Marriage of the Son.


Christ Jesus is the anointed Son of God eternal like our Father. He is also representing our Mother Holy Spirit as the Anointed Daughter. Our Mother or Shakti Holy Spirit could also be analogized to the Tongue of our Father delivering to us His Word. So, our Father does not speak but our Mother Holy Spirit does to Feed us the Living Bread. That is why on the Baptism of Jesus by John, the Baptist, our Mother Holy Spirit proclaimed on behalf of our Father that He is my beloved Son that people should listen to Him. And the Baptism of John was for those who proclaimed their tribal father openly. That is, for those who knew that Jew is a spiritual self and not the physical self that the Temple Priests were making the people. Such Jews of the physical self are the sons of Satan, the Tares that are bundled up now in Israel for Final Burning expected to be in 2012. So, Jesus was born of the Virgin of Judah tribe by the Power of our Mother Holy Spirit Who spoke to Mary the Will of our Father.


Thus, our Father protects us whilst our Mother feeds us with His Word. Unless a person has holy spirit, which is common sense, he cannot enjoy the living Bread provided by our Mother Holy Spirit, Which is the Extra Ordinary Sense that the Apostles possessed after being paid their Wage of Holy Spirit by our Father and our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus acted as the Foreman Who trained His, our Fatherís Workers for the Vineyard of God.


So, when Jesus was performing Merciful Deeds of our Father, then He represented our Father as the anointed Son of God and when He was Preaching Gospel or His Word to the sensible people who can handle these Pearls sensibly, then He represented our Mother Holy Spirit as Her Anointed Virgin Daughter that makes a person Solitary.


So, when Jesus was performing the Merciful Deeds in the name of our Father, then every one with a clean heart is worthy to enjoy His Mercy whether you are a once-born or the twice-born. The opposite of God is Satan who prevails his own will over people as Popes did kill people pretending to be representing our Brother Christ Jesus, Who came to serve and not to be served. In order to make people to obey and serve them, the Popes addressed our anointed Super Servant Elder Brother Christ Jesus as Lord to justify their cruel deeds of imposing their wills, INSHPOPES, over the people. Whilst Hazrat Mohammed Sahib created Mullahs to enforce their wills, the Fatwas or the INSHMULLAHS.

However, as His Word or Gospel is received by those who have holy spirit by the grace of our Father. Such twice-born people have a choice or freewill either to serve God as a philanthropist or Mammon as a cheat. Those who opted for God, they received the Living Bread, His Word, from our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus to their heartís desire whilst the others not having their hearts set for God but for Mammon received nothing but the treacheries of Satan. Judas Iscariot was of the second type and he was thrown out of the company of others before Christ Jesus sealed the Rest into the Service of God through the Eucharist of Sacrifice. Sealed to serve God people then received His Word according to their Measures of Faith and our anointed Elder Sister Christ Jesus had convinced them of the Royal Kingdom of our Father so as to Seal them to serve God only and not to defect to Mammon as Judas Iscariot did. Judas Iscariot was not selected by Christ Jesus but he begged Jesus to take him on for his skills of 3Rs. In todayís society many people with 3Rs think themselves to be more clever than those who are illiterate and try to cheat them as Judas Iscariot did. Other Eleven Christ Jesus picked them up as the Labourers for the Vineyard of God to be Trained in their Work of Philanthropy.


At Last Supper Christ Jesus gave them the Final finishing touch by advising them to be careful of the deceitful educated people in the Church of God. Thus, the Eleven Christ Jesus had picked, He trained them for the Work of God so well that they formed a mutual Bond with Christ Jesus, His Son, that Father arranged His Marriage through the Eucharist of Sacrifice in which the Brides, the Labourers, the virgin daughters of our Mother Holy Spirit are married with His Son Christ Jesus sealing them into the Service of God Only. Thus, the Eucharist of Sacrifice is the Baptism of Christ Jesus in Holy Spirit in Honour of our Father. Thus, the Bread, the Loaf that was prepared with the Three Layers of Flower representing the Trinity of holy son, holy father and holy ghost with the Yeast of Agape was the Body of Jesus that was Broken in the name of Super Servant Jesus for us to serve people to glorify our Father whilst the Wine was drunk in the name of Christ through Whom His Word was Preached to us. That is, no christ in your heart, no Gospel but the dead Letters of the Holy Books. This New Wine, His Word or Gospel of our Father increases in intoxication when you preach Gospel more and more. Thus, when you preach Gospel, you explain the very roots of His Mysteries.

Thus, when the Baptism of Christ Jesus in God the Father and Holy Spirit, our Mother is taken in honour of our anointed Elder Brother, then you do not defect to Mammon or Satan any more like Judas Iscariot did. Thus, these Hirelings of Mammon, Pope, Bishops, Dog-collared priests, etc are working for Mammon and not for God. Just do not pay them Mammon and see how they would leave the Churches. But they hypocritically pretend that they are working for God. Remember that St.Paul used to work as a Tent maker to earn his living and He was not a parasite on any Church. Such people are worthy of their Labour and they receive the Reward or Wage in the Currency of God, the Gospel that no one can steal as it rests where your heart is. The Eucharist that these hirelings of Mammon serve is in the name of Satan addressing Christ Jesus as a Lord. This is the mockery of the Baptism of Christ Jesus and that is why none of these hireling sons of Satan know either the baptism of John, the Baptist nor of Christ Jesus. What sense does it make to address our anointed Super Servant Brother Christ Jesus as a Lord? Have you come across a Lord washing your feet? And the people who take such a Eucharist are the once-born people, the blind led by their blind hireling priests leading the blind into the Pits of sectarian riots.


No wonder religion created more wars than the people who locked religion in their cupboards as the Russians did. Now, they have set the Devil Free and these Robed Fathers are enjoying their Feasts. Most of these robed, frocked or wolves in sheepís clothing hireling Priests are immoral people called by the Gnostics as Waterless Canals that is no morality among them.


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel
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