By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

 Jewish people complain about anti-Semiticism but they themselves are anti-Semitic. They are the Chosen People of Yahweh and whenever they become unfaithful to Abraham, they suffer such atrocities as the Holocausts. No one is to be blamed but they themselves as Jesus stressed when a blind man leads the blind, they both fall into the Pit. 

Religion is a matter of heart or “way of life” and not of the physical tribal body. This St.Paul stressed in his Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly (of the heart) and not outwardly (of the flesh)". That is, a Jew, Sikh, Hindu, etc. is never born and he never dies but the physical tribal selves, which are known by their tribes. Tribes have home or the tribal lands such as Afghanistan, the home land of the people of Afghan Tribe, Baluchistan, Germany, Ireland, England, Scotland, etc. called fatherlands. Motherlands are many such as India, Burma, China, etc. The homes of the religious bodies are their places of worship as Jesus stressed when He turned the tables of petty traders in his heavenly father “Yahweh’s House” that His heavenly Father's House is for prayers and fasting and not for businesses as it is being done at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Second Holiest of Holy Temple that replaced the One in Jerusalem. But what gold has to do with God?

Tribal significance is great but their spiritual value is low even though it is the base or the foundation of spirituality. The element of "shame, Heeya or conscience", which Jesus called "salt of the earth", is the foundation of spirituality as John, the Baptist prepared his disciples by baptising them in the name of their tribal Father Abraham for handing them over to Christ Jesus for preparing them to be the sons of God, our Real Supernatural Father of souls.  

This earth, our Mother, is for the habitation of the sons of Man and not for the sons of Satan. The angels, the perfect moral people, support sons of Man. This John also stressed in revelations when he mentioned those who would be saved after the Tribulations, 144,000, as by their tribes and not as Jews. Jesus stressed this by Saying, "Every plant (person), which is not planted (who loses his tribal identity) by our heavenly father (Yahweh) shall be uprooted (killed) by the roots (including the supporters)".

How would they be killed is stated in the Parable of Wheat and Tares? Where Jesus said, "At the End of the Age, Farmer (Yahweh) said, "I will bundle up the Tares (Super Bastard fanatic sons of Satan) and burn them. Then, I would ask my wheat plants (tribal sons of Man) to bring in the fruits of their labour".

Now, Israel is the country of the Jews of flesh, the “Tares” and so, are the Palestinians who call themselves Mohammedans of flesh, the Tares. Both have severed their covenant with Abraham, the Father of the Faithful, as He was a Semitic of flesh. He was neither a Jew nor a Mohammedan of flesh or outwardly but a Semitic. So, both the Jews and Mohammedans of flesh are anti-Semitic and being the Tares, fanatic sons of Satan, they are killing and burning each other as it is happening in the other parts of the world such as in India. Kashmir is the home of the world's worst fanatics, the Emperors of Darkness and they too would suffer a lot. 

Christ Nanak has also stressed the importance of tribal identities in His Saying, "BEEO BEEJ (Those who did not forget their tribal seed or identity) PATT LAE GAYAE (Lived with their honour intact) ABB KEUN UGHWAE DAAL (Without the tribal shame, salt of the earth, they could not produce any spiritual fruit)".

So, we should learn a lesson from the suffering of the “Chosen People” who suffered Holocausts in the hands of tribal people such as German, English, French, etc. and we should deeply appreciate their sacrifices in teaching us the moral lessons.

Finally, one should not expect any PEACE in the Middle East as the Arabian too have become Mohammedans of flesh. Only the third world countries of Africa, Brazil, etc. have tribal instincts and they would be safe. That is what Jesus said, "THOSE WHO TAKE TO SWORD (ATOMIC BOMBS) SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD".

Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.


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