We hear of revelations but what are the revelations?  A typical example is the Peter’s reply to Christ Jesus that you are the Christ of living God.


Now, Jesus asked Peter what others think of me?  He replied that some call you Elijah, John, the Baptist, etc.   But Peter what you think of me?  He replied that you are the Christ of God.  Then Jesus stressed that unless my Father gave you through revelations, you cannot have it.  So, revelations are received through the grace of our Father and for that you must be solitary seeking the praises of God and not those of the men. 


Revelations are received through logical reasoning and for that Word is also called “Logo”.  His Treasures are not found on the surface but hidden under the Parables.  This Jesus stressed that a person who found the Treasures buried in the Field, he sold his possessions (you cannot love Mammon and God) to buy the Field and used logical reasoning to dig out the Treasures called Gospel Truth.  Then, you can preach Gospel with authority as Christ Jesus did.


What is Gospel Truth?  When Peter told Jesus what the people thought of Him that was ”truth”, SACH, but when Peter said that you are the Christ of God that was the “Gospel Truth”, SATT, received through revelation by the grace of God on individual basis.


The Bible states the Facts and the New Testament being the Parables, some so simple to understand, yet all the people are not capable of understanding unless it is through the grace of God.  Take for example this very simple Saying of St.Paul, “A Jew is one who is inwardly (of spirit or “Quality”) and not outwardly (of flesh or “Quantity”)”.  Now, flesh in Adam is born and dies.  That is the tribal people are born and they die whilst the soul or spirit in God is never born and it never dies.  That is the religious selves such as Hindu, Sikh, Jew, Muslim, etc being of the heart and not of the physical bodies are never born and they never die.  In a nutshell, no Sikh, Hindu, Jew, etc is ever born or dies.  Thus, in the Holocausts in Germany, people say over 6 Million Jews died during the Holocausts.  This is “truth” but not the “Gospel Truth”.  The “Gospel Truth” is that if a Jew is not born then how could he die.  That is, not a single Jew died during the Holocausts but people of different tribes who were led by their blind Rabbis, the guides, and the blind in spirit followers, into the Pits of Holocausts/sectarian riots. 


The people of Israel being the nation of Priests, who teach other nations moral laws by giving us practical demonstrations and in doing so, they even give their own life.  So, we should learn a lesson from their sacrifices and sympathise with their suffering.


Thus, how many of you ever thought of the Gospel Truth?  It is one in million who understands this Gospel Truth and my late father during the 1947 Partition of India saved the village from attack by a group of 2000 when he explained to them that a Sikh and a Muslim being the spiritual selves are never born and they never die but our tribal selves.  There being no enmity between our tribes, the attacking party became our best friends and protected us.  Thus, truth the people were speaking that Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, etc were killing each other during the sectarian riots was not the Gospel Truth, SATT, but the falsehoods, KOORR, that you dispel through logical reasoning or by proclaiming the Gospel Truth.  KALYUG is the Age of SATT and not of the SACH as it used to be the previous Ages.


How many people are capable of receiving the Gospel Truth?  This Christ Jesus said only those who are pre-destined to be solitary and they do not go by what the masses say.  Although the Gospel Truth is as simple as ABC, yet not every one is capable of receiving it unless by the grace of God.  Many are called but a few are chosen.


People who follow others are spiritually blind and when their sectarian blind guides lead them, then they fall into the Pits of Holocausts.  Moses’ priests are junior to the Royal Priests of Christ Jesus.  This Christ Jesus stressed that the least of my disciples is greater than John, the Baptist, and an Ideal Priest of Moses or Prophet Elijah.  Now, if over 6 millions died during the Holocausts in the name of Moses, just imagine how many would Pope kill in the name of Christ Jesus?


So, we shall be having sectarian riots all over the world and if you want to survive such Holocausts, then seek to be solitary royal priest of God to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God for your safety.


In this Dark Age, christ called “innerman” within your own heart that feeds upon Gospel Truth is your real guide and for this reason St.Paul stressed that “Every one of us has to give his own account to God”.  So, Pope or the Dog-Collared Priests in your churches are not going to give your account to God.  In Christ Jesus, we have a fellowship of seekers of His Word.  Wherever two or three are gathered together in the name of Christ Jesus or Christ Nanak, then our Saviours are among us in spirit.  Our hearts must be unbiased like those of the little children.


Gospel Truth is best studied through discussion forums and in such forums; no one can impose his views upon the others.  Let us join hands to seek His Word.


The End of this Age is not far away as the establishment of Israel is a great Sign – Matt. 13.24-30.  Judgement Atomic War is expected to take place on 21 December, 2012 when the Mayan Calendar approaches ZERO.  This is the Age of grace or spirit and not of the works as the previous Ages were.  So, this spiritual Calendar applies.


Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
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