This is a very hot topic but it is not so with the twice-born people of spirit, who are not many in the world. Such statement may seem egoistic but it is not so. Jesus addressed those twice-born people as having "ears to hear His Word".

This question is easily tackled on logical basis through down to earth simple reasoning. We all know that there are two types of people; the people of "flesh", who know only the matters of flesh and know things that they "see" with their two naked eyes and the people of "spirit", who are also capable of "perceiving" the matters of Spirit through "logical reason", which is nothing else but the "third eye" of wisdom. Thus, what you "see" is related to "truth" called "SACH" in Panjabi and what you cannot see but "perceive" through the "third eye" is called "SATT" or the "Word of God".

In Buddhism, there is word called "BODHISATTAVA" or something. This is made of two words; BODHI or wisdom and SATTAVA is related to the Word of God, which is called SATT. People of BODHISATTAVA should have the "third eye" to appreciate this knowledge but to-day, the blind in spirit are handling these literatures.

Thus, according to our two fathers, one in "flesh", the tribal father and the other Father in Spirit, the sons are also of two types:-

  1. Sons in "Spirit":- Those people who have performed good deeds in the past lives may earn their "birth" as a human being and it is with the "grace" of God that a person gets "spirit", the "common sense" to live, which he can "misuse" it to cheat and terrorise fellow human beings to become a satanic "evil spirited" person or he can equally "use" it for the benefit of fellow human beings to become a wise "holy spirited" person in the image of our Father, Who is EVER "Loving" and "Merciful" not affected by the activities of the sons of Satan. God never implores anyone to be a good or a bad person but He always welcome those who go to Him with a child-like clean heart. So, are the Saints of God full of Love and Mercy without any discrimination whether you are a son of Man or a son of a Satan. Thus, it is a damn difficult job to be a "son of God". Typical example of a son of God was Bhai Ghaniya, who was serving the wounded of the battle without any discrimination but the once-born Khalsas complained to Sachae Paatshah(Royal King) Gobind Singh Ji about this Sikh Bhagat's behaviour but He was rather pleased of His devotion and rewarded him with a wound-healing cream.

Does that help to solve the mystery of re-birth or re-incarnation please?

Now, let me define a Mussalmaan:-

The word Mussallum stands for Firm or complete whilst Eemaan for faith. So, a Mussallmaan is one who has a complete faith in Allah or God. A person who has a complete faith in God, he is in God and God is in him. As God is Loving and Merciful, so a True Mussallmaan is Loving and Merciful person.

But what you see from the so-called Muslim is the other way round because they are Mohammedans and not necessarily Muslims. In Allah, you do not impose your views or despise anyone but show the Way as much you know.

Allah, God or Paar Brahm are the same. The Word Allah originates from the tribal demi-gods ilah that were rightfully displayed at Kaabah, the Temple of Adam and NOT of Allah. Allah is from Al-ilah, The Ilah, which is God.

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Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy. A Jat of the Panjab.

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