Would you find in the Middle East an innocent man greater than Jesus? We talk about recent killing of aid workers by these Islamic Terrorists; this is nothing as compared with the killing of Jesus by the Jews outwardly of the Judah tribe who were occupying the High Priesthood of the Temple at that time. That is why Judas Iscariot of the Judah tribe went forward to help his own tribal Temple High Priest so as to be counted as one of the great men of the time. Judas Iscariot showed the general characteristics of the people of Judah tribe turned Jews outwardly or the unfaithful to Abraham and Yahweh, the Tares stated by Christ Jesus in Matt.13v24-30 that when the End of the world comes, I will Bundle them up for the Final Burning, which is expected soon after May 2018 when Israel shall be 70 years old. Till then, no one can harm Israel and the Jews are expected to occupy the whole Promised Land before the Atomic War that would End this Dark Age. People with the Tribal identities, such as the facial tribal marks of the Brazilian and African Jungles will survive as stated by the 144000 Wheat Plants; the faithful sons of Abraham and Yahweh are all mentioned by their tribes and not as Jews. Remember that the Chosen People are a Nation of Priests, the demonstration Nation of the world and anyone who learns lessons from their past history is a wise man.


Jesus came among the spiritually sick people of Judah tribe, the One Lost Sheep out of the Perfect hundred, who had mostly become Jews of outward circumcision of the flesh and not of the heart, inwardly so much so that they would go long distances to make a non-Semitic Gentile a Jew outwardly, a Fanatic Tare, son of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the greatest and most powerful form of Satan which is dominating the world now as well. Remember that circumcision is the tribal mark of Abraham to Isaac and his “seed”. Power of this Satan is seen among the Mohammedans in the name of Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi tried to be their head to create sectarian riots in Egypt but the tribal instinct in Egypt suppressed Him and his super bastard fanatic Devils. Remember that Jesus called the Jews outwardly super bastard fanatic Devils and they retorted that we are not born of illegitimate parents – John 8v44. What they said was correct but when they became Jews outwardly of the physical body or of appearances and not of heart anymore, then they break their covenant with Abraham, who was not a Jew outwardly but a Semite and also the demiurge god of Israel Yahweh. Thus, the fanatic Jews are Anti-Semitic. Remember that Jesus was the First Born of Yahweh, Ye=Yahweh and Shua or Shiva=Adam, the anointed Second Adam and He spent most of his time among the most hostile people of Judah tribe to redeem them into the Royal Kingdom of God for Rest or Salvation called Resurrection in Gospel against reincarnation through works or Karma. Jesus demonstrated this in His Friend Lazarus, a man of Judah tribe, the true son of Abraham faithful to Yahweh who ended up in the lap of Abraham on his death whilst the greedy rich man of no conscience was being roasted in the hell. A practical demonstration of hell was given when the Jewish people were besieged for four years, the length of time Jesus Preached Gospel and ended up with the destruction of their Temple forever. Replacement of this Temple, the Holiest of Holy is the Golden Temple in Amritsar and the Pool in which it is standing is the Bethesda Pool of Mercy leaving the land of Israel as the place of terror devoid of Mercy.


So, by killing Jesus for no fault at all by the people of Judah tribe turned Jews outwardly, the Tares, sons of the highest Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, they sowed the “SEED” of Terrorism that has grown to be the full-fledged Giant TREE. The people who made this Tree grow most are the people of Khatri tribe turned Mullahs, who tortured the Second Coming of Jesus in the Fifth Form Satguru Arjan Dev Ji by putting him on a hot iron plate with hot sand poured over his head and too in the hottest month of June for Four Days. That terrorism in the Punjab, India sets the greatest example of Cruelty and so they too would suffer during these last days when these sectarian riots would spill over into India.


So, please do not expect any Peace without Gospel that rests in your own heart and give you Peace of mind that these sectarian devils would not dream of. Remember that Kashmir is the Epicentre of the greatest sons of Satan and the Mullahs of this state will create great havoc. Ask the Mullahs of their tribal identity and they will not tell you as super bastards hide it under religious selves of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jews, etc.  


Go by INSHALLAH, as Jesus came to do the Will of our Father and not by INSHMULLAH, INSH TEMPLE HIGH PRIEST, ETC. in which the will of man turned Satan dominates through edicts, fatwas, Hukumnamas, etc. Remember that His Word is the Double-edged sword that would save you as well as your aggressor when Gospel is Preached. During the Partition of India in 1947, about 2000 people of Arian tribe under the banner of Mohammedans came to attack our village and when my father told them that Sikh and Muslim are the spiritual selves that are never born and never die but we the tribal people of Arian and Jatt tribes are born and will die, then there being no enmity between our tribes, they became our best friends in Allah and looked after us as their Guests in Allah – both were redeemed. Knowledge of Gospel is rare; one in a thousand and two in ten thousands. Watch my over 4500 Youtube Videos; channel nijjhar1.;