By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.



I am an Indian by birth but I have acquired British Nationality. I did my B.Sc. from Doaba College, Jalandhar in 1954 and moved to Britain in August, 57 as an apprentice Mechanical Engineer. I later on got M.Sc in Metallurgy and other professional qualifications. I had a good 15 years spell of University Senior Lecturership at Kumasi, Ghana and that put me on a sound financial footing. I had ancestral land in my village Nangal Fida, P.O. Salala, Near Adampur Doaba. I left the management of land to my only real sister also my namesake:-

Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Johal daughter of Late Chaudhry Udham Nijjhar of Village Nangal Fida, Near Salala, Adampur, Jallandhar. Her husband is Mr. Sucha Singh Johal son of Late Mr. Jagat Singh Johal originally from Village Johal Bolina but now settled at 682L, Model Town, Jallandhar and he own Johal Market.


I used to visit India after 2 to 4 years and in July, 86 I visited India but due to the restriction of movements, I had Indian Visa excluding the Punjab. So, in August, 86, I went to Chandigarh to get the Visa stamped for the Punjab in order to visit my only sister and the village people.

But she in collaboration with her husband had hatched a plan to cheat me of my ancestral land. My land during the 1947/48 allotments was split into 7 plots and she told me that she could get it consolidated into less number of plots. She asked for a General Power of Attorney to get it sorted out and trustingly I gave her that G.P. of Attorney. In the past, my late father did give her a General Power of Attorney and so I trusted my sister as well. But this time, they seemed to have hatched a proper plan to cheat me of my land.

So, they hired a solicitor Mr. R.L. Aggarwal of Jalandhar and on 1st April, 1987, my sister got a claim registered on my property by her son Mr. Jasminder Singh in the court of Senior Sub Judge Mr. S.S. Hundal and by 28th April, 87, they got the transfer of land officially completed. The proceedings were kept so secret that even my brother-in-law late Mr. Chanan Singh Dyal, who was also a Senior Advocate in the same courts could not know what was happening.

The basis of the claim on my property was not only so fictitious but most ridiculous, which reflects that how blind to justice the Indian Senior Judges are and there is no doubt that the Indian Courts are just Kangaroo Courts, who proclaim laughing stock judgements. I have reproduced the photocopies of the suit, defence and the Judgement papers in full to warn others what the Indian Courts can land you into?

My sister got the claim filed from her son Mr. Jasminder Singh and here are the three Case papers, suit, defence and judgement:-

In the court of the Senior Sub Judge, Jalandhar.


Shri Jasminder Singh son of Shri Sucha Singh, resident of 682L, Model Town, Jalandhar City.



Shri Rajinder Singh son of Udham Singh, resident of village Nangal Fida, tehsil and Distt. Jalandhar.

Through Rajinder Kaur attorney


Suit for Declaration to the effect that the Palintiff is the owner in possession of the land on the basis of family settlement of land measuring 81 Kls-12 Mls, bearing

Khewat No. 26, etc. and Khasra No. etc as stated in the attached Photocopies (describes the land)

Situated in the area of village Nangal Fida, Tehsil and Distt. Jalandhar, as entered in the Jamabandi for the year 1983-84, with all rights appurtenant there to.


The Plaintiff submits as under:-

1. That in order to show the relationship between the parties, the following pedigree-table is reproduced:-

Udham Singh

                                                              /                                                               /
                                                  Rajinder Singh                                            Rajinder Kaur
                                                  ( Defendant )                                                       /
                                                                                                              Sh. Jasminder Singh
                                                                                                                     ( Plaintiff )

2. That the land fully described in the heading of the plaint is the ancestral property of the plaintiff and defendant and according to the family settlement, the land in suit fell to the share of the plaintiff.

3. That the defendant and the plaintiff by virtue of Family settlement held about five years ago gave the land in suit to the Plaintiff and delivered possession of the same. The Plaintiff since then is in cultivating possession of the suit land peacefully, continuously and without any interruption.

4. That the defendant in connivance with the Halqa Patwari has not allowed the names of the plaintiffs to be entered in the Jamabandi. In the revenue record, the name of the defendant is still entered.

5. That the plaintiff was under the impression that the defendant has transferred the name of Plaintiff in the revenue record, as per the family settlement.

6. That the plaintiff a week ago went to the Halqa Patwari to see the revenue record and were surprised to note that only the name of defendant is mentioned in the revenue record.

7. That the Plaintiff requested the defendant to admit the claim of the Plaintiff and get the revenue record with regard to the land in suit changed in the name of the Plaintiff, but the defendant after making evasive replies has finally refused to accede to the genuine request of the Plaintiff only two days back, hence this suit.

8. That the cause of action has accrued to the plaintiff against the defendant five years ago when the defendant handed over the possession of the land in suit to him, in a family settlement a week back when the plaintiff came to know about the entries in the revenue record and finally two days back when the defendant refused to admit the claim of the Plaintiff.

9. That the land in suit is situated in Village Nangal Fida, Tehsil and Distt. Jalandhar, hence the Civil Court at Jalandhar has got the jurisdiction to try and entertain the present suit.

10. That the value of the suit for the purposes of jurisdiction is Rs.1260/-, 30 times the land revenue of Rs.42/- and for the purpose of court fee is Rs.420/- i.e. 10 times the land revenue, on which a requisite court fee is paid.

10. It is, therefore, prayed that a decree for Declaration to the effect that the Plaintiff is the owner in possession on the basis of family settlement of the land measuring 81 Kls-12 Mls fully described in the heading of the Plaint as entered in the Jamabandi for 1983-84 situated in the area of Village Nagal Fida, Tehsil and District. Jalandhar and the defendant has no right, title and interest in the suit land, may kindly be passed in favour of the plaintiffs and against the defendant with costs of the suit. Or any other relief to which the plaintiff is found entitled to be also granted to the plaintiff.


Signed Jasminder Singh



Sh. R.L. Aggarwal, Advocate,



Verfied that the contents of paras 1 to 7 of the plaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Paras 8 to 10 are correct from the information received and believed to be true, while para 11 is the prayer clause.

Verified at Jalandhar.


Signed: Jasminder Singh


  Photocopy of the relevant Court Papers

( I am a retired University Senior Lecturer and could have put the agreement, if there was any at all, into writing )



In the court of Shri S.S. Hundal,
Sub Judge, 1st Class, Jalandhar.

Sh. Jasminder Singh son of Sucha Singh.............Plaintiff


Sh. Rajinder Singh son of Udham Singh r/o Nangal Fida, Tehsil and District Jalandhar through his attorney

Rajinder Kaur.

( Suit for declaration )

Written statement on behalf of the defendant.


The defendant submits as under:-

1. That para No. 1 of the plaint is admitted to be correct.

2. That para No. 2 of the plaint is also admitted as correct.

4. That para No. 3 of the plaint is also admitted to be correct.

5. That para No. 6 of the plaint is also admitted to be correct.

6. That para No. 6 of the plaint is denied for want of knowledge.

7. That para No. 7 of the plaint is not denied.

8. That para No. 9 of the plaint is legal, hence needs no reply.

10. Para No. 10 of the plaint is not denied.

The answering defendant has no objection of the suit of the plaintiff is decreed as prayed for in the plaint, but the parties be left to bear their own costs.


Rajinder Singh

Signed Rajinder Kaur

Through Attorney Rajinder Kaur

Through counsel


Verified that the contents of paras 1 to 10 of the above written statement are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief,

Verified at Jalandhar.

Dt. 28.4.87

Defendant..........Rajinder Singh

Through: Attorney

Signed: Rajinder Kaur

Rajinder Kaur.

Then there is a statement from Rajinder Kaur in Punjabi accepting the judgement.

  Photocopy of the relevant Court Papers

 Copy of the General Power of Attorney in the name of my sister

( I live overseas permanently and in the Power of Attorney, there is no mention of my overseas address but the addresses in India. )

 Copy of the General Power of Attorney revoked.

( But it was too late.  The damage had been done. )

  Copy of an Old General Power of Attorney given by my late father in 1980 to this crook sister.

( My late father Chaudhry Udham Nijjhar was a man of integrity, who was Inspector of Schools but for not taking bribes or passing it on to his superiors, he was demoted to a school teacher.  Once in the Punjab, he was marking Matriculation examination papers and a Magistrate approached him asking to let him have the examination paper of his daughter for alterations and he will do him a good turn by setting free his nephew, who was involved in an illicit liquor distillation case.  My father flatly refused his request and told him to go away. )


In the Court of
Shri S.S. Hundal, PCS, Sub Judge 1st Class,

Civil Suit No. 115 of 1987.

Instt. on: 02.04.1987.

Decided on: 28.04.1987.

Sh. Jasminder Singh s/o Sh. Sucha Singh, r/o 682L, Model Town Jalandhar City.



Sh. Rajinder Singh s/o/ Udham Singh, r/o village Nangal Fida, Teh & Distt. Jalandhar, through Rajinder Kaur, Attorney.


Suit for Declaration to the effect that the Palintiff is the owner in possession of the land on the basis of family settlement of land measuring 81 Kls-12 Mls, bearing

Khewat No. 26, etc. and Khasra No. etc as stated in the attached Photocopies.

Situated in the area of village Nangal Fida, Tehsil and Distt. Jalandhar, as entered in the Jamabandi for the year 1983-84, with all rights appurtenant there to.


Present: Counsel for parties.


Defendant appeared and filed written statement admitting the claim of plaintiff. Defendant also made statement, through his representative(not clearly read) Smt. Rajinder Kaur, admitting the claim of the plaintiff. Parties are not at issues, hence by proceeding under the provisions contained in rule 1 order 15 read with rule 6 order 12(not legible), the suit of the plaintiffis decreed, as prayed for, with no order as to costs, but the decree about(?), be prepared. File be consigned to record room.


28. 4. 87 Signed:

Sub Judge 1st Class,


 Great Judgement of a senior Sub Judge Mr. S.S. HUNDAL, a Judge without integrity.

( Please ask this honourable Judge, what was in his mind when he considered this case knowing very well that I live overseas and not in India?  If he knew my sister and her husband personally, did he not suspect something sinister?  Would you call such a person a Sikh of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji? )



 1. Will executed by my late father Chaudhry Udham Nijjhar in 1974 in my name
 2. Will of my late father Chaudhry Udham Nijjhar contested by the crooks
 3. Action started against the crook sister
 4. Letters written to all relatives informing them that I have no relation with this crook sister.
 5. Letter from a close relative Mr. Sarup Dhesi.
 6. Letter from Cousin Baljeet Nijjhar of Pandori Nijjhran.
 7. Letter from a niece, a good friend of crook sister, supporting her action.
 8. Letter from crook sister denying the robbery.
 9. Letter from crook Such Singh Johal threatening blood relation.
 10. Letter from crook sister condemning my court action
 11. Another letter from crook sister
Crook husband Mr. Such Singh Johal writes a letter on behalf of a close friend.

 13. Another letter from crook Sucha Singh Johal
 14. A letter of condolence from crook sister on the death of my youngest sister.

This crook sister has never admitted that she got the land transferred into the name of her son but she always proclaims in her letters that the land belongs to her brother and she has done a good turn by doing so.  I did write an article on such crooks:-

 How the crook relations become ghost (BHOOTT) and witches (DAENS).

The Pearls that my father left with me are embodied in my articles on Sikhism/Christianity.

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