The family of God in which although everyone is solitary yet of one accord. God is our Merciful Father, Holy Spirit, our Mother of all Wisdom and Son who possesses the attributes of both Father and Mother.

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In Jesus, you need to be a twice-born living Gnostic, the people who seek gnosis and not a dead once-born who follows others blindly. The very Hebrew name of Jesus will throw Light upon the Family of YahShiva. This name of Jesus is made up of two elements; Yah = Yahweh, the creator of Nature that you can see with your two natural naked eyes, the pair (seventy outer circle Labourers that were trained for John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi also went in pairs) and these Rabbis deal with or discipline the once-born natural boys by teaching them the moral laws of Moses and thus, they have Disciples who do what their Rabbi tells them to do whether they like it or not as Saul being the Disciple of Rabbi Gamaliel did against his sub-conscience in order to be a good Disciple. Thus, Yahweh = Brahma = Khuda, etc. is a Potter of Nature at large that you can see with your two natural eyes and the supernatural soul within these Pots that gives them life is of our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. Thus, there are two gods; one demiurge that created the Nature at large and the other Real Supernatural that made the Pots living. Thus, Jesus was the name of the Pot and the soul inside Jesus was of Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. in which He was the Anointed Christ, the Title that was never born and he never died on the Cross but Jesus, the physical body. The other part of YahShiva called Shiva or Shua stands for the Primal Adam, a Noble Man created in the Image of our Supernatural Father as His reflection in which what applies to the flesh, the opposite to Spirit. Or Jesus was the First Born of Yahweh, the Second anointed Adam and Mary was his Surrogate Mother and Joseph, the Foster father. In fact, Jesus came floating Adam or Son of Man leaving no mark on earth otherwise this world would have two Adams fighting with each other and therefore, One God and one Reflection Adam. Whilst the other our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. is One and contained God as Father, Holy Spirit as our Mother and the one who represents the Father is Son and not the Daughter. They are all Solitary that play different Roles; Father is the all merciful Master of the House, Holy Spirit, our Mother Holy Spirit = Extra Ordinary Sense, the Source of Wisdom that feeds the living Bread of His Word to the twice-born of the holy spirit, the spirit of Man called “Common sense”, a Light or Taste of Holy Spirit and the Son that Possesses the Attributes of both Father, the Master of souls and Mother, the very Source of Wisdom, our spiritual Food or Daily Bread called Gospel, a Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands against the dead letters of Scriptures that could be written down in ink on paper and be corruptible as in Gen. 17 on circumcision, which is the tribal mark of Abraham to Isaac, his real son and no other person can have it, is corrupted.

Further, anything that belongs to our Supernatural Father, you cannot see with two natural eyes but you need to perceive through the One-Third eye of logical reasoning that will Brew the New Wine "Logo", His Word, the Language of praising our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. Thus, the twice-born solitary of one accord that is represented by this third eye of logical reasoning even though they are solitary but of One Accord because of the same logical reasoning that reveals the Bottom-line Gospel Truth.

At Last Supper, which is Eucharist in which the Eleven Virgin Brides that Jesus had prepared married their Bridegroom Christ Jesus to enter into the Family of God for being sealed to serve God only and at Pentecost, our Father was very Pleased to bestow upon them His Highest Gift of Holy Spirit making them the Twin Brethren of Christ Jesus, who like Jesus’ Friend Lazarus Represented their Friend Jesus. That is why if a stranger had come into the Fold of Jesus, they all being His Friends, he wouldn't know which of them is the Real Anointed Christ, the Bridegroom for all spoke Perfect of our Supernatural Father. That is why to catch the Real Christ Jesus, the crook hypocrite Temple Priests of evil spirit had to hire the insider Judas Iscariot to pinpoint the Real Christ Jesus. Thus, the Gnostics are solitary Royal Priests who ponder over His Word to become of One Accord in the very Bottom-line Gospel Truth. Or were two or three are sitting together discussing His Word in honour of Christ Jesus, He is sitting among us. Jesus had left us with the very basic Fundamental Knowledge of our Supernatural Family of God and He is urging us to be in His Company of Saints, the sons of Most High Elohim capable of Preaching Gospel. Angels are those who are Perfect in the teaching of the Moral Laws and John, the Baptist was the Last Prophet Elijah (My god is Yahweh, the creator of natural man), the Whip master for the Rabbis, the Moral Teachers. Jesus defined an Ideal Moral Teacher in Matt. 13v52 who possessed the knowledge of Old Treasures, the Scriptures, the written Torah and the New “His Word”, the Oral Torah that cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living Tablet of hearts as depicted by the Samaritan Woman at well of John 4, who vetted Jesus in the holy spirit and found him to be a Prophet and she told Jesus when Christ, greater than the Prophets, comes, He will tell us everything. Thus Oral Torah is the Source of Scriptures, the Milk for the once-born natural boys that the Rabbis fed to their Disciples and Oral Torah is the Very Meat of Christ Jesus that you eat with the spiritual Mouth ears and take it to your own heart to digest/Chew it with the Teeth of logical reasoning to extract the Nectar, His Word called Logo and then you Preach Gospel from your own mouth with Authority in honour of Christ Jesus, our Bridegroom.

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Hajj is for the Heavenly Peaceful living of the sons of Man, "Ba-Ilah" and not for the sons of Satan in "La-Ilah". 

In Jesus, we are to be solitary Royal Priests.

Test for twice-born:-

Flesh + soul = Once-born natural Disciple of the Rabbis

Flesh + soul + spirit = Twice-born sensible Labouring son of God

Fanatics are super bastard Devils – John 8v44:-

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