I was surprised that highly educated people who are even the editors of the Sikh Research Journals are propagating the concept of Sikh Nation.

The word Sikh is from SHISH, a student and the person who has learnt something is called a "Sikh". A Sikh being the qualified student of spiritual knowledge, such a person should speak TATT and he should not be beating about bushes or JHAKHH.

Unfortunately, you will hardly come across a Sikh, who could speak TATT and these highly educated personalities speaking JHAKHH will reflect the general degree of spirituality among the so-called Sikhs.

Sikh being a student is known by what comes out of his mouth. Beard and turban has nothing to do with Sikhism but they are rather the cultural aspects of the people of India and the surrounding countries. Thus, Sikh being known by his voice, so Sikh is called a "NAADI ROOP"; whereas the physical self being identified from the family he comes from, the "seed" or "TUKHUM", is called a "BINDI ROOP".

Now, what applies to the physical self, the opposite applies to the spiritual self. Thus, the physical self of a person is identified by the looks whilst the spiritual self being not capable of being "seen" is identified by qualities which are to be vetted and this is known as "perception" or "PAEKHNA". Nations belong to tribes, the BINDI ROOPS of the country and they are limited to the boundaries of that country; whereas the spiritual NAADI ROOPS have no limitations or boundaries and people of all tribes can join these communities. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji went abroad to sow the "Seed" of "His Word" in order to create Sikhs out of the different tribal people. Thus, the tribal people of a country have boundaries whilst the spiritual self Sikh has no boundaries and it is universal all over the world. Thus, Jatts of Punjab you may not find all over the world but the Sikhs of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji you can find all over the world.

So, you cannot lock the Sikhs of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji in a country by forming a Nation but they are rather expected to be FREE all over the world preaching the Gospel delivered by Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. In Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, you have to be sensible enough to encourage people to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God called RAAM RAJAE, where Love called Agape and Service dominate and not the skirmishes and the hatreds of the Nations.


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Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy. A Jat of the Panjab.

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