Jesus Himself was the Fountain of the New Wine and at the Cana marriage, Jesus advised people how to brew this “New Wine”, the Gospel.  Gospel being received through revelations only, is also called the “Brand New Cloth” untouched by human hands and It is received through revelations in a clean heart.


Jesus has used symbolic language throughout His preaching and here is the exposition of John 2:-


And the Third Day (First day for the once-born “hylic” people led by “holy son”.  The Second day for the twice born “psychic” people of spirit but of the doubting nature led by “holy father” and the Third day for the twice born “pneumatic” people of spirit, who are firm believers.  They are wise men/women led by “holy ghost”), there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus (Holy Spirit) was there.  Here it is worth noting that people called Mary, the mother of Jesus but Jesus Himself always addressed Mary as a Woman because the Mother of Jesus was Holy Spirit and Mary was just a media for His coming into the world in flesh.


And both Jesus was called and His Labourers, which people address as “disciples” to the Marriage – Here Jesus is comparing the marriage of the two physical bodies, boy and girl, that were getting married and they were celebrating it by drinking the old wine.  Jesus compared this one with the spiritual Marriage that takes place at the Last Supper or Eucharist when the Trained Workers (Virgins) again called disciples by people enter into the Bridal Chamber tasting no more the “old wine” of “letters” but the “New Wine” of Spirit brewed through the Yeast of Holy Spirit.


And when they wanted wine, the mother, the Woman of Jesus saith unto him.  They have no wine.


Jesus saith unto her, Woman what have I to do with thee?  Mine hour is not yet come – People read Books (old wine) to learn about God but Gospel received through revelations surpasses all.


Jesus’ time was after He had fed His Labourers well with Word of God, the Gospel.  Last Supper was the finishing touch to His ministry and His hour of Celebrating the Marriage.


His Mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it – Jesus’ Woman knew that whatsoever cometh out of His Mouth is absolute truth called SATT in Panjabi.


And there were set there six water pots of stones after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins a piece.


Now, six are the types of works we do to earn our living.  This is called “KHATT” in Punjabi and it is mentioned so in the Sikh Holy Book Ad-Granth.  This term is also used for dowry that father gives to her daughter at the marriage.


Out of the six, there are three honest means of Yahweh/Brahma and three are dishonest means relating to Satan.  These are firstly hard physical labour, “works” and the opposite is stealing or robbery.  Secondly, one is earning money/living through honest business and the opposite is through cheating and fleecing the simpletons.  Thirdly, politicians or the rulers are ruling the public honestly so that there is justice and peace in society and the public is treated as you wished to be treated whilst the opposite is ruling public through cruel means of extracting money such as excessive taxes.


What is holy and what is not holy are judged through the man-made rules/judgements or according to the written rules and regulations.  For example, killing of a person in a robbery or as Saul did kill the Labourers of Jesus or the stoning to death of St.Stephan by the orders of the Temple priests, etc could be a sin in the eyes of people but not in the Eye of God, Who goes by the cleanliness of the hearts and not by the works.


Kings used to do justice as per the laid down rules of Moses but the final word of approval or disapproval came from the Court Rabbi, who could temper the ruling with “mercy”.  Jesus defined an ideal Rabbi in Matt.13.52 as a ruler of a House who would bring treasures “old” (written Torah) and the New (Oral Torah).  Remember that the Rabbis had become corrupt and they dare not speak out the wrong doings of the kings such as Herod marrying the wife of Phillip but John, the Baptist, Who was Prophet Elijah condemned such wrong doing openly even though it cost Him his own life.


Thus, those who killed others under the “ignorance” of God, the once-born are forgiven but not the twice-born Temple Priests, the vipers, who hypocritically accused Jesus before the Pilate and gave bribe to their stooges to shout for the death of Jesus and the release of the robber.


Thus, the hypocrite Temple Priests who led the blind in accusing Jesus did pay their price for hypocrisy/blasphemy when the Jerusalem Temple (Winepress) was destroyed and the Chosen People were thrown out of the Promised Land to suffer in other countries.  Remember that Jesus never accused or rebuked a “sinner” but He spared not the hypocrites especially of the Jerusalem.


So, the David’s Cross represents these six types of works with two triangles facing in the opposite directions.  The one representing holy deeds is facing East and it is placed higher above the other triangle representing the Satan facing West.


Spiritually speaking, all living things are made up of almost similar ingredients and people could be imagined fashioned out of the same clay.  So, these stone pots are our physical bodies that represent the six types of people.


Why there were two or three firkins in each could be related to the qualities of people.  Thus, the simpletons are normally led by “id” spiritual state in which they display “ego”.  Ego is normally displayed by the once-born people and it has three spiritual limitations or drawbacks.  These are firstly the pride of the “seed” or tribal birth, white, brown or black skin, etc or of one’s physical strength such as among the wrestlers, footballers, etc, secondly of “id” spiritual state for lacking the capability of spiritual understanding, such people display anger if some one tries to correct them and thirdly they learn religious Books by the “letters” and more the Books they read more haughty and drunk in old wine they become tending not to listen to any other person than his own teacher or the Books.  The last spiritual limitation is quite dominant among the Jews, who master the written Torah.  Performing religious pilgrimages also add to their prides.


The limitations of the twice-born clever people are greed and worldly attachments.  Twice born people being no more simpletons but clever they tend to engage in dishonest businesses to make money out of the simpletons.  This Jesus called turning stone (simpletons) into bread (their living).  The other attachments are of the material wealth, secular position such as kings and the family.


Now, the pneumatics led by holy ghost representing the Third day have overpowered all the Five Temptations of the heart as the Samaritan Woman at the well in John 4 had done and such people are the most suitable candidates for the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit, the Last Supper.  Before taking the Last Supper, they were in the material world of Mammon and “works” and after taking the Last Supper; they entered into the spiritual world of Gospel and “Grace”, which is Mammon and “works” free.  In this spiritual world, it is the cleanliness or the devotion of the heart that counts as in the case of Saul turned Paul, who was judged not by his works but by his devotion even though it was from a blind one.


So, after the Last Supper, you become a “Worker” of God not dealing in the secular affairs but the spiritual and this Seventh type of People are represented by the Middle Candle of the Menorah, the Candle of Grace and not of the “works” as the other six candles are.  Ideal Rabbis used to belong to this Seventh type of people but the material attractions corrupted them so much that they became “vipers” rather than the “savers” of people.  Jesus outlined the status of such people in the Parable of the woman marrying the brothers of the dead husband one after the other till she married the Seventh One, God, in which there was neither giving nor taking that is you are at Par with Him.


Such people drinkth not the old wine of the earthly grapes but the New Wine brewed out of the “clean water”, the devoted hearts to God even though you may be performing bad deeds as the Robin Hood type Robber, who was crucified next to Christ Jesus had admitted.  Although he has done the wrong things by looting the rich and giving it to the poor yet he has great devotion for God.  The Yeast is of Holy Spirit to brew the “New Wine”.  Here it is not the sweetness of grapes that works but sweetness of God called “Agape”, the Divine Love.


I hope, I have made my points clear but Gospel is best preached through heart-to-heart discussions.


Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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