Hi Jatt brethren,

Let us revive our United Jatt Party that flourished under our lion of the Punjab Chaudhry Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jatt and this is how we can do it:-

1. Jatt is our tribe, Qom, Jaati, Qabila, etc. and we are of the same blood whether we are in India, Pakistan, Iran, etc. But these satanic shopkeepers; Lala M.K. Gandhi, a Baniya, Lala T.ara Singh Malhotra Khatri and Lala Mohd. Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia, have hypocritically divided us in 1947 in which we killed each other under religious fanaticism. As father cannot be changed, so if Jatts call themselves Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt, etc., then by changing their Jatt tribal father, they become Shankar Varniye super bastard fanatic devils and they will kill each other again.
2. Jatt is a person born of a Jatt tribal father and farming, 
Kirsaani, is our main occupation called KITTAH.
3. Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, etc. are religious ways of life and they are changeable but our tribe Jatt is not changeable. We are born a Jatt and as Jatt we will die and not Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, etc.
4. It is wrong to call ourselves Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt or a Christian Jatt. The house and the property belongs to Jatts whilst to Hindus belong the Mandirs, Sikhs the Gurdwaras, Muslims the Mosques and Christians the Churches.
5. When a Jatt dies, then people go to his Jatt tribal house and not to the communal Mandir, Gurdwara, Mosque, Church, etc. to mourn.
6. During the Partition of India in 1947 and in 1984 riots, Jatts killed their own Jatt brethren under the impression that they are Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Such fake religious people of appearances are called Shankar Varniye Haraami (super bastards) and they did the work of Haraamis in which they killed their own tribal people.
7. Tribal father protects whilst mother land feeds you. During the Partition of India, we were in our village Dhannuana, 91RB and my father told 2000 Arian who came to kill us that Sikh and Muslim are spiritual selves and 
we tribal people Jatt and Arian are going to kill each other. If there is any enmity, then let us fight. The headman told my father that we Arian and Jatt are friends and he ordered his 2000 Arian to look after us as their Guests. He even asked my father; let us go to Lahore to stop this Partition. The Dirty British in collusion with the three Lalas caused this bloodshed. 
8. More serious sectarian riots are loaming in the air and unless we wake up to the protection of our Jatt tribal father, we will kill each other.
Atomic war is expected on 14/05/2023. The Chosen People of Israel tell us everything that will happen – Matt. 13v24-30 is taking shape.
10. The second coming of Jesus, who was the first Christ = Satguru of the world, was Satguru Nanak Dev Ji born in 1469 among the most spiritually sick greedy satanic people of Khatri tribe (Kings and Emperors of Darkness) and they became his staunch enemies as the people of Judah tribe, the Princes of Darkness, were to Christ Jesus. We Jatt Bhagats supported both the second Sikh Panth and the Third Khalsa Panth the most. The First Panth is Hindu in which you become the sons of Shiv called Shiv Sena –
Brahm kae Baette – DEH SHIVA VAR MOHAE………. Is sung by the Khalsas. 
11. Ariya is a race called Nassall and not a Samaj or community into which anybody could join.
12. Sikh being a Sewadar of the order of Bhai Ghaniya Ji, they cannot be soldiers. In the Sikh Regiment, they are mostly Jatts and it is fanatically wrong to have a “Sikh Regiment”. Turban and beard doesn’t make you a Sikh. Such fake Sikhs of turban and beard died during the riots. 
Sikh is a “NAADI ROOP” or what comes out of your mouth and not the “BINDI ROOP” that is born and will die. Maharajah Chaudhry Ranjit Sansi Jatt ruled the Punjab for forty years and not the Sikh as propagated by the satanic Khatris.

Finally, both Satgurus = Christs Jesus and Nanak have stressed this in their Sayings:-

But he answered and said, “Every plant, person, which my heavenly Father, Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc. hath not planted, forgets his tribal identity in Adam, shall be rooted up, killed”. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Said, “Beeo beej patt lae Gaye; abb keun ughwe daal”. This planet earth is for the peaceful habitation of sons of Man, Aadmi dae Puttran liee Hae and not for the sons of Satan or Shankar Varniye Haraamis.

This Kalyug belongs to the most Satanic people of the Judah tribe, Princes of Darkness and the Khatri tribe, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness.
For detailed knowledge, watch mine over 6500 Youtube Videos; channel nijjhar1. Listen to my video on QOM Ghhattak and Hajj.



Article on Super Bastard Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt and Hindu Jatt killed their own Jatts and Youtube video on Jatt Qom:- http://www.gnosticgospel.co.uk/JattQom.htm     Youtube Video:-  https://youtu.be/qriaw_iEJKU


Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt, M.Sc., Retired Sen. Lecturer in Metallurgy, 144 Hamilton Road, Reading RG1 5RE, United Kingdom.