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In the whole world, there is nothing more instructive in the "Will of God" than the history of the "chosen people". So, a detailed study of the Jews will sum up the whole concept of Religion.

Thus, we have all heard about the claims made by the Jews as to be the "chosen people" of God but unfortunately very few try to understand the lessons that God is continuously imparting to us through favours and disfavours to these chosen people. Therefore, it is very important for us to understand the origin and history of these chosen people. Anyone of you who will comprehend the God's Temperament towards these people, will also be able to foresee the future events in the world.

Thomas Logo 5: Jesus said, "Recognise what is in your sight, and that which is hidden(of God) from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest". Also, Thomas Logo 103: Jesus said, "Fortunate is the man who knows where the brigands will enter, so that he may get up, muster his domain, and arm himself before they invade".

The story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac is well-known to most of us but still it will be worthwhile to recapture the highlights. Abraham was an upright person who loved God through loving and serving the people. His hospitality to the strangers was exemplary and he always gave an honest and earnest opinion to others. He always upheld righteous people. It is for this spirit of hospitality that Abraham is still living and being respected in our memories as Christ Jesus is living and being honoured by us for the spirit of Gospel.

Abraham had Sarah as his lawful wife but they were getting advanced in age without having a son to carry on the "seed" of Abraham. Sarah was troubled at heart and presented the young slave girl called Hagar to Abraham to have a son from her. Abraham being still capable of producing children and Hagar being a young slave girl, there was no biological problem in giving birth to a son named Ishmael. Even after the birth of Ishmael, Sarah kept on loving and serving Abraham undauntedly even though Hagar had become a bit "arrogant".

One day, Abraham and Sarah served the devotees of God so well that pleased with their hospitality they announced that Abraham and Sarah will have a "son". Both Abraham and Sarah being well advanced in age started to "laugh" that how could an old couple have a "son"! But the "Boon" of the holy men was not in vain and they did produce a "son" called "Isaac".

Now, Isaac being born because of the blessing of the Saints, he was called a "Promised Child" in order to differentiate him from Ishmael born of the natural young age of Hagar. Further, as Sarah was the lawful wedded wife of Abraham, Isaac was taken to be superior in the eyes of Sarah but to Abraham both the sons were equal in all respects. 

The descendants of "natural" Ishmael are known as "Arabs" whilst those of the "spiritual" Isaac as the "Chosen people" of God. Further, Isaac being the "Promised Child" of God also received the Holy "Promised Land" of honey and milk to live in. But the chosen people soon became proud of the abundance of fruits produced by the Promised Land and started to display "pride" in the favours of God towards them. 

These favours of God made the descendants of Isaac "arrogant" as one could see in the treatment that the Jews gave to the Gentile whilst the descendants of Ishmael remained humble in "spirit" but remained proud in the moral qualities especially the righteousness and hospitality of Abraham. 

So, the Arabs, mostly nomads, earned their world-wide reputation for hospitality to the strangers in the spirit of Abraham whilst the chosen people in the knowledge of Holy Scriptures by the "letters". This arrogance or stiff-neckedness in "letters" among the Jews of flesh is still observed in their Synagogues. Thus, Jacob, the son of Isaac was so well-versed in the Scriptures that he became "arrogant" to God.

Arrogance means ones challenge to the Wisdom of God that leads one to works that are against the "Will of God"; remember the "arrogance" of Peter when he rebuked Jesus. This arrogance of Jacob caused strife among his sons and Joseph was the only son who remained humble and submissive to the "Will of God". Therefore, Joseph remained honest in his dealings with his brothers and under the gracious "Hand of God", he did good deeds to his brothers in return for the bad ones they had done to him.

Thus, God gave Joseph wisdom which his other dishonest and selfish brothers and arrogant father were denied of and at the same time the Promised Land of honey and milk turned barren as the sons of Jacob had become disloyal to God. Further, the story of starving brethren of Joseph going to Egypt, the land of Arabs loyal to God, to buy/beg for food and the generosity of Joseph that reflected the hospitality and wisdom of Abraham in Ishmael is well-known to us. On the other hand, the Arabs continued to love people through hospitality and kept on enjoying the blessings of God in terms of the abundance of food.

The above facts Jesus summarised in the Parable of Prodigal son - Luke 15.11-32. In this Parable, Father is God, the elder son are the descendants of Ishmael, the Arabs whilst the younger prodigal son are the descendants of Isaac, called Jews. The suffering of Jews in Egypt is compared to the son eating food that is given to pigs, i.e. a food of the lowest quality that they never had to eat in Israel when they were loyal to God.

Their repentance is the forty years stay in the wilderness when Moses looked after them and their return to the lush green Promised Land is compared to the killing of the fattened calf. This Parable also gives us a lesson that in God, unlike in Moses, a person has a "free will" either to leave Him, i.e. to become un-faithful to God, and suffer at the hands of Satan or stay with Him humble and enjoy His blessings. So, also the people have a "free will" in Jesus.

This faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God by the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael is further reflected in the stories relating to the sacrifices of Abraham-Ishmael and Abraham-Isaac. In the Abraham-Ishmael story, there is a mention of the repulsion of Satan by Ishmael before God presented to them a ram for sacrifice and rejoicing whereas in the Abraham-Isaac story, there is no mention of the repulsion of Satan, because, unlike Ishmael, the people of Isaac being the Jews of flesh were already of the Satan and not of God. Therefore, no ram could be presented to Abraham - Isaac and this is depicted in the Promised Land becoming barren.

And this is a typical example of the "corruption" of the Holy Books analogised by Jesus to the "old cloth", the written Holy Books, developing holes, which cannot be patched with the Brand New Cloth but they are repairable through the knowledge of Gospel i.e. Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to destroy it.

The key to understand the criterion of faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God lies in the Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly(of the spirit) and not outwardly(of the flesh)". Thus, the descendants of Isaac when they become the Jews of flesh through the circumcision of flesh and the birth of a Jewish woman, who has no "seed", then they are un-faithful to God whilst when they become Jews of spirit through the circumcision of their heart, then they become faithful to God. Thomas Logo 53: His disciples said to Him, "Is circumcision beneficial or not?" He said to them, "If it were beneficial, their Father would beget them already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become completely profitable".

Thus, most of the present Jews of flesh who claim Israel to be the country of Jews and they normally talk in such terms as the Jewish race, the Jewish settlements, etc. are the people who are un-faithful to God, whereas the faithful to God Jews of spirit always talk in terms of the tribal identity of the flesh. Thus, in the Revelation the people who will be saved are clearly mentioned in terms of the tribes, the sons of Adam, and not as the Jews. It is also worth stressing that the Hajj rites are in honour of Abraham who earned the title of "Father of the faithful" but at present these rites have COMPLETELY lost their significance. In short, the Hajj is for entry into the realm of "Islam" but not for the so-called Muslims.

In Egypt, the Jews of flesh suffered and it was the Prophet Moses who appeared among them to save the descendants of the prodigal son. He took the Jews of flesh out of Egypt and kept them for forty years in the wilderness to transform them from the Jews of flesh loyal to Satan to the Jews of spirit loyal to God through repentance and faith. And after this transformation, Moses told them that from now on the mighty "Hand of God" being over their heads, they can enter the "Promised Land" of their own. So, Moses stayed behind in the wilderness to stress the supremacy of the Powers and Blessings of God over those of the man. If Moses had gone into the Promised Land alongwith the transformed Jews, then the powers and blessings of God would not have been appreciated by the people. As the "chosen people" of God entered their Promised Land that had become barren at them becoming arrogant and un-faithful to God, they started to re-enjoy the fruits of the same barren land in abundance. This is a typical example of the proof that there is a God Who cannot be seen but He is to be perceived through His miracles or effects.

But with the passage of time the chosen people again became arrogant and un-faithful to God. Thus, their freedom was short-lived and they became slaves in their own country. So, at the times of the arrival of Christ Jesus, they were slaves to Romans and were leading a highly immoral way of life in which the women could be divorced at will. The reason for the high immorality among the Jews of flesh against very little among the Gentiles(Arabs or Samaritans) or the Jews of spirit is that the Jews of flesh are very proud of their mighty king David. Now, among the other good deeds that king David did, he committed an act of "adultery" with the wife of an army officer. So, the Jews of flesh who take king David as their hero and model also commit adultery with pride.

Thus, in the times of Christ Jesus, those immoral Jews of flesh brought to Christ Jesus a woman, that they had caught red-handed in the act of adultery, for justice. Christ Jesus knowing the immoral nature of those Jews of the flesh, stayed cool-headed whiling away the time by writing over sand their sinful deeds so as to make them aware of their nature and also to let them steam off their anger at the immoral woman by quoting the various moral laws of Moses and the subsequent punishments. 

Jesus also allowed them to make the taunting remarks at Him such as that He considers Himself to be superior to our Rabbis, let us see what type of justice He can do? Christ Jesus knowing their nature and the matters of their hearts told them, "Let the one among you who has not committed adultery or such a sin throw the first stone at the woman." All of them, the adulterers and sinners, dispersed one by one and not a single stone was thrown at the woman.

But the woman was humble and repentant of her acts. Christ Jesus cautioned her to behave in future. This incident clearly leads one to the conclusion that the Jews of flesh were highly immoral and sinful people. In fact, they were doing deeds against the moral laws of Moses. Now, morality being the base for spirituality, it was to establish this moral order that John, the Baptist, an ideal moral teacher(Matt. 13.52) of Levi stock came to pave the way for the anointed Spiritual Preacher, the Christ of God, in the name of Jesus. 

Not all the Jews were immoral. The Jews who were leading an honest and hard working life, with the fear of God in their hearts, were the people which the Christ Jesus chose as His close-circle twelve disciples. Whereas, the arrogant Jews of flesh were too proud of the "letters" of the moral laws of Moses to absorb the "spirit" of God that the Christ Jesus came to pour out in abundance.

In the New Testament, "letters" are analogised to "old wine" and "spirit" to the "New Wine". So, those who were drunk with the old wine of the "letters" could not take the New Wine of "spirit" on top of it and it was for this reason that the Christ Jesus did not choose any Pharisee or Sadducee as His close-circle disciple but the ordinary working class men with the inclination towards God. The fruit that Judas Iscariot, a man of "letters" well-versed in many languages and disciplines, bore is well-known to us. From literature, I understand that Jesus did not choose Judas Iscariot but he rather pleaded strongly to be taken into the twelve for his skills.

The Christ Jesus summarised the situation in Thomas Logo 28: Jesus said, "I took My place in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. I found all of them intoxicated; I found none of them thirsty. And My soul became afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts and do not have sight; for empty they came into the world, and empty too they seek to leave the world. But for the moment they are intoxicated. When they shake off their wine, then they will repent".

Typical example of a person who was drunk with the old wine of "letters" was "Saul" who later on became Apostle "Paul". Saul was an ardent student of Rabbi Gamaliel, an old scholar of the Scriptures. He obeyed the moral laws of Moses by the "letters" and un-like the other Jews of flesh, he did perform acts in accordance with the moral laws of Moses. For devotion to God, he, like the Samaritan woman at well John 4, was leading a celibate life and, therefore, there was no question of immorality with him.

Thus, Saul was morally good and had great inclination towards God but he was drunk blind with the old wine of "letters". Because of his clean heart and devotion towards God that the Christ Jesus came into his life and shook off his old wine of the "letters" through the Damascus miracle of Lightening. The degree of blindness that the "letters" had caused in him towards "spirit" is best sensed through the thickness of scales that came off his eyes. For Saul, it was a new birth in "spirit" and, therefore, in honour of the Christ Jesus he changed his name from "Saul" to "Paul".

Taking into consideration the above, the present theologians of "letters" in the universities and colleges are doing a great deal of harm to the Christianity of Jesus by producing the blind "Sauls" drunk with the old wine of "letters" of both the old and the New Testaments and thus creating a far greater spiritual blindness than that which St.Paul had experienced.

And if you can realise that the Christ Jesus came into the world because the manly priests or the moral teachers in the name of Moses had become corrupt - Thomas Logo 102: Jesus said, "Woe to the Pharisees, for they are like a (greedy) dog sleeping in the manger of oxen(hard working people), for neither does he eat(cannot understand Gospel) nor does he let the oxen eat(ordinary people who can understand Gospel)".

The Christ Jesus being the living Mediator between God and us, we do not stand in the need of any manly interposer such as the present Pope, false fathers, bishops, The reverend, etc., the super hypocrites.

We being the children of Light are Royal Priests and Royal Kings of living God of the living present. Then by comparing the present dead clerics with the corrupt and blind Pharisees and Sadducees in the name of Moses, you will come to the conclusion that the present clerics are far worse off than those blind guides of the blind.

Thus, the present clerics are the people, who are worst of all drunk with the old wine of "letters", and therefore, they are very incapable of taking the New Wine of Spirit. Thus, the best disciples of Christ Jesus are the ordinary working class people with inclination towards God. Remembering that you cannot sell something that you have received "free", "His Word" is received "free" and, therefore, It is to be preached "free". The act of receiving free and giving free is called a "Royal" act. Therefore, the present clerics are neither the Royal Priests called the "Christs" because they are paid for their services i.e. they are the "hirelings" of Mammon. Nor they are the "Royal Kings" in that they are mostly the greedy parasites(dogs) of churches which are nothing else but the social clubs of Mammon which are nowhere near the serving and sharing communities of the Christ Jesus that set up the first Churches of God headed by the Christ Jesus.

In fact, a hireling of Mammon commits an act of "treason" if he preaches the Gospel of God instead of the atrocities of Mammon. Thus, none of the Apostles of Jesus was a "hireling" and St.Paul, Who had to stay longer than usual earned His living by making tents. However, let us return to our main theme, the "chosen people".

Thus, the Christ Jesus came among His own chosen people but they maltreated Him in the manner outlined by Him in the Parable of the "wicked husbandmen" Matt.21.33-46. Whilst in Matt. 23.34-39, Jesus counts some of the favours that God had rendered to the chosen people and describes how arrogantly they reacted to such favours of God. As the Jews of flesh drunk with the old wine of the letters rejected the Christ Jesus, the very Son of God, God displayed His anger against such arrogant and un-faithful to God people by destroying their Holiest of Holy Temple in the world in 70 A.D. Thomas Logo 71: Jesus said, "I shall destroy (this) House (Jerusalem Temple), and no one will be able to re-build it". Re-building of the Temple was attempted around 425 A.D. but it was destroyed by a mysterious fire.

Why the destruction of Temple in 70 A.D.? This is based upon the significance of Menorah that is the focal point of the moral teachers of Moses. Menorah has seven candles, the middle one corresponding to God which is kept at level with the other six as long as the Priests of Moses remain efficient but after they had become corrupt that is represented by the "old cloth(of letters) developing holes(corruptions)", and the Christ Jesus, the anointed Royal High Priest(Christ) of God appears to create the Royal Priests and Royal Kings, then the middle candle of God, the Lord of Sabbath, is raised above the other six in honour of the Christ Jesus, also called the Lord of Sabbath or the King of the Jews. 

Further, a religious person longs for ten religious qualities based upon 3+3+3+1=10 i.e. the 9 religious qualities are acquirable by people through "works" whilst the tenth quality, "Spirit", is received through the Grace of God only. The "Tenth Quality" is also represented by the "Tenth Golden Gate"(DASAM DAWAAR) situate eastwards of Jerusalem that is sealed because It is only opened by the Grace of God. Thus, we have 7 times 10 = 70 and this is also the number of Sanhedrin members forming the quorum. 

Also, Jesus had 70 outer circle disciples who were sent in pairs to cure the physically sick people, the part of normal duties performed by the Priests of Moses. They were sent in "pairs" because this physical or secular world of flesh is of the pairs whereas the spiritual or Celestial world of spirit is for the "solitary" - refer to the Parable of narrow and wide gates.

Here, it is also worth mentioning that the reason for Jesus choosing the twelve close-circle disciples was that they will be perfect in the "works" represented by the seven candles of Menorah i.e. in the name of John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi Priest of Moses, and their hearts shall be pure of the five specific spiritual limitations - refer to John 4. Thus, we have 7+5=12, the perfect number that signifies that the disciples of Jesus shall be capable of teaching the moral laws of Moses in order to induce morality in the name of John, the Baptist and be capable of preaching the Gospel in honour of Jesus to pour out the spirituality. Thus, the twelve tribes of the Jews of flesh have nothing to do with the twelve disciples of Jesus. This is another example of the corruption of the New Testament.

After the destruction of Temple, the un-faithful to God Jews of flesh had no right to live in the "Promised Land" of God as it had happened on the previous occasions. So, they were kicked out of their "Promised Land" mercilessly. The nature of the final treatment that God shall render to such arrogant and un-faithful to God people is described by Jesus in Matt.13.24-30. In this Parable, the people who are faithful to Adam, the "sons of Man", are described as "wheat plants" whereas those who are un-faithful to Adam, and thus to God, but faithful to Satan or Mammon, are described as "tares", the trouble-makers. Thus, Jesus generates True Love(Agape) among the "sons of Man" whilst Mammon creates hatred and killing.

Now, our 1000 years are equal to one Day of Lord and, therefore, 2000 years will make two Days of Lord. Also, the Christ Jesus sowed the Seed of "His Word" among the hearts of people almost 2000 years ago and, therefore, on the Third Day, Jesus should send His Angels to reap the "Crop" that is outlined in Matt.13.24-30: "That at the end of Age(KAL YUG), I will ask my Angels to bundle-up the "tares" and burn them".

The present collection of the Jews of flesh in Israel is this very process of bundling-up of the "tares" and God has protected them for 40 years to May, 1988. Now, they are having the grace period of seven years to 1995 when they shall be burnt. Here, I may stress that the spirit of man knows the things of men and is erring whilst the Spirit of God knows the matters of our hearts and is non-erring. So, I was wrong in my prediction(1996). But anyone who will take to Jesus in spirit shall be saved as Lot was saved from the hell of Sodom and Gomrah. Thus, the blind Rabbis that led the blind out of the Jerusalem in 70 A.D. have brought them back to face the final Judgement of God.

How could the Jews of flesh, the "tares", be gathered among the mighty Arabs, the "wheat plants", who hated them? God had His own plans. A person becomes weak when the Hand of God is removed from his head. Thus, in order to make the Arabs weak, God let Mammon loose among them in the form of oil wells. These oil wells brought in riches to them and alongwith it the curses of Mammon, the strife and killing, which the Europeans and the N.Americans are facing to-day.

Mammon also attracted first rated sons of Satan especially from India and Pakistan, who turned the Muslims of spirit into the Muslims of flesh, the "tares". The present sectarian riots in Beirut are the reflections of this consequence.

Thus, when the Arabs were poor -- the poor shall inherit the earth --, they were hospitable and displayed the natural qualities of Abraham but as they became rich, their hospitality dwindled and they turned from merciful Muslims of spirit to the fanatic Muslims of flesh.

The above is best summarised in that the time of Gentiles ended in May, 1948 and that of the Jews of flesh started. St.Luke 21.24: "And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captives into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled". The defeat of mighty Egyptian and other Arab armies in the six day June, 1967 war is a sound testimony that the times of Gentiles are over. Compare this event with the six day siege of Jericho!

Further, the times of Gentiles are not just over in the Arabian countries but they are also over in the Western countries as well, where in the past, they were tortured. Thus, in the countries where the people had tribal integrity i.e. they were sons of Man, the Jews of flesh were tortured. For example, in England when the English were English and not Conservative, Labour, etc., the "tares", many Jews of flesh were murdered around 1200 A.D. but with the passage of time, as Mammon turned the British into "tares", the persecution of the Jews of flesh decreased. In Britain, the present Conservative, Labour, SDP, etc. political parties amply reflect the divisions of English, Scots, Irish and Welsh on the basis of Mammon rather than the tribes.

The last tribal integrity and awareness in the West was displayed by the Germans and the resultant persecution of the Jews of flesh are still fresh in our memories. But they also have become "tares" to some degree and the domination of the Jews of flesh in these countries is well demonstrated by the court actions against such persons as Barbie and Dr.Kurt Waldheim. These people have no defence against these Jews of flesh unless they become sons of Man again through their tribal awareness as it was under Hitler, the natural man of flesh. 

In fact, the situation in the United Germany is ripe for serious disturbances to occur from 1992 to 1994. Thus, the countries without any tribal domination or awareness such as the U.S.A. proved haven for the Jews of flesh. So, to-day the Jews of flesh are dominating the Western world in the manners of a "JEWISH EMPIRE". Therefore, such countries will burn in the Third World War expected to take place in 2000 after their rulers in Israel have had the worst -- Matt.13.30.

Remember that man cannot produce weapons or act without the "Will of God" and, therefore, the present technological developments are taking place according to the "Will of God", which Jesus has outlined crystal-clear in the New Testament and those who shall take to sword shall be killed by that very sword. 

Finally, it is very difficult indeed to do justice to such an interesting and instructive subject in such a short space. I cannot write everything in detail as the things of spirit are for the sensible people only; the main reason for Jesus not proclaiming His Christship to the general public.

I also must stress that some of the Jews of spirit, like the "centurion" of spirit, whose servant was sick, are nice and very frank in admitting that they were turned out of their Promised Land because they had become un-faithful to God by proclaiming that a Jew is one who is born of a Jewish woman i.e. a "seedless" person.

But in the Kingdom of God, it is never too late to repent and be saved in the manner of Lot. So, please take off your veils of arrogance in "letters" from your faces and be humble in spirit to perceive the caressing favours that God has already bestowed upon you for being His most favoured Chosen People. Remember that to whom more is given, more is expected from him too!!!

In Jesus, Love(Agape) and not hatred is our base in preaching the Gospel. Therefore, the people of world should show a great sympathy towards the "Chosen People" for the sacrifices and sufferings they underwent in order to demonstrate to us the "WILL OF GOD" that is not easy to grasp. For this reason, they are also known as the nation of "priests", who will guide the world how to become faithful to God.

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