If Jesus were to return to-day, He would be very much surprised and upset to find so many of the denominations.  In fact, these denominations are like the blind men describing an elephant.  For example, John, the Baptist was not the light but a witness to the Light, i.e. an Angel, Prophet Elijah (my god is Yahweh) but not a Saint, so in the Baptist Churches that belong to John, the Baptist, an ideal Priest of Moses or best described as Prophet Elijah, what sense does it make to sing the songs of Jesus? Therefore, let us first appreciate the reasons for the coming of Jesus before we can speak about the Church that He came to establish.


Jesus is known to everybody as the Light of this Dark Age but what created the Darkness so that this Light, the Christ of God, had to appear!!!


Before Jesus, we used to have Rabbis who were the priests of Moses and the synagogues where the "written Torah" of Moses, the “Milk” Scriptures for the once-born Disciples of the Rabbis, was read could also be called the temples of Moses.  An ideal priest of Moses has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52 as the owner of a House (Synagogue), who bringth out Treasures old (written Torah) and the New (Oral Torah or Gospel).  The "written Torah" being passed from generation to generation is also called the "old cloth" and the corruptions in it are the "holes".  These corruptions could be rectified or darned in the spirit of "His Word", Oral Torah only i.e. Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to demolish it - Matt.5.17.  At the same time, you cannot patch the old cloth, Scriptures, with the New Cloth untouched by human hands called “Logo” of Jesus i.e. you cannot mix the "written Torah", the "letters" of Moses, the old cloth, with the New Testament of "Spirit", the New Cloth.


When the priests of Moses became materialistic and corrupt, God took the spirit to understand 'His Word' or the 'Oral Torah' away from them and they were left with the dead "letters" of the written Torah to ply with for their living. The "letters", old wine, created so much Darkness that they even hated Jesus when He was healing the sick people on Sabbath, a holy day to be best celebrated through performing holy works or deeds! So, without "holy spirit" or common sense, the people were led by their blind guides of the dead letters and Jesus, the anointed Royal High Priest (Christ) of God appeared to introduce to us the living God of Spirit Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. through the Living Gospel, which is received only by those who are predestined by God e.g. the born-blind man of John 9, whose eyes Jesus opened with Spittal. Jesus preached Gospel like a Sower and only those who were twice-born capable of logical reasoning and, therefore, had ears to hear 'His Word', understood and sought from Him of their own accords or free will.


Now, Jesus hired twelve Labourers called the twelve close-circle Brethren and they were called disciples of the Rabbis by the Once born people.  They were twelve because they had to teach the rectified moral laws of Moses in honour of John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses.  Moses' moral laws are concerned with seven types of works that are represented by the seven candles of Menorah.  The remaining five are related to the five temptations of heart that are lust for sex or immorality, anger, greed, worldly temptations and haughtiness in Scriptures, which were also the five husbands of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) that she had overpowered i.e. they were living with her but dominating or husbanding her no more.


The character or nature of these five is also stated in Luk.12.52: "For from henceforth, there shall be five in one house (body) divided, three against two, and two against three".  The first "three" is related to the once-born simpletons of "flesh", which are:- (1). "Ego" of the tribal 'seed', 'physical skill or prowess' such as wrestling, football, etc., which makes a person big-headed, (2). "Anger", through which the simpletons resent when they cannot understand the matters of spirit or incapable of logical reasoning and (3).  “Haughtiness” of the Book knowledge of the 'letters' as the Pharisees had of the written Torah and the university theologians of to-day have of the New Testament letters as well. The second "two" are related to the twice-born clever people, who are dominated by "evil mind" or "evil spirit" such as of the type of Judas Iscariot and they are:- (4). 'Greed' and (5). 'Worldly temptations' - Matt.4.8-10.  In the house (body), which is dominated by the "wisdom" of Christ Jesus, the Gospel, all the above five are not only under control but they are also at "Peace" with each other making the person a "Royal Priest/King".


Thus, the close-circle inner Labourers of Jesus had full knowledge of the rectified moral laws of Moses that John, the Baptist and his 70 outer circle Labourers were exercising in honour of John, the Baptist and to "Preach" the Gospel in honour of Christ within His heart. Further, the twelve had nothing to do with the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve secular thrones - Matt.19.28.  As the Moses' priests could not be women but men only, so the twelve were all men and it was the 70 outer circle Labourers that were prepared for John, the Baptist who were baptising Jewish men and no woman, Gentile or a Samaritan in the water on behalf of John, the Baptist. Christ Jesus and His “Inner Circle Labourers of heart” being of the Ministry of our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. that is Free of the moral laws or letters, they did not baptise anyone in the water. The Outer circle 70 Labourers went ahead of Jesus in “pairs” to pave the Way for Christ Jesus so that he could deliver the Gospel to the morally sound men of the salt of Abraham with a conscience. Remember that John, the Baptist was a Moral Teacher, the Last Prophet Elijah – Luke 16v16 and not a Preacher of Gospel whilst Jesus and his 12 inner circle Labourers of the heart were Preachers. The Christ Jesus was anointed Royal High Priest or their Bridegroom.


The twelve Labourers hired by Jesus for the Royal Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus was Planted by our Father so pleased our Father that He rewarded His Highest Gift of “Holy Spirit” at Pentecost making the Twelve the Twin Brethren of Christ Jesus - Matt.20.8: "So when even was come, the Lord (God) of the Royal Vineyard with “Narrow Gate” for the solitary (world) saith unto His Steward (Jesus), call the Labourers and give them their "Gift", beginning from the last Matthieu unto the first". Remember that the Labourers of Jesus had forsaken their worldly treasures for the sake of their Gift, the "Holy Spirit" - Matt.19.27: "Then answered Peter and said unto Him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and joined and not followed Thee; what shall we have, therefore".


Thus, the Labourers of Jesus who first founded the Church of God headed by Christ Jesus sold all their belongings to share a perfect communal life but the limitations of human "flesh" led them to some grumbling over such matters as to the distribution of food.  This problem was resolved by the Apostles in Acts 6.1-4:".....Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men (and not a single "woman" because these seven were in the name of John, the Baptist) of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.  But we will give ourselves continually to prayer (No Prayer in Christ Jesus. This is a corruption by the Messianic Jews as God lives in His Temple, our physical body and this is called Emmanuel), and to the ministry of the Word".  So, among themselves the seven deacons elected a Bishop or an administrator/supervisor and the deacons with the full knowledge of Gospel were encouraged to Baptise the Jewish men in water and to teach the moral laws of Moses to the once-born people but they were not encouraged to preach 'His Word' as the Preachers, the Royal Priests could not be the resident members of the congregation but the roving Saints who went from Church to Church ironing out the spiritual problems of the congregations and Their praises rested not with people but with God Who Ordained Them into His Service.  The Preachers were not family people but they belonged to “Wilderness” for the solitary Sadhus of the order of Melchizedek, who plied the “Double-edged” Sword of “His Word”; one edge clearing their own misconceptions and the other edge clearing those of the Congregations; both for Resurrection.


The other reason, that is based on the general principle; what applies to "flesh", the opposite applies to "spirit", is that the moral teachers (Matt.13.52) are hereditary and resident of male sex only, the Preachers of Gospel are to be non-hereditary and non-resident persons of either sex i.e. a woman cannot teach the moral laws but she can Preach 'His Word', the Gospel.  Further, the teachers of moral laws have to be authoritarian in the manner of John, the Baptist, who publicly denounced the marriage of Philip's wife with Herod - Matt.14.3; whereas the Preachers of Jesus or the Saints of God have to be humble and loving servants - the two qualities are not easy to mix and the exception was Peter, who possessed the Keys to the kingdom of heaven as well.


Above all, if a preacher of Gospel becomes a resident member of the congregation, he will need money to live on and prompted to seek the praises of people rather than those of God as it is prevalent today in the churches, where the hired dog-collared clerics of Mammon happily bless the soldiers of Mammon who died fighting for their kings and countries and these “Hirelings” further pronounced as to they have glorified God, our merciful and loving Father.  Thus, what will Jesus think of St.Paul's Cathedral in London that is full of the heroes of Mammon? - Matt.7.21.


So, the corruptions and malpractices of bishops in the early churches were the main reasons for banning the Preachers from such churches and the Preachers resorted to the opening of monasteries in order to carry on with their work of Preaching the Gospel to the seekers of 'His Word'.  Without the Preachers or the Spirit of God, the bishops started to concentrate on the studies of the dead "letters" of the New Testament and their presbyteries produced "men of letters" like Origen, who were worse off than those of the Moses – Matt. 12v43-45.  And the present university Professors are the legacy of those dead in letters presbyters and Christ Nanak said “They are "super donkeys" carrying Holy Books.


The Preachers of Jesus called the bishops "waterless canals" for their immorality and for their dreams of the secular kingdom of Jesus that those blind bishops led their congregations into pit i.e. persecution.  Further, the corrupt bishops formulated 'creeds' to put their blind members of congregation into the straitjackets of slavery that was worse than that of the corrupt priests of Moses from the Yoke of which Jesus liberated us by giving his own sacrifice as the Lamb of God. The present churches are the legacy of the old corrupt churches and the recent example of enforcing rules and regulations formulated by the Free Presbyterian Church on Lord Mackay was an act of enslaving in which the word "Free" carried no "Freedom" with it.  How would such a church react if Jesus happened to attend a synagogue!!!


Now, the letters of Moses caused little Darkness, but the letters of the New Testament have caused a much greater Darkness.  Thus, God stands for love and service whereas the bishops of Mammon not only blessed the warships but they also encouraged the soldiers of Mammon to kill and rule over others.  The booties of wars, and not the hard-earned wealth, helped the corrupt bishops to build their beautiful churches that attracted full houses of their blind Christians.  The same booties also helped the people to build up their industries and the resultant fruit of Mammon, the armaments, are being exported to the poor of the world who kill each other i.e. arms are sold by the right hand and alms are given by the left.  But in Jesus, those who take the sword will die by the sword.  Thus, the sophisticated weapons that the West, America and Russia are producing they are doing so for their own destruction on Third Judgement Day expected on 14 May 2023 when Israel is 75 years old. For the 70 years to May 2018 Israel is fully protected as the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. but after that people will have Five Years of very Hard Tribulations in which their conscience will bear Fruit. No more protection of Israel by the USA, U.K., etc. where Mammon and Media of the Jews dominate.


Therefore, establish universal Churches of God in honour of Saints and let the outspoken Preachers of God help you to wash the filth of blasphemies.  The Preachers of God being predestined, they do not stand in the need of any ordination by men and it is only the deacons who require the ordination of men to whom they are to serve and to be responsible for their performances.


The present Dark Age is a Golden Age for the people of "spirit" and those who establish their covenant with Jesus in "spirit" shall not be born again i.e. in Adam (once-born) we die but in Jesus (twice-born) we are made alive.  Also, after the advent of Gospel, you cannot blame anyone for misleading you as you yourself shall have to give your own account to God - Rom.14.12.


For the sake of your gnosis, Christ Nanak has also defined this Dark Age as a time of "Holy Spirit" in which you walk in the footsteps of anointed Christs by making Gospel as your Teacher and common sense, “holy spirit” as the student.


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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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