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I have just compared the functions of Rabbis versus the Christs and have put this handwritten version.  If any of you is expert in IT, may try to give it a more presentable shape.  However, here I write notes against what I have put down for easy understanding.


1. Rabbis are of a certain tribe in the Middle East whilst in the East, many tribes are assigned this job.  People of Levi tribe perform the Temple or Synagogues duties and they are known by their profession as Cohen.  Thus, Cohen is a title and not a tribe or surname.  Such Priests deal with little children and for the sake of responsiblilty, they are all men.  Women have no tribal identity as after the marriage their surnames change.  Jesus has described these Rabbis or moral Teachers in Matt.13.52 as the hereditary owner of a house, the Synagogue, who bringeth out Treasures Old, the written Torah or Scriptures and the New, the Knowledge of Oral Torah that is received by grace of God.  Temple Rabbis had become greedy and worldly minded.  God took away the knowledge of Oral Torah or His Word.  They became the blind guides of the blind.  John, the Baptist was an Ideal Rabbi with zero dependence on Mammon and He was Prophet Elijah.


On the other hand, the Apostles were just the opposite.  They were Roving Preachers of any tribe or sex.


  1. Schoolmasters, the Rabbis held responsible for teaching the moral laws, the Milk, whilst the Apostles Preach Gospel or Feed Meat of Jesus to sensible men like a Sower.
  2. Rabbis act like a Ruler giving judgements or Lord over people whilst the Apostles serve people with Agape, the Divine Love.  They are Supper Servants and not the Lords.  Antichrist Popes declared Jesus a Lord to rule over the world in disguise.
  3. Rabbi or Priest is a Man for being a teacher and could not be a woman.  In Jesus, the Roving Royal Priests or the Apostles for delivering the Gospel of God in which there is neither male or female, Jew or Gentile, etc could be of any sex and tribe.  Thus, women can Preach the Gospel of God, His Word, the Mediator between people and God but she cannot teach the Moral Laws of Moses or become a Rabbi.
  4. The knowledge of life giving Oral Torah was taken away from the greedy slave to Mammon Rabbis as you have today Priests in Churches slaves worse than those dead Rabbis and they plied the dead scriptures as rigidly as a dead tree branch that cannot bend but break whereas the Samaritan Rabbis enjoyed FREEDOM and instilled merciful qualities of God that makes a person living capable of bearing Fruit.
  5. Scriptures being the dead letters that on Sabbath people are supposed to perform philanthropic works but they sat idle.  Whilst the Samaritans enjoyed the life-giving moral laws written over their hearts.  Picking of the wounded person.
  6. Rabbis are born of a woman as a normal intercourse whereas the Royal Priests are born of the Mother Holy Spirit by the grace of God.
  7. In Rabbinic system, re-birth in Adam according to the Works performed in the previous life whilst in Jesus, our Father being Eternal, Royal Priests become eternal like our Father and this is called Salvation.  This is the Golden Age to earn your Salvation by producing Fruits worthy of our Father.
  8. As the Scriptures are Letters, they are for the children or the Natural persons whilst Gospel being the Precious Treasures of God are for the twice-born sensible people who would not trample over it.
  9. Scriptures being written are corruptible that Christ Jesus said the old cloth developing holes whereas the Gospel being received through revelations on individual basis is not corruptible.  Gospel is the Brand New Cloth untouched by the human hands. 

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