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This is the Age or Yug when all the three religious qualities mercy, contentment and truth are lacking among most of the people.  For this reason, this Age is called a “Dark Age” or “Kalyug”.  So, the hypocrites put on religious garbs to fleece the simpletons and the hue and cry of the devotees leads to the appearance of Christ/Satguru to enlighten the minds of people.  Two such anointed Christs appeared but the greedy people for the sake of gold still managed to mislead the majority of people.  Thus, there are very few people of discerning intellect who stick to their own Christ, “innerman”, within their hearts.  Those, who tread the wide road of Satan, mock such solitary persons. 



AGES/YUGS:  The concept of four Ages, called YUGS in India, is not so well known in the West than it is in the East.  Ages are based upon the religious qualities of most of the people and their understanding forms a good basis for religious studies.


Based upon the three religious qualities – mercy, contentment and truth that are acquired through "works" and which are also the measures of "DHARM", faith or EEMAN – along with the foundation of religion that is shame, SHARM or HEEYA displayed through "conscience", there are four religious Ages in the Cycle of Ages.  The eastern symbol of "SWASTIKA" represents this Cycle of Four Ages.  The significance of these four Ages is as follows:-


1. GOLDEN AGE OR SATT YUG:  This is the Age of bliss and happiness in which the child-like innocent and unbiased people live in harmony with Nature and they enjoy the blessings of God.  In the Bible, this Age has been summarised as Adam and Eve living in the company of their creator (KHUDA, BRAHMA or Yahweh) and enjoying the fruits of the Garden of Eden.  Most of the people possess all the three qualities of religion and for the quality of "mercy", which is the very "Seat" of God (Refer to the “Holiest of Holy inner Temple); the people are called "VAAS DEV" i.e. angelic people.  Such people are still found deep in the jungles away from the civilisation of Mammon.


They neither knew Mammon nor hatred, cheating and killing each other in the name of Mammon.  Rather they lived like one people and for them the whole world was a single Nation. This is termed locking the Beast in the Bottomless Pit and Jesus referred to this Age as the "beginning" - Matt.19.8: "He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness (cruelty) of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so". As people became cruel (Exodus), then the first Prophet appears to guide them how to be merciful in their deeds and established Laws in line with “His Word” called Oral Torah. So, Moses in the Middle East and Shri Ram Chander Ji in India were the Law Giver Prophets called “MURYADA PARSHOTUM AVTAR” and they established the system of Rabbis/Brahmins of certain tribe (Levi)/ tribes (Sarsutt, Gaurr, etc.) as the Moral Teachers, Matt. 13v52 and the transgression of the moral laws in ignorance was called "sin" and the Cohen/Brahmin would punish the natural once-born boys. Thus, sin was doing something wrong unknowingly or innocently as the children do but not knowingly as the adult Rabbis and Pandits started in this Dark Age for the sake of greed and they became hypocrites, which is transgression against the Holy Spirit. The present Dark Age or KAL YUG is expected to end soon through Atomic War ushering in the SATT YUG again.


With the passage of time, when most of the people became biased and merciless, then the second Silver Age or TRETA (three) YUG starts.


2. SILVER AGE OR TRETA YUG:  Most of the people of this Age were merciless and the easy targets of their temperaments were their own wives.  As "mercy" is Essence or Seat of God, people are said to have been thrown out of the Garden of Eden for being the sinners.  For this reason, Prophet SHRI RAM CHANDERJI, an incarnation of demi-god VISHNU, in India and Moses in the Middle East appeared to guide and up-lift the devotees. They put down the moral laws in the Light of His Word (Moses saw the very Face of God or put on the Christ, and wrote Torah but He showed the back, not the Face, of God to people), which were then enforced by the Rabbis/PANDITS. Rabbis/Pandits being unbiased spiritual people used to temper the moral laws with “mercy”.  Ideal Rabbi has been defined by Christ Jesus in Matt. 13.52 as the owner of a House who bringeth forth Treasures old and New.


People for following the moral laws to the "letters", were termed "Angel/Devta". In Mammon, empires were also established and so the buying and selling of goods was introduced.


In general, the people were wise enough to manage their own religious and political affairs and they did not stand in the need of statues for their worship.


3. BRASS AGE OR DOAAPAR YUG: - In this Age, most people became devoid of both "mercy" and "contentment".  Thus, they became possessive and jealous as expected of the “egoistic” people or the natural man. Like the child-like simpletons, they would fight with each other as if they are jealous of each other.  They would feel proud by humiliating their opponents especially their own kith and kin.


Discontentment leads them to shed blood for their rights and the people being simple minded, there is much worship of gods and goddesses.  SHRI KRISHAN BALDEV JI, an incarnation of demi-god SHIV and King David were the prophets of this Brass Age.


By the end of this Age, most of the Rabbis/PANDITS had become corrupt and hypocrites but the sensible honest ones among them left this top most profession for the second best farming profession.


4. IRON AGE OR KAL YUG:  This is the Age in which most of the people are devoid of all the three religious qualities mercy, contentment and truth that are also the measures of faith through "works". Without these three religious qualities, there is a religious Darkness and the corrupt priests became money-minded greedy than God-minded. As you cannot love God and Mammon, so the Rabbis/Pandits became selfish and hypocritical. They started to fleece the simple-minded devotees and turned Temples into business houses as Jesus was angered by such practices and turned their tables down. The present replacement of the Jerusalem’s Holiest of Holy Temple at Amritsar sets a good example of this fleecing. Tell me, what God has to do with gold?


In fact, the arrogance of the "letters" of the Holy Books, Torah/VEDAS, made them "blind guides" of the blind that the "Christ", the First anointed Royal High Priest of God, or the Anointed Son of God in the name of Jesus appeared among the most spiritually sick people of Judah tribe of King David to deliver Gospel in order to cure them of the “greed” but they rather turned around and killed Him through blasphemous accusations in front of the King Pilate for which they bore heavily when Jerusalem was seized and those hypocrite Rabbis and their stooges died like Swine in great number.  Do you know that the Temple High Priest and his band bribed their stooges to accuse Jesus falsely?


Eusebius gives a good account of their suffering in the hands of robbers for which they opted for rejecting Christ Jesus at the Trial. Remember that “sins” are forgivable but not the “blasphemy” as it originates from one’s heart.


Gospel is a beautiful and invaluable "Pearl" that enlightens the hearts of people so that they become the "children of Light" i.e. the "sons of God" and thereby walk in Light through this jungle of utter Darkness. Gospel stands for "GOOD NEWS" and It is received not by the "works" but through the Grace of God and no individual can pass it on to others, as in the case of “teaching” the secular subjects, except through the Powers of God. Thus, those who receive Gospel become "solitary" in that they do not follow the fashions of the world anymore. Such predestined people on receiving Christ within their hearts shake the yoke of slavery of those cheat Rabbis/Pandits from their shoulders and for being atheists, the Rabbis/Pandits proclaim them sinners for not attending their Synagogues on Sabbath.


Therefore, in Jesus we are to seek Gospel, Logo, through the "tool" of logical Reasoning. Further, Gospel being received through "Holy Spirit", our Mother, and not learnt by the "letters" in the universities, It is rather for the Pre-destined living people of "spirit" who by nature are unbiased and they are capable of logical Reasoning. Gospel is not for the biased and dead people of the "letters" such as the University Professors.


Also, in Jesus what comes out of your own mouth that matters and, therefore, the present dog-collared or frocked priests of "letters"/Mammon have no place in the ministry of Jesus. Rather they are nothing else but the anti-Christs of Mammon who even glorify God by killing and looting the poor people as it is done in the Church of England in November.


A person, man or a woman, who receives Gospel becomes a Royal Priest, i.e. a living Christ of God, of his own standing and such a master of his own destiny is called a “man” as in Logo 114 of GoT.  It is only the blind that seek the help of their blind guides or the dead Books. Thus, Gospel stands for freedom from the “Milk”, the Scriptures and the yoke of deceitful manly Priests.


In fact, for the Pre-destined people of "spirit" this Dark Age is a Golden Age for earning their own Salvation and at the same time fishing the Pre-destined people, men in spirit (Fishers of men and not of the women) in the name of Jesus and Nanak, the Two Anointed Christs of this Dark Age. This is termed plying the Double-edged Sword (KHANDDA) of "His Word", called NAAM in Panjabi.


KAL YUG or this Dark Age being the Age of “spirit” called “SURTI” in Punjabi, and not of the “letters”, every man has to give his own account to God. So, please do not sell yourself into the hands of Butchers, the anti-Christs, who would kill you for their own glory and pleasure.  GoT Logo on the person, who was carrying a living lamb over his shoulder for making feast on approaching his destination? He would not eat the living Lamb. He must kill the lamb before he eats. Christ in your heart makes you living and solitary capable of finding the Narrow Gate of the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus has been planted by our Father.





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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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