanderji and king Ravan of Lanka, whereas the Spiritual Principles pertaining to soul are based upon the Love and Service in which you present the other cheek.


Further, whatever applies to flesh, the opposite applies to soul e.g. in the secular world every one has his own parents whilst in the spiritual world, we all have One Parent, Father God and Mother Holy Spirit; identity(JAATI) of the flesh is through "birth"(JANAM), a quantity whereas of the soul is through "deeds"(KARAM), the qualities.  Therefore, the first Hindu community of KARAM MARAG is not compatible with the second Sikh community of BHAGTI MARAG.  Similarly, the second community of BHAGTI MARAG is not compatible with the third Khalsa community of SHAKTI MARAG e.g. Bhai Ghaniya of the BHAGTI MARAG confused most of the Khalsas of the SHAKTI MARAG.  This point will become clear on scrutinizing the "frontal marks" of the worshippers of BRAHMA, VISHNU and SHIV which are at cross with each other:


Brahma/Paar Brahm, Vishnu/Paar Vishnu and Shiv/Paar Shiv

The frontal markings of SHIV have the third eye of VISHNU in line with the markings of VISHNU meaning that the destructive work of SHIV is done in the light of VISHNU.


In the same way, the Khalsas during performing their duties of SHAKTI MARAG do so keeping in mind the knowledge of BHAGTI MARAG or the Gospel i.e. a Khalsa should first learn to "love and serve" people before taking on arms to kill the Turkus and their fanatic supporters.  The third and the fourth communities are not compatible in that the Apostles are to ply the loving double-edged Sword(KHANDA) of Gospel(NAAM) whilst the Khalsas are to ply the frightening sword(KIRPAAN) of "steel".


Further, the Hindus fight for their king(BAADSHAH) and are paid in Mammon for the services they render whilst the Khalsas fight for their Royal King(SACHAE PAATSHAH) GOBIND SINGHJI and are not paid in material but in spiritual wealth, the Salvation.


Similarly, the BHAGATS of the second Sikh community and the NIRMALLAE SANTS of the fourth Apostolic community share the common goal of studying and expounding the Gospel respectively except that the Sikhs are secular householders whilst the NIRMALLAE SANTS are not the householders.


Thus, both the Hindus and the Sikhs are householders(secular) whilst both the Khalsas and the NIRMALLAE SANTS are not householders(spiritual).


It is for the compatibility or common goal of the Sikhs and the NIRMALLAE SANTS that the two Holiest of Holy places in the world are situated within the same complex.  This is further stressed in the Saying, "HAR JAPAE HAR MANDIR SAJAEA; SANT BHAGAT GUNN GAWAE RAM JEO" i.e. HARMANDIR SAHIB has been established for the NIRMALLAE SANTS and the Sikh BHAGATS to sing the praises of God(RAM).


And, it was for the non-compatibility of the BHAGTI and the SHAKTI MARAGS that the Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI never visited the HARMANDIR SAHIB complex.


Further, if you understand why the "QURAAN" is called a "KETAEB"(an odd book), then the present situation in which the so-called Sikhs carry sword into the Gurudwaras is similarly odd, which is amply reflected in the odd ARDAAS, the Sikh prayer.


Finally, the seniority of the communities is in the same order as their numbers and the VARNS.  Thus, the disciples of Satguru Nanak Devji are superior to the Hindus, Khalsas are superior to the Sikhs and the NIRMALLAE SANTS are superior to the Khalsas.  Therefore, if the NIRMALLAE SANTS find that a particular Gurudwara is being exploited by a MUNN MUKH MAHANT(bishop), then they can order the Khalsas to sort the matter up as their Royal King Gobind Singhji did lead His Khalsas to kill the corrupt MAHANTS and, therefore, on such occasions the Khalsas could enter a Gurudwara.


At present, the HARMANDIR SAHIB and the other Gurudwaras are being exploited beyond limits, and, therefore, the TATT Khalsas should consult the NIRMALLAE SANTS for getting them purged off the MUNN MUKH MAHANTS(greedy bishops).


DEDICATION OF THE SACRAMENTAL FOOD:-  This is related to the type of worship in different communities.  Thus, in the first community of Hindus for flesh or ASTHOOL ROOP, there is the worship of the statues of demi gods and goddesses as in flesh, we have male and female; therefore, the sacramental food is distributed after dedication to the statues.


In the second community of Sikhs, there is the worship of Gospel or SHABD; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to SHABD, "His Word" and not to the mini-sword of SHAKTI MARAG as it is prevalent to-day.


In the third community of Khalsas, there is the worship of fighting "weapons"; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to weapons especially the sword(KIRPAAN).


In the fourth community of Apostles, there is a pondering over the Gospel(BRAHM VICHAAR) in order to solve the religious problems; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to the exposition of Gospel or ALHAAM.


Finally, the salutation of the Hindus is "JAI HO"(you win in your secular mission), of the Sikhs is PARNAAM(I humbly honour you), of the Khalsas is SAT SRI AKAAL, BOLAE SO NIHAAL(Gospel is of the immortal AKAAL PURAKH and whosoever proclaims the Gospel may prosper in his life) and of the NIRMALLAE SANTS is NAMASKAAR(I have killed my "ego" of flesh through humbleness and perceive the Face of God in all the living beings).


WHY THE PRESENT MUDDLE:-  Those who are sensible should know that when SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI were to appear in the village Bakaala, then twenty two MUNN MUKH SODHI Khatris posed themselves as SATGURUS to the devote Sikh Labhu Shah of Lubana tribe.  Even after the outdooring of TRUE SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI, the imposters did not run away but even tried to kill Him. And when SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI went to Amritsar to pay His homage SATGURU NANAK DEVJI at HARMANDIR SAHIB, the greedy MUNN MUKH SODHI Khatris again locked themselves in the HARMANDIR SAHIB and won't open the doors for Him to pay homage.


All these matters point to the fact that even when the rightful Owner of the House of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI was still alive, the greedy SODHI Khatris had occupied the House by force in order to make a business out of it as the greedy Prithi Chand had tried in the times of SATGURU RAM DASSJI.


Further, it were the same satanic Khatris who were responsible for the torture to death of SATGURU ARJUN DEVJI at Lahore and the bricking into the wall alive the two infant sons of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI at Sirhand.


Why the people of Khatri tribe behaved so will become clear on understanding the fact that in the TRETA YUG they were highly learned angelic people(DEVTAS) who in the KAL YUG were to become the opposite, the stubborn and clever satans.  So, the Spiritual Doctors, SATGURUS, had to appear among these spiritually sick satanic Khatris who were much worse than the spiritually sick satanic people of the Judah tribe among whom Christ Jesus appeared.  Therefore, the satan Judas Iscariot was nothing as compared with those satanic Khatris, who are still very active.  Whilst in the DOAAPAR YUG, the Yadavs(Jats form a major portion of them) were simpletons that in KAL YUG they became the staunch supporters of SATGURUS and especially of the Royal Kings HARGOBINDJI and GOBIND SINGHJI.


It may be worthwhile to apply the above principle to the present situation in Sri Lanka and Kashmir.  In the Sri Lanka, king Ravan used to be the world renown Pandit and he had excellent law and order in the country i.e. Lanka used to be a "heaven" but to-day, the opposite in that it has the worst law and order in the world making the place a perfect "hell".  No wonder to-day Lanka is called Sri Lanka!!!


Remembering that the courtesy title "SRI OR SHRI" is either for the Prophets or BRAHM ROOPS or for the eunuchs of SHANKAR VARN who are nothing else but the bastards, not born of the prostitutes, but the self-made.


Similarly, the Kashmiri Sarsuts used to be known as "GURU BRAHMAN" but to-day the opposite they are the "GURU SATANS" especially the one who became the so-called Muslims.  But the people of Khatri tribe always surpassed the people of tribes devoted to the BRAHMAN VARN so much so that it was a proverb, "PUTT JAMAN KHATRANIAN KOI KOI BAHMANIAN" i.e. the sons of Khatris are far superior in religious knowledge than the people of tribes doing the work of BRAHMAN VARN.


Thus, the political situation in the Kashmir Valley shall be worse than that in Sri Lanka for it is the home of the satanic Sarsuts and Khatris. Further, the Gaur Brahmans of Kurukhshetar were known as the "ADI-GAURS" but to-day, they are the most ignorant Brahmans of all.


Now, the HARMANDIR SAHIB is supposed to be the monument of humility but to-day you find it having expensive gold plated domes, priceless artefacts, etc. all to the foolishness of the Jat king Ranjit Singh Sandhu.  Instead of a humble HARMANDIR, it was changed by the MUNN MUKH so-called GYANIS into a showpiece similar to the Hindu temple of JAGAN NATH so that the people could visit the place just to admire its decorative beauty but not to learn some lessons in humility.


In fact, at the times of king Ranjit Singh, a musician of HARMANDIR SAHIB in the name of Bhai Mansa set a good example of humility and contentment by distributing the money donated to him among the poor whilst the MUNN MUKH Sodhi Khatri Sant Singh, the so-called Gyani gathered wealth, lived like a king and got the most expensive decorations from Ranjit Singh for making money out of the pilgrims.  To-day, the same trend could also be observed in the other gurudwaras such as Bangla Sahib in New Delhi, which is almost all marble that is not comfortable to walk on either in the winter or in the summer.


Further, the idea of land attached to the HARMANDIR SAHIB was rejected by the SATGURUS but the most foolish Jat king Ranjit Singh attached land to it for the MUNN MUKH Gyanis to flourish.  In a nutshell, king Ranjit Singh helped the MUNN MUKH Sodhis and others to turn the humble Gurudwaras into the dens of Mammon worshippers.  No wonder the people learn nothing from such places than become the fanatics or get themselves fleeced!!!!


Now, I happened to visit Faridkot in the Panjab and was extremely happy to notice the great humility of the Gurudwara in the memory of Saint Bhai Faridji that is situated next to the castle but I was equally sad to see its beauty being marred by a sword placed in the front of GURU AD-GRANTH SAHIBJI, which was not compatible with the preaching of Bhai Faridji or any other BHAGATS in that if someone hits you, do not retaliate.  Also, sword is the weapon of SHAKTI and not of the BHAGTI MARAG.


I do not need to go deep into the activities of Mammon worshippers as this short article is a tip of the knowledge that is best learnt through lively hear-to-heart discussions.  Finally, remember that all the people of either the Khatri or the Judah tribe are not satans but among them are some people of knowledge far superior to any other people and, therefore, they are the best people to fight these satans.


RECOMMENDATIONS:-  Now, what steps should be taken to put the matter right? Some of these are:-


1. Let the NIRMALLAE SANTS take the control of their AKAAL TAKHT SAHIB with the help of either the government or some TATT Khalsas.  Thus, the government should ban the carrying of weapons into the HARMANDIR SAHIB and the Gurudwaras


2. All the land, pilgrim alluring artefacts, the gold on the domes, etc. should be sold to return the beauty of HARMANDIR SAHIB in simplicity and humility.  The money so raised and already in cash should be spent to feed the hungry in the different parts of the country and even abroad.


3. There should be no more fleecing of the pilgrims through such tricks as AKHAND PATHS.  Remember that Gospel or BAANI is for listening, understanding and acting upon and, therefore, just reading of the AD-GRANTH SAHIB on behalf of someone does not make any sense.  Thus, all the paid GRANTHIS and musicians should be sacked from all the Gurudwaras as the duty of reading and exposition is of the NIRMALLAE SANTS only.


Then, you can expect some learned Sikhs to feed the True Thrones with TATT Khalsas and to produce enough Apostles to go around the country and overseas to preach Gospel of RAM in honour of PAAR VISHNU SATGURU NANAK DEVJI. This will clarify the misunderstandings created by the Satan among the so-called Hindus and Sikhs.  Remember that it is the religion of Satan, who is selfish by nature, to bring about chaos and hatred among the ignorant people.


Finally, this type of knowledge is not for the common but for the rare sensible people of spirit and, therefore, there is no need to write too much to make it boring.



















This may sound extremely odd to many but the few chosen, who understand the New Testament and The AD-GRANTH SAHIB by "spirit" know it very well that Gospel is actually centred around "ISLAM".


Islam stands for one's "SUBMISSION TO THE WILL OF GOD" i.e. to the Righteousness of God and not to the wills or edicts of Mullahs, Popes, or the other so-called priestly imposters who impose their own righteousness upon others.  Jesus presents an excellent example of "Islam" in Luke 9.51-56: And it came to pass, when the time was come that He should be received up, He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem.  And sent messengers before His face; and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for Him.  And they did not receive Him, because His face was as though He would go to Jerusalem.  And when His disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?  But He turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of Man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.


That is Jesus did not impose His own will or righteousness but left the villagers to the Will of God in which the person has absolute "Freedom" either to accept His Will, "Islam" and enjoy the PEACE OF MIND or to reject it and make the world a living hell.  This is the true definition of "Islam" and if we define religion as one's duty towards God, then we say the religion of Jesus was Islam; whilst the present Pope, Bishops, priests, Mullahs, or other religious imposters who impose their own views upon others through edicts and Fatwas have nothing to do with The "Islam" of Allah or God that supports "humanity" but they are rather the Blind guides of the blind leading their fanatic flocks into pit or the clever psychics best represented as the satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa at Mina, who are leading their blind followers into strife and killing.


The same has been stressed by SATGURU(Christ) NANAK DEVJI in the last verse of the first stanza of JAPJI SAHIB, "HUKAM RAZAIE CHALNA, NANAK LIKHIA NAAL" i.e. the Way to Salvation in this Dark Age is to go by the Will of God and in addition to it there is the pre-destination that also plays part.


In fact, this Dark Age as it has already been stressed is the Age of "spirit" and not of the "works" anymore as it used to be when the Rabbis and the Pandits were honest and true to Matt.13.52.  Because the Rabbis and the Pandits had become corrupt and in-efficient that God sent His own anointed Christs in the names of Jesus and Nanak to preach the Gospel, called the Good News because it is always received through revelations.  God being spirit, so only the predestined people of "spirit" can understand Gospel. People of spirit are rare to come by and this is amply reflected in asking the so-called Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. whether they believed in Islam or not?  Most of them, especially the academicians, will say "no".


In brief, initiation into "Islam" takes place through the ceremony of "HAJJ" which is to make only the male children of 12 to 16 years of age "fatherful" or the "sons of Man".  Only the "sons of Man" could become the "sons of God" through the grace of Allah.  Thus, by becoming a "son of Man", the person just approaches the "threshold" of Islam.


The aim of Islam is to make the people "Mussallman".  The word "Mussallman" stands for "Mussallum - firm; Eeman - faith in Allah".  Thus, a true Mussallman is expected to be a "truthful, which is the raw or Kacha Eeman, and contented, which is the firm or Puka Eeman, person who exercises 'mercy', the Character of Allah, in his deeds".  And this is how Satguru Nanak Devji defined a "Mussallman": "MUSSALLMAN MOOM DIL HOWAE, ANTTER DI MAEL DIL TAE DHOWAE" i.e. a true Mussallman is a "merciful" person who washes the "internal filth" of the five temptations of heart over his "heart".



Thus, all the "truthful", "contented", called the "Royal Kings" and "merciful" people of the world for being going by the "Will of God" and not imposing or going by their own wills go by the tenets of "ISLAM" and , therefore, "ISLAM" is the universal religion of all the people having "Firm Faith in God" i.e. their own wisdom is "she" to That of God.  In fact, Islam being the Religion of Allah, the Primary Source of Gospel i.e. "SUN", the Mullahs, Popes, and the others have no place in True Islam and in Islam, it is the cleanliness of the heart reflected by one's conscience or NEEYAT that counts and not the idle "works".  So, in Islam one's conscience, in which "one treats others as one wishes to be treated", bears "fruit".


Therefore, a true "merciful" Mussallman never kills or robs another person for the sake of his property or imposes his own views upon the others. Therefore, the past invaders in the name of "Islam" being "cruel" were nowhere near a true "Mussallman" but they were rather the infidels or Kafirs.  And this is the time for them to pay the cost of cruelty.


A typical example will clarify the above concept.


Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India and was taking the booty of material wealth and women away.  The Khalsas of the Royal King Gobind Singhji could tolerate the material loot of this infidel invader but not the honour(PATT) of the people, the women being taken away as booty.  As the Khalsas are to preserve the "PATT" or honour of the people, so they intercepted the invader and in the ensuing battle, they made Ahmad Shah Abdali to run for his life and in the process, some of his queens were left behind.  The Khalsas being the enforcers of "Islam" treated the queens as their sisters and returned them safe and sound back to Ahmad Shah Abdali.  That was a great surprise for the infidel Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan.  Now, in this example, we shall term the "Khalsas" as true Mussallmans.


Thus, to be a true Mussallman is not a joke and the true followers of Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak are also the "true Mussallmans", who are contented with their lots and display mercy in their "deeds".


As in Allah, people pay for their past "deeds" within a short span of time, so the present sufferings of people could be the result of their past "deeds".  No wonder the poor countries who were the subject of oppressions in the past, shall inherit the "Kingdom of God".













Everything that happens in the world does so according to the "Will of God" and not to the designs of SATAN.  Therefore, a good grasp of the Gospel in the capacity of the "spirit of man" can give us some ideas as to what is happening and what shall we expect to happen in the near future.


Thus, at present we are passing through GREAT TRIBULATIONS PERIOD(GTP), which started in May, 1988 and it is expected to end in the year 2000. During this GTP, there shall be many riots, both sectarian and non-sectarian, in which the "tares" and "merciless" people will kill and burn each other.  In the East, these killings shall be on a retail or selective basis whereas in the West on a wholesale basis.


The criteria of destruction is laid down in all the religious books whereas in the New Testament it is much more explicit and easy to understand than in the AD-GRANTH SAHIB of the Sikhs.  The procedure of destruction as the present Dark Age approaches its end has been well outlined by Jesus in Matt.13.24-30 and it is stressed again in Matt.15.13: But He answered and said, "Every plant(person), which my heavenly Father hath not planted(every one who shall forget his tribal integrity), shall be rooted up(shall be killed alongside his supporters)".  The same has been stressed by Christ Nanak, "BEO BEEJ PATT LAE GAE, ABB KEUN UGHWAE DAAL" i.e. those people who shall not forget their tribal "seed", will remain honourable.


The "fruit" of this Saying was reaped by our family during the transfer of population in India in 1947 when my father repulsed a sectarian mob by becoming himself the "son of Man" and making the attackers also the "sons of Man".  That is, the "tares" came as the foes but returned to their homes as the "sons of Man", the best friends.  Such an example, you shall rarely come across as fanaticism breeds fanaticism.


Now, let us ponder over the above mentioned basic criteria.  The plants that have been planted by God are the "wheat plants", which bear fruit whilst the "tares" that were planted by the "sons of Satan" bear thorns or troubles. Here, by plants we should not confine ourselves to vegetation but it is a general allegory that has been used by Jesus for people.


Thus, Adam being created by God, we say that Adam was planted by God and, therefore, Adam represents the "wheat plant".  Thus, those who represent Adam through lineage or seed are also called the "sons of Man or Adam".


Now, we represent the seed of Adam through races, tribes, clans, surnames, etc. and this integrity of flesh is to be maintained by us in our tribal or political affairs.  Countries being the tribal homes of the "sons of Man", therefore, in politics only the tribes concerned are to take part.  But this is not so in most of the countries and it is there that the Tribulations shall be greatest of all.


For example, the country England belongs to the people of English tribe and, therefore, all the political affairs of England should be run by the people of English tribe only whereas it is not so and the people have formed man-made and irresponsible non-tribal political parties such as Conservative, Labour, SDP, etc. in which the members change their colours to suit their whims.


Thus, the people were born in the tribal homes of their forefathers but when the time came to defend the political rights of their forefather's fatherland, they voted for someone else altogether.  Such people are nothing else but the "tares" planted by the psychic "sons of Satan" at night(lack of the religious knowledge or Light).


In other cases, the people vote for political parties based upon religious selves such as Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.  Knowing very well that religion is a matter of heart i.e. Rom.2.28-29: "For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letters; whose praise is not of men, but of God", the people become "tares" when in politics they suppress their tribal integrity in Adam by the false spiritual integrity in the so-called God that is against "His Will"; it is like a square peg in a round hole.  Such irreligious people of appearances or of the flesh and not of the hearts become sectarian "fanatics" that are more harmful "tares" than the non-sectarian "tares" such as Conservative, Labour, SDP, Congress, Communist, etc.


Based upon the above understanding of the "wheat plants" and the "tares" and knowing that the planet earth is for the inhabitation of the tribal "sons of Man" i.e. Rev.7.4:"And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel", let us predict the future of some of the countries:-


LEBANON:-  In this country the people have forgotten their tribal integrity altogether and they strongly represent themselves in politics in the name of Muslims and Christians.  Therefore, the destruction of the country shall be great and by 1995, Lebanon may be razed to the ground.  In fact, Lebanon and Sri Lanka will remain the living pictures of "Hell".


ISRAEL:-  This country is almost 100 per cent of the Jews of flesh and, therefore, they shall experience a Great Tribulations in 1995 and that is going to be much worse than that they had experienced in 70 A.D., when their Holiest of Holy Temple in the world was taken away from them for ever i.e. they cannot re-build this temple again and if they did, it will be destroyed alongwith the country on AAB 9, 1995, which I understand falls on 5 August, 1995.


In fact, the seeds of Isaac being the chosen people of God, it is through them that God gives us practical instructions in His Will.  Further, the sequence of events leading to Great Tribulations are predictable in that in the years 1988 to 1990, the Jews shall maltreat the Palestinians; in the years 1990 to 1992, the Palestinians may be expelled from their homes and Israel may also expand its territory ; in the years 1992 to 1994 the atrocities of the Jews of flesh will be well known all over the world and in the seventh year 1995, Greatest of all the Tribulations will take place. Not all the Jews being the "Tares", merciful people in the manners of Lot will be saved as Lot was saved from the destruction of Soddom and Gomrah.


AFGHANISTAN:-  This country is also in the limelight and the people have a strong tribal integrity.  This tribal integrity will save them from complete ruin.  The sequence of events shall be that in the years 1988 to 1990, the people shall fight with each other leading to much bloodshed; in the years 1990 to 1992, the country shall have many factions trying to rule over the country but without much success; in the years 1992 to 1994, the religious "fanaticism" between the different factions will die down and the people shall try to gather under a king elected by their tribal chiefs and the political parties shall have little religious colours to dominate the politics and in the year 1995, the king will be well established and the people shall be living in peace against the background of neighbouring countries that will have much of the Tribulations.


In fact, in the past the Afghans invaded less strong countries like India and now they are supposed to bear the "fruit" of their past "deeds" of looting and killing.  Only the "merciful" Afghans shall survive the Tribulations.


INDIA AND PAKISTAN:-  These two countries are basically of the same tribal people and they will have Tribulations right to 2000 when the Third Atomic War is expected.  Tribulations will be much concentrated in the Punjab where the Holiest of Holy Temple in the name of Golden Temple is also there in Amritsar.  Remembering that the Holiest of Holy Temple in Amritsar is a Spiritual Hospital for the spiritually sick people, the cheats, there shall be much Tribulations in this area than say in Haryana or Peshawar.  The order of Tribulations being governed by the Saying of Satguru Nanak Devji:"BEO BEEJ PATT LAE GAE, ABB KEUN OGHWAE DAAL".  By 1995 states like the Punjab shall have no law and order and in 2000 there shall be a Great War between India and Pakistan.


WESTERN WORLD:-  They are mostly the nations that are led by the "psychic" politicians who hypocritically proclaim Jesus to be their Lord and God but lose no chance in selling their weapons to the poor of the Third World countries i.e. they supply the arms by the right hand and bread by the left. Most of them being the Mammon worshippers have no "conscience", never mind the love and service of Jesus, in their bloods.  They shall perish by their own Atomic Arsenals in 2000 A.D., when the THIRD JUDGEMENT WAR will take place in which the Beast(sons of Satan) will be locked in the BOTTOMLESS PIT.


>From the year 2000 to the year 2050, the remaining merciless people shall be weeded out and then we should expect the same situation as the Apostles experienced at the Pentecost.  Then the money shall have no value or importance and as Mammon is the root of all evil and chaos, there will be perfect "PEACE".


Finally, one should not forget that the "spirit" of man knows only the things of men and to err is human.  Therefore, the above PREDICTIONS should not be taken for granted but they are presented in good faith to warn people of the coming events whose shadows have been studied by me in the light of Holy Books.  If I had possessed the very "Spirit of God", as the Apostles did, then I could have given you the precise times and dates of the events -1Cor.2.11: For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.







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