Why St.Stephen prayed for his killers?


Why St.Stephan prayed for those who were stoning Him to death? St.Stephen was the first Bishop of the Church of God, who was devoted to serve God and not Mammon. He was a wise man led by holy ghost. He knew the habits of the once born natural people and the twice born psychic or clever people. He sought not the praises of men but of God.


As already explained, the Church of God Bishops sit in the Seat of John, the Baptist. They were assigned the same duties as to the Ideal Rabbi teaching the rectified Moral Laws of Moses as John, the Baptist and Christ Jesus came to fulfil the Law and not to destroy it. With the knowledge of His Word that is called Oral Torah, it is damn easy to darn the corruptions in the Old Testament, the old cloth passed from generations to generations. When the Rabbis became Mammon orientated, then the knowledge of Oral Torah, the Light of God was taken away from them causing Darkness and corruptions in the Temple that made people fed up with the Temple organisation.


So, St.Stephen in the company of other six deacons were running the Church of God effectively and it was to stress to the Temple Priests that by becoming a Jew of physical body or outward appearance and rituals, you severe covenant with Abraham, as he was not a Jew but a Semite by race.


Remember that John, the Baptist did not baptise these clever hypocrites and called them a brood of vipers and here St.Stephen sealed to serve God went to stress his mission in the Church of God that first become a son of Man by establishing your covenant with Abraham or Adam, then you would be suitable to become the sons of God and establish your covenant with God through Gospel. So, St.Stephen was stressing the ideal qualities of Abraham and asked them to do the same by establishing your covenant with him. But the Temple Priests were producing the Jews of rituals devoid of spirituality and to safe guard their positions, they were frightening them of the very name of God. That is why today you find Jews not even writing the name of God in full but missing the letter o.


The Temple Priests had frightened the people of God so much that they put a curtain around the Temple of God, the Holiest of Holy in the world whereas Christ Jesus was preaching the very Word of God, the Gospel. The Temple Priests asked their stooges to put fingers in their ears in case they happen to listen to His Word and become solitary and make others solitary as well.


As explained elsewhere, the Temple Priests made the people drunk with the letters of the Scriptures as you find in Churches today the Clerics quoting verses from here and there without understanding them in spirit but if you ask them then they would seem to be happy with their quoting the Bible verses.


If a living in spirit person try to explain the underlying meaning of the Parables, they retort by saying that what you say is not written there. If it was written there openly as in the Scriptures, the Old Testament, then why Christ Jesus delivered His Word in Parables or Puzzles? That is why Gospel Treasures are said to be buried in a Field and you need the tool of logical reasoning to dig them out on individual basis.


So, such was the Darkness created by the psychic clever Temple Priests that they had a mountain of once born fanatics ready to attack any one at which the Temple Priest would point his finger at. Remember, the Temple Priests killed Jesus, the anointed Son of God, who came to ask for the Fruit of the Winepress and there was none as symbolised by the Fig Tree having beautiful green leaves, that is, the Temple was beautifully decorated but was not producing any spiritual people creating religious Darkness.


Thus, the Light appeared among them but the Darkness created by the Temple Priests apprehended it not. Or when Christ Jesus came, He found them drunk with the old wine desiring not the New. The same is true today; the Churches are full of the blind people who are incapable of apprehending the Gospel in spirit.


It were these once born stooges of the Temple Priests who were stoning St.Stephen to death and they could not be blamed for killing him but the clever Temple Priests.  By praying to Father, St.Stephen was trying to awaken their conscience in that you are hitting me with stones and look I am not uttering any aggressive words against you but rather am praying to God for your forgiveness.


There was a man who did try to awaken their conscience by saying, ah look he is praying for you and why are you stoning him to death? I hear that was Saul to whom St.Stephen handed over his Tunic, the robe of honour. Thus, Saul and those who stoned St.Stephen to death were not bad guys at heart but they were misled by evil fathers, the Temple Hypocrites and for the cleanliness of the heart and his blind devotion to God, Saul was put on right footing by Christ Jesus through Damascus Lightening experience. He earned His Forgiveness by working hard for the Royal Kingdom of God and became a monument of humbleness as St.Paul.

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