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Moses, the First Prophet, brought the moral laws or the Ten Commandments for people to observe for peaceful living as the faithful sons of Man. These commandments were made in the image of God or Moses put on Christ, the Oral Torah and wrote the written Torah, the Scriptures, Milk, for the once-born sons of Adam and he lifted up the snake that made them fight with each other as Moses in Egypt told two sons of Abraham fighting with each other and he wanted to stop them but one of them retorted, "Who made you a Judge". Or Moses wanted to remind them that in name of the great Noble Man Abraham are his faithful noble sons and live in peace and enjoy the blessings of Yahweh who brought Abram from Iraq area, a person of Semitic race, to establish a demonstration Nation of Priests. Thus, Abram was Adam and Sarah was Eve and the Promised Land, the Garden of Eden living in the company of their creator Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc., the Lord of Nature or Pots so far the generation of Chosen People were Faithful to Abraham, the Father of the Faithful who created the ritual of Hajj to establish the boys of 12 to 16 years old, who are sure of their tribal identity in the name of "Ilah" so that as the faithful sons of Abraham, they could enjoy the best fruit of Mother earth under the protection of Father Abraham through the blessing of the creator demiurge god of Nature and of the tribal "Ilahs". This demiurge god of Nature, whose natural creation or Pots, the once-born that you can see with your two naked natural eyes is Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc., the Potter of our physical bodies whilst the supernatural soul, that you cannot see with your naked eyes but perceive with the third eye of logical reasoning, belongs to our Supernatural living Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. Thus, Jesus, Pot belonged to Yahweh whilst His Supernatural spiritual self “Christ” belonged to our Supernatural One Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. The Supernatural Father is perceived by the twice-born people by the grace of our Father, who delivers holy spirit, “common sense” that the once-born simpletons lack. Or the once-born people cannot perceive our Supernatural Father but they can only see their natural tribal father and exercise Eros love whereas the twice-born un-conditional Divine Agape Love and the twice-born sealed to serve God exercise “Philia” or philosophical love of logical reasoning. Saints in the Company of God enjoy the Bliss of Storge Love in which there is neither giving nor taking but at par as son represents His Father.


As you are aware, this is the Dark Age created by the greedy Rabbis and these hireling Neo-Rabbis in the Dog-Collared Priests that are worse than the Rabbis from the Yoke of which Jesus set us Free by giving his own Sacrifice to usher in the Age of Christs of holy spirit in which everyone has to give his own account to God and you reap whatever you sow blaming no third person. For example, the greedy temple Priests created the fake sons of Abraham, the Jews outwardly through the tribal mark of Abraham to Isaac the circumcision and those white, Aryan, etc., the Gentiles would kill them today. Iran, India, Libya, etc. is full of these fake circumcised sons of Abraham and they will kill them in the ensuing Atomic War expected on 14 May, 2023 when Israel is 75 years old.


Now, Moses reminded them of their forefather Abraham and told them to be his faithful sons loving each other as brethren in Eros love and no more strife or infighting as in a civil war. They were fighting in Egypt because they were unfaithful to Abraham and in the wilderness, they were made to repent for forty years eating meagre food in poverty because the poor love each other whilst the rich being jealous of each other hate. Then, he let the united faithful sons of Abraham to move into their Promised Land without any problem. Abraham, the Father of the Faithful, welcomed his Prodigal son Isaac and his people into their Home, the Promised Land with lush green fields, which is killing the fattened calf, music and dancing united. This unity was further at the times of King David, when the Chosen People were Angelic obeying the moral laws to the very minute details. The Elder Son, Judah led the way in spirituality and from Judah tribe they started Judaism as the proof of their proficiency in the spiritual knowledge but with the deterioration in spirituality and increase in the worship of Mammon, they became Jews outwardly and by doing so, they again became un-faithful to Abraham as they broke their tribal covenant with him to become super bastard fanatic devils – John 8v44. They created so much mess by hating the Samaritans who Patriarch Joseph has saved them from hunger that they became “Saltless” people with no conscience. Thus, the people of Judah tribe were the most satanic hypocrite people that needed the Spiritual Doctor Christ Jesus, the most. Or the Light, Christ, came among his own of Judah tribe through a Virgin Birth and they loving Darkness for hypocrisy hated Him the most culminating in His killing as the innocent Lamb of God. Thus, the Christianity of our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus appeals to our conscience in which we perform holy deeds of helping each other as the Faithful Sons of Most High Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., but the evil spirited people in Mammon are Brood of Vipers that we need to fight against with the Double-Edged Sword of His Word, which we call “Khanda of Naam”.


Thus, the people of our Supernatural Father who are twice-born exercise Agape and among the tribal sons of Man living peacefully, they Preach Gospel to create Philia Love and if God be Willing makes them His Very Spokesmen, the Saints as at Pentecost, the Twelve Labourers of Jesus, the Foreman, received Holy Spirit, the Highest Reward that made them the Twin Brethren or Friends of Jesus as Lazarus was one of such Friends of Jesus. Such Friends, we should be in Christ Jesus internationally for Peace on earth and that would be when the Beast had been locked in the Bottomless Pit for 1000 years of Satyug when all the people are merciful loving Saints. After that this Cycle of Four Ages again starts ending with the arrival of Christ Jesus, the Son of Man and the anointed Son of God. Jesus second coming was Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji among the Kings and Emperors of Darkness of Khatri tribe against the Princes of Darkness of Judah tribe and they created a great Havoc leading to wars and slavery as it was among the Chosen People and Roman of cleaner conscience took over. Remember that Herod got John, the Baptist beheaded for his words to the daughter of Herodias whereas the people of Judah tribe were liars and hypocrites – John 8v44.


In short, Moses lifted up the snakes among the Chosen People on national basis whilst Christ Jesus has tried his best to lift the Cobras among the hypocrite politicians and these Neo-Rabbis hireling Dog-Collared Priests working for Mammon and not God. Those who work for God, they are solitary Royal Priests who themselves are Free and set others Free in His Word in honour of Christ Jesus and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji to glorify our Supernatural Father of our souls Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc.


Thus, the Royal Priests carry their own Cross and they are not a burden upon others or seek the praises of men. We run a race to glorify our Father. Much more in my Youtube Videos; channel nijjhar1.   


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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel 
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