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Gospel stands for Good News or Rapture and it cannot be studied in the manner of the dead letters but it is received by an individual by the grace of our Father. Gospel of our living Father is for the people of living “holy spirit”, which is “common sense”; the spirit of man capable of “logical reasoning” that brews “Logo”, “His Word”. That is why Gospel cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living tablets of heart. Or Christianity is of the heart and not of the dead letters of the Scriptures.  

Holy Spirit with capital “S” is the very Spirit of our Father God.

Predestined people receive Gospel and they Preach it like a “Sower”.

To receive Gospel, you must have a longing for Gospel and be open-minded or have the “New Skin” of a child as demonstrated by Christ Jesus at Cana Marriage. Our bodies are stone vats and you must first flush out the “old wine” of the dead letters of the “Holy Books”. The dead letters are opinions of one person against the other without any logic. That leads to the murky conception of religion or the dead bury their dead. That is why Jesus asked the workers to first flush out the specks of old wine and then fills the vats with clean crystal clear water? This is the ideal “New Skin” that the little children possess. If such a person is capable of logical reasoning by the grace of our Father, then he will brew the “New Wine” called “logo” through intuition or logical reasoning. For this, you must strive to enter the vineyard of our Father that has “Narrow Gate” meant for the solitary. Remember that Jesus asked his Brethren, “Do you want to leave me too”? That is, in Jesus we are not the blind disciples bound by the moral laws or commandments and you have the freewill to leave the Fold of our Father that is Mammon-free. That is why people sold their possessions to buy this spiritual Field (weed-free wilderness) of our Father to earn Gospel Treasures for resurrection, which was demonstrated by Christ Jesus to the general public in Saint Lazarus, a Friend of Jesus. Lazarus like his 12 hired Labourers ate the “flesh” of Jesus or had “ears” to hear what Jesus said and then after chewing the flesh with his “teeth” of logical reasoning, he digested the sayings of Jesus in his heart called “intuition”. Then he proclaimed Gospel from his own mouth with authority in honour of Christ Jesus called “drinking the blood of Christ” to glorify our Father. Thus, by carrying their own Crosses, the workers of Jesus became his Friends and by the Last Supper they became so proficient in Gospel Preaching that if a stranger comes to find out who is the real Jesus, he would not have been able to do so. That is why the Temple Priests hired the insider Judas Iscariot to catch real Jesus and kill him as the innocent Lamb of God.

Remember that Judas Iscariot used to steal money from the purse and this is what these hireling dog-collared neo-Priests do in the Churches of Mammon today. They are psychic Judas Iscariots in sheep’s clothing. They work for Mammon and in Mammon they are paid. Royal Priests give to the Church of God and not take out of it. That is why these neo-Rabbis in dog-collars fulfil Matt. 12v43-45 making the situation worse than before the arrival of Jesus and so do these hypocrite politicians, who lick the feet of anti-Christs such as the Pope for the sake of votes. No wonder both of them deliver sugar-coated sermons of “falsehoods” that are sweeter than honey to keep their once-born (stone-headed Disciples) paymasters happy. Both of them are “Brood of Vipers” creating sectarian wars among the people of the same tribe. Twice-born people of “holy spirit”, common sense find no sense in attending these Churches of Mammon and they become atheists.

Such atheists of holy spirit especially the tax-collectors who were proclaimed by the Temple Priests the “sinners” for not attending their Synagogues on Sabbath listened to Christ Jesus. And they were the one who admired the wisdom of Jesus the most. People drunk with the old wine of dead letters, the Rabbis and the university professors desireth not the “New Wine” and they called the seekers of Gospel, the Gnostic, heretics. In Jesus, everyone is to give his own account to God and therefore, no one can stand between man and God. Listen to everyone and vet them in holy spirit as the Samaritan Woman at well did and she found Jesus to be a Prophet. She knew that Christ is greater than the Prophet and said to him when the Christ comes he will explain to us everything in details. That is what our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus did and we strive to do the same in his honour, the Husband of the “Virgin Brides” with Christ in their hearts – Matt. 9v15 - to glorify God.

Thus, Gnostics are living Christs; the “Royal Priests” of our living Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. within us, the Temples of God and this is called “Emmanuel”.

This makes Christianity of heart and not of the dead Holy Books, the Scriptures. Luke 10v4:- “Carry neither purse, nor scrip (old wine), nor shoes”. This verse has been corrupted. Thus, the Bible is forbidden for the twice-born as it creates “murky waters”.

The formula to learn Gospel is simple; first know what you see with your two naked eyes or study the nature and his creator Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc., the demi-urge Potter, then the Father of our Supernatural self-soul would be known to you. That is, first know Jesus, the Anointed Son of Lord Yahweh and then Christ, the Anointed Son of the most high, our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. would be known to you. That is, first understand the natural world of Yahweh in Adam, races, tribes, surnames, etc. and then you would be “sensible” enough to know the spiritual world of our invisible Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. that cannot be “seen” (DAEKHNA) by our two naked eyes but is perceived through our Third eye of logical reasoning (PAEKHNA or examining). First of all, this natural world is for the habitation of the once-born natural tribal men that need disciplining by their responsible hereditary school teachers called Rabbis, Brahmins, Fetish Priests, etc., who teach them the moral laws of Moses coined in the Light of our Supernatural Father Elohim, which is the Oral Torah or “His Word”.

That is, Moses himself put on Christ but he showed the back or reflection to the public. Ideal moral teacher has been defined by Christ Jesus in Matt. 13v52: and He said to them, “Therefore every Scribe, the school teacher who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven that belongs to Adam, the Seventy outer circle Labourers who went in pairs ahead of Jesus baptising Jewish men in the name of Abraham as John, the Baptist did and this kingdom is “seen” in law and order, is like a Master of a House (Synagogue), the Rabbi who brings out of his Treasure of knowledge what is New, the Oral Torah or His Word and what is old, the Scriptures, the old cloth that can develop holes or corruptions.”

Now, what applies to flesh, just the opposite applies to spirit. So, you cannot patch the old cloth, the Scriptures, “Milk for the Baby Disciples” with the Brand New Cloth un-touched by human hands, “Meat of Jesus” or the skins that contain the old wine cannot contain the New Wine at the same time. That is, why the efficient Brahmins of South India killed St. Thomas for confusing their once-born congregations? And no Saint was born in South India. Or the Gospel of our invisible Supernatural Father forms the tap root of the tree of the moral laws that could be written down in ink on paper and thus, exceptions are made by the Rabbi in the Light of the Oral Torah. That is why, the kings used to give the judgements as per the moral laws and then the court Rabbi would temper them in the Light of Oral Torah or Mercy. That is why the Arch of Covenant was placed on the seat of Mercy in the Holiest of Holy that was destroyed in 70 A.D. forever. Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji stressed that the Vedas, the Hindu Scriptures, has the Oral Torah as the root but the greedy Brahmins cannot receive “His Word”.

John, the Baptist being the last Prophet, Whip Master for the Rabbis, that upheld the moral laws - Luke 16v16 and after him no more law and no more sins but Blasphemy (KOORR, KUFFAR) or hypocrisy against the Holy Spirit, “BAD-NEEYATT = evil spirit”, which is not forgivable. As blasphemy originates from heart, the liars in the Churches of God would love to be hypocrites unless they are exposed by the members of the congregation and barred from the Church of God. Remember St. Peter killed two liars Ananias and Sapphira for telling lies or they were trying to build their houses on sand that fell down when tested by St. Peter – acts 5v1-11.

Thus, the intake of the Rabbis were natural once-born students called Disciples that needed disciplining through the moral laws of Moses, the “Milk” that is to be gulped or drunk without chewing or criticism. They did what their Rabbis told them to do and the transgression of the moral laws in “ignorance” of the law is called “sin” that was forgiven by the Rabbi whilst the transgression of the law in its full knowledge is called “blasphemy or hypocrisy” and that is why Christ Jesus rebuked the Rabbis without any speck of mercy or Holy Spirit by calling them “hypocrites”.

Those Disciples who were sensible and of age or they were proficient in the letters, to them the Rabbis would introduce the knowledge of the “Oral Torah” or “His Word”. This knowledge of “Oral Torah” rested in the hearts of those Rabbis who were not “greedy”. The qualities of the Rabbis was reflected in their fruits, the Disciples and those Rabbis who were dead in the letters, their Disciples were also dead in the letters doing no philanthropic work of mercy on Sabbath but sitting idle in their homes doing next to nothing. They will not even put a house on fire off without the permission of their Rabbis. Seventh day of life-giving Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc., is represented by the Middle Candle of the “Menorah” from which the other six candles of “works” are lit. So, the Rabbis themselves had no Light of Elohim within their hearts, then how could they pass the quality of “Mercy” to their Disciples? That is why when Christ Jesus was performing the philanthropic deeds of curing people on Sabbath, the Rabbis, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc. objected strongly and accused him of breaking the Sabbath of Satan in which you sit idle. Or the Rabbis themselves were dead in the letters and they made their Disciples the same. Jesus even reminded them, “Don’t you take your donkey for water on Sabbath”? He further, asked them to exercise “common sense”, which is holy spirit but they refused to accept this from Jesus just out of jealousy. Although Jesus reminded them that dead letter killeth whilst holy spirit giveth life, yet they would not budge. That is why Christ Jesus and we are the Lord of Sabbath and for this the Middle Seventh Candle of Menorah is raised above the other six of works in honour of our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus.

Those who were living in holy spirit, they exercised “common sense” but their Rabbis told them that by breaking the law, they have committed a “sin”. Such sinners and atheists listened to Jesus and joined in mocking the dead in letters Rabbis or let the dead bury their dead laws. Thus, after John, the Baptist, Christ Jesus ushered in the era of “holy spirit” or common sense, our companion in leading our lives in truth and in spirit for our salvation. If you are a liar and a hypocrite as these hireling dog-collared Priests, the neo-Rabbis or the politicians are, then Satan governs your life otherwise you become a Saint, the son of the most high Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. and you perform merciful deeds to earn his treasures.

Thus, among the Rabbis of the chosen people, the knowledge and qualities of “Oral Torah” was missing altogether whilst among the Gentile and the Samaritan Rabbis, it was there and they produced good quality Disciples as the Samaritan man who picked up a wounded person and earned “His Treasures” through the philanthropic work of looking after him as an apple of his eye. The Samaritan woman at well was so well versed in the knowledge of “Oral Torah”, that she vetted Jesus in holy spirit and told Him that you are a Prophet but when “Christ” comes, he will explain to us everything in details. Our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was so well pleased with her knowledge of Oral Torah that kept even his Labouring Brethren spell-bound, He told her, the Jeweller of “His Treasures” that He is the one, the Christ. That made her so happy that she went to her village to tell the Good News. All the village people came out to greet Jesus and his Brethren into the village and listened to Gospel from the horse’s own mouth. All of them became apostles. She was known as St. Photina and Emperor Nero killed her in Cathers. For full story, please Google St. Photina, Nijjhar. I have put up a lot of Youtube videos explaining the names of the five Husbands; three in “ego”, which are 1. Kaam – immorality, 2. Karodhh – anger and 3. Hankaar – pride of the spiritual knowledge in dead letters as was displayed by the Jerusalem Rabbis and two in “spirit”, which are 4. Lobhh – greed that abodes “evil spirit” in your heart and 5. Moh – worldly attractions that deter people from serving God. Thus, the name of her last Husband was the spiritual knowledge that she learnt in “holy spirit” and not by the dead letters of Books.

The above facts are summarised by St. Philip, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die”. So, the only people who needed the Spiritual Doctor Christ Jesus the most were the “Chosen People” especially of the clever Judah tribe, who were making people Jews outwardly, the super bastard fanatic devils – john 8v44, the “tares”. A Jew is one who is inwardly or spiritual, a way of life open to everyone, that is never born and he never dies. Outwardly, the tribal people are born and they died especially during the Holocausts in which the Blind Guides led their blind Disciples into the Pits of death. People of Judah tribe were almost hundred percent Jews outwardly as they were the clever people who started Judaism and from Judaism they became Jews outwardly. That is why Christ Jesus came among the people of Judah tribe, the “Tares”, or the one lost sheep out of the hundred and to redeem them, both John, the Baptist and our Anointed Royal Shepherd spent their most lives teaching the moral laws and Preaching the Gospel respectively to them but they being the lovers of Darkness, killed our Royal Shepherd Christ Jesus as the Lamb of God. Or Light came among his own people of Judah tribe but his own preferred Darkness to Light. That is why Jesus was born among the most Satanic people of Judah tribe of a Virgin and it is well reflected in his Hebrew name “Yashua or Yahshiva”. Where “Ya or Yah” stands for Yahweh, the creator of male and female or of nature at large and “Shua or Shiva” stands for the “Primal Adam”. Thus, Jesus was the first born of Yahweh, the second “Adam” and Mary was the “Surrogate Mother” of Jesus and Joseph of the Judah tribe, the “Foster father”. Here, it will be worthwhile to explain what the word “Yahweh” stands for; “Yah” means to “sire” and “Weh” means of “Him”, the Lord of Nature. Thus, Mary was “Sired” by Yahweh and when John, the Baptist baptised Jesus in water, he did so in the name of “Yahweh”, his heavenly father and the outer court of the Temple belonged to “Yahweh” that was meant for prayers to our father in heaven. That is why Jesus made a whip and beat the traders out of his heavenly father Yahweh’s house whereas as the Anointed Son of the most high Elohim, our Supernatural Father of our souls, he said if someone hits you on cheek, then present the other, which is just the opposite of flesh created by Yahweh, a jealous and revengeful demi-urge God of nature and of the natural man. Thus, the outer Temple was the only ecclesiastical property that belonged to Jesus and none other secular property. So, Jesus had no place to rest his head.

Thus, Jesus too had the natural instincts of the natural tribal man and that is why he presented himself to the Ideal Rabbi – Matt. 13v52 - Angel John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah (my god is Yahweh), who worked for Yahweh, to be turned into the son of his heavenly father Yahweh. As he had no tribal Father to rest his head, he turned to Wilderness for prayer and fasting, which the tribal sons of man went into their Temple or Synagogue for learning the moral laws and confirming their faith in Yahweh, our Father in heaven, through prayers and fasting. Unless you are a natural once-born son of man and born of “water”, you cannot be the twice-born son of the most high Elohim and be born of Holy Spirit. So, after the baptism, Jesus left for wilderness that does not belong to any tribal father and said prayers and observed fasting for forty days longing for the highest “Elohim” to become His Christ. Thus, it was after this penitence, Jesus started his Ministry of “Christ” picking up the pre-destined Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father. They were “Rewarded” by our Father at Pentecost, with the Very Spirit of God “Holy Spirit” that made His Friends the Twin-Brethren of Himself. And in honour of their Bridegroom Christ Jesus, they became his “Virgin Brides” with Christ in their hearts and they Preached Gospel. Neither Jesus nor his twice-born Labouring Brethren ever said prayers as our physical body is the Temple of God and our invisible Supernatural Father Elohim lives in His Temple so far it is clean and free of “greed” and hypocrisy. Jesus sealed his Labourers to serve God by performing the Marriage Ceremony through “Eucharist” called entering into the Bridal Chamber and today this Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit is highly mocked. Remember that after the Last Supper, Judas Iscariot was thrown out for he was a Thief like these hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Churches that work for money, the same as Tithe and not for God in which the Royal Priests give to the Church and not steal money from the Church Purse as Judas Iscariot did. Further, neither Jesus nor any of his Apostles baptised anyone in water but the seventy outer circle Labourers being trained in the name of john, the Baptist did by going ahead in pairs to pave the way for Christ Jesus. Remember that James and John, the two Angels in the name of John, the Baptist, went to a Samaritan village and as they didn’t need baptism of John, the Baptist for they were already faithful to Abraham and to Yahweh. Luke 9:54 and when his two outer circle Angels working for John, the Baptist, James and John saw this, they said, Lord of Sabbath Christ Jesus, wilt thou that we command fire in the name of Yahweh to come down from heaven, the abode of our heavenly Father Yahweh and consume them, even as Elias that worked for Yahweh did? 55 but He turned, and rebuked them, because what applies to the once-born natural men of flesh, the opposite to the twice-born of spirit and said, ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. 56 for the Son of Man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village. Thus, Jesus came to do the Will of our most High Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. called “Islam of Allah or InshAllah” and not to do his own will called InshJesus as these Mohammedan Mullahs do their own wills called InshMullah, the Fatwas or edicts of Pope, InshPope. So, Angel of Israel, John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah (my god is Yahweh) baptised the Jewish men who had become Jews outwardly or unfaithful to Abraham and Yahweh, in the name of “Abraham” as Abraham was not a Jew outwardly but of the Semitic race. Thus, these Jews “outwardly” or the Tares – Matt. 13v24-30 by becoming unfaithful to Abraham, they themselves have become “Anti-Semitic” but they call the sons of tribal fathers, the “wheat plants” as Anti-Semitic.

Remember that John, the Baptist clearly stated that I am baptising you in water but the one coming after me will baptise you in “Holy Spirit”. Then why these hireling Priests in Churches of Mammon are baptising Gentiles, women, etc. in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit when john, the Baptist never baptised a woman or a Gentile but only the Jewish men of Eleven crook Patriarchs, who sold Joseph as a slave to Egyptians? This example of the Samaritan village people refusing to get baptised is a solid proof that Gentiles and Samaritans didn’t become “Tares” that needed baptism of repentance. The sons of Man being the “Wheat Plants” have tribal conscience and they do not need baptism. Thus, this baptism of water is the sheer stupidity of these super blind neo-Rabbis of the Gentiles!!!!!

To-day, these “Tares”, the Anti-Semitic Jews outwardly, that are unfaithful to Abraham and Yahweh, are being getting bundled-up in Israel for the “Final Burning” expected when Israel is 75 years old. This is how it will happen:-

Israel was established on 14 may, 1948 to fulfil Matt. 13v24-30. Add to this add 70 years of full protection till May, 2018. Then, there shall be Five years of very hard Tribulations worse than those of Sodom and Gomorrah till 14 May, 2023 when the Atomic War could take place. The present disturbance in the Middle East and world-wide is caused by the “Tares” in which they are opposing the democratically elected Governments by supplying arms to the rebel oppositions so as to destroy the countries and humanity in the name of Satan. The British hypocrites did to us, the Jatts of India the same “Saltless Deeds”. We fought for them in the two World Wars and after making them win the wars, they praised us for our bravery. Then, they devised a plan to divide our country on sectarian basis under the directions of three hypocrite Lala shopkeepers; Lala M.K. Gandhi, a Baniyia, Lala Mohd. Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia and Lala Tara Singh Malhotra Khatri that we will divide your country and when you will need arms to kill each other, and then we will sell you under obligation in exchange for food; Luke 11:11: if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? The British hypocrites held no elections and let people enjoy the deadly sectarian war. Was that the work of Satan or of God? No wonder their Church of England is headed by Queen, the head of Mammon and when her soldiers die, then her hireling stooges proclaimed that they glorified God. Whereas the Salvation Army people didn’t take to arms but served the wounded and when their soldiers died, they died for king and country. No wonder our Brother William Booth was thrown out of the Churches of England and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London has the statues of viceroys of India, South Africa, etc. along with the military personnel that they died to glorify God.

If you want to enter the fold of Christ Jesus, the Church of God, then you need to be twice-born of holy spirit exercising the un-conditional divine love called “Agape”. If you enjoy the Fellowship of the Royal Priests, exposition of the Parables will lead to “Philia” love of Friends in Gospel. God be willing, He may take you up in his lap as the Apostles were, to enjoy the “Storge” love in which you Merge with our Father and Mother, Holy Spirit as the Son of the Most High Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc.

The Royal Priests have a Fellowship in which everyone is “solitary” but of one accord. Why?

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Our Father Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. Blesses everyone.