Almost all take Mohammedans for Mussallmaans but it is not so.  Very few Mohammedans are true Mussallmaans and more of the non-Mohammedans are turned out to be true Mussallmaans. This will become clear on understanding the various terms.


MOHAMMEDANS: - As the name implies, Mohammedans are the followers of Mohammed, who take Quran as the Word of Allah. As you know, Word of Allah is received ONLY through revelations and It cannot be written down in ink on paper as "letters" in the Books or could be taught in the universities. This fact is also stressed in the Bible and the Holy Books of the Sikhs, Ad-Granth but still many go against this fact and fanatically argue that their Holy Books are the Word of Allah. Further, you will be surprised to know that the copies of Ad-Granth that people read in the Sikh Temples are highly forbidden by Satguru Arjan Dev Ji as He himself dictated the Ad-Granth and sent a group of trusted Sikhs to get it bound. But those trusted Sikhs, on their way, made a copy of it and presented the two bound volumes. However, Satguru Arjan Dev Ji told the Sikhs that the copied version could not be the true version as it was written by erring men without the supervision of a Brahm Roopi Person with “Holy Spirit” and, therefore, it should not be read by the Sikhs and called the copy version, KHARI BEERR, not of good taste to read and those who are "blind" to spirit will read it. And that is what you find in most of the Sikh Temples that a greedy TURKOO Granthi reads the Book for his living and gives exposition whilst the people blind to spirit people listen to his expositions against what is clearly written in the Ad-Granth that a greedy person cannot know the Word of God. There is a saying in Panjabi, "RABB RALAI JORRI; IK ANNAH TAE IK KOHRRI".


MUSSALLMAAN: - This is an Arabic word, which means a person who is a firm, Mussallum, believer, EEMAAN, in Allah. This will become clear on understanding the qualities of a Mussallmaan. Thus, a Mussalmaan is one who is shameful, truthful and contented person. Only such a person is capable of being "merciful".


ALLAH: - The word Allah originates from Al-ilah. In KAABAH, there were many tribal demi-gods called "Ilahs" and the Hajj rites were only for the boys of 12 to 16 years to confirm their alliance to their tribal elders through their tribal demi-god ilah. In KAABAH, there are also displayed the four forms that the Satan can take in the three pillars so that he could convert the simple-minded boys into the sons of Satan. At present, the strongest of all the Satans, al-djmar al-Aksa, dominates the annual Hajj festival to convert the simpletons into fanatics by telling them to forget their tribal fathers and follow him and him alone. As every body knows, tribes are for identification only and the sons of Satan are thieves with no tribal identification.


As Allah is from the word “Al-ilah”; so a person cannot be of Allah in spirit in which all human being are treated humanely and equally unless he establishes a covenant with "ilah", by becoming the son of his tribal fathers or becomes a “son of Man”.  That is, “no son of Man” no son of God or Allah.


This is the first Will of Allah in that nobody was born into a certain tribal family of his own free will but by the Will of Allah. Thus, the Hajj rites are also called the threshold to Islam and after the Hajj rites no EEMAAN, KACHA (speaking the truth) or PUKKA (remaining contented), enters your heart; "SAY ISLAMA EEMAAN HATH NOT ENTERED YOUR HEART YET" was declared by Mohammed Sahib.


ISLAM: - Islam stands for one's submission to the Will of Allah and in that you yourself do NOT impose your own will upon others through force, Fatwas or edicts. Example of such an Islam was presented by Jesus when James and John got angry with the village people who refused to welcome Christ Jesus and they asked Jesus to put that village on fire as Elijah did in the past. But Jesus replied, "You do not know what spirit ye are of. I have come to do the Will of my Father and NOT my own will". But the Popes who represented Jesus started to do their own wills and became anti-christs. It was true of the Mullahs in the name of Mohammed and became cruel and anti-christs, the sons of Satan.  Thus, in the Real Islam of Allah, the Primary Source of Word, “Sun”, every one is encouraged to seek His Word through logical reasoning whilst in this false Islam of Mullahs, “Moon and star”, people are kept subdued and Mullahs impose their Fatwas on independent thinkers/seekers.


In fact, a true Mussallmaan is in Allah and Allah is in him. Now, Allah has ALL the positive qualities and NONE negative qualities at all whereas the Satan is the other way round.


So, a true Mussallmaan represents Allah on earth and the qualities of such a person are summarised in Ad-Granth, "MUSSALLMAAN MOOM DIL HOWAE; ANTAR DI MAEL DIL TAE DHOWAE".  That is, a True Mussallmaan is a merciful person who cleanses the dirt of temptations over his heart. Therefore, it is not a joke to be a Mussallmaan!!!


Mohammedans started to loot and kill people who disagreed with their views and that trait is still causing much distress in Afghanistan. For their greedy nature, they were nicknamed as "TURKOOS", the greedy hypocrite people, and to sort them, Sachae Paatshah established "KHALSAS", the philanthropist soldiers, who will defend the victims of aggression without any monetary reward. Thus, wherever these greedy Mohammedans went, they created chaos and havoc; India suffered the most.


In Islam as you have to go by the Will of Allah and give your own account to Him, Mullahs, who throw Fatwas are the sons of Satan. Further, as Allah is Spirit and not the "letters" or flesh, you cannot have SHARIAH, the moral laws, in Islam. Word of Allah is universal whilst SHARIAH or moral laws vary from country to country. So, Mullahs want to have a grip over their fanatic followers in the name of SHARIAH as the Popes and clerics in Jesus did and they are still doing in the name of "sin" not knowing that in Jesus, it is the hypocrisy that counts and NOT the sins.


Russians were wise in keeping religion, the opium for masses, out of their states and had sectarian free people living together in spirit but now they are letting the sons of Satan to establish their camps; so there will brew the sectarian riots and misery.


Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji fried the present Granthis in the Sikh Temples are no less greedy and their forerunners, the greedy MAHANTS, Apostles alive in hot oil. So, if you do what your heart thinks you would expect to be done to you, you cannot go wrong with the Will of Allah.


Remember that Allah rests in your heart and NOT in the Books, which are mere "letters" liable to corruptions in the manner of the old cloth, the Scriptures.


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Gnostics are "seekers" of religious knowledge and we take no one for his word.

We believe each individual receives "His Word" through "grace of God".

Our religion is Islam of Allah where INSHALLAH prevails;

and Sun, the Primary Source of Light, is worshipped.

Islam of Mullahs where the Fatwas of Mullahs dominate, INSHMULLAHS and

people worship moon and stars, the secondary source of Light is of the sons of Satan, the Mullahs. In Islam of Allah, every one gives his own account to Allah whilst the satanic Mullahs take accounts of the blind to spirit people. Our Islam is SHARIAH FREE, no prayer, no fasting or Hajj. A True Mussallman being shameful, truthful, contented and Merciful person, he is in Allah and Allah in him. Otherwise the person is an infidel or Kafir.

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