Blind guides leading the blind into the Pits of Death is well known to most but very few seem to be aware of its applications. 


Rabbis became greedy and materialistic. They started to live like the religious lords/rulers in big Rabbinic Palaces as today, you see Bishops living in big houses with the result that God took away the Light from them and they became lightless moons that could not reflect the Light of God upon people in the form of Moral Laws.


God could be represented by Sun, the Primary Source of Light and the Moon representing the secondary source of light generated keeping in heart the Primary Light of God.  Thus, Moses put on Christ, the Primary Source of Light, and imbued by this Light He wrote the Moral Laws or the Torah for the people.  Or He himself perceived the Light of God in His face but He showed the reflections or the back to the people in Moral laws.  Ideally, the people were not allowed to know God for the fear that they may misinterpret His Word and for this reason, the Jewish people were not even allowed to write His Name in full and the job of teaching the moral laws to public was assigned to people of Levi tribe.  However, if someone wanted to worship God, then he had to leave the town and head for the Jungles or wilderness, which were out of the jurisdiction of the Rabbis.


Thus, the Ideal Rabbis were receiving this Light of God, Oral Torah, when they were not materialistic or loving Mammon but as they became greedy and materialistic, then God took away from them His Light and without the Light of God, they themselves were blind then how could they lead others into Kingdom of Heaven in law and order but the Pits of deaths, slavery or hell.  They started to produce the Jews not of the heart, inwardly or spiritual, but the Jews of the flesh or of the rituals, outwardly, the fanatics like Saul.  So, the people were reading the written Torah like the fanatics generating a nation of stiff-necked egoistic people whose spiritual third eye was closed and the ears were deaf to listen to the views other than what was written in the Torah.  Thus, the present Bible thumpers are no better than those rabbinic fanatics.


Now, the Word of God cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the tablets of heart; keeping this in view, there was an Oral Torah, which was interpreted in the Light of God.  Without the Light of God the written Torah was not understood.


My anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus described an Ideal Rabbi in Matt. 13.52:  “Then said He unto them, Therefore, every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven (that you can see in law and order of the country) is like unto a man (Rabbi) that is an householder (of his Synagogue), which bringeth forth out of his treasures (knowledge) things New (of the Oral Torah) and old (of the written Torah)”.  And for this reason, Jesus also called the Rabbis the “Rulers” and they worshipped Yahweh, the demiurge, as their “Lord” that displayed the natural instincts by being jealous and revengeful.  But our Father God in Jesus is just the opposite.  He is not a Lord in whom you do not have“Freewill” but a loving and merciful Father as Christ Jesus portrayed Him in the Parable of the prodigal son.


Angel John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah (my god is Yahweh), Who was not only the Ideal Rabbi, fulfilled the above conditions of an Ideal Rabbi but He was Prophet Elijah, the very Master of the Synagogues.  He was not materialistic at all as he had a Tunic of camel skin and he used to feed himself on wild honey and locusts against the materialistic Rabbis who were clad in silk and living in posh houses or palaces.  So, John, the Baptist had the Light of God and in that Light, He perceived Christ in Jesus.  Thus, John, the Baptist called the Temple Priests, a brood of vipers for fleecing the public and creating super bastard fanatics devils – John 8v44 - of rituals rather than of the hearts.  John was capable of perceiving the Light of God in Jesus and became His witness whilst the Temple Priests were blind to spirit and hypocrites that could not perceive the Light of God and, therefore, hypocritically proclaimed that Messiah has not come yet. Pharisees, Sadducees, etc. couldn’t tell whose son is Messiah? He was not the son of David.


The Rabbis themselves were blind and made a huge following of the blind super bastard fanatic devils that was amply reflected when the Jerusalem was under siege in 66 A.D. and the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. along with the clever hypocrites, the vipers and their blind stooges.  This Jesus stress in Matt. 3.12, “whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly cleanse his threshing-floor; and he will gather his wheat into the garner, but the chaff he will burn up with unquenchable fire”.


In fact, after the death of St. James, the Just in 62 A.D., all the just people of the types of Lot left Jerusalem for the safety of mountains leaving behind the people of Sodom and Gomorrah types to suffer for their blasphemy against Holy Spirit in shouting death for Jesus at the Trial. 


After being thrown out of the Promised Land that belonged to Abraham, a Semite, these chosen unfaithful to Abraham anti-Semitic blind followers of their blind Rabbis suffered holocausts in different countries proving the nature of their Rabbis as the “brood of vipers” that killed many.


After the destruction of Jerusalem and the deaths of honest to God Angel Stephan and St. James, the Just, the corrupt Judas Iscariot types Bishops that Apostles used to rebuke infested the Church of God.  The Bishops fed up with the rebukes of Apostles, they banned them from their churches and instead, they appointed presbyters to read the Bible.  Apostles opened Monasteries but when the Popes and their stooges, the Bishops that were worse than the Temple Priests and their Rabbis, became influential in political circles, then with the help of Romans, they started to kill and burn the Monks that exposed their hypocritical activities.  Such atrocities by the Bishops created Mohammed and his Islam of moon and star whereas the Real Islam is of the Sun, the Primary Source of Light of Allah/God.


If you compare the Palace and estate of the present Popes with those of the Temple Chief Priest, then it would not be difficult for you to conclude that the present Catholic Church is much more spiritually blind and hypocrite than the Rabbis from the clutches of whom Christ Jesus set us FREE.  These Popes led people into the Pits of Crusades to safeguard their secular kingdoms. 


Popes started to become the cruel masters and proclaimed not only Jesus a Lord but also our loving and merciful Father God also a “Lord”.  Many do not seem to understand that when they proclaim Jesus or God a Lord, then they put Jesus and God in the kingdom of Satan rather than that of God in which you enjoy the Freewill.  Let us make it clear.


ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD: - God is our Father when He protects us and in Him we enjoy FREEWILL.  God is Holy Spirit, our Mother that feeds us with “His Word”.  Thus, the First anointed Christ Jesus, the Second anointed Christ Nanak and all those Apostles and Saints of the world are Sons of God as they Represented God in His merciful deeds and Mother when they preached Gospel or feed people with “His Word”.  In God, we have One Father and we are all Brothers and Sisters in spirit.  The word “Lord” does not exist in the Family of God but of the Satan. Lords have slaves that are not allowed to inherit the Royal Kingdom of God. 


KINGDOM OF SATAN: - It is just the opposite of the Royal Kingdom of God.  Satan hates and rules/lords over people as the Popes did after falling victims to the Third Temptation of the Satan; forget about serving God but worship Mammon for the sake of worldly kingdoms.  Thus, the Popes ruled over the countries in the name of our Elder Brother Christ Jesus by bestowing over him the title of “Lord”.  In short, by addressing Jesus as Lord Jesus Christ it makes sense in the kingdom of Satan (Darkness) but not in the Royal Kingdom of God.  Our Father God is also not a “Lord” but a loving Father.  This logical deduction may seem odd to many but please ponder over it with an open mind.  Also, we have: -


WORKERS AND NOT DISCIPLES: - Our Elder Brother Christ Jesus beckoned or picked up His Labourers to join Him in the Vineyard of our Father.  Jesus picked up eleven Labourers whilst the twelfth Judas Iscariot begged Jesus to let him join His Team.  Judas Iscariot of the Judah tribe was a clever man who loved Mammon more than God and Jesus knew this fact all the way till the Last Supper when He exposed his activities openly.  By this time, the other eleven Labourers had become fully Trained Workers and they were left with no doubts about his love of Mammon.  That is, Christ Jesus did not accuse him falsely.  Christ Jesus described this expulsion of Judas Iscariot in the Parable of the Marriage of the Son whilst the Workers were Rewarded their Gift of Holy Spirit at the Pentecost.  Jesus showed His appreciation by washing the feet of His Trained Workers signifying their Perfection in the Trade of looking after the Vineyard of God that has Narrow Gate and produces New Wine. 


Now, the root of the word “Disciple” is discipline and you discipline the natural once-born boys by teaching them the Moral Laws of Moses. Jesus was not a moral teacher of the letters but the Spiritual Preacher of Gospel that is Free of Letters and gets written over your heart through logical reasoning. That is the reason why Gospel cannot be written down in ink on paper but the living Tablets of the twice-born, the hearts. Thus, Christianity is of the heart and not of the dead letters of the Bible. If Jesus wanted disciples, many were waiting to join His flock but it was not so.  Rather, Jesus asked Father to send more Labourers/Workers to harvest the crop of white-hearted men – John 4.  Disciples just follow the instructions of their Rabbis as Saul did of Gamaliel.  Whereas the Labourers are the twice-born seekers of His Word that make them Workers capable of making others “solitary” in God so that each one of them can give his own account to our Father.  For being solitary and having Christs within their hearts, they are called “Virgins”.  Disciples belong to the kingdom of Satan and there is no account to be given to God but to their leaders, the blind guides such as the Popes/Bishops.  They are rather spiritual “prostitutes” incapable of marrying our Father.


In short, we need to generate Workers by pondering over His Word and such Seekers then multiply their Treasures by preaching Gospel to others.  Remember that in the Royal Kingdom of God, only the Gospel Truth is spoken and not the prevalent secular truth.  Gospel Truth is very bitter but it leads you to Salvation.


Thus, the Royal Kingdom of God, the Holiest of Holy, forms the innermost core or Circle.  Next outer circle belongs to the Rabbis/Brahmins for they were pushed out of this inner Circle for their greed.  Popes being much greedier than the Temple Rabbis form the third outer most circles of blind guides far away from the Royal Kingdom of God – Matt. 12v43-45.  Thus, the Popes and their army of blind dog-collared priests have become highly corrupted than those Rabbis from the yoke of which our Elder Brother Christ Jesus set us FREE.


Remember, this is the Age of Christ within us, the “innerman” that needs renewing every day.  God bless you with “holy spirit”, the common sense.   Thus, the Christs holy spirit, common sense, are “erring” and need renewing whilst the Christs with Holy Spirit, the Extra Ordinary Sense of God are non-erring.  Our Elder Brother Christ Jesus trained His Workers so well that the Temple Priests had to hire the services of an insider Judas Iscariot to pinpoint which of them was the Real Christ Jesus!!!!  In Christ Jesus, it is the quality of speech and not the colourful robes of Antichrists that count


Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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