Jesus had been in the Temple so many times and He was well known to the Temple Priests but why they hired Judas Iscariot to catch Jesus, the anointed Christ? 


Remember that out of the twelve Labourers/Workers, only one of them nicknamed “Peter” for being a simpleton (called “stone” in spiritual sense) was once-born person of “flesh” whilst the rest were twice-born persons of “spirit”.  Christ Jesus being the Christ of God, the Spirit, and our covenant with Jesus is of “holy spirit” and not of the “letters” as understood by the once-born people in the universities. 


There are two types of spirits; one of men, “spirit”, that knows only the things of men whilst the other is of God, “Spirit”, that knows the spiritual matters of God.  Spirit of men is called “common sense” that when used in positive sense, “holy spirit”, can lead you to understand the Parables and the underlying “Gospel” and the “blasphemy” committed by people especially the politicians. Typical example of the “evil spirit” was the Temple Priests (blind guides) and their stooges (the blind), who were bribed to shout at the Trial of Jesus that Jesus was an evil person to be killed in comparison with the robber, who is to be released. As these evil thoughts originated from their hearts, it is called “blasphemy”, which is not “forgivable” and they paid the price during the seize of Jerusalem when those very robbers they supported at the Trial looted them even of their cooked food and those blasphemers were killed mercilessly. This Jesus stated in the Parable of vineyard in Luke 20:9-16 in which the very Son of God was killed by the Temple Priests, the husbandmen. 


Today, the British and the Americans have blasphemed against Iraq that it possesses Weapons of Mass Destruction and on that excuse they have destroyed their country killing many innocent people. Such a blasphemy would bear fruit soon.


The other spirit, which is the very Spirit of God is “Extra Ordinary Sense” that knows the matters of your hearts as Peter did revealed the lies of Ananias and Saphira, who sold their property but did not declare all. Such liars were killed by Peter as He had the keys to the kingdom of heaven, which the Rabbis used to have in the past Ages when they were producing good quality “old wine”.


So, Jesus had fed his Labourers/Workers with the Word of God so much so that they had become one with Jesus in the spiritual knowledge and anyone who engaged himself with the Labourers/Workers of Jesus was fully satisfied even though they had “spirit” of men yet. Thus, for the common once-born people, it was difficult to know who was Christ Jesus among them. 


But Judas Iscariot being the twice-born person of “evil spirit” had the inside knowledge of Christ Jesus and he was not happy as earlier he had been heavily rebuked.  As Judas Iscariot loved Mammon more than God, he had a revengeful mind and, therefore, he exploited his spiritual knowledge to help the evil Temple Priests to catch Christ Jesus. Night stands for the Dark Age and in this Dark Age only the few predestined people of “spirit” can perceive Christs. So, Judas Iscariot of Judah tribe was the right person of “evil spirit” capable of identifying Christ Jesus.


Further, Jesus being the Christ of God was wearing a “seamless” tunic of “Eternity” and it were only the twice-born people of spirit, who could identify Him.  Once-born people could not either identify Christ Jesus or even know the qualities that He possessed. That is why the once-born Worker Peter disowned Jesus but on the fulfilment of the prophecy that you would remember me when the cock would crow the third time, Peter was repentful of what he said out of the fear of punishment.


Thus, before the Pentecost, all the Labourers/Workers were spiritual younger “Brethren” of Christ Jesus but on receiving their Rewards/Gifts of “Holy Spirit” from their Foreman Christ Jesus, all the twelve became the “Twin Brethren”, the Christs, of anointed Christ Jesus.


So, Christs of the world are known to the twice-born “Christs” or the people of spirit whilst the once-born people of “letters” being spiritually blind are exploited by the psychic “blind guides” for their own praises and they love to make the following. Christ Jesus never sought a following but He rather opened the “third eye” of logical reasoning of the people and He encouraged them to walk of their own solitary as He did demonstrate in the born blind person whose eyes He opened with His Spittal. People of such type who out witted the Rabbis are the most suitable Labourers/Workers of Christ Jesus and not the once-born blind Bible thumpers.


Now, the Second anointed Christ (Satguru) Nanak Dev Ji came in 1469 in the Punjab, India and His evil spirited Sikhs went for Mammon so shamelessly that they beat all records of shamelessness. This Golden Temple in Amritsar is the replacement Holiest of Holy Temple of Jerusalem that was destroyed in 70 A.D. and look what gold has to do with God? It has become the trading post of greedy priests. Sons of Satan in the Punjab killed Christ Arjan mercilessly beating all the records of cruelty.


Remember also how the twenty-two fake Christs (Satgurus) appeared at village Baba Bakala where the Real Sixth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji was meditating. A Sikh whose ship was in trouble had promised to donate 500 gold coins to Satguru if his ship reached shore safely. The ship reached safely and when he went to the village to fulfil his pledge, then he found that those 22 impostors were well versed in Gurbani satisfying him in every respect that they are the true Satgurus except that they could not tell the matters of his heart, which only the Real could. So, when he at last went to the Real Satguru, then he was asked to pay what he had pledged to pay. At this, the trader Makhan Shah of Lubana tribe donated the whole lot to Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji and on the rooftop; he proclaimed that he has found the True One.


So, it is not easy to identify the True Christ unless you are a person of “spirit” or of discerning intellect - (BIBEK BUDHI).





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