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Prophets are the "sinless" people who are blessed with the "Holy Spirit" of God right from Their conception and They are sent by God for specific purpose. Thus, the Prophets come to announce the "Will of God" as appropriate.

Religion stands for man's duty towards God and according to the nature or more precisely the spiritual state of people, religion could be classified into four communities. The FOUR communities of religion and their relevant Prophets are as follows:-

FIRST COMMUNITY FOR CHILDREN: This is the universal community for children, who are normally dominated by "ego", to learn the moral laws from a moral teacher called a PANDIT in India and a Rabbi in M.East. Ideal moral teacher has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52.

The children being led by "instincts", the moral laws are based upon the "Tit-for-tat" principle. Tit-for-tat principle works if the moral teachers are capable of dispensing justice tempered with the "Spirit of God" i.e. "mercy". But as the moral teachers became greedy, God took "His Spirit" away from them and they were left with the dead "letters" to ply for their living.

The presence of the "Spirit of God", the Light, in a person is noted by his "solitary" nature in that he is no more under the sway of secular authorities of Mammon but the spiritual authority of God. For example, Prophet Moses put on Christ of God, became "solitary" by rejecting the sway of Pharaoh, led the "chosen people of God" out from Egypt and into the "Promised Land", gave them Torah for guidance and appointed the people of the Levi tribe of Aaron to act as priests to teach the moral laws.

The significance of the chosen people of Isaac against the non-chosen people of Ishmael must be understood in order to appreciate the "Will of God". The chosen people have been allocated "Promised Land" that is all Holy. Thus, whenever the chosen people are "faithful" to God, they not only become the "salt of the earth", the "sons of Man" but also their Promised Mother Land produces enough food to feed them well. But what makes a man faithful to God?

This planet earth belongs to God and it is for the habitation of the "sons of Man or Adam". A man is said to be a "son of Man" if he represents Adam by "seed" i.e. through race and tribe. Thus, the patrilineal people are the sons of Man whilst the matrilineal people are not because a woman has no "seed". Further, one does not become a patrilineal by mere proclamation but through "deeds" and this was well stressed by John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of the "kingdom of heaven" and a Prophet of this Dark Age, in Matt.3.9: "And think not to say within yourselves, we have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones(simpletons or the Gentile, which the arrogant Jews were taking them for) to raise up children unto Abraham". Thus, John, the Baptist also refused to baptise them for they were not the "sons of Man". 

For the same reason, Jesus was born of a Virgin among the spiritually sick people of Judah tribe at Bethelham, the birth place of Angelic king David, gave them seventy years to repent before taking the Holiest of Holy Temple in the world away from them for ever - Matt.21.33. In short, the chosen people behave like a spoilt child as mentioned by Jesus in Luk.15.11 and suffer.

It is worth stating here that for the woman having no "seed", they cannot either be a moral teacher(Rabbi) or baptise people in the name of John, the Baptist. Thus, John, the Baptist was the first Prophet of Dark Age who made the people "sons of Man" so that Jesus could preach them into becoming the "sons of God".

SECOND COMMUNITY FOR ADULTS: Normally adults around 30 become sensible enough to perceive their True Father God in their lives and this perception of God in them is known through the first fruit of "Holy spirit", the "Agape". For only the "sons of Man" being capable of becoming the "sons of God", thus John, the Baptist paved the way for Jesus, the Anointed Christ of God. Jesus preached Gospel of Liberation, "His Word", which is the very Root of the moral laws, in the manner of a Sower. Through Gospel, Jesus replaced the hereditary manly priests of Moses by the abstract Priest "His Word". Thus, preaching of Gospel is open to all, men and women alike - Matt.21.41:"....will let out His vineyard unto other husbandmen(Royal preachers of Royal Father God), which shall render Him the fruits(fishing of men) in their seasons(the Dark Age)". Thus, the old covenant of Moses in "letters or moral laws", which are the embodiments of "works and rituals" was superseded by the New Covenant of "spirit", which is received only through the "Grace" of God and those who live by "spirit" live eternally in the "Kingdom of God". Thus, the present dog-collared priests, who are neatly dressed like a cup shining from outside, have no place in the ministry of Jesus.

Further, Jesus promised His second coming in Matt.24.27 and appeared in India in 1469 in the name of Nanak, the second Anointed Christ of God called a "SATGURU". Thus, the Prophets of the second community for spiritual knowledge that enables a person to overcome the wishes of "mind" were Christ Jesus and Christ or SATGURU Nanak Devji. Temple of God called the HAR-MANDIR Sahib in Amritsar, Panjab, is the same Holiest of Holy Temple of God that used to be in Jerusalem and was destroyed in 70 CE for ever. Those who develop faith in God after practising "His Will" are called "puritans" or "KHALSAS".

THIRD COMMUNITY OF PHILANTHROPISTS OR PURITANS: Generally the "word of mouth" was enough for the people of Middle East e.g. Judas Iscariot, but it was not enough for the satanic people of the East. So, in the East(India), Royal King(SACHAE PAATSHAH) Gobind Singhji initiated the third community of Khalsas, the puritans. This community was enjoined by the "enlightened and contented" people through the "Baptism of Renunciation" and they fought the "oppressors", without expecting any political or material gains, from their three Royal Thrones(SACHAE TAKHTS). Thus, the True King Gobind Singhji was the Fourth Prophet of the Dark Age.

FOURTH COMMUNITY OF APOSTLES: Some Puritans who did not like to take onto the sword became the roving Preachers of God, the Apostles, in the names of Jesus and Nanak. In India, the AKAAL TAKHT in Amritsar is the Seat of NIRMALLAE(White-hearted) SANTS or Apostles. Thus, the HAR-MANDIR SAHIB, well-known as the Golden Temple, in Amritsar is the sacred most God's Temple for the second community of Sikhs and the AKAAL TAKHT for the fourth community of Apostles or the Royal Preachers of God.

For there being nothing related to the third community of KHALSAS, the Philanthropic warriors of God, the Royal King Gobind Singhji never visited this Holy Complex in His life time. Therefore, carrying of weapons into this world's most Holiest of Holy Complex in Amritsar is to defile the sanctity of the Holy Complex and the results are quite obvious. In fact, Sikhs being the learners or students of Spiritual Knowledge, the gnosis, have no external enemies to fight against but the five internal spiritual robbers and the NIRMALLAE SANTS, like the Sikhs, ply the "Double-edged Sword(KHANDDA)" of "His Word" and exercise humility and word-of-mouth in fighting the satan.

But to-day, the NIRMALLAE SANTS or Apostles are camping outside the Holy Complex whilst the married householder BANDEI MALAISH(imposter) KHALSAS hungry of political power are occupying the AKAAL TAKHT, the Eternal Throne for the Eternal sons/Sons of God. The people of the FOURTH community being Perfect, they do not stand in the need of a Prophet.

Finally, this Dark Age being the "Age of spirit", and not of the "letters", it is a "GOLDEN AGE" for the predestined people to amass His Treasures either by "fishing the people" through preaching 'His Word' or by fighting the stubborn satans with sword, the KIRPAAN.

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