These Arabic terms are well known to us. Halal means what is permitted and Haraam what is not permitted.

The above terms are applicable to Muslims whose religion is Islam but unfortunately the terms are misinterpreted and here an effort is made to clarify them in the context of their "MEANINGS". Thus:-

ISLAM:- Islam stands for submission to the Will of Allah called INSHALLAH and NOT to the will or FATWAS of the Mullahs called INSHMULLAH. In Islam, the people who impose their own views upon others are anti-christs or satans and typical examples of these are the religious heads of various communities. In Islam you enjoy the FREEDOM of our Father Allah, Who himself is FREE and sets others FREE. Jesus presented typical examples of Islam in the Parable of Prodigal son, who wanted to have his share and leave. Here Father Allah did not ask his younger son(Isaac, the elder one being Ishmael) why he wants to leave because a sensible person knows what he is doing and does not need to be told what is wrong and what is right. Leaving Father means unfaithful to Allah and we all know how the Israelites suffered when they went to Egypt after being pushed out of the Promised Land and when Moses made them to repent for 40 years in the wilderness, how the same barren land became lush green to greet them(Father slaughtered a fattened cow to greet his lost son).

The other example of Islam Jesus presented was when James and John went to a Samaritan village to ask them to be prepared to receive Jesus and they said they don't want to know Jesus. James and John were angry and they went back to Jesus asking Him to burn down that village as Elijah did in the past whosoever disagreed with Him. But Jesus rebuked them saying, "You don't know what spirit you are of?", "I have come to do the Will of my Father i.e. my religion is Islam, and not my own as Elijah did in the past". So, the religion of Jesus was Islam and He preached the Principles of Islam in which people enjoy the FREEDOM of our Father and those sensible people who stay with our Father are called "HOLY" whilst the others "EVIL", who knowingly do evil from the very core of their hearts. Thus, the Popes who imposed their own wills on people and burnt to stake those who expressed FREEDOM had nothing to do with the Spirit of Jesus and they were rather anti-christs. Saints proclaimed by such Popes were their accomplices. Saints of Allah, like the present Brother Theresa of Calcutta do not seek the praises of "men" but of their Father Allah. Islam is for the elect Musallmans but who is a Musallman?

MUSALLMAN:- The term Musallman stands for "MUSSALLUM" meaning "FIRM" "EEMAAN" meaning "FAITH" i.e. a true Musallman has a firm faith in Allah. Here, it is worth making a distinction between beliefs called "DIN" and faith called "EEMAAN", which the Europeans overlook and call Christian beliefs as faith and talk about such matters as "inter-faith" rather than "inter-beliefs". A belief when put into practice is turned into faith, the oil which Jesus talked about in the Parable of ten virgins. So, a true Musallman should speak the truth, be contented with his lot and should perform merciful deeds in the name of Allah. Such a Musallman is in Allah and Allah is in him and he is said to be eating Halal earning. Allah cannot rest in a liar, greedy or a cruel person like the Popes, who led a luxurious life at the mites of poor followers, but the Satan. So, a Musallman being inwardly of spirit and NOT outwardly of the flesh, Halal and Haraam are as follows:-

HALAL:- In Allah, living on honest earning or contented with your lot is Halal whilst living on cheating, bribery, robbery, etc. is Haraam. In this world, there are very few people who live on Halal earnings whilst the majority are tempted by Mammon and take on to dishonest means of living such as bribery, robbery, cheating, etc. mostly unknowingly in the manner of the once-born people of flesh. For example, in Ghana where we stayed for 15 years, giving "DAISH" i.e. tips is quite common and it is rather a way of life but very few know that it is a form of bribe and do not take it at all, i.e. they are contented with their lot and such people are in Allah.

As the once-born people are forgivable, when they come to their senses in that what the other person is giving him is doing so at the expense of his own children, they stop taking bribes but the twice-born person of evil spirit shall never stop as he worships Mammon and not Allah. In Mammon, one must take bribe, kill people to enrich oneself at the expense of his victims, etc. The Western Colonisers did so and their Bishops supported them by blessing their troops and ships. No wonder their Cathedrals are full of the statues of heroes who colonised people overseas. The greatest irony was that they introduced bribery overseas in the form of X-mas gifts, "DALLIES", "DAISH", etc. whilst they kept their own countries free of bribes. In Jesus, you treat others as you wished to be treated whilst in Mammon, the other way round.

HARAAM:- It stands for "FORBIDDEN" and as it says, cheating, robbery, bribery, looting others during wars, etc. is all HARAAM.

One who lives on HARAAM earnings is called a "HARAAMI", a bastard; not by birth but in deeds or works who is more dangerous than the bastards in flesh, who could become Saints, the Parable of the mustard seed.

Such a HARAAMI is a son of Satan and the invaders in different countries were of this category. Afghans, Moguls, British, etc. are the typical examples.

HARAAMIS of deeds having evil spirit, bear evil fruits in that their family members get accustomed to a life of luxury and they can not make progress in spirit. So much so that in the old age they want to pass away but their strength in Mammon does not allow them to do so but suffer on the sick beds. This is called repaying for their evil deeds of their past life that they suffer on hospital beds waiting for the moment of their death. People of holy deeds pass away peacefully walking about with little care in Hospital.

Finally, HALAL is for the sons of Allah and HARAAM for the sons of Satan in spirit. As Allah is Spirit and NOT FLESH, so animals slaughtered by cutting their throats and leaving them to bleed to death is NOT HALAL but cruelty and no wonder such people are Muslims of flesh and not of the spirit. In the light of St. Paul's Saying, " A Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly", then a Christian, Jew, Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, etc. of flesh have nothing to do with Allah but with Satan and such people are the once-born "fanatics". This type of knowledge is NOT for the fanatics, who perform horrible deeds at the commands of their anti-christs, Mammon worshippers/hypocrites.

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