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By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.


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I am a retired University Lecturer in Metallurgy who has studied the New Testament in spirit.  My birth place, Multan, is in the Punjab where the Second anointed Christ Nanak (Satguru Nanak Dev Ji) was born but such facts are unknown to most of the Sikhs of beard and turban, who are mostly turned fanatics fighting among each other.


My lectures are free and if you or any Interfaith Group wants me to give them lectures on the subject of Christianity/Sikhism, then I shall be too pleased to travel to Europe/America to deliver FREE Lectures to them explaining every thing from the first basic Principles so that all sensible people capable of logical reasoning could understand.


Here is an article for X-mass on the Virgin Birth of Jesus and on Trinity how it explains the Parables of the N. Testament?


Publication of these articles would generate enough interest in the public to make my visit worthwhile.  Passing on to the Interfaith/Christian/Sikh groups might help to stop terrorist attacks similar to 11 September that are expected in the near future.  This is the End Time and people should expect Tribulations.  Only His Word would generate “Agape” among people for Peaceful living.  Your help would be much appreciated.



V I R G I N  B I R T H  O F  J E S U S



Jesus, the First anointed Christ of God was born of a Virgin of the house of king David in the manger of an inn situate in the town of Bethelhem, the birthplace of king David.  WHY?


WHY THE VIRGIN BIRTH!:  The answer to this lies in Rom.2.29: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, (in the spirit), and not in the letter, (physical body); whose praise is not of men, but of God; and in Matt.13.24-30: The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man, (Yahweh), which sowed good seed in his field, (World).......Let both grow together until the harvest; and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.  At the time of Jesus, most of the Jews especially of the tribe of Judah had become the Jews of “flesh or physical body” and they were proud of the letters of the Torah.  By doing so they had severed their link or covenant with Adam or their forefather Abraham, who was not a Jew of the flesh but a Semitic by flesh.


In God, unless you become of your tribal father in “flesh”, you cannot be of your Father in “spirit”.  Thus, it was the duty of the Levi Priests in Moses to establish the covenant of people with Adam and for this very reason, John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi Priest of Moses came before Jesus to establish their covenant with Abraham.  Thus, John, the Baptist baptised men in water, that is needed for cleansing physical body in the name of Abraham/Adam (water) so that they could be handed over to Jesus for Baptism in the name of God (Spirit).  This is termed paving the Way.  Thus, John stressed in Matt.3.7-12: “But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers (hypocrites), who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”; .....And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father; for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones (simpletons) to raise up children unto Abraham. 


Remember that Jesus called those clever Temple Priests and Pharisees/Sadducees hypocrites and condemned them equally strong.


Thus, as most of the Jewish people had become the Jews of the “flesh” i.e. unfaithful to Abraham, so Jesus was left with no other choice than to appear among the spiritually sick people of Judah tribe of a “Virgin” and for this reason St.Paul called Jesus a Second “Adam  Thus, Jesus was an anointed “Son ofAdam” too whilst we born of our tribal fathers are also “sons of Adam” but not with capital “S”.


WHY IN THE MANGER OF THE INN:-  Inn is analogous to or symbolic of the “Church of God” in that as every weary traveller comes to an inn for physical rest so does every person weary of the material world goes to the Church of God for spiritual rest.  And further, in the House of God the highest being the lowest, which was demonstrated by Jesus when He washed the feet of His “Trained Workers”, which people call disciples at the Last Supper, Jesus could not rest in the upper or the lower room of the inn, but the “MANGER”, the lowest of all the places in the inn.  So, this very happening is another implicit spiritual “Proof” that

the Father of Jesus was God and not any human being.  Remember that every body is born in the tribal home of his father and the spiritual Home of our Spiritual Father is the Church of God that is open to the people of all tribes of the world.

WHY IN BETHELHEM:-  This fact is known to most of us that Jesus was born in the line of David and Bethelhem was also the birth place of king David, who was a very religious person to the “Letters” of the law except the instance of adultery with his army captain's wife.


In the times of king David, the people in general and especially the people of Judah tribe were highly law-abiding people.  So, they went mostly by the “letters” of the law and such people are called “angelic or DEVTA”.  But in this Dark Age in which Jesus, the& quot;Light", appeared, things just the opposite to those of the previous Angelic Age happen i.e. the most angelic and knowledgeable people of the past become the most satanic or the spiritually sick people that needed the Spiritual Doctor, Jesus, the most.  Thus, if the Jews proclaimed David to be their temporal “king”, Jesus became their spiritual “Royal King”. 

Remember that the hometown of Joseph also was Bethlehem and he could have easily gone to some of his relatives in the town but that was not so ordained as Jesus was to be born in His Father's Home, the symbolic “Inn”.

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Abstract:  The concept of trinity is least understood in the Western world as most of their scholars are Book worms.  If common sense is exercised, then the concept becomes crystal clear and you have vast religious field to apply the concept.


Holy ghost is not the same as Holy Spirit but there is hardly any one who is prepared to ponder over it.  The subject of religion is not for such “dead” people of the “letters” but for the “living” people of spirit.


Here, I would show what a wonderful tool is trinity to dig out the hidden Treasures out of the wonderful field of religion.




Trinity is the backbone of religious Knowledge, the Gnosis, and it is best learnt in “spirit” or the “common sense”.  Trinity has been much confused with the Family of God, in which God is the Father, Holy Spirit is the Mother and heirs to the Kingdom of God are the “sons of God” ; Jesus being the anointed “Son of God” whilst the Apostles with Holy Spirit, the “Sons of God”.  Holy spirit is a rare gift of God to an individual.  Therefore, the understanding of the Principles of Trinity is not within the scope of all but for the few chosen ones of discerning intellect capable of logical reasoning.


Now, the religious books contain “letters” and, therefore, unless God gives you the “spirit” to understand them, you will be reading them just in the manners of the Ethiopian eunuch.


Although the Principle of Gnostic Trinity is reasonably well documented in the chart, yet a few additional lines may help you to overcome a few hurdles.


ONCE-BORN:-   They are termed “hylics” and they are the people who are only conscious of

their tribal fathers of flesh.  They are generally led by the animal “instincts” and they hate others, who are not of their own tribe or colour.  By nature, they are “simpletons” called “stones” who could easily be misled by others especially the clever “psychics”.  Thus, the people who obey the moral laws strictly to the letters finish-up as “Angels in heaven”, whereas

those who fall into the alluring traps of Satan become fanatics and end-up in the “kingdom of hell”.  Thus, both heaven and hell exist on this earth and the key to the kingdom of heaven was with the Rabbis.


Further, they would feel satisfied by the “rituals of worship” and they stick to the “letters” of the “Holy Books”.  Because they cannot understand the Holy Books by “spirit”, they try to impress upon others by such techniques as thumping of the Bible in the manners of the psychic American televangelists.


These blind guides of the blind will use “sin” as the major weapon to kill their innocent victims and trap them into their nets; whereas the sensible people of “Holy spirit” know that “sin” being the transgression of law is much less serious than “blasphemy or hypocrisy”, which is the transgression of “Holy spirit” i.e. going against the will of your own heart, in which we have our covenant with Jesus.


Further, as they are capable of seeing the things of “flesh” only, Jesus performed miracles amongst them to convince them of the Powers of God.


TWICE-BORN:-  They are those people who have managed to overcome the egos (HAUMAE) of their tribal fathers or of “seeds” in order to perceive and witness the presence of God in Nature.  In order to love God, they exercise “Agape”, the Divine Love that is the very first fruit of spirit.


So, the surest test of a twice-born person is that he loves people without any barriers of colour, creed or race.  For being sensible people, they have the “Free-will” of either cheating the simpletons for the sake of Mammon as it is being done in the American scandals or seek and preach 'His Word' in the honour of Jesus to open the third eye of the spiritually alive people to

perceive God, which Jesus called “Fishing of men”.  Thus, in preaching 'His Word', a following of blind people is never sought.  In fact, according to Rom.14.12: “Every one of us shall have to give his own account to God”.


Therefore, if a blind guide leads the blind, then they both fall into the pit.  Thus, the people of holy spirit enjoy full “Freedom” in God through Gospel.


Further, the sensible Pharisees of Jerusalem who were loving Mammon and hating God went to the kingdom of Satan of their own “Free-wills” in order to enslave the simpletons for satanic works, and, therefore, John, the Baptist, not only refused to “baptise” them but He also called them a “Brood of Vipers”.  In fact, those who love Mammon, e.g. Judas Iscariot, cannot love God at the same time and the present “hired dog collared clerics” of Mammon are typical in that they commit an act of “High Treason” if they happen to preach the Gospel of Love and Service.


Thus, the twice-born people, who love God are the “sons of God” and they like their Eternal Father are also “eternal”.  Therefore, they are not subject to re-birth in the manners of Angels.  Or in Jesus, one becomes “eternal” and that is called “salvation”.


Further, John, the Baptist, baptised the grown-up men of “age” in water in the name of Adam or more precisely “Abraham”, their tribal forefather in flesh, for the repentance of their fleshly sins and to establish their covenant with Adam.


But Jesus, the anointed Christ of God, baptised them, through the ceremony of “Eucharist of Sacrifice” , in “Holy Spirit”, in the name of God not for the remittance of sins but for Eternal life in God that involves pruning the Vineyard of God by the “Trained Workers”, the Apostles in the Field of God, the world at large.  Such spiritually alive people are said to be Pre-ordained of God for His Royal Priesthood and they do not need any ordination by men as the present “hirelings” get for the sake of Mammon.


Further, none of the four types of people of the Kingdom of God stand in need of any special uniforms or garbs of hypocrisy and it is only the hypocrites of the kingdom of Satan that need colourful uniforms in order to impress upon and enslave the simpletons.  Thus, the present uniformed clerics are the legacy of the bishops who formulated strait-jackets like the senseless Nicene Creed to feed the sugar coated “pills” of falsehoods to the simpletons.  It is in this Nicene Creed that they have killed Christ against John12.34 that states “Christ liveth for ever”.  Further, they made Icons of dead Jesus and His Apostles.  Thus, the Pectoral Cross that depicts the Icon of Jesus on Cross is the insignia of anti-Christ, the Prince of Darkness.

Now, it is the living Christ that Moses put on (Heb.11.26) and wrote the “Holy Books” of the Jews and it is the same living Christ which our living anointed Christ Jesus is urging us to put on in order to preach 'His Word' with confidence to “Fish the spiritually alive men” in His name.

Finally, the story of “Saul” is interesting in that he worked as a “fanatic” for the satanic fathers but as he was persecuting the disciples of Jesus in total “ignorance”, the living Christ Jesus, who is the only Head of Church of God, took pity over Saul and pulled him out of the slavery of satanic fathers into the “Freedom” of His Workers.  It was in honour of this New Life in Christ Jesus that “Saul” changed His name to “Paul”, which stands for “humble”, and He worked hard enough to earn his forgiveness.




Indian Rope Trick of Theology.


Expositions that could be rendered in the Light of Trinity:-

Blades, ears and corn.  Master giving money 1, 2 and 5 Talents.  Three Temptations of Satan to Jesus.  Ero, love between the physical bodies, Agape, Divine Love for being the Children of God, and Philo, love due to understanding of Gospel in spirit.  Rajo, Tammo and Satto.   Menorah and the seven types of people.  Seven husbands of the women, who married the brothers of her dead husband one after the other.

Star of David; works and grace.  KHATT.  Six Satgurus/Christs and the Four Sachae Paatshahs, Royal Kings in Sikhism.

Five husbands of the Samaritan woman at the well - John 4 and their names.  Why Jesus hired 12 Labourers and all of them were men?  Why the Workers baptised men in water and not Jesus?  Role of Bishops in the Church of God.

John, the Baptist, a Prophet in the name of Elijah.  In whose name John was baptising “men only” in water?  Why St.Peter got the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven, killed those who told lies and asked his executors to hang Him upside down?

Women, the counter part of God in procreation.  They cannot teach the moral laws of Moses or become a Rabbi but they could become Apostles or Preachers in the name of Jesus, the first anointed Christ of God.

In a house, there are five; two against three and three against two.

Why Ten Virgins?   The Parable of Sower; 30, 60 and 100 times.  Four types of animate things, KHANIS.  Exposition of the first Stanza of Japji.  SACH, material truth and SATT, spiritual absolute Truth.

Any other question.

Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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