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Satguru Nanak came among the most spiritually sick people of Mehta Khatri well versed in the Veda, but he couldn’t identify Christ in his heart but Rai Bhulaar Bhatti Jatt did.


Now, be prepared for more killing in the USA and India. Preach Gospel to the Christians of the Book or die as fake Sikhs of turban and beard.


Dhillon Ji, You have heard the stories of Hell and at the same time, my father created heaven when 2000 Arian came to attack our village Dhannuana 91 RB. Allah da Noor ditta tan dushman sadae ikk number dae DOOST bunn Gaye. Go to the house of village Maraasi who called my uncle at midnight and my father accompanied him to meet Arian Zaildar of Dharang. When my father told Zaildar that the tribal people are born and they will die and not Sikh and Muslim, the spiritual selves, then he told my father that Jatts are our friends and let us go to Lahore to stop this Partition and told his people to look after us as their GUESTS in Adam.


To be a Sikh or a Muslim is NOT A JOKE. Maulvi/Mullahs made people Fanatics and I can tell you all.


Speak Gospel Truth. Houses and lands do not belong to Sikhs or Muslims but to the tribal Jatts, Arian, Kambojh, etc.


When you unfold the wounds of Hell, and then tell them our story as a DRESSING UP THEIR WOUNDS. When you speak KUFFAR/KOORR, then you are sprinkling salt over wounds.



Our Jatts Ch. Nasir Dhillon and Dhami, etc., they are doing a good job but make them repent for killing their own tribal people under religious fanaticism.


Here is another Bajwa Jatt well known for telling us Castes and Gotra proclaimed the same Kuffar for the sake of popularity:-


Punjabi - Kafir Bajwa well known for Jatt Gotras says how many Sikhs and Mussallmaans lived in Manga Chak?


Punjabi - Producers of Partition Videos, please Speak The Gospel Truth for the love and Unity and not Kuffar, Koorr, etc. for hatred. Make this video Viral.


Punjabi - Controversy on the Dasam Granth is explained on the basis of the Four Panths.




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Anyone living in or near Kanpur who has seen or know about Bhai Banno Mangat Ji Birr, please? Any URL associated with this Birr to tell us more?


Please send this small article to all of your friends to make them aware of the situation. Hardly anyone thinks logically what “Gur” stands for? The end product of logical reasoning is Nectar "GURPARSAAD", Logo = His Word.


Anyone knows Why do you say Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa; Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh when Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji, Founding Father of third Khalsa Panth never visited Harmandir Sahib Holiest of Holy Complex and this Jai Kara of Khalsa and not of the Second Panth Sikhs is not allowed in Harmandir Sahib? Jai Kara of Sikhs is Bal Ram Jeo Har Aikum Kaar.


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A True Sikh is solitary, Niaara and he is one in a million;





The Five were beheaded on the stage and not taken into the Tent as a Thief will do. So, once you have been beheaded and given the common surname “Singh”, you do not use caste-like Jatt, Khatri, Tarkhan, etc. So, this surname "Singh" and the courtesy title “Sardar” is not that cheap as satanic Khatris have made it. No woman was given Amrit and only the tribal sons of Shiv, Mahadev were given Amrit. Thus, the Father of the Khalsas is Akal Purakh represented by Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji and their Mother is Mahadevan = Holy Spirit. Mai Bhago wasn't baptised. Only Bandei Khalsas of Lala Madho Dass Sodhi Khatri, the super donkeys that live in the family homes.


Khalsas are the Fauj of Akal Purakh and they seek not the secular rule such as Khalistan but the spiritual rule of philanthropy. Thus, the hired Fauji Brars who wanted money, they were refused the Baptism.

Thus, a family man cannot be a Khalsa but a Super Donkey Khalsa – NANAK TAE NAR ASSALL KHAR; JAE BINN GUNN GHARBHH KARANT.


Bhindranwalle was neither a Sikh that instead of humble like Bhai Ghaniyia Ji; he carried weapons nor a Khalsa because this Complex is for the Sikh Bhagtan, Harmandir Sahib and Nirmallae Santan, Akal Takht. Khatris, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness got it gilded to attract customers – Amritsariyae Andar Sarriye – Master Amritsariyae Thaghh better than the Banares dae Thaghh - and they threw the Nirmallae Sants out as they did to the last Sixth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji, the Commander-in-Chief of the Sikhi. So, Bhindranwala was a Terrorist produced by these satanic Khatris, who created this Damdami Taksall of 5th Shankar Varn to produce SHANKAR VARNIYE Fanatic Devils – John 8v44. Here is the Video on this topic:-


Khalsas do not enter a family home except to perform philanthropic deeds. They sleep in the wilderness.

Here is my link to Vaisakhi initiation:-


How wise and clever are the Khatris?



Khatri puttring; kisse na Mittring

Mittring hi Mittring; Dagah Dittring.


The worst form of Khatris are Mohammedan Khatri called Sheikh:-





Youtube video on this topic:-


A simple test of your Sikhi:-


Tell me what the exposition of Tuk is:-




Here is my exposition of Moolmantar for you to enjoy:-


Rare is a person who addresses Nanak as “Satguru Nanak” and if you know one, he would enjoy my article:-


Here are the basic definitions:-

Thus, unless you are a Hindu, the son of Man (Shiv – Kabah is the Temple of Adam = Shiv = son of Brahma, Khuda, Yahweh, etc.) in which your TANN becomes Nirmall –PAPP TAJAYIA BALRAM JEO – Satguru Angad Dev Ji killed the tribal (Seed that is sown AND TURNED INTO A PLANT TO BEAR FRUIT) Haumae, you cannot be a Sikh, the Son of Parbrahm, Allah, Elohim, etc., a Saint = Bhagat = Satguru = Christ,  in which your MUNN becomes NIRMALL through Satguru within your own body, Harmandir that is capable of logical reasoning – Satguru Amar Dev Ji took the Sikhs to RAM RAJAYE where your Munn – AIK PITTA HUMM BARAK TAERE - counts and not the TRIBAL TANN, and you are spiritually PURE, KHALASS = Gurmukh Sikh = Mussallmaan – Pir Mian Mir Ji. Then, you are capable of joining the Third Khalsa Panth of the Philanthropic Soldiers to establish RIGHTEOUSNESS or become an Apostle after studying Vedas from Brahmins and Preach the Gospel effectively with AUTHORITY.


First Panth, Smaaj or Way of life is Hindu: - The root of the word Hindu is “HOND” or your tribal identity in Brahma established in JAATI AUR BAASI. This is well demonstrated by the people of the South India who have four names; the name of the boy, his father’s name, his village name and finally his surname. By this, his identity “HOND” is established and he will have “SHARM” of his family and so DHARM. That is why no Saint was born or needed in South India and Saint Thomas was enough. They enjoy “Eros”, the tribal love = Piaar. First Lanv applies to Hindus in which your TANN becomes NIRMAL of Paap, sins.


Second Panth or Way of Life is Sikh in which the person becomes a student of spiritual knowledge to be a “HAR JANN” or son of Parbrahm. They thrive upon “Agape”, the unconditional Divine love = Prem as displayed by Bhai Ghaniyia Ji. Second Lanv applies to Sikhs how to purify one’s MUNN.


Third Panth Khalsa and the Fourth Panth of Nirmallae Santan or Apostles were organised by Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, the very Form of Akaal Purakh and His Sons represented Him by performing the Philanthropic Works as solitary, NIAARE Khalsa Soldiers of “PAR SHIV” (Daeh Shiva Var Mohae… sons of Shiv, Aadmi dae puttro, let us fight against the sons of Satan) to sort out the stubborn sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the religious fanatics – John 8v44 and the Word of Mouth by the Apostles. Both of them were initiated by beheading the Five on stage and then sewing the head of one with the Torso of the other. And they were revived through Nectar of His Word that created “Philia” Love among the Sattsanghi solitary. That is why sugar Pataashe of Agape – Prem - were added by Mahan Devan, Mother Holy Spirit, in the Nectar of His Word prepared by the Father Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, who Himself became “Gobind Singh Ji” through Amrit leaving no Gap between Father and His Sons, the Khalsas of the Third Panth and Nirmallae Santan of the Fourth Panth that enjoy “Storge” Love of the Family of God. Like the Apostles of the First Satguru = Christ Jesus, they didn’t carry money, no two pairs of shoes, no Pothi, etc. on their Journeys Preaching the Gospel from their hearts. My family members used to honour them and my late father also enjoyed their company. Third and the Fourth Lanvs apply to these two spiritual states BUDHI and CHITT  BIRTTI.


Thus, unless you are a “Hindu”, sons of Man, Brahma kaa Baeta, Yahweh, Khuda, etc., the Lord of Nature as demonstrated by Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Shiv, you cannot be a Sikh, the sons of the Highest Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc.


When your TANN (Flesh) and MUNN (Mind, Nafs) are NIRMAL (Purified), then you long for serving Almighty AKAAL PURAKH by either joining the Third Khalsa Panth of PAR-UPKARI Soldiers or become an Apostle, NIRMALLA SANT to Preach Gospel to glorify our Father God.


In short, you give money or tithe to Brahmin/Rabbi Guru/Priest, the Moral Teacher for teaching you the moral laws, Munn, mind or Nafs to your own “Innerman called Satguru = Christ” to learn the Absolute Gospel Truth = Satt through logical reasoning led by “holy ghost or Budhi” and finally led by your “innerman Waheguru, the Satguru that deserves applauses”, you present, BHAINT, your “TANN and MUNN” to Sache Patshah for rendering services to humanity either as Khalsa or Nirmala Sant, Apostle, etc. That is, both the Khalsas and the Nirmallae Sants are NOT FAMILY PEOPLE. Thus, Only the sealed to serve God, the Gurmukh = Mussallmaan could be the Servants of Akal Purakh.


BaeMukh or the once-born Khalsas’ example was the 40 MUKTTAE and of the MUNNMUKH was the Sodhi Khatri Lala Banda Bahadur who organised the killing of Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji warning Khalsas not to trust anyone else but themselves as the solitary do, NIAARA. This Lala Banda Bahadur had the habit of learning the skills and then trying to kill his Master to occupy his Seat/Gaddi. After the death of Sachae Patshah, this Lala Banda Bahadur proclaimed himself to be the next Sachae Patshah. LOBHHI KAA VASAH NAA KI JAYAE; JAYE KO PAAR VASAAYE or the MUNNMUKHS are KUTTAE DEE POOCH.


This is well stressed by Satguru Ram Dass Ji in the Four Lavan.


For further details, read my Book in Punjabi “KAKHH OHLAE LAKHH” or in English “FIRST GNOSTIC PRINCIPLES OF ONE GOD ONE FAITH” – under revision and both need revisions for minor updates.


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Here is a video of Bani exposition while Nijjhar Jatt enjoys Beer tin:-


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Son represents Father; so in Jesus, we are the sons of Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. and we should display His qualities in Truth and in holy spirit to attain Salvation.