By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.


According to the four stages of soul or spiritual journey, there are four types of people and their love with each other is different.  Out of these four, three are of Trinity and the fourth One is purely godly.


These are the three types according to Trinity:-


ONCE-BORN PEOPLE:-  They are called natural people who according to Nature love their own people more than the others of different colours or nationality.  Their love of their own people is called “EROS” as between the family members and their close relatives/friends.  Any one outside their circle is not extended the same love. 


As they try to do favours to their own people, they would exercise discrimination on the basis of the origin of people leading to injustice.  Such people are racist too.


Some of them have no conscience at all when discriminating people on the basis of their origin and such people could not be religious even though they pretend to be so by attending the Churches.  A clear and clean conscience is essential as God judges people according to their conscience and not the colours of their skins.


TWICE-BORN PEOPLE:-   Being born again in God, such people have clear and clean conscience who love not only people of all the colours and nationalities but even the animals too.  They judge people according to their qualities, inwardly, and not quantities, outwardly, as God is concerned with your qualities of hearts and not the colours of your skins.


Such people exercise “AGAPE”, the divine love among the twice-born people who know that their tribal fathers are fake against their Real Father God.  Such people render voluntary services as in case of a disaster overseas.  They may not understand the Word of God but they certainly know, “TO LOVE GOD IS TO LOVE HIS PEOPLE” without any discrimination.  Such people being not racist always render justice to society.  Thus, partiality leads to injustice and grumbling in the name of Satan whilst impartiality to justice and praises of God.


Now, those people who seek His Word enjoy philosophical discussions in which they honour each person’s views without following any one like a “blind”.  Gnostic are such people who do not take any one for his word as the Word of God is received by an individual through revelations only.  This Jesus stressed when He asked Peter what the people think of Him?  Peter said some called you Prophet Elijah and some this and that but then Jesus asked Peter what you yourself think of me?  When Peter replied that you are the living Christ of living God, then Jesus stressed that unless my Father reveals you such a thing, you cannot have it.  That is, even though Peter was enjoying the company of Jesus still he remained a Once-born person not understanding the Word of God, Gospel, preached by Jesus to general public.  Remember that Gospel is preached like a Sower and one does not impose one’s views upon others.

Thus, the twice-born people seeking His Word through philosophical discussions are “solitary” in nature and they exercise “PHILO” among themselves united in the search for the Treasures of the Royal Kingdom of God.  Such people being open-minded acquire the Treasures of God from whichever source they could learn.


The Fourth type is purely spiritual between the Son and Father that is above the material measures.  God has all the positive qualities and so have His Sons, the Christs, all over the world.  Such Sons of God become the Spokesmen of God and their Love is full of Bliss or “BLISSFUL”.  Trinity does not apply to the Sons of God as they are One with their Parents, Father God and Mother Holy Spirit.  Thus, all the Christs of the world are Twin-Brethren whilst the Two were anointed – Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak.


God being Spirit, people of God are best known to the twice-born people of spirit only.

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