Prophets of the Dark Age came among the spiritually sick people in the Middle East and East; two in each country Israel and India.  But the satanic people among whom they came maltreated them and became their staunch enemies.  In fact, the spiritually sick people needed Doctors more than the spiritually healthy people and this Christ Jesus, the Spiritual Doctor of hearts, stressed that He came into the world especially for the Chosen People and they honoured Him the least.  Simeon, the Pharisee was a typical example who loved Mammon and not God.


Now, let us see how the greedy satanic people overpowered the Churches of God and ran malpractices to fleece the simple-minded people called turning stones into bread.  There was more fleecing in the East than in the Middle East.  That is why Christ Jesus stressed that Lightening strikes in the East but it flashes towards the West.


After the death of Jesus, people sold their properties to form a community free of Mammon.  Congregation elected seven men in accordance with the seven types of people represented by the seven candles of Menorah and the seven deacons elected St.Stephen to be their first Bishop or Administrator.  He was a wise man of holy ghost type and he looked after the tables, baptised men only in water in the name of Abraham and taught the moral laws of Moses.  Members of the Congregation used to work during the day and whatever they earned they handed it over to their Bishop.  The Bishop in turn used the money to buy the essentials and the left over was not banked but sent over to other Churches and Charities to be disposed off.  In short, the Bishop kept his Church Mammon free.  Into such Churches, the Apostles, both men and women, used to come to Sow the Seeds of His Word.  The Crop was harvested through Eucharist of Sacrifice administered by the Apostles only.


Remember that teaching of the moral laws is assigned to the men of certain tribes only and this St.Paul stressed in his Epistles that a woman cannot teach the moral laws of Moses.  That supports a woman cannot be a Rabbi and for this reason all the Twelve Workers of Jesus were men.  But today people do not bother and they do what pleases them.  Generally, people do not know that this is the Age of Christ and Gospel is preached like a Sower and not taught like the school masters who teach scriptures or letters.


The hidden meaning of the New Testament Parables is known to the twice born people of spirit who are pre-destined.  They explain the Parables from the first principles leaving no stone unturned.  Once born people who read the Bible literally can not be convinced because they have been brain washed or they are drunk with the old wine of scriptures desiring not the New that is brewed through logical reasoning or intuition.  That is Gospel is received through revelations.


So, the first Church was dominated by the Chosen People and the Gentile almost kept away as their laws were written over their hearts.  That is, they already went by their "innerman", the christ.


After the death of St.Stephen and St.James, the Just, the Bishops in the Churches became frightened of the Jews and to please them, they brought in the written Torah and their Menorah depicting all the seven Candles at Par whereas the Menorah in Jesus has the Middle Candle of God or Grace raised above the other six representing the six corners of the David's Cross of Works.


Bishops became greedy and immoral.  Apostles used to rebuke them for their malpractices but the Bishops retorted telling the Apostle not to visit their Churches any more.  This led the Apostles to open their own Monasteries.  But when the Bishops became politically powerful, then they asked the rulers to kill those Monks who criticised them.  Popes and Bishops used political power especially during the rule of Emperor Constantine asking people to conform their Bibles to contain the written Torah, the Jewish Leaven, which Christ Jesus forbade and those who refused, mostly Gentile, to conform, they were put before animals or burnt alive.  This practice continued late into seventeen eighteen century as most of you know and the present Christianity is the brain washed child of those Messianic Jews.  Jesus is a Uniter and not a divider.  The present Churches or occults speak of the Darkness that these satanic Messianic Jews have created.  Holocausts that were the blind guides leading the blind into Pits of deaths, were their own making and you cannot blame any one else than yourself. 


So, the present Messianic Jews are hypocrites of the first order still propagating the corrupt Scriptures and the dead burying their dead as the Jewish people were doing 2000 years ago during the times of Jesus.  Jews still hate the spiritual Gentile and this is clearly reflected in branding the most pious Samaritan Woman at well, John4, as a bad character when she was known to them as St.Photina. Such Samaritan Saints were put before animals by these Messianic Jews who turned out to be the worst Masters than those Temple Priests who put our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus to death.


Today, Matt.13.24-30 is almost fulfilled and the Tares are bundled up in Israel for Final Burning.  Messianic Jews have created so much Darkness that hardly any one knows in whose name John, the Baptist of Levi Tribe baptized men in water or when did Christ Jesus baptise His Workers in God and Holy Spirit?  Do you know answer to any of them?


Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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