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I met you at Blackfriar Conference on 2014 Humane Philosophy Project and I am a retired Lecturer in Metallurgy from the Punjab where the Second coming of Jesus in the name of Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji took place in 1469 and He Preached Christianity to a Higher Level as we had Kings and Emperors of Darkness there against the Princes of Darkness in the M. East. This Golden Temple is of the same size as that used to be Jerusalem but what gold has to do with God? I have put up over 7800 Youtube videos rendering exposition of the Gospel and much more. My Seminars are FREE but in spirit explaining everything from the first basic principles.


Here is my opinion about your conference please:-




Dead in Letters Philosopher do not want to know our Living Christ Jesus, the Greatest of all the Philosophers.


Hi Brethren,


I attended this Conference with the hope of meeting Theologians seeking Peace through Gospel but they were rather discussing the works of their Philosophers not knowing that our Elder Brother Christ Paul defeated the Greek philosophers through Gospel knowledge. But when I told them Christ Jesus was the Greatest Philosopher of all and His Philosophy is locked in the Parables, they did not want to know my approach. In order to be a Real Philosopher, you need to have Christ in your heart but they were rather having the dead letters of their philosophers in their heads. One lady from Cambridge talked about moral laws based upon Principles. That was a good approach and I told her that His Word are the Principles upon which the sound moral laws are based and this used to be in the Oral Torah as His Word cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living Tablets of hearts. Thus, when you understand the words spoken by Jesus, then it is called Eating the Flesh of Jesus with our "Ears", the spiritual mouth and when we render the exposition of His Word Preached by Jesus, then you are "Drinking" the Blood of Christ in His honour to glorify our Father. Further, the whole philosophy is based upon three types of people:- 


1.     Hylic who are the once-born natural men, who cannot understand Gospel. They are the Disciples of Rabbis, John, the Baptist, etc., who taught the Moral Laws to discipline them. Peter was one of such persons but he spoke truth and was merciful in giving Alms.

2.     Psychic: - Then, we have twice-born of spirit by the grace of God, who are sensible but they want to exploit spirit for their own praises or selfish ends. Judas Iscariot was one and Jesus met one in Capernaum and He rebuked the evil spirit for self-praising and taunting Him. He did the same to many selfish people of spirit and Christ Paul rebuked the slave girl who was declaring Paul and Peter to be the Sons of Most High. But her master was not happy for losing business. Such people tell the simple-minded Disciples of Temple Priests and of Rabbis of evil spirit that Jesus is proclaiming Himself to be the Christ, the Son of Most High, which they took for blasphemy. For evil spirited people God is not within their hearts but Satan. They are sons of Most High Satan as these Dog-Collared Priests in Churches, Mullahs, etc. are today. To get rid of them, Jesus gave His own Life as the Lamb of God and they have established themselves in the Churches to fulfil Matt.12v43-45, the evil spirited psychic that were sacked from the Temple as Priests entered in to the Churches imposing Torah, Letters, Old Wine, a deadly poison to spirit, New Wine and rituals of prayer and fasting as if God is not living in His Temple of God, our physical body.


3.     Pneumatic: - They are twice-born of holy spirit seeking not their praises but glorifying our Father in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. They themselves are solitary and they encourage others to be solitary. The two men locked in the graveyard who recognised Jesus to be son of Most High Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., they were of holy spirit rejected by the society for their views in which they called the local Rabbi a hypocrite and rebuked him. But he told his stooges to lock them in the silence of graveyard. When, Jesus told them not to throw Pearls before swine and showed them their fate by drowning 2000 pigs in the lake, then they stopped cursing the Rabbi and his stooges for their malpractices and left their fate to God. Both of them, then left for Philippine to Preach the Gospel where they appreciated them. Such people are solitary seeking the praises of our Father, which is within your own heart. Matthew, John, Thomas, etc. were of this type of Labouring Sons of Most High. No once-born Disciples in Christ Jesus. Pope is anti-Christ as everyone has to give his own account to God.


Thus, Gospel tells you all types of people making Jesus, the Corner Stone of Philosophy but men of letters cannot grasp His Philosophical Principles on which our Moral Laws should be based. Anti-Christs deliver sugar-coated sermons of falsehoods sweeter than honey and create sectarian riots. Such dead in letters philosophers have no idea what Jesus stands never mind of knowing the Christ? The Christ is known to the living Christs, the people who speak logically.


In Jesus, we are to be solitary running a race. Much confused Trinity is explained.

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