All the blames to Nijjhar; the praises be to God






















Chapter 1


No religious work would be complete without an insight into the religious communities of India but at the same time there is no other place in the world where it is greatly misrepresented.

India has produced some excellent Saints but at the same time, it has produced the greatest number of top "psychics" who have greatly misled the people not so much in the East as in the West. In fact, The HARMANDIR SAHIB in Amritsar is the Only Holiest of Holy Temple of God in the world that replaced the Original Holiest of Holy in Jerusalem but to-day it is highly infested with the Mammon worshipping, MUNNMUKH, priests best called the "Robbers" or CHOR LOTARAE. No wonder Satguru (Christ) Jesus was furious at the moneychangers at the Temple Court Yard and He whipped them and turned their tables down!!!

Most of the priests in Sikh Temples over here in U.K. and other countries are there to earn money for their families back home and sometimes they would go to such extremes of meanness as to be having no shame or conscience at all. And sometimes I would tell them that you sing the songs of God but your motive is "money"; therefore if you yourselves are "MUNNMUKH", Mammon worshippers, how could you make the members of congregation "GURMUKH", God worshippers!!!

The sensible "GURMUKH" Sikhs, if there be some, should know that these "MUNNMUKH" Mammon worshipping Sikhs posed for almost 20 years as impostor "SATGURUS" in the village of BABA BAKAALA, where the Eighth Mantel Royal King (SACHAE PAATSHAH) HAR KRISHANJI had predicted His Successor, the Ninth Mantel, the last and the sixth SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI to be found. Even after the Sikhs had outdoored the True SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI in the village of BABA BAKAALA, the impostors made an attempt to get Him killed but they failed to do so. SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI forgave them their attempt on His life for a Saint is NIRBHO and NIRVAIR but the impostors showed no sign of remorse.

However, when SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI went to His Home HARMANDIR SAHIB to pay His Homage to SATGURU NANAK DEVJI and to start Preaching Gospel, the Mammon worshipping MUNNMUKH Sikhs locked themselves in the HARMANDIR SAHIB, banged the Door in His face and they won't let Him in. So, just think of these shameless and hardened Mammon worshippers who started to plunder the most honoured House of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI whilst His Mantel was still alive. To-day, it is no wonder that in the Amritsar complex the page to page reading of the Holy Book called AKHAND PAATH is sold to the devotees in a business-like manner and the priests (GRANTHIS) are making a good business out of this sincere devotion of SIKHS i.e. the greedy people have turned the Holiest of Holy complex of the world into a den of robbers worse than that of the Banares Temples. So, before the people were warned of the BANARES DAE THHAGH and now you should be most careful of the AMRITSIRIYAE THHAGH.

The result is quite apparent. The Mammon worshippers by nature being "selfish" did, instead of promoting unity among the religious communities as at the times of Satgurus when Pir Mian Mir Ji laid the Foundation stone of Harmandir Sahib, rather ignite the "fire" of hatred and the sectarian riots from time to time. So, these Mammon worshippers have written many books that have created a really great misconception of Religion. For example, Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI was not a "GURU" but they have proclaimed Him so and there is hardly anyone who objects to it.

In fact, we are passing through the last decade of KAL YUG, the Dark Age and you will see many tribulations, basically deep-rooted in the sectarian differences, all over the world and on a scale that you had never seen or heard of before.

This fact will become clear on grasping the basics of the four communities of Religion in India. Further, the beauty in the study of these communities lies in the fact that the very meanings of the names of them will give you a good clue to their nature and functions. However, let us ponder over the four communities.

Chapter 2.


Mostly people identify the people of different religious communities by their garbs and/or the physical appearances. For example, the common man takes a person to be a Hindu if he is clean-shaven with shorn hair, has a frontal mark, puts on the holy thread (JAENEOU) over his shoulder, worships the statues of demi gods and goddesses, etc. This is not to be so as religion is a matter of one's heart and not that of the physical body or garbs.

The origin of the word "HINDU" is from the word "HOOND", called "HASTI" in Urdu, meaning fleshly (bodily) "identity", which is known by asking the stranger a simple question, "Who are you?" - "AAP HUNDAE KAUN HO?" A person who gives out his fleshly identity by naming his tribe (JAATI) and the place of birth or whereabouts (BAASI) is a Hindu and the one who cannot or does not know his tribal identity could be no one else than a "bastard" born of a prostitute as the person's mother does not know of whose "seed" the child was born of. So, the antonym of a Hindu is a bastard and later on you will see how the people who are not Hindus do perform bastardly deeds such as the killing of the innocent people.

In the South India, some people have the names of their fathers and that of their villages incorporated into their names - JAAT PAEHCHAAN. This reflects the wisdom of great Pandit Ravan of Lanka, the country that was a heaven in the past but to day, it is in great turmoil. Similarly, the African people have the tribal marks over their faces for identification. Such people think twice before indulging in any satanic deed of cheating or robbing that will bring disgrace to their families/tribes. In short, thieves or the satanic people conceal their tribal identity but not the "sons of Adam or Man".


By disclosing one's tribal identity, the person establishes a covenant with his forefathers in flesh or "Adam" known as "MAHESH" or "MAHADEV" in Hindi; because all the tribes originate from "MAHESH" through races and the surnames or subcastes that follow the tribes are for identifications. Demi-god SHIV being the chief authority and the learned representative of Adam, he is also synonym with "MAHESH" and the worship of phallus (LING) and vagina (YUNI) in SHIV stresses upon the significance of the "seed" (JAATI) and "egg" (BAASI) in the identification and the procreation of mankind.

Further, as politics is for the tribes, SHIV also personifies the "Head of State". The snake around his neck highlights the closeness of political enemies of the kings and the flow of Ganges, the water, that helps to produce plenty food, from his head signifies the care the head of state takes in feeding his subject, whilst the duty to protect the subject from enemies, or the respect of his destructive army (SHIV SENA), goes chiefly to the people of JATT tribe. This is further highlighted in the visit of MAATA GANGA JI wife of SATGURU ARJUN DEVJI to BHAI BUDHA JI, a Randhawa Jatt, for the "Boon" of a son (HAR GOBINDJI), who was to initiate the work of SHIV SHAKTI with the main support of the people of JATT tribe. Speaking in spiritual language, Bhai Budhaji Randhawa was the spiritual Brother of MAATA GANGA JI and the spiritual MAMMA JI of Royal King HAR GOBIND JI. That was also the reason why the people of Jatt tribe rendered the whole-hearted support to SHIV SHAKTI work of both the Royal Kings Har Gobind Ji and Gobind Sigh Ji.

In context of the above tribal concepts, the countries being the homes of tribes were named after the dominant tribe and they were called "fatherlands" such as Afghanistan, the home of the people of Afghan tribe, England of the English, Scotland of the Scots, Ireland of the Irish, Germany of the Germans, etc. but unfortunately no JATTISTAN exists.

Now, the parental "identity" makes a religious person conscientious of his family honour. In that he takes care of "shame", LOK LAJJ, in his deeds and he would not indulge in "shameless" affairs. Thus, it is a well-known fact that the people, who are born of the prostitutes, the KANJAR, are, in general, less shameful people than the one whom are born in their father's homes. Whilst those who conceal their tribal identity knowingly or are misled by their satanic leaders in order to engage them in satanic deeds, as the ATTWAADIS do, are the least shameful of all.

Shame, "SHARM", ZAMEER or "HEEYA" being the foundation of religion, DHARM or EEMAN, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI said:-



i.e. both the shame and the faith have gone into hiding, and the result, falsehoods or blasphemies have become dominant in the world. This will become clear on understanding the fact that religion instead of teaching/preaching "peace" among the people is at present leading them into the "shameless" sectarian riots implying that the present so-called religion is not of Truth and God but that of the falsehoods and the Satan called Beast.

Now, the duty of Satan is to fleece the poor people, to create chaos and disorder in the society, and to spread a wave of hatred and killing among the ignorant once-born people through the misrepresentation of basic concepts of religion as it was done during the 1947 partition of India when the religious communities Sikh, Hindu, Muslim were presented as tribes, KAUMS, for dissecting the Motherland especially the Panjab, the main tribal home land of the people of Jatt tribe.

Thus, the satanic people are doing everything possible in their powers to make the people forget their tribal identities so that they could be made devoid of their very basic religious foundation, the quantity "shame", without which they may not be able to acquire the religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy, the measures of Faith, EEMAN or DHARM. The religious quantity "shame" and the three religious qualities of religion are represented by the "four legs" of the white religious Bull NANDI of Lord SHIV or the four arms of the SWASTIKA, the symbol that represents the Four Ages of the Cycle.

Some of the main tactics that the satanic people in India have used to make the people forget their tribal identity are:-

1. They have proclaimed the four basic professions (VARNS); SHOODAR (menial servants), VAISH (businessmen), KHASHATRI (politicians) and BRAHMIN (religious teachers) as tribes (JAATIS). Thus, a BRAHMIN who hangs the symbolic phallus (LINGAM) of SHIV around his neck but he proclaims his tribe as a BRAHMIN, the VARN, has lost his tribal identity as BHAGAT KABIRJI said:-


i.e. by proclaiming yourself a Brahmin by tribe, do not lose your real tribal identity (JANAM), which could be a GAUR, SARSUT, MOHIYAL, etc., the tribes that were assigned the responsibility of teaching the moral laws to the children as in the Israel they were the people of Levi tribe. Such blind Pandits are the blind guides of the blind.

2. The satanic people would make or the people themselves out of their foolishness, would adopt the name of their village, town or city from which they hail as to be their surnames in preference to their real tribal surnames. Now, first of all you cannot change your surname as it represent the "seed" or "TUKHUM" and secondly the village, town or city being our social mother, whilst the surnames our social fathers, we do not get ourselves married within the same surname or the village, town and even city for that forms a part of family.

Thus, a person who takes on the name of the village, town or city as his surname reflects that he does not want to be known by his tribal father but rather he prefers to be a "bastard" born of a famous prostitute, who went around serving the whole village, town or city. Therefore, she could not name a single person to be the father of her son; greater the population of the village, town or city she served, the more popular and famous that prostitute must be. Thus, people especially the politicians were born of their legitimate parents but for the sake of cheap popularity they would rather prefer to be known as the illegitimate children of the famous prostitutes of the whole town or city.

Such type of people were sometimes the head of the AKAAL TAKHT (the Eternal True Throne for Saints or Nirmallae Sants) in Amritsar that was dedicated by The Royal King HAR GOBIND JI to the NIRMALLAE SANTS(BRAHM GYANIS) or the Apostles of the Fourth community, who preach "His Word" and nothing else. Such people who could not even be of their own tribal or physical fathers in flesh, just imagine how much they would be knowing about our abstract Father in Spirit, AKAAL PURAKH?


This would also reflect upon the depth of religious knowledge that is being radiated from this Highest of High Spiritual Seat of the world. Consideration of the activities of the members of the third community, the Khalsas, will throw further light on this topic.

Now, the Pandits teach moral laws pertaining to "KARAM MARAG" i.e. works, from SIMRITIS to children by the "letters" using the statues of demi gods and goddesses as the "concrete" visual aids whilst they used to preach the "abstract" SURTI (spiritual) UPANASHID in "spirit", i.e. without the visual aids of statues, through lectures/discussions to the sensible adults. Teaching being the "letters" and preaching being "His Word", no one can preach Gospel without the Grace (NADIR or BAL) of God (RAM).

Further, a person who loves money i.e. worships Mammon cannot love God simultaneously and the loving or worship of the two is called twice-bound (DUBDA). Therefore, only the devotees of God alone are capable of receiving "His Word".

Thus, when the Pandits became greedy, God took away from them the sense to "perceive" Him through "His Word" i.e. the greedy Pandits became spiritually incapable of understanding the SURTI UPANASHID. So, in the past good times the Pandits who wanted to take on to the Brahman profession (VARN) used to be the one who had renounced the secular world of flesh for the Celestial world of Holy Spirit in order to be "Perfect" and, therefore, they were generally old and highly devoted persons and not the young and greedy married ones as you mostly come across to-day. The Pandits being unbiased and impartial child-like people, they used to dispense justice that not only kept the law and order (heaven) in the villages but they also kept the courts and kings free of the petty cases which dominate the present courts.

Finally, in order to appreciate the functions of the second SIKH and the third KHALSA communities of religion it is essential to know some basic Hindu mythology and the prophets that appeared in the past Ages. This need was also felt by Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI in that He sent forth some of His Khalsas to Banares (Jerusalem of India) to study the Hindu mythology and those learned Khalsas were called NIRMALLAE (Pure) SANTS (Saints) or the Apostles, who opted to ply the Double-edged Sword of Word or NAAM.

The concepts of BRAHMA, the Creator demi god, VISHNU, the Preserver demi god and SHIV, the Destroyer demi god are the fundamental basis of Hindu mythology. Thus, the demi god BRAHMA created the Nature including the mankind and the demi god VISHNU preserves the mankind through teaching the arts of peaceful and righteous ways of living together in harmony with Nature whilst the demi god SHIV destroys those who go against the righteous teachings of VISHNU.

Further, the four Ages outline the eras of dominant religious qualities. Thus, in SATT YUG or the Golden Age most of the people were shameful, truthful, contented and merciful and the people being full-fledged religious people, they were called the VASS DEV (good angelic people). Also, they did not stand in the need of a prophet as they lacked no religious quality. In the Bible this was called Adam and Eve living in the company of God.

Degeneration of the religious qualities especially "mercy" led people into the TRAETA YUG or the Silver Age and, therefore, the people of this Age occasionally aired out their cruelty over their own women folk. Cutting the nose of Saroop Nakha, the sister of king Ravan of Lanka, by Lachhman, the younger brother of Prophet Ram Chanderji was a typical example of cruelty that led Pandit Ravan to seek revenge by abducting Sita, the wife of Shri Ram Chanderji under the tit-for-tat principle of LOK LAJJ (shame of the people). The dominant KHATRI tribe people of the TRETA YUG were "men of letters" and, therefore, they would observe the religious rites and perform the various rituals very carefully to the last minute details.

But in order to remind the people of the chief quality of God "mercy", Prophet Ram Chanderji appeared among the most arrogant people of the Khatri tribe, who were well versed in the "letters" of the VEDAS so that they could temper their deeds with "mercy" for the sake of preserving humanity. "Letter killeth and spirit giveth life" is a well-known proverb of the Bible.

In short, Prophet Ram Chanderji played the part of demi god VISHNU and, therefore, He was well-known as the "MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAAR" or the Great man who set the moral laws on a sound footing almost on the same principles as Moses did for the Jews. Also, the name "Ram Chander" represented the fact that He was the "moon" (CHAND) of RAM (God or Sun, the Primary source of Light) i.e. He reflected "His Word" in setting out the moral laws. Of Moses it was said that He himself saw the Face of God but only showed the back of God, the reflections and not the real self, to the people i.e. the moral laws are the reflections of "His Word" or NAAM (VAEDON MAE NAAM UTTAM.....i.e. the VEDAS contain "His Word" implicitly and not explicitly as in the AD-GRANTH). Thus, Prophet SHRI RAM CHANDER JI was the incarnation of demi god VISHNU and the dominant spiritually sick people, i.e. people haughty of the "letters" of the VEDAS, were of the KHATRI tribe. In fact, the name of the political profession, KHASHTRI VARN, was coined in honour of the political wisdom of the people of Khatri tribe. The people of Khatri tribe were so well versed in the Vedas that they would even give the people of tribes doing the Brahman profession the expositions of Vedas and put them right. So, it was well known that:-


Further degeneration of the religious quality "contentment" led people into the DOAAPAR AGE or the Bronze Age in which the KAIROS displayed ungratefulness towards their real cousins PANDOS by maltreating them to the extent of not giving them even five villages to settle down; a thorough display of cruelty and discontentment by the KAIROS towards PANDOS whose father looked after them when they were young. The dominant tribe of this Age was YADAV and, therefore, the Prophet of this Age SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI took his birth among the people of dominant YADAV tribe as Prophet Shri Ram Chanderji had taken His birth among the dominant people of the learned Khatri tribe.

The people of YADAV tribe were simpletons in nature and they had among them a political problem i.e. the question of land for their living. Now, the simpletons could not understand the religious principles as the intelligent and clever Khatris did from Shri Ram Chanderji but needed a "Guide" to lead them out of this political dilemma where policy (NEETI) plays an important role. So, here Prophet Shri Krishan Baldevji guided the righteous PANDOS in the political war against the cruel and unjust KAIROS by explaining to them the fundamentals of political policies.

Therefore, SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI was known as the "NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAAR", the Great Politician, Who fought for the righteousness in the fashion of demi god Shiv, the personified head of state. Thus, Prophet Shri Krishan Baldevji was the incarnation of demi god SHIV and His very name supports this view. KRISHAN stands for the "Rays" of religious Knowledge and "BALDEV" for "SHAKTI" or the Powerful Angelic Person, the Lord of Universe.

Further, Shri Krishan Baldevji, unlike Shri Ram Chanderji, had many names and the most popular name among them was of "Gobind", "Son of God", meaning all Knowledgeable or the Light and Omnipotent, a name that has been repeated in KAL YUG among the Royal Kings HAR GOBIND JI and GOBIND SINGH JI. This derivation will become clear later on.

Last Age of the Cycle of Ages is KAL YUG or the Iron Age known as the Dark Age for its lack of all the three religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy remaining only the basic quantity "shame", the foundation. Thus, most of the religious people in the Dark Age have conscious but quite a good number of them, mostly in the Mammon seeking countries especially in the East, being liars, greedy and cruel even do not have "shame" or SHARM. That is why there had been so many unjust wars to plunder the weaker nations and the courts, especially in India, are full of the petty baseless cases in which the righteous people suffer at the hands of merciless cheats or "MUNNMUKH" persons, who are mostly "shameless" people with no "conscience" at all.

In the Dark Age, the greedy Pandits dominate. They become inefficient in preserving the law and order for they themselves become ignorant of the Spirit of God. So, without the sensible (SURTIVAAN) Pandits, the visual aids i.e., the statues of demi gods and goddesses, could not play their usual roles effectively. Therefore, we can say that where into the hell the blind guides went, there also went their dead statues of gods and goddesses i.e. the dead stones cannot speak of their own unless their living in spirit worshippers make them to do so e.g. BHAGAT RAVI DASSJI, BHAGAT MIRAN BAI, BHAGAT DHANNA, etc. put life into those stones through devotion to God.

Under such circumstances of utter Darkness, then appears among the people the most high SATGURU, the "CHRIST" or the Royal Priest to preach, and not to teach, the Living Gospel of the most high Living God (RAM), the very source of BRAHMA and, therefore, also called "PAAR-BRAHM" (higher than BRAHMA) - "SABH TAE WADDA SATGURU NANAK JIN KAL RAKHI MAERI" i.e. of all the GURUS (mother, father and Pandit) SATGURU NANAK is the most High whose preaching preserved my honour (PATT) in this Dark Age. Lastly, as BRAHMA uttered VEDAS through RISHIS and MUNIS, the Sages, so PAAR-BRAHM uttered The Gospel, AD-GRANTH SAHIB through His Royal Priests, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI and His Five Mantels. Therefore, the AD-GRANTH and the NEW TESTAMENT are The Holy Books of this Dark Age as VEDAS and Torah used to be of the past TRETA and DOAAPAR Ages when the Pandits/Rabbis preserved the Light of VISHNU.

Now, The AD-GRANTH is for the sensible people of "spirit" (SURTI). Therefore, it is essential for the people to first subdue their ego (HAUMAE) of flesh or tribe before they would become sensible enough to understand the Gospel i.e. the people should be twice-born (DAWEEJA) and they should not carry on boasting of their parental or tribal "seed" or JAATI in the manners of once-born (IKEEJA) people. The people should be capable of putting their "seed" in the soil i.e. become humble, to germinate a living plant capable of receiving the living Pollen of Gospel for the sake of bearing "fruit". Thus, the identity of "seed" in the plant does not vanish but changes from "explicit" to "implicit" in nature. This is termed "living in the spirit of God" but dead in the ego of "flesh in Adam" or simply the "living dead".

About the twice-born people, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI said:-


i.e. fortunate are those people who are living in "spirit" but dead in the "ego" of flesh. And BHAGAT KABIRJI said:-



i.e. St.Kabir says, "The people are frightened of their death in "ego" but I have found in it a Perfect bliss in spirit". Thus, the Saints kept their tribal identity "implicit" and used it for their tribal identification only.

In a nutshell, one is born into a family not out of one's own free-will or accord but that of the Will of God and if that very first Will of God (RAZZA) is not acceptable to a person, then God does not want to know such persons. The rites of HAJJ are for establishing this very First Will of God. Thus, KABAH is the Temple of Adam or SHIV.

Chapter 3.


This community is for the twice-born people of "spirit" or SURTI, who have managed to subdue their "ego" (HAUMAE) of fleshly seed or JAATI. They enjoy the "Nectar", ANAND of second community that is headed by the supreme SATGURU NANAK DEVJI, Who outlined the Spiritual (ROOHANI) Principles("His Word") of RAM, HAR, PAARBRAHM, ALLAH or God. As God is Spirit, so only the sensible people of "spirit" (SURTI) are capable of enjoying fully the preaching of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI.

The "spirit" or common sense to understand "His Word" is bestowed by God upon the person through "grace" (NADIR) and the past deeds (KARM) of the person in the previous lives also play an important role. Thus, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI played a similar part as SHRI RAM CHANDERJI did, in the capacity of "moon", in the TRAETA YUG but as the "Sun", the primary source of Light in this Dark Age.

Therefore, for preaching to us the Spiritual Principles pertaining to our soul or more precisely to our MUNN or mind, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI (ROOHANI MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAAR) could also be designated as the incarnation of PAAR/MAHA VISHNU as SHRI RAM CHANDERJI (DUNIAVI MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAAR) was the incarnation of VISHNU for imparting to us the secular or body-related moral laws of life. Thus, whereas the VEDAS contained the words of BRAHMA, The AD-GRANTH SAHIB contains the Words or Gospel of PAAR BRAHM. The absolute superiority of PAAR VISHNU SATGURU NANAK DEVJI over VISHNU is further emphasised in the stories that the consort goddess DURGA of demi god VISHNU used to do all the menial works for SATGURU NANAK DEVJI.

For God being "Love" and "Service", the Sikhs (disciples or students) of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI is to be cool-headed and loving servants of people, SEWADARS. The cool-headed nature of the Sikhs is further vividly emphasised in building The HARMANDIR SAHIB right in the middle of the Pool; remember that our physical self is the living Temple of God or the real HARMANDIR. The brick built Temple at Amritsar is there to impart an important lesson of humility and cool-headedness.

This is further emphasised in the Saying of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI:-


That is, a Sikh has no external enemy or there is none stranger to him but he is to fight and overpower the five spiritual robbers/enemies that are with him since his birth.

A Sikh named Ghaniya set an example by serving water to and nursing the wounds of everyone alike in a battle between the KHALSAS of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI and the spiritually blind soldiers of Turkus, the Mammon worshippers or MUNNMUKH infidel kings. The cruel nature of Turkus is depicted by SATGURU NANAK DEVJI in the Saying:-


That is, not all the people of Pathan tribe were Mammon worshipping infidels but only the greedy Mohammadans performed the shameless and cruel deeds during the process of plundering. Now, they are paying back for their cruel deeds done in the past. In Kal Yug, you reap the fruits of your deeds soon.

Sikhs lead the life of householders and by the time they have looked after their family affairs, they also had acquired sufficient knowledge of AKAAL PURAKH (Eternal One) to serve Him diligently by joining either the Third Community of Khalsas or the Fourth Community of Apostles called NIRMALLAE SANTS, both of them require the members of their Panth to renounce their family homes i.e. one is to be no more twice-bound (DUBDA) but devoted to One.

Further, a Sikh is known by his qualities that are best known by his deeds and what comes out of his mouth that will reflect the purity of his heart and how much spiritual knowledge he has acquired. But if a person speaks out sweet falsehoods (KOORR), then he is either a hypocrite KOORRIAYAR or a Mammon worshipper MUNNMUKH. For the quality of a Sikh being known by his "speech", Sikh is also called a "NAADI (voice) ROOP (self)" i.e. inward or spiritual (SOOKHSHAM ROOP) self; in the same way as in the Bible it is stressed that a Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly (of the flesh). And, therefore, those who proclaim the Sikhs to be a "BINDI (seed) ROOP (self)" i.e. outwardly of the flesh (ASTHOOL ROOP) and identify them with Sikh tribe or KAUM, they are nothing else but the propagators of falsehoods known as KOORRIAYAR in Punjabi or the anti-christs. Thus, to be a good learned Sikh is not a joke and such a person is "solitary" in nature as per the Saying of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI:-


i.e. after receiving the Light of Knowledge from a SATGURU, the Darkness of misconceptions vanishes away.

Thus, a Sikh is the Ambassador of Akaal Purakh and as Akaal Purakh has no enmity or hatred against any, so is a Sikh. In simple words, a Sikh should possess all the positive qualities.

Whereas the religion of a Hindu is to improve upon his "EXTRINSIC" values, the religion of a Sikh is to improve upon his own "INTRINSIC" values.

Chapter 4.


After a Sikh has burnt the ego, HUMAE of his tribe and tribesmen, physical strength as in wrestling, property, secular wisdom and haughtiness, then they know that it is all by the grace of KARTA that he had acquired and not of his own accord. Such learned and the pure (KHALAS) of heart Sikhs have two options in serving God for the benefit of humanity. One is to join the third Khalsa community after baptism and the other is to concentrate upon preaching the Gospel. The Sikhs who are physically fit (JATTI) generally prefer to join the Khalsa Community (PAAR SHIV SENA) whilst the disabled or the people with great inclination towards GYAN and preaching and service become the Apostles of the Fourth community.

The transition from Sikh to Khalsa was not abrupt but slow and steady. This transition started from the Royal King HAR GOBINDJI, who first started the work of SHIV SHAKTI MARAG along with expounding the AD-GRANTH SAHIB to the Sikhs.

The change over from the BHAGTI or BHAKHTI MARAG of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI to the SHAKTI MARAG of "GOBIND" was marked by the initiation rites conducted by SATGURU ARJUN DEVJI in which the head of HAR GOBIND JI was shaved as part of the Hindu ritual (Ref.: "The Evolution of the Sikh Community" by W.H.McLeod, OUP. 1976 Pp.77). This was done in accordance with the Hindu custom of shaving the head of the male person when he makes progression from one ASHRAM (stage of life) to the next. So in the case of Royal King HAR GOBINDJI, it was the progression from BHAGTI to SHAKTI MARAG that was marked by this shaving of head. Hindu customs being related to physical body TANN or the ASTHOOL ROOP are to be "seen", DAEKHAE JANDAE, by the two naked eyes "explicitly" by all. Whilst the customs related to the SOOKHSHUM ROOPI MUNN are performed by the individual "implicitly" and they are "perceived", PAEKHAE JANDAE, by the people of spirit or SURTI.

During the initiation ceremony, Bhai Budha Ji Randhawa, the spiritual Uncle, put on His left shoulder the double-edged sword, "KHANDA" in the name of "HAR" and on His right shoulder the single-edged sword, "KIRPAAN" in the name of "GOBIND".

Further, as demi god SHIV had three consorts (PAARVATTI, DURGA AND KALI), so the Royal King HAR GOBINDJI had three wives (DAMODRI, NANKEE AND MAHAN DEVI). The compound name "HAR GOBIND" also reflects that He was the expositor of the Gospel (of HAR) and exercised the Power (SHAKTI) of GOBIND (PAAR SHIV). Thus, in the name of "HAR" (PIRI), He established The AKAAL TAKHT (of BRAHMAN VARN) for the Apostles or NIRMALLAE SANTS of the Fourth community and He retreated into the motherly care of the SHIVALIK HILLS for performing the work of "SHAKTI MARAG" in the name of "GOBIND".

Further, as the Royal King (SACHAE PAATSHAH, PATT DA SHAH) is superior to the king (BAADSHAH, ABAADI DA SHAH), and, therefore, He should look after the righteous kings in that at His release from the Gwaliar Fort, Royal King HAR GOBINDJI insisted upon and secured the release of innocent and oppressed kings. That is, whereas the kings look after the property of his subject, the Royal Kings look after the "honour" (PATT) of their devotees.

Similarly, the names of Royal Kings HAR RAIJI and HAR KRISHANJI also speak for themselves the progression in transition.

Thus, sixth and the last SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI gave the finishing touch to The AD-GRANTH SAHIB and thus, to the BHAGTI MARAG by giving His own sacrifice to the most satanic Khatris of Kashmir Valley who had become the first rated satanic Mullahs in the royal court of king Aurangzeb, a great hypocrite king of India whilst The Royal King GOBIND RAI JI gave the finishing touch to SHAKTI MARAG by establishing the independent Army of Philanthropic (PAR UPKAARI) KHALSA) Soldiers. As the name "GOBIND" also signifies SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI, so the Royal King GOBIND RAI JI was the incarnation of PAAR SHIV (ROOHANI, spiritual, NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAAR) as SHRI KRISHAN BALDEVJI was the incarnation of SHIV (DUNIAVI, secular, NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAAR). Further, as SHIV is higher in status than VISHNU, so the Royal King GOBIND RAI JI, PAAR SHIV, was higher than SATGURU (PIR) NANAK DEVJI, PAAR VISHNU and, therefore, Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI proclaimed Himself to be the "UCH DA PIR" i.e. the Supreme PIR.



Thus, the Sikhs who want to be initiated into the third community of Khalsas do so through the "Baptism of Sacrifice"(similar to the "Eucharist of Sacrifice" in Jesus) at The True Throne, KES GARH SAHIB, situated at Anand Pur Sahib, Punjab after which they become the SARDAR Royal Soldiers of God (AKAAL PURAKH DI PAR UPKAARI FAUJ) and take up their permanent residence at one of the three True Thrones (SACHAE KHALISTANS) dedicated to the remaining three VARNS (professions); KES GARH SAHIB at Anand Pur Sahib for KHASHTRI VARN, PATNA SAHIB at Patna (MANDI), Bihar for VAISH VARN and finally HAZOOR SAHIB at Nanded, Maharashtra for the SHOODAR VARN.

So, the three True Thrones are the Spiritual Seats of SHAKTI MARAG, where the oppressed persons should go to demand justice that the secular courts had denied to them. Further, as the BHAGTI and SHAKTI MARAGS are not compatible, so the Khalsas of the senior third community should not interfere into the business of the Sikhs of the junior second community unless there is a specific need to clean up such places off the Mammon worshippers as it is at present in most Gurdwaras especially at Amritsar.

Now, the Khalsas are of three types; the once-born simpletons of the flesh (BAE MUKH), the twice born clever and dishonest of evil spirit (MUNN MUKH) and the wise of Holy Ghost (GUR MUKH).

Men of flesh (MOORAKH) cannot understand the Gospel and, therefore, also the Mammon-free nature of God. Typical example of such Khalsas was the forty martyrs who had become Khalsas for the sake of material rewards of plunder but they left the company of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI when He was under a siege and they had to go hungry.


But they earned their forgiveness and "Salvation" by fighting the soldiers of Turkus to their death after a twice-born devote lady in the name of MAI BHAGO had rebuked them for their foolishness which they realised afterwards. Further, Ranjit Singh, a Sandhu Jat, had the rule of the Panjab for 40 years to fulfil the wishes of those forty martyrs and he did a lot of foolish things to please the greedy priests, the Gianis and the Granthis especially the gilding at Harmandir Sahib.

The second types of Khalsas are the MUNN MUKH psychics of evil spirit, the vipers, which are too stubborn to give up their inherent nature. It was in the search of such a person that Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI went to Nanded and got hold of a person called Madho Das who originally hailed from Kashmir Valley but had formed his following among the once-born simpletons of this far away land. Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI occupied his camp and the psychic Madho Das tried all his cult powers against Him before submitting himself. Then, Madho Das hypocritically surrendered himself to Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji and acknowledged Him the "Master" in order to improve upon his cult powers, as he had done to his "Gurus" on the previous occasions. Remember that Madho Dass not only used to change his name to suit the occasion, but he also tried to kill his "Gurus" in order to replace them as the head of their sects.

Then, Madho Das got himself baptised in the name of Banda (servant) Singh along with his disciples and the Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI knowing very well the inherent nature of a MUNN MUKH person strongly stressed home to him the three most basic tenets of Khalsa community, which are:-


1. You are not to get married and become a householder,

2. You are not to seek a secular kingdom and become a secular king and lastly

3. You are not to proclaim yourself as a "GURU".

So long as Banda Singh stuck to the above mentioned three tenets of TATT Khalsas, he had one victory after the other through the blessings of God and even earned the title of "Bahadur" (brave) for his bravery. But soon after the death of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI, that Banda Singh Bahadur became arrogant and proud of his prowess and transgressed all the three most basic tenets of Khalsas. It is highly possible that Banda Bahadur organised the stabbing of Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji as previously he had become the staunch enemy of his masters, who taught him the skills.

On observing this, the learned GURMUKH KHALSAS dissociated themselves from the company of Banda Singh Bahadur whilst the simpleton BAE MUKH Khalsas of flesh remained in the psychic grip of this MUNN MUKH (Mammon worshipper) Banda Singh Bahadur. Living example of a psychic person was Rajnesh who made a huge following in America.

Finally, Banda Singh Bahadur and his blind Baemukh Khalsas were besieged, captured and brutally murdered by the soldiers of shameless and cruel Mohammadan Turkus against whom the Royal Soldiers (Khalsas) of the Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI used to fight. Banda Singh Bahadur made desperate pleas to TATT (True) Khalsas for help but they turned his pleas down flatly for they knew that he went astray of the tenets of TATT Khalsas after fully understanding them in spirit. That is, he reverted back to his old nature, a quality which is inherent in the MUNN MUKHS, KUTAE DI POOSH WANG, knowingly and of his own free will. This fact was reflected in his sensible answers to his captors.

The above three tenets were further stressed by Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI in that after His own Baptism by His own Khalsas (That is, the Khalsas do not stand in the need of a "SATGURU" anymore and, therefore, those who call Him a "GURU" or even "SATGURU" are not the learned Sikhs) His third marriage with SAHIB KAUR JI was never consummated. The other two wives were JEETO JI and SUNDRI JI, who had children. And also the marriage rites of Bhai Joga Singh were not allowed to go through to completion.

Thus, a TATT or True Khalsa of Royal King GOBIND SINGHJI dedicates his life (symbolised in KARRA, the iron Bangle of marriage to death) to God, PAAR BRAHM for good and he works as a dedicated Soldier (PAAR SHIV SENA) of PAAR SHIV Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI (DAEH SHIVA MUJHAE VAR.... i.e. PAAR SHIV (God) give me strength and blessings to fight the cruel oppressors for the sake of righteousness as Shri Krishan Baldev Ji nicknamed as GOBINDA did fight for the righteous Pando).

Thus, the learned Sikhs go to one of the three True Thrones of SHAKTI MARAG for the "Baptism of Sacrifice" and this Baptism cannot be conducted in the Gurudwaras of BHAGTI MARAG as it is being done today. The result of such a malpractice is that the psychics (MUNN MUKHS) have created their own army of impostor Bandaei Khalsas and sing the praises of their master psychic Banda Singh Bahadur.

Thus, the present demand for a secular state of Khalistan is also in the name of Banda Singh Bahadur and not in the name of the Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI. This will become clear later on.

Khalsas being pure of HUMAE enjoy the bliss or ANAND of AKAAL PURAKH as stressed by Bhagat Kabir Ji:-


That is why the name of the town where Kes Garh Takht is situated is called ANAND PUR SAHIB.

Chapter 5.


The learned Khalsas who want to further their knowledge for preaching Gospel, then leave the third community of Khalsas and go to places of learning such as Banares before returning to The AKAAL TAKHT of the fourth community of Apostles. Thus, AKAAL TAKHT that is dedicated to the BRAHMAN VARN is the Seat of NIRMALLAE SANTS or (PAAR) BRAHM GYANIS who are well versed in the knowledge of VEDAS as well.

In fact, the knowledge of VEDAS lies on the finger-tips of those who are well-versed in the knowledge of The AD-GRANTH (BRAHM GYANI KO KHOJAE MAHESHWAR; NANAK BRAHM GYANI AAP PARMESHWAR i.e. MAHESH seeks the BRAHM GYANIS to know about the Gospel of PAAR BRAHM and a BRAHM GYANI himself depicts the Nature of God). Jesus, Who was the first anointed Christ (SATGURU) of God, said, "The least of my disciples is greater than John, the Baptist, a Levi Rabbi or Pandit". Thus, the Rabbis or Pandits are like the moon who are witnesses to the Light (Sun) but they are not the Lights, which are SATGURUS, the Christs.

The NIRMALLAE SANTS, like the Apostles of Jesus, do not handle money and this is well stressed by Jesus in Matt.10.9-15: "Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip (books) for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat (food).....".

Thus, the service of both the HARMANDIR SAHIB and AKAAL TAKHT is the duty of the householder Sikhs.

Further, the NIRMALLAE SANTS go around the country preaching the Gospel of Love and Service and no one among them could be a leader or JATHAEDAAR at AKAAL TAKHT, who could either impose his views upon or issue edicts so-called HUKAM NAMAS (FATWAS) or the orders to the others as the learned Sikhs of SATGURU NANAK DEVJI are the spiritually liberated persons who are sensible enough to perform their own duties diligently. The Apostles being of the Family of Holy Spirit are all the Twin Brethren of Jesus and Nanak.

Thus, the Apostles could best be analogised to school teachers whose pride lies in their producing good students. So, if the Apostles preach the Gospel effectively, then we can expect TATT Khalsas at the True Thrones to protect the righteous persons from the tyrants but if the Apostles at the AKAAL TAKHT are NOT there but instead you have the blind or the psychic leaders (JATHEDAARS), who even cannot be of their own secular tribal father, then the possibility of having TATT Khalsa is very very remote.



Further, the Apostles do not carry any sword as the Khalsas do because they have to be the loving servants of people, RAAM DAE DASS and they are not supposed to frighten them with sword. In fact, they ply the double-edged Sword (KHANDA) of Gospel (NAAM) (and their earning of the Godly Treasures (NAAM RATTAN) is through DHIYAN MARAG. Also, the NIRMALLAE SANTS being the Roving Preachers of RAM, they cannot establish permanent schools or residencies as at present they are doing and calling their shops as "true thrones".


Chapter 6.


Now, none of the four communities of religion is compatible with its neighbouring communities. Thus, the Hindus learn the secular moral laws pertaining to "flesh" that are based upon the animal instincts of "Tit-for-Tat" e.g. the story of Shri Ram Chanderji and king Ravan of Lanka, whereas the Spiritual Principles pertaining to soul are based upon the Love and Service in which you present the other cheek to awaken the conscience, SURTI, of the oppressor.

Further, whatever applies to flesh, the opposite applies to soul e.g. in the secular world every one has his own parents whilst in the spiritual world, we all have One Parent, Father God and Mother Holy Spirit; identity (JAATI) of the flesh is through "birth" (JANAM), a quantity whereas of the soul is through "deeds"(KARAM), the qualities. Therefore, the first Hindu community of KARAM MARAG is not compatible with the second Sikh community of BHAGTI MARAG. Similarly, the second community of BHAGTI MARAG is not compatible with the third Khalsa community of SHAKTI MARAG e.g. Bhai Ghaniyaji of the BHAGTI MARAG confused most of the Khalsas of the SHAKTI MARAG. This point will become clear on scrutinising the "frontal marks" of the worshippers of BRAHMA, VISHNU and SHIV which are at cross with each other:

The frontal markings of SHIV have the third eye of VISHNU in line with the markings of VISHNU meaning that the destructive work of SHIV is done in the light of VISHNU.

In the same way, the Khalsas during performing their duties of SHAKTI MARAG do so keeping in mind the knowledge of BHAGTI MARAG or the Gospel i.e. a Khalsa should first learn to "love and serve" people before taking on arms to kill the Turkus, stubborn oppressors, and their fanatic supporters. The third and the fourth communities are not compatible in that the Apostles are to ply the loving double-edged Sword (KHANDA) of Gospel (NAAM) whilst the Khalsas are to ply the frightening sword (KIRPAAN) of "steel".

Further, the Hindus fight for their king (BAADSHAH, ABBADI DA SHAH) and are paid in Mammon, money, for the services they render. That is, they are UPKAARI. Whilst the Khalsas fight for their Royal King (SACHAE PAATSHAH) GOBIND SINGH JI) and they are not paid in material wealth but in spiritual wealth, the Salvation. That is, they are PAR UPKAARI.

Similarly, the BHAGATS of the second Sikh community and the NIRMALLAE SANTS of the fourth Apostolic community share the common goal of studying and expounding the Gospel respectively except that the Sikhs are secular householders whilst the NIRMALLAE SANTS are not the householders (GHAHRISTI).

Thus, both the Hindus and the Sikhs are householders (secular) whilst both the Khalsas and the NIRMALLAE SANTS are not householders (spiritual).

It is for the compatibility or common goal of the Sikhs and of the NIRMALLAE SANTS that the two Holiest of Holy places in the world are situated within the same complex in Amritsar.

This is further stressed in the Saying:-



i.e. HARMANDIR SAHIB has been established for the NIRMALLAE SANTS and the Sikh BHAGATS to sing the praises of God (RAM).

And, it was for the non-compatibility of the BHAGTI and the SHAKTI MARAGS that the Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI never visited the HARMANDIR SAHIB complex.

Further, if you understand why the "QURAAN" and the Bible are called the "KETAEB" (the odd books), then the present situation in which the so-called Sikhs carry sword into the Gurudwaras is similarly odd, which is amply reflected in the odd ARDAAS, the Sikh prayer.

Finally, the seniority of the communities is in the same order as their numbers and the VARNS. Thus, the disciples of Satguru Nanak Devji are superior to the Hindus, Khalsas are superior to the Sikhs and the NIRMALLAE SANTS are superior to the Khalsas. Therefore, if the NIRMALLAE SANTS find that a particular Gurudwara is being exploited by a MUNN MUKH MAHANT (bishop), then they can order the Khalsas to sort the matter up as their Royal King Gobind Singh Ji did lead His Khalsas to kill the corrupt MAHANTS by frying them alive in boiling oil and, therefore, on such occasions the Khalsas could enter a Gurudwara.

At present, the HARMANDIR SAHIB and the other Gurudwaras are being exploited beyond limits, and, therefore, the TATT Khalsas should consult the NIRMALLAE SANTS, if there be any, for getting them purged off the MUNN MUKH MAHANTS (greedy bishops) or now Granthis.

DEDICATION OF THE SACRAMENTAL FOOD:- This is related to the type of worship in different communities. Thus, in the first community of Hindus for flesh or ASTHOOL ROOP, there is the worship of the statues of demi gods and goddesses as in flesh, we have male and female; therefore, the sacramental food is distributed after dedication to the statues i.e. MOORTI BHAINT PARSHAAD.

In the second community of Sikhs, there is the worship of Gospel or SHABD; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to SHABD, "His Word" and not to the mini-sword of SHAKTI MARAG as it is prevalent to-day i.e. SHABD BHAINT PARSHAAD.

In the third community of Khalsas, there is the worship of fighting "weapons"; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to weapons especially the sword, i.e. SHASHTAR BHAINT PARSHAAD after singing the ballads of brave, SOORMA, Khalsas.




In the fourth community of Apostles, there is a pondering over the Gospel (BRAHM VICHAAR) in order to solve the religious problems; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to the exposition of Gospel or ALHAAM/REVELATIONS.

Finally, the salutation of the Hindus is "JAI HO" (you win in your secular mission), of the Sikhs is PARNAAM (I humbly honour you), of the Khalsas is SAT SRI AKAAL, BOLAE SO NIHAAL (Gospel is of the immortal AKAAL PURAKH and whosoever proclaims the Gospel may prosper in his life) and of the NIRMALLAE SANTS is NAMASKAAR (I have killed my "ego" of flesh through humbleness and I perceive the Face of God in all the living beings).

Chapter 7.


Those who are sensible should know that when SATGURU TEGH BAHADUR JI were to appear in the village Bakaala, then twenty two MUNN MUKH SODHI Khatris posed themselves as SATGURUS to fleece the simpletons. The devote Sikh Makhan Shah of Lubana tribe was not a simpleton but the one with discerning intellect or SURTI. Even after the outdooring of TRUE SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI, the impostors did not run away but stayed on and they even tried to kill Him through a hit man. That reflects how daring those satanic Khatris were when the Light of the House of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was still alive. And when SATGURU TEGH BAHADURJI went to Amritsar to pay His homage to SATGURU NANAK DEVJI at HARMANDIR SAHIB, the greedy MUNN MUKH SODHI Khatris again locked themselves in the HARMANDIR SAHIB and they would not open the doors for Him to pay homage.

All these matters point to the fact that even when the rightful Owner of the House of SATGURU NANAK DEV JI was still alive, the greedy SODHI Khatris had occupied the House by force in order to make a business out of it as the greedy Prithi Chand had tried in the times of SATGURU RAM DASS JI. Further, it were the same satanic Khatris who were responsible for the torture to death of SATGURU ARJUN DEVJI at Lahore and the bricking into the wall alive the two young sons of Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI at Sirhand. Why the people of Khatri tribe behaved so will become clear on understanding the fact that in the TRAETA YUG they were highly learned angelic people (DEVTAS) who in the KAL YUG were to become the opposite, the stubborn and clever sons of Satan.

So, the Spiritual Doctors, six SATGURUS, had to appear among these spiritually sick greedy, KARARR, satanic Khatris who were much worse than the spiritually sick satanic people of the Judah tribe among whom Christ (Satguru) Jesus had appeared.

Therefore, the satanic Judas Iscariot was nothing as compared with those satanic Khatris, who are still very active. Whilst in the DOAAPAR YUG, the Yadavs (Jats form a good majority of them) were simpletons that in KAL YUG they became the staunch supporters of SATGURUS and especially of the Royal Kings HARGOBIND JI and GOBIND SINGH JI, Who were the spiritual reincarnation of Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, the favourite of Pando Yadavs.

It may be worthwhile to apply the above principle to the present situation in Sri Lanka and Kashmir. In the Sri Lanka, king Ravan used to be the world renown Pandit and he had excellent law and order in the country i.e. Lanka used to be a "heaven" but to-day, the opposite in that it has the worst law and order in the world making the place a perfect "hell". No wonder to day Lanka is called Sri Lanka!!!

Remembering that the courtesy title "SRI OR SHRI" is either for the Prophets/BRAHM ROOPS or for the eunuchs of SHANKAR VARN who are nothing else but the bastards, not born of the prostitutes, but the self-made. That is, they conceal their tribal identity under one excuse or the other to perform the satanic deeds.

Similarly, the Kashmiri Sarsuts used to be known as "GURU BRAHMIN" but to day the opposite, they are the "GURU SATANS" especially the one who became the so-called Muslims or Mohammadans. But the people of Khatri tribe always surpassed the people of tribes devoted to the BRAHMIN VARN so much so that it was a proverb:-


That is, the sons of Khatris are far superior in religious knowledge than the people of tribes doing the work of BRAHMAN VARN. Imagine the quality of Satans that the Kashmiri Khatris produced after becoming Mohammadans.

Thus, the political situation in the Kashmir Valley shall be worse than that in Sri Lanka for it is the home of the master satanic Sarsuts and Khatris. Further, the Gaur Brahmans of Kurukhshetar were known as the "ADI-GAURS" but to day, they are the most ignorant blind to spirit Brahmins of all.

Now, the HARMANDIR SAHIB is supposed to be the monument of humility but to-day you find it having expensive gold plated domes, priceless artefacts, etc. all to the foolishness of the Jat king Ranjit Singh Sandhu. Instead of a humble HARMANDIR, it was got changed by the MUNN MUKH so-called GYANIS into a showpiece similar to the Hindu temple of JAGAN NATH so that the people could visit the place just to admire its decorative beauty but not to learn some lessons in humility.

In fact, at the times of king Ranjit Singh, a musician of HARMANDIR SAHIB in the name of Bhai Mansa set a good example of humility and contentment by distributing the money donated to him among the poor whilst the MUNN MUKH Sodhi Khatri Sant Singh, the so-called Gyani gathered wealth, lived like a king and got the most expensive decorations from Ranjit Singh for making money out of the pilgrims. To-day, the same trend could also be observed in the other Gurudwaras such as Bangla Sahib in New Delhi, which is almost all marble that is not comfortable to walk on either in the winter or in the summer.

Further, the idea of land attached to the HARMANDIR SAHIB was rejected by the SATGURUS but the most foolish Jat king Ranjit Singh Sandhu attached land to it and other holy places for the MUNN MUKH Gyanis to flourish.

In a nutshell, king Ranjit Singh Sandhu helped the MUNN MUKH Sodhis and others to turn the humble Gurudwaras into the dens of Mammon worshippers or robbers worse than those of Banares Brahmins. No wonder the people learn nothing from such places than become the fanatics or get themselves fleeced!!!!

Now, I happened to visit Faridkot in the Panjab and was extremely happy to notice the great humility of the Gurudwara in the memory of Saint Bhai Faridji that is situated next to the castle but I was equally sad to see its beauty being marred by a sword placed in front of GURU AD-GRANTH SAHIB JI, which was not compatible with the preaching of Bhai Faridji or any other BHAGATS in that if someone hits you, please do not retaliate. Also, sword is the weapon of SHAKTI and not of the BHAGTI MARAG, which is SEWA, service.

I do not need to go deep into the activities of Mammon worshippers as this short article is a tip of the knowledge that is best learnt through lively heart-to-heart discussions.

Finally, remember that all the people of either the Khatri or the Judah tribe are not satans but among them there are some people of knowledge far superior to any other person and, therefore, they are the best people to fight these sons of satans.

RECOMMENDATIONS:- Now, what steps should be taken to put the matter right? Some of these are:-

1. Let the NIRMALLAE SANTS take the control of their AKAAL TAKHT SAHIB with the help of either the Government or some TATT Khalsas, if there be any. Thus, the government should ban the carrying of weapons into the HARMANDIR SAHIB COMPLEX and the Gurudwaras

2. All the land, pilgrim-alluring artefacts, the gold on the domes, etc. should be sold to return the beauty of HARMANDIR SAHIB in simplicity and humility - RAKH GARIBEE VAIS. The money so raised and already in cash should be spent to feed the hungry in the different parts of the country and even abroad.

3. There should be no more fleecing of the pilgrims through such tricks as AKHAND PAATHS. Remember that Gospel or BAANI is for listening, understanding and acting upon and, therefore, just reading of the AD-GRANTH SAHIB on behalf of someone does not make any sense. Thus, all the paid GRANTHIS and musicians should be sacked from all the Gurudwaras as the duty of reading and exposition is of the NIRMALLAE SANTS only.

Then, you can expect some learned Sikhs to feed the True Thrones with TATT Khalsas and to produce enough Apostles to go around the country and overseas to preach Gospel of RAM in honour of PAAR VISHNU SATGURU NANAK DEVJI. This will clarify the misunderstandings created by the sons of Satan among the so-called Hindus and Sikhs. Remember that it is the religion of Satan, who is selfish by nature, to bring about chaos and hatred among the ignorant people.

Finally, this type of knowledge is not for the common people but for the rare sensible people of spirit and, therefore, there is no need to write too much to make it boring.





Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

A Jatt of the United Greater Panjab,

Suthra Sikh/Mussallmaan of Pir Nanak Shah,

With the grace of Allah, you acquire Al-Kitaab of Al-Islaam,

Gnostics are the living christs (satgurus) and NOT Christians, of Living Allah (Spirit),

Remember that to your Three Gurus mother, father and Pandit, you render money,

To your Satguru Nanak Dev Ji/Christ Jesus, you render your MUNN or "mind" AND,

To your Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji, you render your TANN or "physical body" as sacrifice.

SACH is bitter but it leads you to heaven whilst SATT is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND/Salvation.

Falsehoods or KOORRS are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, but they lead you to Hell.

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