By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

This is often proclaimed in the Gurdwaras but hardly any one knows how and why?


Christ Jesus was the First Anointed Satguru. Within a century of His death, the immoral, greedy and corrupt Bishops not only smothered His Light by refusing the Apostles to preach Gospel in their Churches but they also turned out to be the greatest anti-Christs who started to kill people for not obeying their "wills". The disciples of Hazrat Mohammed Sahib, the Mohammadans, under the pretext of "Islam" surpassed the atrocities of the Popes and the Bishop accomplishes. Some of the ruling Mohammadans would not hesitate to kill those who refused to become Mohammadans.


But before you would be able to appreciate the qualities of a Christ, it is important to know why Christ or Satguru comes into this world?


In the past Ages, honest and dedicated Brahmins or Rabbis used to lead the people and the people used to follow them like a blind without asking any question. Those Brahmans and Rabbis used to leave their tribal homes to take over the headship of a Temple/Synagouge in another village. John, the Baptist, Who was a Prophet in the name of Elijah, was an example of an ideal Rabbi. They did not have any material attachment or the love of their own kith and kins - MOH. In giving their Judgements, they were impartial and such an honest and devoted Priest led people of all tribes into Peaceful living called "heaven". This Jesus stressed by Saying that the key to the kingdom of heaven was given to the Rabbis, neither they themselves would enter nor they would let others to enter. That is when the Rabbis had become greedy, dishonest and liars as they displayed their nature during the Trial of Jesus, they misled the people. This is amply reflected in the Sikh Gurdwaras where a greedy and psychic/clever Granthi can cause friction among the members of the congregation leading them to hatred rather than Agape, the divine Love.


The people used to trust and follow their Brahmin/Rabbi in the manner of a "blind" without thinking of their own or intuition called "SURTI" or "spirit" (common sense). Among the Jews, there are some recent stories of houses catching fire on a Sabbath. The house occupants would not put the fire off as it involved working, which is forbidden by law on a Sabbath without the permission of their Rabbi. In some cases, the house got burnt down whilst the occupants sought the "permission" of their Rabbi to put it off. That is why Jesus said, "If your animal falls into a ditch on a Sabbath Day, wouldn't you save him or leave him to suffer and die?" Thus, the Jews and the Hindus were called "Blind to spirit" or "MUNN DAE ANAHAE". Christ Jesus said the blind leading the blind into the Pit and Bhagat Nam Dev Ji said,




Under such circumstances when the Brahmin "Gurus" had become incompetent and the people were left of their own, it created "chaos". Thus, it became popular that the Brahmins themselves "sank" and also with them sank their followers:-




In order to look after the suffering people, the First anointed Christ Jesus appeared and showed to them the narrow Gate leading to the Royal Kingdom of God, RAAM RAJAY, for the Peace of their minds, ANAND. This Gate is to be sought by an individual of his own through the seeking power of his "ANTAR SATGURU" or the "inner man", the christ that is to be renewed every day through open-mindedness.  This Satguru Amar Dass Ji stressed by putting on a new dress every morning after his bath.


Now, Christ or Satguru goes by the Will of our Father and he does not do his own Will. Our Father being "Merciful", all the merciful "deeds" of a Bhagat or Christ represent the Qualities of God. This Christ Jesus stressed by saying, “Those who have perceived me have perceived our Father”.  God being Spirit is “perceived”, PAEKHNA, and not “seen”, DAEKHNA. Thus, you won't find a Bhagat or a Christ thinking evil of others but goodness with the moral that "Goodness reaps goodness and evil reaps evil".


Thus, when Christ Jesus was returning to Jerusalem to lay down his life, two of His disciples, James and John, went to a Samaritan village to ask them to get prepared to receive Jesus. But the villagers told them, "Let him go by and they don't care". At this the two disciples were extremely angry and asked Jesus to put that village on fire as Elijah, a Great Rabbi, did in the past. But Jesus replied, “Don’t you know what spirit you are of”?  I have come to do the Will of our Father and not my own Will. Thus, our Father being Spirit, He sets people "FREE" in spirit.  He does not bind them in the "letters" of the law. In other words, you cannot "sin" against God but "blasphemy" called hypocrisy. Thus, by going by doing the Will of our Father, HUKUM RAZIAN CHALNA, the religion of Jesus and Nanak was "Islam", in which INSHALLAH prevailed and that "Islam" is FREE of the moral laws of Moses that binds people in the "letters" of the Law or Shariah. In short, "Islam" of Allah is FREE of Shariah laws.  Thus, Shah Shamas Tabraez was stoned to death trying to stress that Arif or Saints are "FREE" of the Shariah Laws that were enforced by the satanic Mullahs in the name of Allah.


Around 1250 A.D. about 250 Cathers of France who disobeyed Pope were burnt alive and the Mohammadans led by their satanic Mullahs went around enforcing their own version of Islam. Both the Popes and the Mullahs created great HAVOC in the world especially the East where the most clever and opportunist satanic people of Khatri tribe exploited this concept of Islam in which the Mullahs hypocritically proclaimed "INSHALLAH", God be Willing, but they did their own "wills", INSHMULLAHS, the edicts or Fatwas. Mohammadans proclaimed to themselves as "Mussallmaans" but in deeds they were cruel Kafirs/infidels, who were imposing their own "wills" upon others. In short, what people proclaimed was just the opposite what the REALITY was. That confused people and they needed a Christ or Satguru to throw Light on such matters.


Remember that a Mussallmaan stands for a FIRM believer of Allah and, therefore, such a person reflects all the good qualities of Allah. Thus, a true Mussallmaan he is in Allah and Allah in him. Such a Mussallmaan never tells lies, usurps the rights of others and he is always "merciful" according to the Saying of Christ Nanak Dev Ji:-





So, God sent the Second Anointed Christ (Satguru) that was predicted by Christ Jesus in the name of Nanak Dev Ji to dispel the religious Darkness, Fog of falsehoods that was created by the sons of Satan. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Greatest of all the Christs, Sunlights, because He had a bigger Job ahead of Him. Five other Satgurus took the form of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji to fight the Darkness that was created by the sons of Satan especially the people of Khatri tribe who had become Mullahs in the Mosques. Thus, in Sikhism there were SIX SATGURUS whilst in the Khalsaism, there were FOUR SACHAE PAATSHAH.


Today the sons of Satan have created so much so Darkness again that some people have even forgotten their own tribal fathers in flesh never mind knowing our Father in Spirit AKAAL PURAKH. Down to earth FOOLISH people, who have replaced their tribal surnames by the names of their villages, towns or even districts are sitting on the world’s Holiest of Holy Seat at Akaal Takht meant for the Nirmallae Sants, the Apostles. Remember that a prostitute who serves the whole village or town if she gives birth to a boy, then such a boy is given the surname of the village or town. So, many of the Jathedars of Akaal Takht fall among this category of their "foolishness" in that they were born in a father's home but they adopted the surname of their village or town to boost their "ego". About such people, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji said,




How effective is the preaching from such people sitting at Akaal Takht that they do not know whether it is right to say, "HARIMANDIR SAHIB" or "HARMANDIR SAHIB". There is a hell of difference as it is between a "Guru", a Rabbi/Pandit/Priest and a "Satguru", Christ/Royal Priest. Remember what gold has to do with God?  That is why the offering of gems presented by a king to Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji was rejected and thrown into the rivulet nearby.


Gurus are mother, father and Brahmin, who teach us the moral laws pertaining to our physical selves or TANN whilst a Satguru directs His preaching to one's conscience, ZAMEER or MUNN and not to the physical body or TANN. Whilst a Sachae Paatshah enforces JUSTICE in the society without any partiality under the Slogan,




Finally, I can't justify my views in such a short article, as you need people of discerning intellect, BIBEK BUDHI, to judge the situation under which Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji appeared. A fair comparison may be drawn from the cruelty that the First Anointed Christ Jesus suffered at the hands of the Temple Priests led by a man of Judah tribe, the tribe of King David, and the Light of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji in the Name of Satguru Arjan Dev Ji, who was tortured by a Khatri in the name of Chandu Shah by making Him to sit on a hot iron plate with hot sand being poured over his head and body for four days in the hottest month of June when the temperatures soared 115 degree or more. Thus, greater the Satguru/Christ, the greater He was tortured by the sons of Satan.


So, Who was greatest of all the Christs of the world? Satguru Jesus or Christ Nanak Dev Ji? Judge for your self.


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar JATT, M.Sc.

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy

144, Hamilton Road, Reading, Berks., RG1 5RE, U.K.

0118 962 3200

Gnostics are the living christs (satgurus) and NOT Christians, of Living God/Par Brahm (Spirit),


Holy spirit (common sense or Surti) shatters the fetters of the Letters (Holy Books).


Scriptures + Holy spirit (common sense)  = Gospel

Remember that to your Three "Gurus" mother, father and Pandit/Rabbi, you render money or "MAYA" and they would give you
"TANN CHINDAYA PHALL", a healthy physical body.

To your "Satguru" Nanak Dev Ji/Christ Jesus, you render your "MUNN" or "mind" for receiving Gospel, "MUNN CHINDAYA PHALL" and,

To your "Sachae Paatshah" Gobind Singh Ji, you render your "TANN" or the "physical body" as sacrifice for acquiring Salvation or "MUKT DAAN".

SACH is bitter but it leads you to heaven whilst SATT is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND/Salvation.

Falsehoods or KOORRS are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, but they lead you to Hell as it happened during the Partition.  

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