Let us carry our own Cross.




In Jesus, you need to carry your own Cross as the Gospel Truth is very bitter indeed like by very few. Just an example, last Wednesday, 24 February, 2010, I went to a travel industry fair in London, Earls Court. Talking to mainly hoteliers and Tourist industry people from various countries, I happened to show the picture of Pope with a Red X over his face and stressing that such people are Antichrist hirelings of Mammon. Many of them being Catholic made a bitter complaint to the authority running the fare or exhibition and they asked the security Bouncers to show me off the Gate and the premises. Bouncers told me that some people do not like my presence for the picture I am showing and they want me out. So, I knew there is no point in arguing with them and as a gentleman it is out of our character to argue with the forces of Mammon. This was humiliation and it is called carrying your own Cross of afflictions and persecutions. Just before this, I attended a Printing and Publishing Exhibition in Olympia and over there none objected that strongly. Even some printers directed me to Publishers and Printer doing Christianity work. I am going to approach them with the intention of getting some T-Shirts Printed with our Message to antichrist hirelings of Mammon. Many sensible people are fed up with these softly spoken dog-collared antichrists but they too need support. Such T-Shirts would give them support too. There are no Copyrights and you are encouraged to approach T-shirt printers to produce them please. Youtube address could be printed for more support. So, if you know some one who is in this industry, please ask him for help in producing these T-shirts cheaply so that we can produce more. I feel that we can get a T-shirt printed and ready for just under 1. I see some people advertising on internet for 99p. I was thinking of a Polo Shirt with a pocket but that would be too expensive a project and out of the reach of common man who is our main stake. PLEASE LET US CARRY OUR CROSSES and lead the Way to Salvation. Rich psychic people are no good for God. We need child like open-hearted people.




Hi Brother,


You need to add a Bishop over the heart of Pope and A Dog-Collared Protestant Priest on the other side with Red Xs on their Mouths and not as shown on Pope. Otherwise people will think, we are against Pope only. In Jesus, it is what comes out of the mouth that matters. Popes, Bishops, Priests, etc speak Sugar-coated Sermons of falsehoods.


You may add at the bottom of Pope picture and not underneath:-




And sprinkling of Blood.








On the back of the Shirt,


Our Anointed - Yellow


Elder Brother Blue


Picture of Jesus carrying the Cross.


Over it written







Christ Jesus Blue