Christianity is for the twice born people has been stressed by Christ Jesus in John3, the Parable of Nicodemus and this is a good exercise for such people who are very rare indeed as stressed by Christ Thomas, one of the Twin-Brethren of Christ Jesus, Who said that one in thousand and two in ten thousands would understand Gospel.


Gospel of living God is for the living in spirit people who have christs within their hearts.  No christ and no Gospel goes very well but most of the people you come across are once born people of flesh who understand only those things that are written and do not demand upon their conceptual thinking or logical reasoning.  So for them, if a child is born, then there must be mother and father.  But Jesus never called Mary a Mother but a “Woman”.  Then why the Apostles proclaimed Mary as the Mother of Jesus and Popes even as the Mother of God?  Let us ponder over this issue in the light of how Christianity became corrupt by the end of first century?


After the death of Jesus, the First anointed Christ of God, people seeking His Word established a Mammon Free Church of God by getting rid of their secular property and pooling up their resources.  The Bishop on receiving the proceeds, used to spend on essential building work and repairs disposing the rest by giving to the needy in different parts of the country.  Bishop never opened a bank account or even kept money for future use, as Mammon and God do not go hand in hand.  Members of Congregation used to work and gave their wages to Bishop or they donated to the needy themselves. 


First Bishop St.Stephan was honest and outspoken but after his death and that of St.James, the Just, the next Bishops were frightened of the Jews and they were timid.  They started to love Mammon and became immoral.  Gnostics nicknamed them as “waterless canals” and the Apostles used to rebuke them for their malpractices. 


Fed up with the rebukes of the Apostles, they barred Apostles from their Churches and appointed Presbyters to read the New Testament by the letters without understanding the under lying hidden Gospel, the Treasures of God buried in the Field.  Because the Jewish people were more clever and Mammon worshippers than the Gentiles, the Jewish people dominated the Churches and they brought in the written Torah, the leaven of Pharisees and Sadducees, to keep the people busy in reading and praying rather than the exposition of the New Testament and the spreading of Gospel around the world.  Apostles opened Monasteries and enjoyed the Nectar of Gospel through logical reasoning, as you will find in my finding the Mother of Christ Jesus.


So, the Churches were full of people that were once born and the Bishops put over them a yoke that was much heavier than the one of Rabbis from which Christ Jesus had set them Free.  Jewish people are well known for the manipulation of scriptures which Christ Jesus called the old cloth developing holes and the clever Bishops found no difficulty in manipulating the Gospel, the New Testament into the present Bible, the mix of the Torah (Old Cloth) and Gospel (New Cloth) that being not compatible made the Bible a Book that is most confusing for any sensible person.  But for the once born who had no logical reasoning capability, it hardly made any difference.  And no wonder the Gentile and the Gnostics called the Christians the people of the Book for their brain washing by their Bishops.


These blind to spirit Church people led by their cruel Bishop masters who started to burn people at stakes for their opposition to their straight-jacket creeds such as the non-sense Nicene Creed and the Bible they had agreed for binding the people, the Bishops twisted the Gospel to suit their once born congregations.  It were these antichrist Bishops who put into the mouths of Apostles that Mary was the Mother of Jesus when Jesus never addressed Mary as His Mother but a Woman.


Now, the twice born people of spirit called “christs” are well documented in the Sayings of Christ Thomas who proclaimed, “Why should I fast (under Jewish system of Moses), what “sin” have I committed and why should I pray (under the New Covenant), what wrong have I done?”  So, praying is for laying stress on the wrong things you have done and that in future you will not do so. 


Gentiles were not fasting or praying so much as the Jews were doing, as their hearts were much cleaner than those of the Jews.  Thus, the Jewish moral laws were written in Torah whilst the Gentiles went by their hearts for they were more spiritual as depicted by the most pious woman Jesus ever met in His ministry at the well in John4, which the men of letters or the people of the Book call her a bad woman. 


Thus, for the people of the Book who have been brain washed for centuries by what is written in the Bible and their antichrist Bishops have stressed for so many years, it is very difficult to imagine that Jesus was born of a Virgin through the Power of Holy Spirit and Mary was a Media of this miraculous Birth. 


Thus, the Mother of Jesus was Holy Spirit and not Mary.  If Mary were His Mother, then there would have been a father in flesh as well with his tribal identity.  But it was not so and St.Paul clearly stated that Jesus was the “Second Adam”.  This is another Proof of the Virgin Birth of Jesus.


In fact, the Family of God is God is our Father when He protects us from aggressors; Holy Spirit, the Woman that feeds us “His Word”, is our Mother and the one who represents Father is always Son.  As our Parents, Father and Mother are in One, so Christ Jesus when He was doing merciful and loving deeds represented Father and when He was feeding Gospel to His Labourers (once born call them disciples), He represented Mother Holy Spirit called Shakti or Power of God.  Thus, when the twice-born people hold the right hand of God, then their praises lie with God and they are “solitary” or a male but when you go by what the people such as Pope or Bishop says and you please the people, then your praises lie with people and you cannot be “solitary” male but a female.  That is unless a female becomes a male, she cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God.


Further, as the secular property belongs to the tribal people as Afghanistan is the country of the people of Afghan tribe but Jesus being born a Second Adam, Son of Man against the sons of Man, the tribal people, He had no secular property on this earth.  This He stressed in His Saying, “Foxes have holes to rest their heads, but the Son of Man has none”.  This is another Proof that Jesus was not of this earth but He took the Virgin Birth so that the Word, the Christ, could live among us in flesh in the name of Jesus.


Whereas the Second anointed Christ Nanak Dev Ji was born in a tribal home of a Khatri and He had a place to rest his head.


Further, the tribal people normally bury their dead in their tribal villages as they still do in most African countries even though the person has died overseas.  So, the physical body of Jesus was taken to His Father’s Home after His death.  Angels, the people who are perfect in the moral laws, bore witness to that.


So, please do not take any thing that is written or what the others say for granted as the once born people do but think yourself logically as one can expect of the twice born to dig the Treasures of God from this Field of knowledge.  Holy spirit, “common sense” is the tool that is required for digging the Treasures out.  In Christ Jesus, every one is to give his own account to God.


Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
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