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I was there listening to your arguments accusing Pope of human rights abuses. Now, Pope is Anti Christ and you can expect such malpractices from him and his associates, the Dog-Collared hireling Priests in Churches. In Jesus, you cannot hold any one responsible for human rights abuses or even Hitler for killing the Jews, etc. Christ Jesus put an End to the Law and sins, the transgressions against the man-made moral laws. That is why Christ Jesus fought against the hypocrisy, the transgression against the Holy Spirit with the Double-Edged Sword of His Word that exposes the hypocrites. In Jesus, people have to make a direct approach to God and thus, where will you put these white-washed cups in the ministry of Christ Jesus? Here is an article and some Videos explaining my defence against your accusation of Pope:-




You cannot hold Pope and his associate Anti Christs responsible for the Abuses?


Last night on 8 September, 2010, I went to London School of Economics to listen to a well advertised lecture by Geoffrey Robertson, QC entitled, The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse. I did try to ask a question but the Chairman, Dr Chaloka Beyani of LSE did not pick me up even though I was the only one with turban and beard attending the lecture to listen to the views that these Christians of the Book present. Here is the link to the lecture: -




Geoffrey being a well known Lawyer, a man of Letters of the Laws, could not exercise spirit, common sense, to know the core of the problem that led to the moral abuses of the vulnerable people. We all know that Pope is sitting on the Empire of Mammon, the Third Temptation to Christ Jesus when he was taken to a high mountain and shown all the secular kingdoms and asking Him to forget about the Royal Kingdom of God and worship Mammon, the dominant Satan of the Dark Age. Soon after the death of St.James, the Just in 62 A.D., the next Messianic Bishops fell victim to the Satan and started to seek secular praises and kingdoms rather than the Royal Kingdom of God that Christ Jesus came to usher us into and according to Matt.12.v43-45, these arid evil spirited Bishops, the worst form of the Temple Priests and Rabbis, expelled the Apostles from their Churches starting with Judea region, the most spiritually sick people of Judah tribe. After expelling the Apostles, the Bishops concentrated upon the forbidden rotten written Torah, the Jewish Leaven, and turned the so-called Christians into the blind following making the situation worst than before the arrival of Jesus. So, these Messianic Bishops then persecuted the Apostles, the Monks, of Christ Jesus’ House by throwing them before the animals, burning at stake, etc till to 14th century until people like Martin Luther raised a voice against the Anti Christ Pope and his organisation. Or in simple language, these Anti Christs created Robbers in the good name of Christ Jesus and they fleeced the people worse than the old Temple Priest and his organisation. People who exercised holy spirit, common sense, they locked these Anti Christs behind the bars and enjoyed Peace. Russia presents a typical example. Now, they are let lose and you will have the Havoc of the Hell.


Now, why the Pope and these Dog-Collared Hireling Priests are Anti Christs who thrive upon stones, the once born simpletons, turning them into their Bread and butter? Christ Jesus came into this world because the Temple Priests were fleecing the devotees of God such as the story of the widow’s mite and like the cruel masters; people were forced to pay money for their upkeep and the corrupted Winepress, the Temple. To Free His Devotees from the Yokes of the Cruel Masters, God sent His very Own Son, the anointed Christ of God in the name of Jesus. He came and introduced to us the very Light of our Father through His Word, the Gospel. Scriptures, the written Torah, the Milk for the once-born Babies, had become useless in the hands of corrupt Rabbis that Christ Jesus presented to us Gospel in the Parables that only the sensible people can understand. Gospel is the Very Meat of the Living Jesus, the Sayings, that upon Chewing, pondering over Them, you extract the Nectar Gospel, the very Blood of Christ, the Royal Priest of our Father. So, Jesus advised people to avoid the dead Scriptures that used to be good at the hands of living in spirit Rabbis who went by the Oral Torah, His Word, that made them Freemen and they induced that Freedom in their congregations as depicted by the Samaritan Woman at the well in John 4, who became an Apostle St.Photina. A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die is well depicted in the Samaritan man, who picked up the wounded person. This Christ Jesus stressed by rendering the Curtain of the Holiest of Holy from top to bottom that from now on, you are no more alienated from God and you can have direct approach to God in holy spirit, common sense, and that you need not have any Rabbis or these Dog-Collared Priests and their Bishops and Popes. That is why St.Paul stressed that every one is to give his own account to God. Knowing all this, people still subject themselves to these Anti Christs who have inter posed themselves between them and God. That is, such people have chosen to love Darkness instead of Light as it is done in the Churches that employ Dog-Collared Reverend Priests. The Churches of God, One Fold headed by One Shepherd, Christ Jesus, have Fellowships of Royal Priests that employs no hireling priests or even pay to the visiting lecturers. Freely you receive Gospel; Freely you give in order to let God pay you in Gospel Truth, the Treasures that rest in your heart and not in the Books.


So, the present organisations in Pope and Dog-Collared Priests in Churches are of the Irresponsible Anti Christs and if these hypocrites have misused their positions, then you cannot blame them but you yourselves are to be blamed for rejecting Light and going for the Darkness of the Crooks. So, you cannot blame a THIRD PERSON in Christ Jesus but you yourself. Thus, in Jesus, Pope is not accountable as he is not of the House of Christ Jesus but of the Satan that works against God and humanity. In Jesus, you enjoy Freewill and if you have chosen Darkness to Light and suffered, then you yourself are to be blamed. In Jesus, you need to be a man, a master of your own destiny in the manner of the born Blind man whose eyes Christ Jesus opened with Spittle was, John 9, and such are the spiritually solitary men that we have been asked by Christ Jesus to become the Fishers of Men. The people who follow the Anti Christs are the spiritually blind Women, the Prostitutes, and they walk on the Wide Road of Satan leading them to Hell, the sectarian riots. Now, the same applies to the Messianic Jews who preferred their rotten written Torah, the Old Cloth full of holes, to Gospel, the Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands and, therefore, Gospel cannot be written down in ink on paper like the Scriptures. Thus, the people who think that the Bible is the Word of God are spiritually blind women who are trapped by these robed or frocked Anti-Christs. Unfortunately, common sense being not so common, only one in a thousand and two in Ten thousands will understand the Gospel Truth that is very Bitter Tablet against the very sweet sugar-coated Tablets of Anti Christs but it earns you Salvation as stressed by Simeon in the Temple. Typical taste of Gospel Truth is this that a Jew being the spiritual self, inwardly and not the flesh or body that is born and dies, outwardly, not a single Jew died during the Holocausts but the tribal spiritually blind people. So, Hitler cannot be blamed for killing the Chosen People but the Messianic Jews who preferred Darkness to Light that caused greed and love of Mammon. In the same way, the Holocausts in India, 1947 and 1984, the people themselves are to be blamed for rejecting the Light of God delivered by the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. Greedy Sikh Priests misled their congregations and the greedy heads of Sikh Temples damn cared.


Further, you can judge the spiritual knowledge of common man by asking them the very simple question: If John, the Baptist baptised the sensible Jewish men in water and told them that the One after me, Christ Jesus, will Baptise you in Holy Spirit, then why these Anti Christ Priests Baptise men, women and children in the name of God, Son and Holy Spirit? So, in whose name then John, the Baptist baptised Jewish men in water and why He did not Baptise a woman or a Gentile? Also, why people pray in Churches when Christ Thomas Said, Why should I fast what sin have I committed and why should I pray what wrong have I done? For answers to these and much more, please watch my Youtube Videos under channel nijjhar1. Let Our Father bless you with common sense. In Christ Jesus, we are no more slaves to the sins but to the Righteousness. Or the Christ Jesus put an End to the Law. So, these Cannon Laws that these Lawyers argue about are of the Anti Christs and so, the dead bury their dead in the Law Courts.


Here are some Videos in support that Pope is NOT ACCOUNTABLE:-


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ux4UrSnPpU
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMMSahNhZJc
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv9XpRK6DgU
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqP3OwTkTwM


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