I just attended a Conference in London about Cults and religious movements centred on Christ Jesus.  I asked them a question that if Christ Jesus happened to appear today, would He be happy to see so many divisions and cults centred on Him?  I further told them that you are like a bunch of blind men describing an elephant but they told me that they feel very happy in investigating these movements.  That is, in Darkness they created these religious divisions and now they hate Light to dispel the Darkness but they are happy in Darkness and enjoy the leaven of Pharisee and Sadducees from which Christ Jesus had warned His Labourers of.


Christianity became corrupt by the end of first century when the Church dominated by the Jews started malpractices and the Apostles used to rebuke the psychic Church Bishops.  The Bishops retorted by banning the Apostles from their Churches and instead they appointed Presbyters to read the Bible made up of written Torah, the Old Testament, centred around the mythological demiurge Yahweh, the creator of male and female and nature in general and the New Testament centred around the Real God, the emanatory of our souls that makes us living.  That was patching the corrupted old cloth with the incorruptible Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands.


 Remember that we are like earthen pots made up of different clays that render us the colour of the skin and shapes that make us different species in the heavenly kingdom of nature in which they are made not by human hands but by the demiurge god Yahweh of Nature or the Potter.  In this context, we the human beings are the Crown of his creation or of Yahweh, the Potter with soul or light of Real God inside us without which a person is dead.


So, people who differentiate others on the basis of their tribes, colours or the country of origin, they are once born not capable of receiving Gospel through understanding the New Testament and other similar Holy Books in spirit.  Also, what is written is corruptible so the incorruptible Gospel Truth is always received through revelations by the grace of God.  That is why Gospel cannot be written down in ink on paper.


Remember that Peter was once born and he was with Christ Jesus but being the once born, he could not receive the Gospel except when he told Christ Jesus that you are the living Christ of living God.  That was a taste of Gospel to Peter through the grace of our Father.


Today the theologians of letters cannot answer the simple question who created the Mythological Adam and Eve, Yahweh or God and such blind to spirit guides created Cults around Christ Jesus in the manner of many blind describing an elephant.


Now, after creating these Cults, they are doing research on them as expected of the dead in spirit men of letters.  At the times of Christ Jesus, most of the moral teachers were dead of spirit and Jesus summarised their activities as to the dead burying their dead.  Today, it is much more pronounced than at the times of Christ Jesus.


I try to wake them up in spirit but they prefer to be dead in spirit burying their dead through such conferences.  Many young researchers presented their papers but most of them do not want to know other than what their University Professors have told them.


End of the Age is approaching as indicated by the preparation of Atomic Bombs in abundance for Final Display of destruction of humanity in 2012 when the Mayan Calendar touches Zero.  I have formed a group called Oxford Gnostic Association and have written many articles and have made over 260 Youtube Videos. 


For Gospel being not for every one but for the pre-destined ones that Christ Jesus said would be one in thousand and two in ten thousands, I hope to reach those predestined for an enjoyable company of the living in spirit solitary people that have found the Narrow Road with narrow gate treaded by the solitaries.  Let the blind men of letters follow their easy to tread upon wide road with wide gates that allow them the formation of such cults leading to sectarian riots and hell.


Logically speaking, Gospel Truth is as simple as ABC and it leads you not only to Peace of Mind called Anand in Punjabi but also Unity in thoughts called Philo.  First know what you see of Adam and Eve with your two naked eyes, then the Royal Kingdom of God would be known to you through the third eye of logical reasoning for Gospel.  Hardly any one knows in whose name John baptised men in water, never mind knowing about Christ Jesus and His ministry?


Today Christ Jesus is mocked much more than John, the Baptist.  Watch my Youtube Videos and perceive the Gospel Truth such as not a single Sikh, Hindu, Jew, etc died during the holocausts.  Exercise your intuitive capabilities, in which you renew your innerman, the christ every day and you will find His Treasures in abundance.  God bless you.


Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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