Why Peter was given the Key to the kingdom of heaven?


Christ Jesus handpicked eleven Labourers to make them work for the Vineyard of God whilst the twelfth Judas Iscariot begged him to be picked up for his knowledge of the 3Rs. As you know, the people of Judah tribe are more educated than the rest of the tribes of Isaac. Levy tribe people are also educated but the people of Judah tribe beat them in knowledge and cleverness.


The same is true in India where the people of Khatri tribe have more knowledge of the religious Books than the people of tribes assigned the profession of Brahman Varan. In fact, whereas the people of Judah tribe are the Princes of Darkness, the people of Khatri tribe living in the Punjab are Kings of Darkness and those living in the Kashmir Valley are the Emperors of Darkness or hypocrites. So, compared with the people of Khatri tribe, the people of Judah tribe are just baby sons of Satan. No wonder all sorts of stories that Christ Jesus after being crucified lived in Kashmir, etc are fake.


Let us go back to our main theme. Of the twelve Peter was the only once born Labourer who was truthful and very strict to the Jewish rituals especially praying whilst the others were twice born some doubting, such as Thomas, some sealed to serve God such as Matthew, John, etc and Judas Iscariot was the only Labourer who was evil spirited psychic person. Judah Iscariot knew how to wiggle through the accusation when he was using the Purse money for his own personal benefits.


So, Peter’s real name was Simon but he was nicknamed by Christ Jesus as Peter, a stone headed simpleton enjoying the life style of a little child. He was playful, strong and carefree. Christ Jesus and others loved his child like habits. During His ministry, Christ Jesus gave him a taste of Gospel when He asked Peter, what you yourself think of me Peter? Then, Peter replied that you are the living Christ of living God. This was the Gospel Truth and Christ Jesus told him that it was with the grace of our Father that you have received this revelation. This made Peter very happy indeed that he too has received the Gospel Truth but he could not contain it and became arrogant.


When Christ Jesus told His Labourers that he is going to Jerusalem and the Temple Priests would kill him, then Peter took Him aside and started to rebuke Christ Jesus angrily that how can you die when you make the dead alive? Then Christ Jesus rebuked Peter for his arrogance and lack of understanding that whosoever is born, he is to die at the appointed hour.


Christ Jesus had finished training His labourers to qualified Workers for the Vineyard of God and now it was His Time to depart to His Home. Thus, He came to Jerusalem to take the Fruit of the Winepress back to His Father but He found none. Fig Tree that He made to wither was symbolic of this and thus, the useless Winepress to be totally destroyed not leaving one stone on top of another.


Why St.Peter was most drunk at the Pentecost? On that Day, the twelve Workers were paid their Wage of Holy Spirit and Peter being the only once born Labourer was too excited and happy to receive the very Spirit of God, Holy Spirit. That was a great spiritual jump for Him from the once born to the Thrice born whilst all the others were twice born. That made him extremely happy that he expressed by starting to preach Gospel without any fear. So, all those Workers became the Twin Brethren of Christ Jesus.


Why St.Peter requested His executors to hang Him with head down?  Because what applies to the Natural Once born person the opposite applies to the twice born people of spirit. And the other main reason was that St.Peter was given the Key to the kingdom of heaven that used to be with the Rabbis. Rabbis dealt with the once born natural people mainly children whilst those doing the Preaching ministry were connected with the twice born people of spirit or Peter was given the Seat of Elijah in the name of John, the Baptist. That is why St.Peter asked His executors to hang him upside down.


Why St.Peter put Ananias and Sapphira to death for telling a lie whilst the other Apostles or Jesus never cursed or put anyone to death? St.Peter was made in charge of the once born people who are to learn the Moral Laws of Moses that included not telling lies or committing sins. As the Rabbis gave harsh punishment to the liars or sinners, so did St.Peter give very harsh punishment to the two liars who sold their property but kept back some proceeds? In other words, you cannot enter into the Congregation of the Church of God if your heart is not clean or you are a sinner.


If your heart is full of lies, then you would not meet the ideal standard of Congregation that was to be created in the name of John, the Baptist, Who had the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Peter was an ideal Temple goer who would not tell a lie. It was for this reason that Christ Jesus always asked Peter what the others say about him.


For being an ideal disciple of Moses, Jesus called Him a rock over which He would build His Church in the name of His Father. That is Christ Jesus fulfilled the Laws of Moses through Peter and He came not to destroy them. Today, the Churches are far off the morality expected for spirituality. Most of the people are sincere but the hireling Dog-Collared hypocrite priests working for Mammon steal away their trusts. Thus, when Queen is the Head of the COE, then whose praises the hireling clerics should sing? Of God or Mammon?

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