Sometimes people in the Hinduism proclaim that there is no mention of the sons of Satan in their Holy Books and they are RIGHT.

Sons of Satan are people who conceal their tribal identity knowingly as by definition a Hindu is one who knows his HOND, HASTI or tribal identity. For example, when a stranger comes to a village, then in order to know who he is the villagers would ask him the simple question, "Who are you"? In Panjabi, we say, "AAP HONDAE KAUN HO"? and in Haryana, "KIS KAA DODH SA RAE"? Whilst in the South India, the tribal identity of the person is incorporated in the name itself so that people may know from his name who he is. This reflects the wisdom of king Ravan, the great Pandit. In Africa, the people have tribal marks on their faces so that you even do not need to ask the person who he is.

Now, we know that shame or SHARM is the foundation of Dharm or religion as Satguru Nanak Dev Ji stressed that:-


That is where there is no SHARM, there is no DHARM and people speak falsehoods, KOORR, which is sweeter than honey. Further, as you know that SACH or truth was the order of the day in the past Ages, YUGS, but in this Dark Age, KOORR becomes the order of the day and KOORR is only detected and tested by SATT, Word of God. That is why at the end of AD-Granth a MADAWNI or puzzle is put:-

"ISS THAAL VICH TINN WASTO BHEYIO; SATT, SANTOKH, VICHARO(find it out to solve the puzzle)"

That is in this Dark Age, it is SATT that is sought to dispel KOORR as SACH dispelled JHOOTHH in the past Ages.

Thus, in the past Ages, people spoke SACH relevant to physical selves and always disclosed their tribal identities as thieves conceal their identity. Whilst in this Dark Age, the spiritual thieves, the sons of Satan, conceal their tribal identity under one cover or the other so that after performing the satanic deeds, they may go Scott Free as no body will be able to recognise them and hold them responsible for their satanic deeds. I present you an example. Lala Tara Singh Malhotra Khatri concealed his Khatri tribal identity under the name of Master Tara Singh and by proclaiming Sikh as KAUM or tribe, he spoke KOORR and got many people killed. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji said:-


KOORR kills people in millions as it did during the partition of India, holocaust of Delhi, etc. and this is like eating "dead bodies" or "MURDAAR".

During partition of India, Lala Tara Singh Malhotra, Lala Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia and Lala Mohan Dass K. C. Gandhi, a Baniyia ate dead bodies of those millions, who were killed as the result of speaking the KOORR that Hindu, Sikh and Muslim are tribes or KAUMS.

So, sons of Satan appear only in Kal Yug and they being from all tribes and their work(VARN) is destruction of humanity that a new VARN is coined for Kal Yug, which is SHANKAR VARN of fanatics. Thus, SHANKAR VARN stands for fanatic, who became bastards by changing their tribes to religious sects or other political parties such as Congress, Akali Dal, Communist, etc. that are not based upon tribes.

Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji and Sachae Paatshah Har Gobind Ji created four True Thrones for Khalsas to look after the affairs of the Four VARNS -

Hazoor Sahib for Shoodar, Patna for Vaish and Kes Garh for Khashetri Varn whilst the Highest of all Akaal Takht for the Brahmin Varan. They did not create a True Throne at Dam Dama Taksaal but the sons of Satan created that one in order to cater for the Fifth Shankar Varn in order to indoctrinate people that Satgurus and Sachae Paatshahs have abolished the caste or tribal system whereas they themselves withheld it by not marrying outside their Khatri tribe. All the Bhagats revealed their tribal identity and remained Hindu but none displayed arrogance of their tribe.

So, be careful of the sons of Satan that belong to Shankar Varn as they themselves won't rest in peace and would not let others to do so. Many of the moderators of Sikh NGs belong to Shankar Varn of bastards and they won't let you air out your views even though they proclaim that they are open-minded lest their tribal identity gets revealed and they get recognised.

In Hinduism, we have SUR, people with SURTI and ASUR, without SURTI, the simpletons but not the sons of Satan.

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