Every one knows that the Roman Soldiers, who were told to crucify Jesus on the Cross, put a Plate on the Cross of Jesus with inscriptions “KING OF THE JEWS” to mock Him.  The once born Roman soldiers were bribed and instigated by the Temple Priests and their stooges to mock Him, which no twice born person would dare to do.


ONCE BORN AND TWICE BORN: - This concept Jesus clarified in the Parable of Nicodemus, John 3 but still it is not clear to most people.  Once born people know what they see with their two naked eyes or proved to them through natural sciences such as the birth of a child in a family but they are incapable of perceiving the powers of God such as the Virgin Birth of Jesus through the Power of our Mother Holy Spirit. 


So, the once born people are natural people who are led by animal instincts of tit-for-tat and a Rabbi/Pandit normally teaches them moral laws.  They can learn natural laws in the colleges and universities but mostly they are incapable of learning the Will of God or the spiritual Principles.


Such people form the majority of people and letters learnt in the Universities make them more incapable of having Gospel through logical reasoning.  Such people are also called Book people and Jews are a typical example.  Gentiles being not the people of the Book enjoyed the spiritual freedom and St.Paul was happy to take them to spiritual heights.


Whilst the twice born people are capable of logical reasoning and they go not by the Books but by “logic”.  As most people get hooked up by what is written in the Books and kill their own spirit of logical reasoning, such people cannot enjoy the fruits of Holy Spirit, such as “common sense”.


Thus, people of spirit are rare to come across and they understand the message that Christ Jesus brought into this world.  Such people are solitary and you cannot persuade them to follow your own way of thinking unless you convince them through logical reasoning.  For them Books are means to an end.


They are so rare that Christ Thomas said, “One in thousand and two in ten thousands” in the Middle East whilst Christ Tegh Bahadur Ji said, “One in ten millions” in the East. 


You may not believe me but just think of this Church of England headed by Queen, who appoints the Bishops and what not.  Her hireling Priests tell her CoE Congregations that the soldiers who died expanding her Empire during the Wars died to glorify God and not Mammon.  Further, Queen is the head of Mammon in Great Britain, how could she defend the faith of people in God?  No way and it make no “sense”.  That is, how rare are the “Twice Born” people?


If this is the case today, then just think of the days when Christ Jesus introduced Christianity to people?


So, the clever twice born Temple Priests with “evil spirit” as Christ Jesus stressed in Matt.21.33-46 that they knew Jesus to be the Heir of the Temple (Winepress) and they killed Him through Blasphemy or hypocrisy knowingly.


So, when Jesus brought in the Message of the Royal Kingdom of God to people, then these clever Priests took the opportunity to exploit the once born nature of Pilate in that Christ Jesus is establishing a rival Kingdom against his kingdom and that Jesus was a “rebel”.  How spiritually blind was the King Pilate could be judged from the banners in his court bending down to honour Christ Jesus to which the Jews objected?  Jesus was asked by Pilate to go out and come again in his court.  The same thing happened again and a twice born Roman soldier dropped his handkerchief for Jesus to tread upon it.


This twice born soldier and those who spoke in favour of Christ Jesus were so few that their pleas for Jesus drowned in the shouts of the stooges of Temple Priests that Jesus be crucified and the robber be released.


Pilate asked Jesus if He was a King but Jesus did not answer his question as he was once born with no knowledge of Royal Kingdom of God or what he was talking about?  On his repeating the question, Jesus answered, “If you say so”.   Jesus told Pilate that His Royal Kingdom is not of this earth but of the inner hearts where the Light of God rests.


Finding no fault in Christ Jesus, Pilate told the Jews if you call him a king, then take your king away and do whatsoever you like to do with him.  Thus, Pilate washed his hands off the affairs of Jesus outside the court in the Sun (God) that I am not guilty what treatment the Jews render to Christ Jesus.  Jesus was handed over to the Roman soldiers and the Jews told the soldiers of his kingship as they did tell to Pilate.  The soldiers were once born and they were bribed and groomed by the Jews to maltreat and mock Him too.  They put on His Head a deserving Crown of Thorns, robed him, spat at Him, etc and finally the soldiers prepared a plate with the inscriptions, “King of the Jews” and put it over his cross.  The soldiers and the stooges of Temple Priests mocked Him till a soldier pierced the side of Christ Jesus.  Out came first, in the name of John, the Baptist, water that fell on the hands of soldier remitting his sins for crucifying Christ Jesus unknowingly followed by splashing of Blood over his face that made him twice born to make him realise who was Christ Jesus?  It was at this moment, the soldier knew the Truth about Christ Jesus but it was too late.


In a nutshell, the clever evil spirited Temple Priests knew that Christ Jesus is the Son of God and Heir to the Temple but they hypocritically incited their once born fanatics to kill Him as Christ Jesus had predicted in the Parable of Winepress.


So, the once born Roman soldiers were bribed to give a rough treatment to Christ Jesus and to mock Him.  As the Jews had told the Roman soldier of his rival kingship, so they mocked Him more by putting a plate with the inscriptions, “KING OF THE JEWS”.  Twice born people being very few, they would be mocked and thrown out of the Churches in the name of Christ Jesus.  Gospel is always preached through discussions and I can explain in much greater detail the topic.  My lectures are FREE.

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