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All Holy Books tell us the Will of God but most people either do not grasp this Will or ignore it purposely in preference to the ways of Prince of Darkness. Most of the world religious knowledge has originated from the Middle East and East. Thus, the Bible explicitly tells us "His Will" with the 'Chosen People' of God presenting us with practical demonstrations whilst the Holy Books of the East, especially the Ad-Granth of Sikhs, although take us to higher spiritual flights but the Will is implicit in that there are no clear cut practical hints similar to those in the Middle East.




"His Will" that is governed by 'His Word' cannot be understood unless God blesses the person with "spirit", common sense called "SURTI" to reason logically. Such persons of spirit or of discerning intellect are rare. This has been revealed to us by Jesus in John 9 in which he opened the eyes of a born-blind man with his spittle. Here, Jesus not only stresses the type of people that he is seeking for his ministry but also presents to us a confrontation between a living man of spirit, the new skin very suitable for the New Wine, and the dead priests of Moses, the old skins full of the old wine of Moses' letters.




Now, many of us are doing things wrong unknowingly in the manners of Saul (proud) before Jesus opened his spiritual eye and he became St.Paul (humble). So, this blind man was a predestined sensible person born of the sensible parents through whom Jesus could proclaim his Mission, i.e. Jesus came to open the spiritual eye of the predestined sensible solitary people only and it was for this reason that he told his "Labourers" that blind to spirit people call them "disciples" not to publicly proclaim Him the anointed Christ of God. But to this sensible man whom Jesus sought afterwards He was too pleased to proclaim His Christship and the man acknowledged it without any hitch. This blind man and his parents were neither stupid persons nor stooges of the Moses' priests but they were very outspoken and "solitary" sensible persons who gave very sensible and assuring answers to their neighbours and the priests who put all sorts of questions to them. In fact, the blind man's answers to the priests were interesting in that the Moses' priests who were totally blinded with the old wine of Moses' letters, the written Torah, totally rejected the blind man's claims and did not accept that Jesus was of God; whereas the less drunk Pharisees and Sadducees did confess that unless Jesus was of God, he could not have performed such miracles. This mixture of thoughts caused a great confusion in their camp and the blind man tactically mocked them by such remarks as in John 9.27: "Look!" the man exclaimed, "I told you once; didn't you listen? Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want to become his disciples too?" Finally, Jesus summarises his purpose of coming into the world in John 9.39: Then Jesus told him, "I have come into the world to give sight to those who are spiritually open-minded or solitary and to show those who think they know through Books that they are blind".




Thus, in the above passage the predestined sensible person of spirit called Jesus a "Prophet" whereas his opponents, the Moses' priests of letters, called Jesus a Satan. That is what I experience at the hands of university Professors in Theology that as I have no qualifications in Theology, they would not entertain my articles.




The priests of to-day being drunk with the senseless letters of the New Testament are worse off than those of Moses' priests and they call the gnostics of spirit as heretics. Firstly, one cannot be a gnostic unless one is a sensible and outspoken solitary person in the manners of the blind man. Such a person cannot be any other than that predestined of Father and as you will realise such persons are rare (remnants). Secondly, predestined persons normally meet people of light to have the "spark" to kindle their inner spiritual candle as Jesus did to the blind man. Just to mention that I received this "spark" of light from my late father Ch. Udham Nijjhar, B.Sc. Nobody being capable of receiving "His Word" unless God wills, the gnostics, past and present, are the living persons of spirit and not the dead persons of letters as those who are studying the Gnostic Gospels recently found in Egypt. Such dead gnostics of letters cannot even understand the very fundamental Logo 114 in the Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of God". That is, in Jesus we are "solitary" living brethren of spirit whether in flesh we may be male or female. In fact, our physical body being the living Temple of God, the one sitting in your heart guiding your life is "christ", addressed by St.Paul as "innerman". Unless you have christ in your heart, you cannot either ponder over His Word or preach Gospel as a royal priest.




I have tried to help the book-gnostics explain such simple passages but they being of the type worse than the Moses' priests of letters hate me much more than the blind man experienced in his ordeal. We all know that a person without "spirit" is dead and the people who are full of the old wine of letters, as the present university theologians are, may be best described as the super donkeys, the most stupid animal, carrying Holy Books and one example of such donkeys was the Moses'priests of letters, who called Jesus a Satan. Now, the things of spirit, Spiritual Principles, being opposite to those of the flesh, the moral laws, i.e. 'His Word' is opposite in narration to the moral laws of Moses; a fact that Jesus exploited to mock the Pharisees and Sadducees e.g. in Matt.19, the Parable of Marriage and Divorce. In this context, think of the university theologians who teach the New Testament by the letters. For New Testament, Gospel, making no sense in letters at all against the Old Testament moral laws of Moses which make sense in letters, the present academic theologians are a breed of "super donkeys" and their poor stable keepers, the vice-chancellors also being the men of letters won't let a living gnostic enter into their fold lest their "super donkey" breeding process is stifled. Some of the obvious effects of this academic christianity of Mammon are:-




1. People call Jesus to be their Lord and God but they take great pride in the export of weapons to the poor third world countries. In America, even the Presidents are toppled if their armament factories cannot run.




2. Now, in God we love and serve people whilst in Mammon we kill and rule over them. That is, in the Family of God where Father = God, Mother if Holy Spirit and Son = Ambassador of our Parents (God and Holy Spirit in One), there is "no Lord" as in the kingdom of Mammon or Satan, where you cannot exercise "Free will". Thus, the churches of these countries being national rather than international, their archbishops honour the war dead of their countries as to have glorified God and their main cathedrals are full of the statues of those people who helped establish the empires e.g. St.Paul's cathedral in London is full of the statues of those soldiers who killed others in the third world countries for the sake of Mammon and there is not a single statue of a person who served the poor in the name of Jesus or even in the manners of Salvation Army.




3. Their countries have the highest number of abortions which is infanticide - Matt.19., where soul, man, and flesh, wife, join together to form one person.




All the above facts point out that the God of such nations is not the loving Father of Jesus but the killer Mammon. Mammon was also the God of Moses' priests who hated Jesus but sang the songs of His Father. The above crystal clear facts are known to many but hardly a few speak out their mind; Logo 23: Jesus said, "I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a single one", i.e. the men of spirit who follow the footsteps of Jesus are very very rare indeed.




Now, God blesses people according to their deeds or nature. Thus, the Mammon worshippers of Europe and America have been blessed with the Atomic Arsenals for their own wholesale destruction which is expected to take place in 2012 when the Mayan Calendar approaches "ZERO". The above forecast is more assuring as the signs of the establishment of Israel predicted in Matt.13.24-30 have taken shape. Both the Jews and the Palestinians are unfaithful to Abraham to whom the Land belongs for Abraham was a Semite and not a Jew, Hamas or Fateh that does not represent his "seeds" in tribal identity. But the people do not make efforts to understand the Bible themselves but follow others like the blind. They rather depend upon the paid in Mammon, dog-collared, soft-spoken and neatly dressed like a cup shining from outside clergy of Mammon who has no place in the ministry of Jesus as the incorruptible Gospel of spirit has replaced such manly priests of letters. Thus, Pope and other clerics of different denominations that appear like the blind men describing an elephant are all but the prophets of Beast who act as the blind guides of the blind leading them into holocausts and crusades of death.




Remembering that the New Covenant of Jesus is of "spirit" and not that of the "letters", so do not be misled by the blind guides of letters who are even worse off than the blind guides of Moses. Always use your own common sense and renew your innerman, and not an innerwoman, everyday in the name of Jesus. After the proclamation or advent of Gospel, you cannot hold any person responsible for your deeds when God asks you for the account, i.e. your clergy or bishop cannot defend you in the Royal Court of God. And further, it does not make sense for a poor man to give money (alms) for the upkeep of Pope or other clerics who live lavishly.




Further, every thing that happens in the world is governed by the Will of God. For example, why people could not produce Atomic bombs say 200 years ago? The answers to such questions are clearly stated in the New Testament but you have to be a predestined man of spirit before understanding "His Word", the Pearls that cannot be thrown before either the super donkeys of letters or the swines of Mammon. Many things could be explained but unless you have a discerning intellect you cannot be convinced. For example, Jesus came the second time in the name of Nanak in India and has gone but nobody could perceive Him like the coming of Elijah in the name of John, the Baptist. Also, Jesus has established the Royal Kingdom of God and those who become the Royal Priests and Royal Kings of this Kingdom of God enjoy the Peace of Jesus. But the blind priests of letters are expecting an earthly Kingdom of God which not only does not exist but they indirectly proclaim that Christ of God in the name of Jesus has not come yet, a blindness worse than those of the Jews of flesh who are still expecting their Messiah. As there cannot be kings without kingdoms, people should seek the Royal Kingdom of God by letting Jesus enter into their ways of life. For this, you need a clean heart like that of little children free from hypocisy. Therefore, the Royal Kingdom of God is of the hearts when we serve, and not rule over, the people in the name of Jesus.




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