Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy


God is "Spirit", only the predestined people of "spirit" can perceive the Family of God. The distinction between the nature of "flesh" and that of the "spirit" is well documented by Jesus in John 3.6-8; where Jesus told Nicodemus that what is born of the Flesh (Adam or Son of Yahweh, the heavenly father) is flesh and that of the Spirit (Our Supernatural Father God) is spirit. Also, the spirit is not mattered, it cannot be seen by the two naked eyes or studied in the manners as the natural sciences of matter are but it is perceived through the "third eye" of mind capable of logical reasoning. Further, the moral laws apply to nature and the once-born “natural man” but not to the twice-born Supernatural sons of God and that is why in Jesus we are Free of Sins such as the woman caught in adultery but of blasphemy or hypocrisy such as Jesus told in the Temple that your forefathers are super bastard fanatic Devils – John8-v44.


Jesus came from our Supernatural Father, Who is Spirit and thus he had the dominance over the spirits in this world which the Rabbis, men of “letters”, did not. This fact was known to the once-born child-like clean hearted Nicodemus of the Letters of the Law. So, Jesus performed miracles with the authority of our Father. For example, He took the life out of the Fig tree and made it wither and gave life back to the only son of the widow.


Thus, the spirit of God rests in our hearts because the heart is the "organ" which supplies blood (life) to all the other organs and also refreshes the "grey matter" of our brain. Without blood, all the organs will wither away. Now, our brain picks up the knowledge of Books or the "letters" but if our heart does not supply blood to our brain, then it is "dead". This is emphasised by Jesus in the Parable of Neighbour in which a Rabbi and a Pharisee, both men of the "letters" passed by the wounded person whilst a Samaritan who took passion in his heart gave him the first aid and looked after him i.e. "letter" killeth and "spirit" giveth life.


Therefore, after understanding the nature of "flesh" and of "spirit" from John 3.6-8, you will realise that it was not God (called PAARBRAHM in Panjabi or Allah) who created the "flesh", "Adam and Eve" but a demi-god "creator" (Yahweh, BRAHMA, Khuda), who although without God is powerless yet his concept is propagated in order to teach people of "flesh", mostly children, the moral laws (Natural laws for the natural man) and the nature of "flesh", which is opposite to that of the "spirit". The Rabbis taught the matters of "flesh" or the moral laws of Moses and that is why they were concerned with "sin" and related all the physical diseases to the past sins; whereas Jesus Preached the Principles of Spirit to the people of spirit and in spirit, the cleanliness of heart, where the Holy Spirit rests, counts and those who have evil spirit are "hypocrites". Thus, in Jesus it is the hypocrisy that counts most and not the "sins"; whilst in Moses, whose ideal Priest was John, the Baptist, it is the "sin" that counts most. If the tree of moral laws has its "roots" in the holy spirit, then the person is said to be in the "image" of God otherwise in the image of Devil when the "hypocrites" dominate the society. For example, have you come across a politician who is not a hypocrite?


Thus, Jesus seeks such clean-hearted people as was Matthew who before joining Jesus publicly declared that if he owes anybody anything, have cheated anybody or has done wrong to anybody, let him come forward and he will repay him seven times. That is, Matthew entered into the service of God with a clean heart to receive and multiply the Treasures of God, the Gospel.


Keeping in mind that what applies to the flesh, the opposite applies to spirit, the Moses' priest used to enter the Holiest of Holy Temple of God every year to offer animal sacrifice for the atonement of the sins of people to whom he had led during the year, whilst our Royal High Priest Jesus gave His own sacrifice for the atonement of not sins but "blasphemies" or hypocrisies, which we sometimes commit in our worldly dealings for the sake of money. Worldly dealings are also emphasised in the Parable of Sower in which the "tares" choke the "plant" of our "faith" in God but when one renounces the worldly affairs as Matthew and the other Labourers did in order to join hands with Jesus, then we have a ground called Wilderness "free" of the "weeds" and that produces fruit (of faith) not thirty, or sixty but hundred times. Thus, the "Preachers" of Word in honour of Jesus have to be the one who has renounced the secular world and they are to be the roving Royal Priests and Royal Kings going from one church to the other sowing the Seeds of His Word in the "hearts" of people; whilst most of the present clerics or the so-called priests or preachers are "hirelings" of Mammon dead in “letters”.


Further, the Rabbis used to act as an intermediary between the "jealous and revengeful" demi-god Yahweh, the "creator" of male and female and the people whilst the Rabbis themselves had the access to God through the Holiest of Holy Temple (Mat. 13.52) or the Oral Torah (Word of God, the New Treasures) i.e. they kept the public "alienated" from demi-urge god Yahweh and anybody who mentioned His name or proclaimed His sonship of Elohim, he was branded a "blasphemer" i.e. Jesus opened the Narrow Gate for the solitary Virgin Brides of Jesus to the Royal Kingdom of God, which the blind priests of Moses highly opposed as they might lose their authority over the people. The “Password” that would open the Narrow Gate is “His Word” and NOT prayers or fasting as our Father lives in His Temple within our hearts called Emmanuel. Thus, Jesus has set us "free" in spirit but the law mongering priests, Matt. 12v43-45, still want to keep the people bound. So, whosoever binds people or imposes his views in the name of Jesus is an anti-Christ. Pope, bishops, cult leaders, Mullahs, etc. are typical examples of the anti-christs.

After having a grasp of the natures of "flesh" and "spirit", we say that our demi-god Yahweh, the "creator" of male and female is a "jealous and revengeful" demi-urge god; whereas our Father in Spirit is a "Loving and Merciful" God - just the opposite of each other. The merciful, loving and forgiving nature of our Father is further highlighted by Jesus in the Parable of "prodigal son", where the younger son is Isaac, the elder is Ishmael and the father is Abraham.


Thus, our fleshly mother and father are two separate persons or entities and each person has his/her own parents whereas our spiritual Mother, "Holy Spirit" and spiritual supernatural Father God from Whom all life emanates is the same Persons. The same way our fleshly brothers and sisters are different people whereas our spiritual sister, "holy spirit", the daughter of "Holy Spirit", through whom we learn or are fed the Word of our Father and the brother, "son of God", through whom we represent the "Loving and Merciful" Nature of our Father are the same. Further, the fleshly father gives his daughter in marriage to another person whereas our spiritual Father God marries His very own Virgin daughter - the Parable of Ten Virgins. A spiritual Virgin is one who is led by her own Christ, the "inner man" and such a person is not swayed by the common views or the edicts. When a Virgin daughter marries Her Father God, then the "holy spirit", which knows the things of men, in the person becomes "Holy Spirit", the very Spirit of God which knows not only the things of men but also the Things of God as St. Peter came to know the matters of the hearts of Sapphira and Ananias who kept part of the money out of the sale of their property. The state of this spiritual marriage was described by Jesus in Matt. 22.23-33. This Holy Spirit was also the Gift that our Father God bestowed over the honest Hired Labourers of Foreman Christ Jesus at Pentecost. Jesus did not allow the Thief Judas Iscariot to share the "Last Supper" as his "heart" was not devoted to God but Mammon. Christ Paul also received this Gift of Holy Spirit even though he was spiritually "blind" but his heart was clean and longing for God i.e. by "faith" and not by the "works". Holy Spirit, also made all the Apostles including St.Paul, the Twin Brethren of Jesus, the Christs. For example, in S.India, St.Thomas was called a "Christ" but the antichrists of Pope killed His Labourers, the Christs and burnt their "Books" as it was done to Cathers in France recently.


Thus, the whole Family of God could be summarised as follows:-


GOD:- Our Supernatural spiritual Father when He displays His Loving and Merciful Nature as in Jesus who performed Supernatural Miracles.


Holy Spirit, our Supernatural Mother:- She Feeds us with "His Word", our Daily Bread and gives us Her blessing the "holy spirit", common sense, by the "grace" of our Father and not by our "works", which enables us to understand "His Word". "holy spirit" is common sense whilst "Holy Spirit" is the extraordinary Sense.


SON:- If a person possesses "Holy Spirit", the very Spirit of God as Jesus did at the very conception, then He can do what God can do. Thus, He will give "life" to the dead and perform "Merciful" deeds to enhance and manifest the very loving and merciful Nature of God. A person with "Holy Spirit" is called a "Saint" and She as a Mother will feed “His Word”, the spiritual Food, to her Virgin Solitary Daughters. Thus, Jesus represented our Father God when He performed the merciful "Deeds", the miracles and Holy Spirit, our Mother when She Preached Gospel culminating into the "Last Supper", the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit as John, the Baptist stressed that I am baptising you in water and the come coming after me will baptise you in Holy Spirit. Thus, equipped with Holy Spirit all the Sons of our supernatural Father were dispersed into the Service of God.


Son:- They are the people with "holy spirit" and they know the things of men through "common sense" only. The person, whether male or female, represents God as long as he/she does merciful deeds. The wisdom of the person is "she" or Virgin if the person has "inner man", the Christ to lead him/her in the performance of the merciful deeds (Rom. 14.12) but if the person is swayed by the thoughts or views of others and she does not have the original Logos learnt through intuition or logical reasoning of his own with "holy spirit", the "comforter", then the person has "inner woman" and that too is a "super prostitute", which cannot Marry our Father God as the person has already married the blind or psychic guide whose thoughts she is propagating. Thus, Pope, bishop, Mullah and many other cult leaders deal in this spiritual prostitution when they impose their own views upon others for the sake of a following in which case the wide road with wide gates is followed blindly.

The subject is not so easy to understand. It is only for those who have "ears" to hear His Word, and it is best understood through heart-to-heart discussions. No wonder the epistles of Christ cannot be written down in ink on paper.







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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy

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