Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji put on firm footing the two Panths, Third Panth of Khalsas and the Fourth Panth of Nirmallae Sants.  These Two have one thing in common that they have sacrificed their physical tribal selves or lives to serve Akal Purakh, which was not so before the Great Mela of Vaisakhi in 1699.


At this Mela, Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji took out his sword asking Sangat for heads to sacrifice for the cause of humanity.  One by one the Five came forward and He took them in the Tent separating their heads from bodies.  In simple words, they were killed as people kill sacrifice presented to Kali Devi of Shiv.  No goats were killed, as the spies of Aurangzeb would have shouted that Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji was a Liar.  Why they were killed is explained here? -


SIGNIFICANCE OF KILLING: - As in sacrifices, the animals are killed for consumption, here Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji killed those Five to initiate the two Panths, Khalsas and Nirmallae Sants in order complete His Mission.  Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji was the Representation of Akal Purakh as Mahadev or Mahesh is of Adam.  Thus, in Adam we have Shiv, the Head of secular political affairs, whose soldiers are “UPKARIS” or paid for fighting for Shiv in his secular wealth of Rupees, Pounds, Dollars, etc whilst in Akal Purakh, we have spiritual Head called Par Shiv, Whose Soldiers are “PARUPKARIS and they are not paid in secular wealth but the spiritual wealth of Salvation, MUKTTI.  In Shiv, we have tribes whilst in Par Shiv, there are no tribes and the whole mankind is taken as one family.


 Thus, on killing the Five, their sacrifice was given by Par Shiv Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji to Akal Purakh and as Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji was the Representation of Akal Purakh, the sacrifices were given to Him and He Himself made them alive in Akal Purakh by sprinkling water chanting “SAT NAM SRI WAHEGURU”.  That is “SAT NAM”, His Word made them alive with “SATGURU” enthroned within their sincere hearts to lead them in their lives.  Satguru being the Teacher (Guru) of highest order earns applauds, WAH, WAH, WAH, from the Khalsas themselves and the public. Thus, the “innerman” or “ANTTAR SATGURU” is addressed by the Khalsas as “WAHEGURU” as per the Saying of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji,




So, the Khalsas and Nirmallae Sants are “solitary” for being led by their own Satguru, called Christ or “innerman” in Christianity and they do not take instructions from others or secular authorities.  For this reason, the Khalsas are addressed as “SARDAR JI”. 


SURNAMES IN ADAM: - These are the family surnames representing the tribal "seed" also called "Tukham" in Urdu, "Beej" in Panjabi and it gives the person the tribal identity in our "fathers" in flesh.  That is, it represents the "Bind" (seed) of our ASTHOOL ROOP.  The importance of this Satguru Nanak Dev Ji stressed in: -




And Christ Jesus Said, “Every plant (person) that heavenly father (Brahma/Yahweh) did not plant (the person who forgets his tribal identity in Shiv) would be uprooted (killed as during the Partition and Holocausts) with the roots (alongwith all the fanatic supporters).


Mostly the surname of father is carried on in the family and this system is called "patrilineal".  But in some parts of the world, the mother's surname is carried forward, i.e. "matrilineal" system, which is wrong if the person is to establish his covenant with Adam or he is to be known as son of Man, "AADMI DAA PUTTAR".  Also, the concept of "bastard" originates from a person born of a prostitute or where the tribal identity of the father could not be established.  If the identity of the father is established, then the child should carry that identity through the surname of the father and not that of the mother.


How to repulse the temptations of Satan is described in the Hajj ceremony where Satan takes four forms to dissuade sons of Man being known by their tribal surnames?  In short, these temptations are: -


(1)   Not to mention the tribal surnames as if it does not exist, which is the same as of the bastards born of the prostitutes.  This Satan is known as “Al-Djmar al-DUNIYA.  His post is facing East.


(2)   For the sake of Mammon, the person changes or hides his surname in favour of a chosen one to become an opportunist in a rich country.  Typical examples are Jaffri, Ansari, Arian, etc of Arabic origin.  Such people become bastards for the sake of Mammon.  This Satan is known as Al-Djmar al-wusta and his post is in the middle.


(3)   Join political parties such as Congress, Communist, Socialist, etc which have nothing to do with the tribes.  As the countries are the homes of tribes, so the politics is of the tribal selves and not of such imaginary irresponsible political parties.  This Satan is called Al-Djmar al-Kubra and his post is facing West.


(4)   Take on religious colours such as Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc which being the spiritual selves, SOOKHSHUM ROOPS, are never born or die but the tribal selves.  Such fanatics are very dangerous and they suffer massive destruction as during the holocausts, sectarian riots, etc.  Typical example are the sons of Abraham in the Middle East who have become Jews, Hamas and Fatah in political or tribal terms that makes them unfaithful to Abraham, a Semite and, therefore, they are called the sons of Satan or Tares – Matt.13.24-30 that cannot live in Peace.  This Satan is called Al-Djmar al-Aksa and his post is the same in the West as that of Kubra.  He is stoned on the first day of Hajj.  I can explain the Hajj in details in a lecture or face-to-face discussion.


In a nutshell, people who represent their tribal identities explicitly or establish their covenant with their tribal elders are called sons of Man or of Shiva whilst those who severe their links one way or the other become the sons of Satan. 


So, it were the sons of Man who were asked to come forward and join the Army of Par Shiv, the Khalsa Panth, in order to fight the sons of Satan for Peace and Humanity.  That is why Khalsas proclaim: -




This planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of Man and not for the sons of Satan.  That is why in Revelations, the 144,000 Chosen People of Isaac that would be saved are mentioned by their tribes and not as Jews.  Also, John, the Baptist baptised men only in the name of Abraham for making them sons of Man, the “salt of the earth”.  They were handed over to Christ Jesus for turning them into the sons of God or Bhagats/Apostles.


SURNAMES IN GOD: - Those men, who devote their lives in the service of God do not carry on with them their secular tribal identity or surnames.  Sadhus are typical example.  As the family tribal honour rests upon men and they fight the adversary and not the women, so Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji asked for the heads of sons of Man or the sons of Shiv to come forward.  By severing the heads of the Five, their secular tribal links were severed and their covenant with Akal Purakh was established as the sons of Akal Purakh.  This is symbolised by iron bangle, KARRA that signifies ones recruitment into the Service of God for good against the Rakhrri of cotton threads that is symbolic into the service of kings or Baadshah.  On becoming alive again, then their Father was Akal Purakh or Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji and their Mother was Sahib or Maha Devan known as Holy Spirit, the very SHAKTI or Spirit of God.  Secular parents produce children through sex whilst the spiritual Parents adopt children without sex and they are countless in number. These sons of God were given the common surname “Singh” as they fight fearlessly for the sake of humanity in the name of God, PARUPKARIS and they never fight not for the sake of Mammon or the kings, UPKARIS, as the secular soldiers do. 


Further, as their inner Satguru resting in their hearts governs the Khalsas, they do not need any more spiritual education or an external Guru.  That is why Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji offered Himself to be baptised by the Five so that Father, Akal Purakh and Sons, Khalsas could defend the humanity from the sons of Satan.  So, the Parents of PARUPKARI Khalsas are Father Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji and Mother Sahib Devan or Holy Spirit, the same as those of Christ Jesus born of a Virgin girl, a chosen Medium, with no tribal identity against Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, who had parents of Khatri tribe.


Amongst the Khalsas, who wanted to preach Gospel in honour of Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji, they went to Kanshi for further education in Sanskrit and Vedas, the spiritual knowledge of which is on the fingertips of a Sikh.  On their return from Kanshi, they were given spotless white dress and asked not to handle money as Christ Jesus had stressed the same to His Workers called Apostles as well.  Such Preacher were called “NIRMALLAE SANTS” and they were given the common surname “DASS” as they were SEWADARS against “Singh” of the fighting Soldiers of the Khalsa Panth.


Thus, no woman was baptised by Sachae Patshah either into the Third Khalsa Panth or the Fourth Nirmallae Sant Panth.  But women could be Bhagat like the Sikhs leading their family lives.  Mai Bhago Ji was never given the Amrit or baptised into the Third Khalsa Panth.  Women are counterpart of God in procreation whereas God or His Preachers are to be highly honoured for their exposition of Gospel; women are to be highly respected for their service to humanity.  So, women could preach Gospel whilst leading a family life but they should not accept money. 


Baptism is of Sacrifice and as only male birds and animals are accepted for sacrifice to Shiv or Kali, so is male accepted in Par Shiv, Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji.  In fact, a thorough discussion should be held on this topic as women could devote their lives to Preaching as Bhagat Miran Bai did.     


Finally, Shiv sees that people do not undergo injustices and righteousness prevails, so the Khalsas are "PAAR SHIV SENA"; PAAR for their work is of philanthropic nature without expecting any rewards.  That is why Royal King (Sachae Paatshah) Gobind Singh Ji said,




That is when the Khalsas will rule; there will be no more injustices.


Shiv being the Lord of the secular authorities, he is given a "blue hue", the colour of the sky and Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was the secular incarnation of Shiv and He had the blue hue.  In the same way, John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses had a blue Tunic; Mullahs had the blue uniforms; so the Khalsas were given the blue coloured uniform to perform the work of Par Shiv.  Thus, the colour of the Flag at Takhts is also blue.


As you may realise that this is a vast subject and therefore, I will cut it short by summarising that: -


The people of the First Hindu Panth/Samaj/Community identify themselves by their surnames and courtesy titles such as of mine, "CHAUDHRY".  Their Mandirs are tribal and they have statues for imparting secular education.  The colour of flag is blood RED.  In the Mandirs, people are addressed by their secular courtesy titles and names as in their working circles i.e. Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar.


The people of the Second Sikh Panth identify themselves in the Gurdwaras as BHAI (Brother) and the surnames as they are still householders, GHAHRISTI.  Thus, in a Gurdwara I will be known as Bhai Rajinder Nijjhar.  The colour of the flag is KAESRI symbolising “Humbleness” as Saul changed his name to Paul and there are to be NO WEAPONS either on the flag top or inside the Gurdwaras for a Sikh has no enemy or stranger to him.  In the Gurdwaras our aim is to burn the "ego" through Shabd to realise that in the eyes of God, we are all equal both men and women of all tribes.  God gives us birth in our tribal homes and we do not take it of our own wills.  Only those who submit themselves to the Will of God, i.e. Islaam, qualify to be a perfect Sikh, i.e. a Mussalmaan.  Remember that Satguru Nanak Dev Ji came to clarify the misconceptions that were prevalent.  For example, a true Mussalmaan is a merciful person and not cruel as the Mohammedans were.  Satguru Nanak Dev Ji defined a Mussalmaan as: -




The people of the Third Khalsa Panth identify themselves on the True Thrones as Bhai (Brother) among themselves and they are all called "SINGH" with no tribal surnames.  But the public address them as Sardar Ji.  Thus, at a True Takht, I will be addressed as Bhai Rajinder Singh - NO NIJJHAR, whilst in the public as SARDAR RAJINDER SINGH.


The colour of flag at Takhts is Blue and has weapons displayed at the top.


The people of the Fourth Panth, the Nirmallae Sants, who are supposed to be sitting at the True Throne Akaal Takht, address themselves, as the public as Sants knows “Dass” and them.  Thus, at Akaal Takht, I will be known as Sant Rajinder Dass.  Remember that Sants are spiritual Mothers of Sikhs.


As I pointed out in my various articles, the satanic people especially of the Khatri/Arorra tribes have misled the people so much so that such discoveries or researches in SURTI seem strange to most of you but it is only in SURTI that you earn SURTI: -




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