Oh Brother, clean your house for Christ to live with you

In your heart, there are Five struggling with each other

Three against Two and Two against Three

Oh Man, clean your house of the Five

For Christ Jesus to visit you to deliver Gospel.


You are the Master of your own House,

Unless you overpower those Five,

The House shall not be worthy

For our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus to visit.

Tell me, who are those Five that need sorting?

Oh man, clean your House of the Five.


They are Three of Ego and Two of Mind

People of Ego are the once-born simpletons

Whilst the twice-born being of mind are clever and selfish

The clever people fleece the simpletons

That is unfair we all know in Fair-Trade promotions.


Simpletons are the natural men like the stones

They cannot ponder over His Word.

They never cease praising their tribal seeds

In ego, they are born and in ego empty they die

Oh man, clean your House of the Ego of your tribal seed.


In Ego, your seed is lying on the Footpath producing no fruit.

Unless the seed is planted in soil,

It will not produce any fruit for our Father

Tribal ego is killed when Plant is known by its Fruit,

Oh man, Oh man, exchange your tribal ego for a living Plant.


Those who bury their tribal ego,

Will know that we take birth by the Will of our Father

Then why should we be proud of our tribal seeds?

White, brown or black all have the soul of our Father

Oh man, Oh man, know the First Will of our Father and let Agape permeate.


This mother Planet earth is for the sons of Man,

Burying turns your tribal seed from explicit to implicit Plant,

Adam was a Noble Man and so are his seeds

Sons of Man are called the Wheat that has the Salt of Adam,

Saltless are sons of Satan, the Tares to be burnt at the End of Age.

Oh man, Oh man, remain Salt of Adam to produce Fruit worthy of our Father.


Saltless Tares are bundled up in Israel – Matt.13.v24-30 fulfilled.

Sons of Abraham have the conscience and they are truthful,

St.Peter, the Rock of Truth killed Two Liars Annias and Saphira,

St.Peter fed the Sheep of Jesus with morality of Moses

Apostles built the House of God with spirituality of His Word.

Oh man, Oh man, Build your House on Rock of truth whilst Liars build on Sand.


Truth is the basic commandment of Moses

In Peter, Jesus made the Moses’ Laws lacking Spirit of God complete

Peter was the embodiment of the written and the Oral Torahs

Held the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

In honour of John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi Prophet Elijah

Oh man, Oh man, St.Peter burnt every tree that bore evil fruit.


Praise St.Peter for setting the founding Rock

Water bashed against the House of God

No harm came to the Solid Rock

Upon This Rock the Church of God was built

To sing the praises and glorify our Father

Oh man, Oh man, in such a Church of God, Lamp is put on the Lampstand.


We did not receive the Light by chance

Our names are written in the Book of our Father,

We seek not praises of men but carry our own Crosses of persecution,

Hirelings in the Churches of Anti-Christ Mammon love Darkness to Light

In the fashion of Messianic Jews who hated the Light and killed the Apostles

Oh man, Oh man, no one else but the Messianic Jews are to be blamed for the Holocausts.


This world belongs to Mammon, the hypocrites hireling are their guides.

They spread immorality, hatred and wars

Poor people suffer and they blame Religion for Wars

Russians locked these robed antichrists away

Treated others as they wished to be treated

Oh man, Oh man, Russia was free of the sectarian riots but not anymore.


With a sound Foundation, it is easy to tackle the rest

Number two is the Ego of physical prowess

A wrestler, a Footballer damn care for the meek

In Ego, they vex their ears not to hear His Word

In Ego, they are born and in ego, empty they return.

Oh man, Oh man, see a holy man to use prowess to serve the poor.


Kill this Ego by serving the poor that the rich hate

Mammon is like the shadow of the clouds

Serve the poor and needy as Jesus did on Sabbath

Philanthropy being of God is pleasing to the hearts of people

Soldiers, turn your swords into plough shears to feed the world

Oh man, Oh man, remember how Jesus washed the feet of His Labourers?


Third type of Ego is of the letters of Scriptures

Highest in the University Professors of Letters

And Least in the Farm Labourers of spirit.

More you get drunk with the old wine of Scriptures

Least you desire the New Wine of Gospel.

Oh man, Oh man, remember the New Wine is by grace.


If Gospel could be written in ink on paper,

Then Christ Jesus would have hired a scribe

Gospel is not Scriptures or the written Torah

But His Word, the Oral Torah rests in one’s heart

Received by grace of our Father that we praise.

Oh man, Oh man, Gospel is for the living in spirit who long for it and seek


Flush out the old skin with fresh water as it was done in Cana

And forget about the confusing murky pool of moral laws

Make use of common sense, the holy spirit, our companion

And the Yeast that transforms cleans water into New Wine.

When you treat others as you wished to be treated

Oh man, Oh man, Then your New Skin is ready for the New Wine.


The other two are of mind that troubles the doubting twice-born.

By the grace of our Father, you acquire holy spirit

Through righteousness, Keep the holy spirit Holy

Remember you are no more a slave to sins but to the righteousness

Abraham in righteousness, out shined the Name of our Father

Oh man, Oh man, ply the Double-Edged Sword of His Word


Clever twice-born become victim of greed

He knowingly cheats the once-born simpletons for the love of Mammon

As the Jerusalem Princes of Darkness fleeced the pilgrims

Your love for Mammon generates hatred for God

Be contented with your lot if you want to throw greed away

Oh man, Oh man, listen to His Word to keep your heart Pure.


His Word you have received Free; Freely you preach.

Neither John, the Baptist nor our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was hireling

If you accept payment in Mammon for serving God

Then you are a Hireling of Mammon, a hypocrite!!!

His Treasures rest in your heart where no thief can steal.

Oh man, oh man, spend His Treasures to your heart’s content.



The last one of mind is the worldly kingdoms

Or the Third Temptation of Satan to our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus.

You may acquire wealth through hook or by crook

Tempting you to become a politician or a Ruler

In God, we serve whilst in Mammon we rule

Oh man, Oh man, do not waste your precious life serving Mammon



Look what Pope did to the Workers of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus

He burnt them at stakes, threw them before animals to be eaten alive

He became the Cruel Master in the name of Jesus by calling Him a Lord.

Like Elijah in Yahweh, Popes killed people at will.

Have you come across a Lord washing the feet of his labourers?

Oh man, Oh man, in Christ Jesus, we have One Father, a Liberator and not a Lord.



Our Father God is a Liberator and our Mother is Holy Spirit that has set us FREE.

Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus and His Twins also set us FREE.

Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus tore the Curtain apart for ever

Preaching us to approach our Father through His Word and not a man any more.

Beware; any one who puts on funny robes in the name of Jesus is antichrists.

Oh man, Oh man, be a solitary seeker for Christ Jesus to enter your heart.


Remember ask, seek and knock is the Way to our Home

Once-born Brethren should be encouraged to ask questions

First they may ask questions that make no sense

Encourage them to think and reason logically for holy spirit by grace to appreciate

Companion holy spirit would make you a seeker of His Word

Oh man, Oh man, with christ in your heart, Preach Gospel with Authority of our Father.


Once your House is Clean of the Five, then you are no more under the sin but righteousness.

The enslaving sting of sin has been removed for ever to enjoy the Freedom of spirit.

Let your “Innerman,” the christ lead your Life

Our Father has entrusted you with the Key to His Treasury

Spend, spend and spend to your hearts’ content.

Oh man, Oh man, with christ in your heart, you are in the Royal Kingdom of God.


With the Double-Edged Sword of His Word, you are a Soldier of our Father.

Fight the Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon and the hypocrite Bishops and Popes.

With the Armour of Faith in God, the Oil that we need for our Lamps

To Mary our Father in which there is neither giving nor taking.

With the Secrets of our Father known, we no longer walk in the Darkness.

Oh man, Oh man, with Christ in your heart, your account has been accepted by our Father.


God Bless you for working in the name of God.

I wonder how the Treasures of our Father rest in this wretched body

You are no more poor but one of the richest in the world.

Gospel is not given on a Platter but you must long and seek

One in thousand and two in ten thousands would love Gospel.

Oh man, Oh man, your name is in the Book of our Father, you are sealed to Preach Gospel.